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#417549 Memories and Thanks

Posted by Blank on 27 November 2021 - 07:50 PM

Random thread. Some shower thoughts, wanted to post in one of the places that shaped the journey. This thread probably not relevant to you if you don't know me, so feel free to close out of it. 


Been on a crazy ride my whole life, been privilaged enough to live in multiple countries; growing up and experiencing, encorportating, learning about new cultures - while also being exposed to a whole new medium that we take for granted, the Internet. All these things come together and shape the person who you are. 


Alora, got quite a couple of years under its belt. Congrats @Omicron. Knew we were building something special when we first set out. We've both changed, and grown over the years. I still remember the days we were sitting on Skype transforming the little server known as Impact to what this became. Looking back, it's quite an achievement. We went from playing a small scale server with 10 active players, to a server that's still around for multiple years and has a playercount that has consistently been over the multiple houndres.


The days sitting on Skype, together with a couple of other members [uTorrent, Ikta, Drake] - those were wild times. I remember us testing hours on end to get what would then be Alora. Stripping the game down to its bare bones, and transitioning to the OSRS meta that we see dominates the scene today. We went from getting an update every 3 months to weekly ones at launch and even to this day I see you jam packing updates on a consistent basis. I still remember the day I came up with the name Alora, recalling that it was some city in Spain and suddenly wondering if that would cause conflict with the SEO indexing - looks like it's the first result now and has been for a while.  ;)


Great times. Then once we launched, I still remember stressing out about how I was going to put the team together and make all this function. I was ectatic, yet stressed. I still remember finally deciding to go out properly after the first two weeks of launch, and while I was out intoxicated out of my mind - I get the ping "The server crashed"; back when crashes were still a thing and someone had to reboot the server to ensure everything continued running. What a trip.

Managing all of that, thought me a bunch of lessons along the way - and for those I am forever greatful. Want to shout out all the team members who were part of the journey - no matter how short it was. Very thankful for all the work everyone did, especially people like Ikta, Haris, uTorrent, and countless of others who helped shape the team along the way. We all make mistakes, and I had my fair share of those too. The decisions made while I was in that burnout phase while dealing with another personal aspect of my life lead me down a self-destructing path in terms of my Alora career. That said, we all make mistakes - we're only human after all and sometimes its easy to get blinded by some things; some easier than others. That said, I learned life lessons that I'll never forget and those were critical for making me who I am today. Experienced heartbreak, and lost the clostest friends I had at the same time - and yet the best of friends are always able to forgive, and that's what you guys did.  :heart: Thanks for sticking by me over all these years, and allowing me to vent to you, learn from you, and just chill along the way.


Anyways with that out of the way, I want to take a moment to shout out the PWJ friendgroup. Majority of ex-players that came together and chilled over the 2.5 years. Very thankful for every member in there, you guys are forever part of the people I will respect! Endless of moments of discussions in there, always trying to help each other out - while continuing to degen around. Our internal leaderboard for the curious. 




Anyways, could type some more but seems like this thread is already becoming more than what I initially anticipated.  :blind:


Wanted to take a bit of time to thank all the people that were part of the journey, and somehow this felt like the perfect time to post something like this. The community, Alora itself, and the work I put in has given me a bunch of life lessons that I continue to leverage in my life. I would not have been so successful without any of this happening. Wishing everyone the best, find what drives you and act on it. 




TLDR; Just a thread looking back at the journey I had. Thank you to everyone I met along the way, especially to the legends chilling in PWJ. 


#200034 Goals and stuff on OSRS

Posted by Blank on 09 July 2018 - 02:11 AM

It's been a while since I've updated what I'm doing on OSRS, and some of you may know what we're all doing for being in our Discord. (If you play OSRS hit me up, I'll invite you to our clan/group)


Anyways while I was farming I got this bad boy. It was a goal of mine on Alora long before I stopped playing, and now I got it on osrs; that's just dreams.

Anyways enjoy!


Let me know if you want to see me do something specific, I'll try get to it.



#194774 Forum suggestion

Posted by Blank on 19 June 2018 - 07:01 AM

Would surely clean it the fuck up, esp. when you have people like you who win multiple tournaments/events.

Let's get it.

