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Alora Newspaper 11/28/2018

Alora Newspaper

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Posted 28 November 2018 - 07:09 PM #1



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Hello everyone, and welcome to this month's edition of the Alora newspaper!


Hope you are all having a great day, enjoy reading.





Rule 9 and Rule 13 have received some minor changes, please acknowledge them: 



Date & time of updated rule: 16th November, 2018


Updated section: Rule #13.c - Ragging


Time of date that the update rule(s) will be put into effect: Immediately


Part(s) added, changed, or removed: Highlighted in YELLOW




• c. Ragging is prohibited in the wilderness or ::edgepvp on Alora in its entirety as it negatively affects our PvP community as a whole and debases the dignity of PvP. Alora's definition of a ragger is one who consistently goes out of their way to disrupt someone's experience in the wilderness or ::edgepvp by attacking them repeatedly (staff discretion will be used when infracting someone for ragging). All ragging reports must be reported with sufficient video proof. First offenders will serve 5 hours in jail, followed by a 24-hour ban, with an ending result of a permanent ban.




• c. Attacking a player with only 1 item or essentially no valuable risk with the intent to negatively effect another player's experience in the wilderness is against the rules and will not be tolerated. (ex. Using a ZGS and constantly returning to a specific area or person and harassing the player.) This rule is applied to the entirety of PvP across Alora.

However, certain areas of PvP will follow specific rules.  While in Edgeville and ::edgepvp, the act of griefing fights will not be allowed. (ex. Walking over players constantly or placing items such as cannons down.)
Pjing/Rushing is allowed; But if reported with sufficient evidence of being an on-going issue and considered harassment, it will be dealt with by staff discretion.

First offenders will receive a 5-hour jail followed by a 24-hour ban, increasing to a 7-day ban, and finally, a permanent ban. 




Date & time of updated rule: 19th November, 2018

Updated section: Rule #13.b - Scouting

Time or date that the updated rule(s) will be put into effect: Immediately

Part(s) added, changed or removed: Highlighted in YELLOW



  • • b. Multi-logging in the wilderness is allowed if you have no interaction between any of your accounts. If you have one account skilling in the resource area, and another account killing people in the Revenant Caves this is OK. It is not OK, for example, to skill in the resource area and kill other players there on your alternate account. It is also not allowed to use a second account to protect your accounts in the wilderness.


  • • b. Multi-logging in the wilderness is allowed if you have no interaction between any of your accounts. If you have one account skilling in the resource area, and another account killing people in the Revenant Caves this is OK. It is not OK, for example, to skill in the resource area and kill other players there on your alternate account. It is also not allowed to use a second account to protect your accounts in the wilderness. Scouts are also allowed to an extent, as long as they do not allow an unfair advantage over other players in the Wilderness. Firstly, scouts must be Level 3 combat and have ABSOLUTELY NO ITEMS equipped or in their inventory. Secondly, for example, if you bring a scout to the Chaos Elemental to see who is there before teleporting there, this is okay. It is not okay, however, to plant a scout outside of the Rev Caves entrance while you kill Revs so that you can see when PKers are coming.



Keep up to date with our rules & full list can be found by clicking HERE!





Since the last Newspaper Omicron has been working very hard to pinpoint some of the Bugs/Fixes

that Alora needs, added some long-awaited PvP fixes, worked on some QOL, and gave us a new Minigame!


Huge thank you to Omicron for being a beast!



27/11/2018 Update






If you want to check out the entire update list, click HERE!


Once again, huge props to @Omicron  :10out10:




Over the last month there have been some changes to the staff team, you can see them below:


Staff updates as of November 7th and 25th:



M A C K has been promoted to Global Moderator.

Immortal Fox has been promoted to Global Moderator.

Lord Aizen has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

Paine has been promoted to Forum Moderator.

To gain has returned as Server Moderator.

Trade For GP  has been promoted to Server Moderator.

Mhk has been promoted to Server Moderator.

Fe mag3 fe has been promoted to Server Moderator.

Sassafras has been promoted to Server Support.

Moral Truth has been promoted to Server Support.



Loo has resigned from Global Moderator.

Iron Aritus has resigned from Server Moderator.

Zach McCoy has resigned from Server Support.

Dumdum has resigned from Server Support.


For more info on the Staff updates, click HERE!




I have decided to interview our newest Server Support Sassafras, and our most beloved member Trailer Park! I hope you enjoy hearing what they had to say.  ^_^ 



Greetings, @Sassafras.



Dante : How are you liking being a Server Support for Alora?


Sassafras: It's chill, it's nice to be helping solve problems behind the veil. I'm getting more exposure to how streamlined the process is, and I can't wait to gain more experience at it.


Dante: What is one down-side you've come across being staff on Alora?


Sassafras: I'll admit I'm struggling a bit with the no-AFK staff rule, but it's just something I'll adapt to. Playing two accounts while staffing is also harder than I thought!


Dante: What is something very simple that you find most people get wrong?


Sassafras: Brushing their teeth. You shouldn't be trying to saw off your teeth with the brush, just vibrate it in one small spot and repeat that throughout your whole mouth.


Dante: If you could live in any era before the one we're in now, when would it be and why?


Sassafras: Probably the late 1400's, I think the age of exploration would have been incredible to witness first-hand . Of course that's only if I wasn't one of the unlucky to die from disease/poor nutrition.


Dante: What is your greatest achievement?


