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#408887 Nerfing Phosani's loot

Posted by Classic on 04 September 2021 - 08:39 PM

Coming from someone who has completed 2,750 normal nightmare kills and received roughly 30 drops from the nightmare I absolutely do not support this.
The Phosani Nightmare attacks are perfect (with the exception of melee being a bit fast for the pray flicking) but that doesnt matter. I've watched A kill nightmare in full bandos with mace+elysian and he was getting smacked around like a rag doll eating 14 manta's and 4 brews in his inventory. 
I personally think the Phosani Nightmare is the easy as you are thinking it is. The accuracy of its attacks have been increased along with its max hit depending on the hit. It is fine the way it is and the only reason you are seeing more and more nightmare drops coming into the game and lowering the price of all nightmare items is because there is 30-40 people who are constantly grinding Phosani now. 
I did 2,750 nightmare kills with almost 1,500 solos on the original nightmare and almost 70% of the time I never saw another person at nightmare other than someone like Gimslaving who is grinding the piss out of the boss to get his collection log to join me with the forum award. Therefor less nightmare items were coming into the game because you had 5, 10 maybe 15 total people who would actually do the nightmare day in and day out and those were the only people bringing the drops into the game causing all the items to be worth well over what they should be word. 
Staff = 500m
Volatile Orb = 1.5b
Harmonised Orb = 1b
Eldritch Orb = 500m
Inquisitor Set (without mace) 1.75b ( I purchased the first set ingame when nightmare was released for 1.75b and it should never of gotten to 12b in price let alone 3b)
Inquisitor Mace = 2b (only reason this should be 2b is because of how effective it is at nightmare)
with that being said, I can see these prices soon because of how many gamers are grinding the boss bringing more items in the game which is an absolutely AMAZING thing because it will stabilize the prices of these items rather than people who are selling make there own prices and those who are buying don't actually get scammed because they think 7b for a harmonised staff is actually worth it when its not.
But it shouldnt be dropping more uniques than regular nightmare, specially considering on osrs lootrates are like 3x higher for phosani." I personally don't agree with this, The Phosani was brought into the game to give people better odds at the rewards if they took on the harder challenging boss. This is not OSRS, this is a RSPS at the end of the day. People leave OSRS all the time because they burn out from going so dry on a drop then they come and enjoy the RSPS gameplay because they get things easier.


At the end of the day the Phosani should stay the way it is and those who wanna grind it get rewarded with the items and those who don't grind it dont get rewarded for it. Its plain and simple and it should stay that way. 

#407391 Top 3 Favourite Items?

Posted by Real Alan on 25 August 2021 - 03:26 AM

The original twisted bow! 



aka hexhunter bow!


Korasi's Sword



Mint Cakes from Gnome Restaurant!



Pickpocketing Pkers in Stealing Creation






#370412 Alora 4 Year Anniversary! Drop Party/Giveaway!

Posted by Ultistic on 30 August 2020 - 10:37 AM








Hello, Gamers!


We are slowly creeping towards our 4th Year Anniversary for Alora!


Alora officially went live on November 4th, 2016. I've personally been around since the start of Alora and can say I'm happy with what it has turned into over the years. I want to thank everyone that's been involved with Alora even if you just started yesterday. You guys have kept the server going strong since the start and words can't express how thankful we are for all of you. :withlove: :withlove:


Big shoutout to Omicron, Staff Team, and most importantly the community for keeping Alora going for nearly 4 years.


Similar to last year, we will be hosting a giveaway on top of the drop party we will be having. For everyone who leaves a like on this topic, you will be entered to win 1 Cosmetic/Ultimate mbox each! Only 1 entry per person as we will be checking (no liking on multiple accounts, they will NOT count and all of your accounts will be disqualified). There will be 5 total winners so everyone that likes the topic will be put into a random number generator and rolled, if it lands on your number, you will win the prize. Best of luck to everyone!



One last thing before the drop party details are explained below. Champ has created a forum award for donators towards the drop party. If you donate 100m+ you will be eligible to receive the forum award. After donating, please fill out a topic here so we can give you the award (please provide proof of the trade) : https://www.alora.io...1-forum-awards/







Date of Drop Party and Giveaways: 11/1/2020


Location of Drop Party: ::event


Time of Drop Party: 2PM EST (6PM Server Time)


If you wish to donate to this drop party, Pm myself or any Admin in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below and in the video/stream I make of this drop party. Thank you to everyone who has donated/will be donating! We hope to see everyone there, once again thank you.


Bank picture as of 10/9/2020:





Donations (will be updated as we get donations):


11 - 16.5B

To Gain - 5B

Joe - 4.3B

Trotz - 4b

Classic - 3.45b

Loo/7 - 2.5b

G O D L Y - 2b

Hard Dance - 2b
Smiv - 1.55b

Nigga 1 - 1.41b

Death Kid - 600m

Sexting - 600m

SofaplankHC - 550m

Reload - 550m

Dab - 500m

iGunsey - 500m

7 Psychodual - 500m

S - 500m

S3iman & Sunnilail98 - 500m
Elite - 500m

Konic - 500m

Livn Country - 390m

Champ - 375m
Moe - 250m

Doofy - 250m

Sumting - 250m

Trailerpark - 250m

Enslaving - 200m

Buccscratchr - 200m

Selenagomez - 200m

Stone - 180m

Sheep - 175m

J Boogs - 150m

High Groupie - 150m

Adex - 140m

Lets Funk - 130m

Rowy - 120m

Ziaw - 110m

Jon Zoo - 107m

APR - 105m

A BJ - 100m

RFD - 100m

TenFour - 100m


Cwars - 100m

Cronlad - 100m

Strudelle - 100m

Real Cream - 100m

Hellish - 100m

Fou - 100m

Chase Legend - 100m

Leang - 100m

Fittbob - 100m


Videos from previous drop parties:



Shoutout to RFD for making the animated banner above.

#358846 RuneLite Beta Testing Starts Today

Posted by Omicron on 11 June 2020 - 07:12 PM

[June 11th, 2020] Update

We've updated to v4 today with some major performance improvements, so if any of you were experiencing lower FPS than on the original client, this update should make them more similar


On top of this, we've updated the list of allowed groups to include:

  • Legendary donators


If you are a Legendary donator, we've sent you a PM with information on how you can access the RuneLite beta :) 


If you already had access to RuneLite, we've sent you a PM with the updated client link.



@realism op I understand your concern, and I want to assure you that we're very close to a full release. It should be sometime this month if all goes according to plan!