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Needing to vote on all sites now.

31 May 2023 - 01:31 AM

Does this bother anybody else? I almost always have 1 site not wanting to register or claiming I've voted in the past 12 hours when I haven't. It makes voting more challenging for me. 

Olm knows I'm naughty

20 April 2023 - 08:29 PM


Buffing our "escalating odds" system.

07 April 2023 - 04:18 AM

What is your suggestion?:

Buffing our system that gives you a ××% increased drop chance for xxx kills. 


Is this in OSRS?:

No, its an exclusive mechanic already in alora that has potential to be very cool and exciting. 


Has this suggestion been accepted already?: 

No, I couldnt find it. 


How would this benefit Alora?:

Combat achievements are around the corner and the osrs rewards are already in our shop. Reworking this mechanic to give you multiple drops every 100 kills sounds busted, but an extra 1-5 drops per xxx of kills only increases your loot 1-5% which is nothing. I feel this and more monkey variants would put us on track to having great alora exclusive combat achievement rewards.