Sassafras: I think my best achievement was finishing college in 4 years. I went through a rough period and almost dropped out of school my sophomore year. I had to take a full load of credits every semester until graduation to make up for it, but I finished on-time when I didn't really believe I could do it.


Dante: What is your closest close-call?


Sassafras: I was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident a couple years ago. Was riding on the back of a friend's bike with no protection (stupid), and it started wobbling like crazy at high speeds.



Dante: What is the worst purchase you've ever made?


Sassafras: An airsoft rifle: Spent $200 of hard-saved allowance, used it once, and moved onto other things.


Dante: What is your favorite pass-time (besides Alora)?


Sassafras: Getting really drunk and watching terrible movies. If you ever want to almost die laughing, watch some of Neil Breen's movies or "The Room". The stupider the better.


Dante: What is the most irritating thing someone can do?


Sassafras: Litter. Just don't do it, it's infuriatingly lazy. Take the extra 30 seconds and throw it away in a garbage/recycling bin. So many beautiful places around me are ruined by trash, and it could be easily avoided.


Dante: What is the worst thing to have a phobia of?


Sassafras: Snakes, they're such amazing and curious animals.





Next on our list is Trailer Park!



Greetings, @Trailer Park.



DanteHow does it feel to be the most beloved person on Alora (to me)?


Trailer Park: It feels neat as heck it rustles my jimmies when you shoot kissy emojis at me.



Dante: What is your favorite thing to do outside of PKing on Alora?


Trailer Park: When I'm not PKing you can find me helping the special needs kids of Alora.


Dante: What is your most memorable moment that you are willing to share?


Trailer Park: My most memorable moment is when me and Horror made friendship bracelets together.


Dante: Do you play any other games outside of Alora?


Trailer Park: The only other game I play is farm simulator because I was meant to plow.


Dante: What is the most interesting fact you have about yourself?


Trailer Park: I'm the most interesting person I know because of my uncontrollable drinking problem.


Dante: If you could meet one person IRL from Alora who would it be?


Trailer Park: I'd want to meet Jonttu and give him English lessons.


Dante: What is your dream job?


Trailer Park: My dream job is yelling at people for money.


Dante: Which movie do you wish you were living in?


Trailer ParkSchindler's list.


Dante: Which person on Alora would be the worst leader of a Country?


Trailer Park: Lowkey would be a terrible leader he'll set the country back like his hairline.


Dante: What is the highest pressure situation you've been in and how did it go?


Trailer Park: I had to poop once on a lift 50 storeys up with the wind shaking us I never made it and pooped myself then cried.


Thank you for answering these questions, Trailer Park !




Have any interview questions you would like to ask any of the staff members?

Don't hesitate to send me or Dante a private message via forums/discord and I'll include them in next edition along with the answers from that staff member!








The MOTM poll has concluded and here are the final results received from the community.

The 3 top winners have been picked and the final voting has taken place among the staff team


The very final winner of December MOTM is...





Congratulations Vuqe You have stood out in the eye of the community as well as in the eye of the staff team. Thank you for being a great member here on Alora     :)

Contact Lowkey for your 3 bonds prize in-game, and your Forum Awards will be active shortly.


Stay tuned until the next month when voting takes place!







The November Community Awards are out now!

Visit this link to see the results;





That concludes the end of this newspaper! 

Read our last newspaper by clicking HERE!



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EIM Hentai

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Very nice Dante <3



At this moment Hentai knew , he fucked up.


Posted 28 November 2018 - 07:16 PM #3

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I love you, @Dante



Rob's interview is something else LOOOL





Posted 28 November 2018 - 07:18 PM #4

Zach McCoy

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Hey man, love these and especially the interviews! @Trailer Park is hilarious lol, also you put "August community awards" instead of "November".



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Community Awards




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Dr Dee Are E


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Love the interviews! Good job on the news, first one ive ever read!


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Thanks for this months newspaper article, Dante.
Great job as per usual.

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Oh man, these were some of the best responses ever. I was laughing so hard, good work bruv.


The One and Only 






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Moral Truth

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Great read of responses from @Sassafras and @Trailer Park. That was quite the chuckle lol.



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still dont understand why you guys made multilogging a fucking big thing like it effects anything

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Posted 28 November 2018 - 10:28 PM #10

Iron Peep
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Always a fun read, thanks for putting this together Dante :)


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Good job Dante as always.
Still waiting for my interview.

Posted 29 November 2018 - 12:59 AM #12

DB Aspect

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DB Aspect
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Lmao great newspaper! The interview with my guy @Trailer Park was 10/10
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Great job on this one @Dante !

Loved reading the interviews of both @Trailer Park and @Sassafras. Thanks for your time fellas!



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Love it! @Trailer Park's interview 11/10 tbh

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Wonderful read loved both the interviews and congratulations to Vuqe

Posted 29 November 2018 - 03:47 AM #16


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Thanks for both interviewing me and putting this together again @Dante, great read as usual.

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Nice, Love the idea of a newspaper on Alora, fearly new so its nice to see that this community has these things :)


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@Trailer Park is my bf and i loved this


Posted 29 November 2018 - 05:05 AM #19



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It is very nice to learn more about @Sassafras and really glad to see he has joined the team. Also @Trailer Park is daddy, thanks for this month's newspaper @Dante



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Posted 29 November 2018 - 05:00 PM #20



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Those interviews are always entertaining, especially @Trailer Park's. 


Good job on the newspaper once again! @Dante

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