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In Topic: [Spring '22] Community Awards

26 March 2022 - 02:44 AM




Best Event Manager: @Moe


Best Administrator:  @A


Best Global Moderator:  @To gain


Best Forum Moderator:  @GIM SSS


Best Server Moderator:  @Zachs iron


Best Server Support:  @Gimslaving


Most active on Discord:  @Gimslaving


Most active In-game:  @Gimslaving


Most active on Forums:  @Moe


Most Respected:  @Moe


Most Potential Promotion:  @Gimslaving


Funniest Staff Member:  @To gain


Overall Best Staff Member: @2






Most Active In-game:  @Realmungard


Most Active on Forums:  @AmrH420


Most Active on Discord:  @Slurvish


Most Active Overall:  @Realmungard


Most Wealthy:  @Polton


Most Addicted to Gambling: @Extremedanny


Most Friendly:  @Slurvish


Most Respected:  @Realmungard


Coolest Veteran:  @casual


Best Helper:  @Realmungard


Best Edgeville Pker: @Margarida


Best Hybrid:  @Dreamland


Best NH Pker:  @casual


Best PvMer: @Noa


Best Raider: @Noa


Best Skiller: @Real Alan


Best Clan: #Paragon


Best Ironman:  @Miq


Best Hardcore Ironman:  @Sit


Best Ultimate Ironman:  @Mode


Best Elite Ironman: @Noobair


Best Group ironman (Team): CMF


Best Group Ironman (Player):  @Gimgim


Best Realism Player:  @Realmungard


Best Classic Player:  @Classic


Best GFX Designer:  @Classic


Best Youtuber:  @Eim Bonk


Best Streamer:  @Absurd


Top Overall:  @Gimgim

In Topic: Real Alan's 2021 Corp Recap

31 December 2021 - 02:18 PM

What a grind, keep up the work good work! I was very fortunate to receive that many Elysian's..

In Topic: Real Alan's Bounty Hunter Guide

07 October 2021 - 12:16 PM

Lovely read, good job! Giggled my way through it 

In Topic: [Fall '21] Community Awards

25 September 2021 - 01:36 PM




Best Event Manager: @Ky


Best Administrator: @2


Best Global Moderator: @Amica


Best Forum Moderator: @Fiji


Best Server Moderator: @Arosa


Best Server Support: @F1nally


Most active on Discord: @2


Most active In-game: @Classic


Most active on Forums: 2


Most Respected: Moe


Most Potential Promotion: @To gain


Funniest Staff Member: @A


Overall Best Staff Member: Moe






Most Active In-game: Gimslaving


Most Active on Forums: @13


Most Active on Discord: @Snakelings


Most Active Overall: @Extremedanny


Most Wealthy: @Adex 


Most Addicted to Gambling: @Joey


Most Friendly: @AmrH420


Most Respected: @S3iman


Coolest Veteran: @Extremedanny


Best Helper: @Redius


Best Edgeville Pker: @Death Kid


Best Hybrid: @Dreamland


Best NH Pker: @Dreamland


Best PvMer: Gimslaving


Best Raider: @gim crohn


Best Skiller: @Real Alan


Best Clan: @Paragon


Best Ironman: @Miq


Best Hardcore Ironman: @HC Ashley


Best Ultimate Ironman: @Ult 420


Best Elite Ironman: @Noobair


Best Group ironman (Team): CMF


Best Group Ironman (Player):  Gimslaving


Best Realism Player: @Realmungard


Best Classic Player: @Classic 


Best GFX Designer: @Sunnii


Best Youtuber: @Lowkey


Best Streamer: @Lowkey


Top Overall: @Extremedanny

In Topic: Hard mode Theatre of Blood rewards

12 September 2021 - 03:08 PM

An interesting read, curious on the outcome!