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#391963 Note Bird Nests

Posted by NotAftermath on 12 March 2021 - 09:11 AM

What is your suggestion?: Allow us to be able to note bird nests so the Wesley can crush all of them at once.


Is this in OSRS?: Yes.  https://oldschool.ru...iki/w/Bird_nest


Has this suggestion been accepted already?: No.


How would this benefit Alora?: It would make herblore slightly less tedious as not only do you have to gather the nests, you then have to manually crush them or have Wesley crush one inventory at a time.


#391028 Polling Accuracy and Revenants Revert

Posted by NotAftermath on 03 March 2021 - 05:03 PM

I can promise you I did not vote No because a member of aftermath created it, I stated why I dont think it should be polled right now and why I believe it should be implemented, I also agree'd with the fact of keeping the rev caves singles + and keeping them in the same area not spread out throughout the rev caves. At the end of the day I may be a staff member, but I am also a player of the game so I personally believe that me voting or any other staff members voting on a thread shouldn't change the fact that we are all playing the same game. Just because I have a crown beside my name doesn't mean I am "entitled" in the game, I am simply here to enforce the rules that were created by higher up's and enjoy the game I play daily just like you and all the other gamers. I do not care if the person who created this thread was aftermath, paragon, ice, dynasty or any other clan out there that has come into the game of Alora, at the end of the day its a thread where people can voice there opinions on the subject and I am glad we can have this discussion.

You mentioned making it multi-combat again wouldn't be good when the poll stated to maintain the current Singles+, but I appreciate your input. Thanks for taking the time to add to the discussion. 

#390994 Polling Accuracy and Revenants Revert

Posted by NotAftermath on 03 March 2021 - 04:06 PM

Reading through GIM Holder's topic (https://www.alora.io...ork-discussion/) and it gaining some traction, I decided to create a poll to see where everyone stands.