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In Topic: What type of content would you like to see?

17 November 2023 - 06:30 AM

More bossing content and maybe some raids to show, especially new people, how Alora raids go on

In Topic: Alora's 7th Anniversary - Drop Party & $1100 Value Giveaway!

02 November 2023 - 10:23 AM

WOW! SEVEN years! To many many more! Alora #1

In Topic: Make TOB (Normal mode) easier

29 October 2023 - 12:25 PM

I feel like we always end up in circles. The people against this type of suggestion claim "learn the mechanics it's not hard". But I have never ever seen an advert of "ToB willing to teach" from these so called vets of the raid. 


I support this or even an entry mode where it's easily solo/duo'ed so that people get the basics of alora ToB mechanics, which they can then carry forward. More people with experience in the raid = more people ready to participate.

In Topic: TOB scaling

27 October 2023 - 12:11 PM

100% agree with this. It's quite overwhelming asking a team that says need +1 tob when you aren't that good in the raid.


Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing the normal mode have this lower scaling and hard mode remaining the same with better loot rates.


This way the solo/duos can start with normal mode to "git gud" then join the 3-5 players in hard mode for better loot rates. Everyone wins! Well apart from the boosters :kekw:

In Topic: COX

21 October 2023 - 02:20 AM

Support! The changes will definitely be implemented in OSRS and some of them are such good QoL changes that may as well be implemented here as well!


As a side note, there are also some QoL changes in OSRS with regards to ToA which would be lovely to have on Alora too.