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16 May 2024 - 02:20 AM

SUPPORT. I have years worth of them lol 

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15 May 2024 - 06:42 PM

if I'm explaining it correctly, each item in the chest has a chance to roll a purple, turning your entire chest into a purple drop. Extra donor ranks then add extra items to the chests which in turn have their own chance at rolling purple which then in turn multiplies the chance at a purple by a significant amount. Then ontop of that uber+ just have a general global drop rate multiplier too.

That's how I understood it too, I just wasnt sure if tob worked differently. they included that cox is very donar dependent and didn't really say that about tob. Tob works the same when it comes to getting more rolls per chest, But I think the purple is based on something else?

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15 May 2024 - 12:21 PM

 What is/are your IGN(s)? [please include all ALT accounts]



II. Which Game Mode(s) do you play?

 Group Ironman


III. What is your Discord ID?



IV. What is your game-time?



 V. What is your total Boss Kill count?

around 5k Boss kills and 500 Raids


VI. How did you find out about us?

Old member messaged me and told me to apply even though recruitment is closed. "Gim stoner"

Last time I played GIM Crohn taught me how to do cox, I got a twisted Bow immediately after and he was still 1400ish dry.

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09 May 2024 - 05:22 AM

Account Name (IGN) - Dozer

Discord Tag (Name#0000) - Dozer_36

What is your current rank? (Put N/A if currently unranked) -N/A

Name of the player who recruited you. (Put N/A if not applicable. RECRUIT ONLY) -

When did you last apply for a rank? (Put N/A if this is your first application) - N/A

What rank are you applying for? -Recruit

What are your strengths? - unfortunately, because I'm coming back from a very long break. The only thing I have that could be considered a strength is having gear good enough to begin learning end game content.

What are your weaknesses? - As I mentioned, I have minimal knowledge on end game bosses.

In a short paragraph, please explain why you feel you deserve the rank you are applying for. - my twisted bow makes me an overpowered thrall that everyone finds useful.