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EIM Gear Progress: Completed

27 April 2023 - 06:04 PM

Been waiting a long time to wake up and not have to grind a boss for that final piece. 
Finally made it, shoutout to Haydos for the combined efforts, as the ely & scythe are in his name ( We do not have dupes yet )
The rest of the items are of my own personal collection


COX desposit all option for bank chests

04 June 2022 - 08:49 PM

What is your suggestion?: I want to see some deposit all & take all options for inside Chambers Of Xeric bank chests
( And please return the previous teleport option from the jewelry box within your PoH !!! Corp runs suck now! It has disappeared since the recent update )


Is this in OSRS?: I'm not sure

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: I'm not sure 

How would this benefit Alora?: This would benefit everyone that runs chambers. I and many that others run Chambers daily. The thieving and ice demon room, two rooms which require you to deposit at least half of your inventory to allow for space for tinder & worms. Doing this over, and over, spamming items in and out every raid ( Usually twice per raid ) is extremely annoying and i think we will all have a nicer time in the raid, it would make a very nice quality of life improvement.