#192796 Alora3

Posted by Blank on 11 June 2018 - 10:35 AM

As my boys on Reddit said to Jagex a while back. PvM content is getting a lot harder, with our current system we're getting stuck. What I'm proposing? An evolution of some sorts, I had the idea of unique abilities and @casual suggested they should work off some type of adrenaline bar; the more full the bar is the better the ability you can use. Idea is still a WIP, let me know what you think.



#192096 Removing 'Open a bond' from daily system

Posted by Blank on 08 June 2018 - 01:22 PM

Just so we can put this topic to bed and stop arguments about some controversial things with this, I have confirmation that this will get changed. Just wanted to get the message out. :heart:

#191877 Removing 'Open a bond' from daily system

Posted by Blank on 07 June 2018 - 11:30 AM

Considering you can buy the bond with GP I can see why it was added, but yeah the big point to this is definitely not everyone can afford it.


Adding something based on 'buying' a task is just a bad idea in the first place. It's a task, not a MTX.

#191759 Removing 'Open a bond' from daily system

Posted by Blank on 07 June 2018 - 02:39 AM

Quite surprised this made it in-game. This shouldn't be a daily task for obvious reasons. I've sent it to Omicron for instant review; there's no reason you guys should be forced to buy a bond for a daily task.

#190013 So we start playing OSRS

Posted by Blank on 01 June 2018 - 01:44 PM

Recently some of us started playing OSRS and we're all starting to hang out and do shit here and there


Started raiding with @Omaxiu and @Ordinary


Let's just say I'm fairly new to raids and still learning. Check out those pts I got


This was our result:


#169622 Minimized Quote Mod

Posted by Blank on 10 March 2018 - 10:58 AM

Do you have any clue as to why Omicron does not upgrade his forum software? 


Why fix something that isn't broken? On another more serious note; our home page, and custom pages such as High Scores and Donor Store would not be supported as of right now if the change were to be made. At least that was the case when we were looking at upgrading the forum software together. We like the functionality of all these pages, seeing they work really well. And user interaction with them is very easy going. I could ask him to look into it again, but there'd be a bunch of time spent on upgrading forum things to a new version - while time could be spent in other areas.

#163638 Staff Update 2/17/18

Posted by Blank on 17 February 2018 - 02:16 PM

Updated the OP a little regarding Diva.

Congrats to Thorr2 and Hellish. Was looking forward to these 2 promos and glad they finally came through. Wish you both the best of luck.

Shouldn't you get demoted then too for the same reasons + more.. xdd funny

#141252 How to remove snow falling on website.

Posted by Blank on 17 December 2017 - 12:25 PM

Back in my day we didn't have a button.

#130258 superdonater zone

Posted by Blank on 12 November 2017 - 02:35 PM

Your suggestion has been declined, if you feel this was wrongfully done please contact a Forum Moderator+.

#129462 Staff Update 09-11-2017

Posted by Blank on 09 November 2017 - 08:47 AM

Hello everyone, there's been some major changes to the staff team so here's the latest.

casual has been promoted to Server Moderator.
Chase has been promoted to Forum Moderator. 
D Scimmy has been promoted to Server Support.
Wreckage has been promoted to Server Support.
Classic Xuf has been promoted to Server Support.
Lowkey has returned as Administrator.


Haris has resigned from Administrator.

2 swords has resigned from Global Moderator.

Volta has resigned from Server Moderator.

uTorrent has resigned from Event Manager.
ClassicMax has been demoted and banned for abuse of powers.
With this you are all caught up with the current staff team.

Alora Administration Team

#124973 Staff Update 17-10-2017

Posted by Blank on 17 October 2017 - 02:27 PM

Hey guys, the reason for this staff update is because there have not really been any drastic changes to the staff team in a while. Removing a server support, adding one, etc. We've had a pretty solid team so far.

Mewtwo has been promoted to Global Moderator.
Jare has been promoted to Event Manager.
casual has been promoted to Server Support.
Postimees has been promoted to Global Mod.
Lowkey has been promoted to Event Manager.
uTorrent has returned as Event Manager.

The reason for adding so many event managers is to split the workload amongst them so that it is easier to manage, and less likely to have a burn out.

Ryuu has resigned from server support.
With this you are all caught up with the current staff team.

Alora Administration Team

#119715 @Diva, Suggestion.

Posted by Blank on 21 September 2017 - 04:27 AM

Your suggestion has been declined, if you feel this was wrongfully done please contact a Forum Moderator+.