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Bond Allowance + Bond Info

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What is an Alora bond (100 tokens)?
An Alora bond credits $10 to your account (Total Spent) as well as 100 tokens.
An Alora bond also steadily increases your donator rank depending on the # of bonds redeemed.
Where do I find my tokens amount?
You can find your tokens amount and Total Spent at https://www.alora.io/store/

Can I obtain Donator status from redeeming a bond?
Yes you can!
Can I obtain every donator rank with only bonds?
Yes! To obtain donator ranks, you will have to redeem a certain number of bonds:
$10 Donator:  1 bond
$50 Super:  5 bonds
$250 Extreme: 25 bonds
$750 Legendary 75 bonds
 $2500 Uber: 250 bonds
$5000 Master: 500 bonds
$10,000 Immortal: 1,000 bonds
$20,000 Eternal: 2,000 bonds
How much does an Alora bond cost with GP?
As of this post's date, bonds are being traded for around 180M each.
What is an untradeable bond?
Obtaining/buying a bond in-game will make it become untradable.
How do I make it tradable?
To make it tradable, use the right-click option on the bond to “Convert” it for 5,000,000 GP.
Bonds purchased from the store stay in their tradable form; turned into the untradeable form if you trade it.
What is bond allowance?
Bond allowance allows players to purchase bonds with tokens.
How does bond allowance work?
For every $10 spent on tokens in the online store, your bond allowance increases by 1.
Where can I find my current bond allowance?
You can find your bond allowance at 
http://www.alora.io/store/ in the "Your Account" box.
I think I'm still a bit confused. Can you give an example?
Sure. I'll try to explain it in better detail:
If you were to donate $100 to Alora on tokens, you would be able to purchase 10 bonds since 1 bond costs 100 tokens.
If you open a bond in-game, you are not allowed to buy another bond with the tokens as you will not be given an allowance increase.
Help! I bought a bond with tokens but my account was deducted -$10.00 toward Total Spent!
Buying a bond with tokens does in fact deduct -$10.00 from your account.
If I am a $10.00 donator and bought a bond with tokens, I'll lose my donator status?
If you are a $10.00 donator (and plan to sell the bond), you WILL lose your donator status because of deduction.
Do bonus tokens during tokens sales  count towards bond allowance?
No, they don't. Only the base amount counts towards bond allowance.

Bond allowance is created from an excerpt from Omicron's update thread found here.

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