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#446765 Let's talk about Realism.

Posted by Darkened on 30 November 2022 - 05:05 AM

Absolutely not supporting this! 


The game mode is fine as it is and rules were established at the beginning of the game mode. Classic is a game mode with low xp rate with normie economy that people can easily try if that's how they want it. However, think about how many people are playing classic mode now, even though they are merged with normie eco, seems far less classic players than realism. 


There are more than just 5 active realism players, we all play at different hours of the day so we are not all active at the same time. 


There should be no one outside of the realism community that should get a vote on this. Ruining our economy just to a few people to try it and then quitting because the xp rate is still too low is not worth losing the veterans that are playing the game mode already. We have grinding for our levels and have helped each other out, as well as new players who we welcome gladly and help in any way we can. Don't think our community from us because most of the realism players now will quit and that will kill the realism game mode.