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#491360 100 CoX Purples

Posted by Scorn on Yesterday, 11:51 AM

Pretty good purple rates tbh. Tbow soon!

#490838 colosseum waves for donators

Posted by Scorn on 08 July 2024 - 02:59 AM

Very interesting comments in here.


I think for the sake of uniformity, implementing ranks into colosseum is a very good suggestion.


If people are worried about it making first time completions easier, then just make it so you can only benefit from this suggestion after your first KC, simple.


If you're good enough to complete the colosseum, I think you can agree that Waves 1-5 are brain dead filler waves that barely use 1 sip of restore.


SUPPORT from me as that would also make grinding for blessed quiver less of a chore.

#490044 Reduce Awakened Boss Accuracy

Posted by Scorn on 29 June 2024 - 10:28 AM

I wouldn’t agree to this either, it would literally throw everyone off of how it’s supposed to be. The reason whisperer was fixed was because this is how it is on osrs, it was bugged by attacking too early on alora.


Oh forgive my ignorance then coz I thought that was an Alora feature to make up for the slight lag. 


If that's the case, my advice for Alan would be to focus on axe skipping and pray switching before thinking of attacking the boss. If I as a noob got it done with 220 ping then you can too!

#489917 The Colosseum Statistics

Posted by Scorn on 28 June 2024 - 02:58 AM

Also let us know the pings of these completions so we know who is the true gamer!


Jokes aside, well done gamers!

#489707 Reduce the Extract Cost - Scar Essence Mine

Posted by Scorn on 26 June 2024 - 07:27 AM



I don't play Osrs so the below example is based on the wiki:


Blood runes cost on average from shops - 500 gp

Blood runes cost via scar essence mine - 400 gp


On Alora, based on your shared chart:


Blood runes cost on average from shops - 1000 gp

Blood runes cost via scar essence mine - 1600 gp


Based on this alone, maybe a 50% reduction in charge for creation of runes via scar essence mine is needed.


I know cash is easier to come by on Alora but maybe if we can play around those percentages it would be much cooler than the current price difference.

#489389 Looting Bag updated options

Posted by Scorn on 22 June 2024 - 09:02 AM

Support! Would be a nice QoL feature to have

#489301 Completionist Cape / Monkey requirement proposals.

Posted by Scorn on 21 June 2024 - 07:26 AM

Current Requirements
- Meet the requirements for a max cape Keep
- Meet the requirements for a music cape Keep
- Complete the Achievement Diary Keep
- Have at least three skills 200m with a maximum of one combat Keep
- Have at least a total of 1b exp Keep
- Quiver obtained Remove


I think the best way forward is already in game as it is. You don't get the bonus stats of comp quiver cape until you use the blessed quiver on  comp cape so why not leave it like that.


Everyone that previously could equip the cape can continue doing so and if they want the boosted stats, they gotta complete the Colosseum and get the quiver blessed.


Win win for everyone

#488981 Summer Giveaway!

Posted by Scorn on 18 June 2024 - 02:54 PM

Alora has always been such a great escape and relief from work and as much as all of us here enjoy gaming, nothing for me comes close to being able to get some family time.


The perfect summer for me would be a nice holiday away from work with the family, at a beach preferably so far away that we can barely get a cell phone signal.


The only time I hope to then get a signal would be in the early morning where I can hotspot my way to Alora before the family wake up and the signal is lost again.


A man can dream huh? Here is to the perfect summer to all of you!

#488934 Add more requirements for the completionist cape

Posted by Scorn on 18 June 2024 - 05:18 AM

@To gain Completely agree! Same sentiment of realistic goals should also be considered when taking into account the rest of the high ping community (not really sure how big this community is). I play at 215 ping at best and honestly love the change to awakened whisper tentacles, for example, as that made it more realistic for me to get a kill.

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#488928 Add more requirements for the completionist cape

Posted by Scorn on 18 June 2024 - 04:33 AM

As some have stated, it would be great to have more requirements added rather than just skilling 200m for a bis cape.


I'd say I fully support this specific suggestion as long as there are some changes to the drop rates of awakener's orbs because those little suckers are super rare (or I'm just unlucky and need to pray more to rng gods)

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#488621 How much money you can make pking on alora [2024]

Posted by Scorn on 14 June 2024 - 02:57 AM

Very well made and detailed guide!


I'm no pker but I can see now why people kill others even with 100k loot. That kill streak bonus effect was very interesting.


Maybe this will bring more pkers into wildy for the gatekeepers to feed on!

#488481 Reward Bug Reporters

Posted by Scorn on 11 June 2024 - 11:45 PM



Just like the voting competition, where 5 winners are picked at random after reaching a certain votes per month, I think the same should be applied here to incentivise bug reporting.

#488322 1 or 2 people ruining the server

Posted by Scorn on 09 June 2024 - 09:23 AM

Honestly don't see a problem. Case of demand and supply. If items are bought out, there is lack of supply, hence price of the item shoots (whether artificially or by design). Isn't this a good thing then, because now people can PvM and sell items for more profit. 

#487589 Buying/Selling GIM Bank

Posted by Scorn on 29 May 2024 - 12:57 AM

SUPPORT! I don't understand the logic that it's been here already and fixing it won't be fair to others.


If that was the case, things like Akkha safe spot (was there for a while), TOA Puzzle skip and soooo many other things would not get fixed on the basis that its not fair for the rest that didn't get a chance to abuse it.


There seems to be a general dislike towards Real Alan (well from people who are not in the clan anyway) but his long post was very well articulated and hit a lot of very good points. It's just being ignored because some minority (or majority?) do not have a liking towards him which is baseless and not fair.

#487384 1 Phase Zalcano

Posted by Scorn on 26 May 2024 - 01:34 AM