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[30/1/24] Desert Treasure II, Collection Log Hiscores, Poison Waste Dungeon & more!

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  • Fixes [2/2/24]:
    • Fixed a bug where NPCs would stop spawning in instances at some point.
    • Players will now automatically stop mining the salt at Duke sucellus after 3 minutes.
    • Players can no longer get the rock golem pet from mining the salt at Duke Sucellus.
    • Awakener’s orbs will no longer announce over yell.
    • Prifddinas/Gauntlet entrance requirement has been reverted to 9 quest points rather than 12.
    • Fixed a bug where the Desert Treasure II pets would attack their owners due to not being fed enough after being placed in the player’s POH.
    • Players can no longer place a cannon at Zalcano.
    • The trading post plugin now correctly tracks trading post offers/sale progress.
    • Fixed a bug where players could have two 117HD plugins on Runelite, causing neither to work.
    • Vardorvis will now only use his axe attack after the previous axe attack is completely finished.
    • Vardorvis’ axes will now slow down to walking speed for their very last movement before respawning.
    • The timing of when Vardorvis’ axes check if they hit the player has been slightly tweaked.
    • Vardorvis' head gaze attack will no longer spawn a head under the player.
    • Players will no longer receive duplicate tablets from DT2 bosses if they've already unlocked the teleport on the Ring of shadows.
    • Fixed a bug where the incorrect interface would open when clicking on the settings option in a POH.
    • Fixed a typo in the Desert treasure II quest dialogue.
    • Fixed a bug where players could stand in specific tiles to avoid Vardorvis’ axe attacks entirely.
    • Fixed a bug with shops that were purchasing items for high alch value not providing the correct price for some items.
    • Shadow spells will now always land against the Leviathan.
    • The damage from the Whisperer’s auto attacks will now visually show up at the same time that the projectile hit the player.
    • The damage from the Leviathan’s auto attacks will now visually show up at the same time that the projectile hit the player.
    • Dragon Slayer II has been re-added to the Quest tab.
    • Duke Sucellus' salt deposits will now only be intractable when the duke is asleep.
    • Fixed a bug where players could be assigned leviathan/duke/whisperer slayer tasks before completing desert treasure II.
    • Fixed a bug where the jewellery enchant spells would still enchant 1 extra piece of jewellery when the player ran out of runes.
    • Fixed a bug where the leviathan could use a melee orb auto attack during it’s enrage phase.
    • Fixed a bug where players could only exit the poison waste sewer from the north side of the exit.
    • Fixed a bug where the thieving shop would not buy stall items at their appropriate prices.
    • Duke Sucellus’ poison projectiles now travel 1 tick slower.
    • Duke Sucellus will now use his melee attack when players are behind the closest pillars to him.
    • Fixed a bug where players could be hit by Vardorvis' axes after he was killed.
    • ironmen can now access Eblis' shop after the completion of Desert treasure II.
    • The duke's gaze attack will now check to damage the player 1 tick sooner.

Hello everyone,
Desert Treasure II is finally here! We took a bit more time than anticipated to iron out bugs, as the four new bosses are some of the most complex that we’ve coded for Alora. Nevertheless, we’re certain you’re in for quite a challenge with this update, but a good challenge doesn’t come without a good reward — and we’ve got many for you! Whether it’s the juicy Blood Torva ornament kit, the Virtus robes, the Soulreaper axe or one of the new rings, you’ll have plenty to choose from to fill that collection log. Speaking of collection logs, we’ve added a Collection Log section to our hiscores which will slowly start to populate as players log in, make sure to check it out to see how you stack up!
In other news, our next update will include Mobile RuneLite plugins, and we’ve got some very exciting updates coming soon after that which we’ll outline in a dev blog in the near future :)

  • Desert Treasure II:
    • Quest:
      • In order to begin the quest, you must meet the following requirements:
        • 75 Firemaking, 75 Magic, 70 Thieving, 62 Herblore, 60 Runecraft, 60 Construction
        • Completion of Desert Treasure
      • You may begin the quest by speaking to Asgarnia Smith, who is located just south of the Duel Arena’s teleport location.
        • Asgarnia will tell you about a newly uncovered treasure that he is in pursuit of, and if you meet the requirements, he’ll recruit you to help him on his expedition.
    • Once players have completed the Desert Treasure II quest, they can access 4 new bosses.
      • Players can get to these new bosses by accessing a teleport through the teleport wizard menu.
        • These teleports will take players a short walk away from the new bosses.
          • Players can teleport even closer to these new bosses by using the Ring of shadows teleports, though these must first be unlocked.
      • Vardorvis:
        • Players can begin the fight by attacking Vardorvis while standing within the area enclosed by the pillars.
          • The fight will not begin unless the player is in this area, and their damage will always be 0.
        • Vardorvis uses melee as his primary attack, and using Protect from melee will reduce this damage by 75%.
        • Special Attacks:
          • Axes:
            • Vardorvis will regularly spawn 1-3 swinging axes that fly across the arena, which hit players if they are in the 3x3 area of the axe.
              • If hit by an axe, the player will take damage, and be inflicted with a bleed effect that hits them for 3 damage every few ticks, lasting for a few seconds. 
          • Head Gaze:
            • A head will appear from out of the ground near Vardorvis, and launch a projectile at the player which will disable their protection prayers temporarily if the player does not correctly pray against the incoming projectile.
          • Strangle (CAPTCHA):
            • Vardorvis will strangle the player, and the player must click all of the vessels that appear on their screen before the time runs out, otherwise they will take damage.
          • Darting Spikes:
            • Vardorvis will dart around 1-3 times, summoning spikes near/on the player which will deal damage if the player is standing on the tile they rise out of.
      • Duke Sucellus:
        • This fight begins with the Duke asleep, and he must be awakened by creating a poison and using a few vials on him (2 for the regular form, 3 when awakened).
          • Players can collect Arder/Musca mushrooms on the platforms on either side of the duke, and the Salax salt can be mined at the rocks near the centre of the arena.
            • One of each of these 3 components will be needed to make a potion.
              • Once the components are acquired, players must grind the arder/musca mushrooms into powder, and put the components in the nearby fermentation vats to create the poison, which can then be used on the duke.
          • To the left and right of the asylum upon entering it, there is a pestle and mortar and iron pickaxe on the walls that players can take.
        • Once Duke Sucellus has been awakened, he will begin to attack the player using either a magic or melee attack, occasionally using one of his two special attacks.
          • Freezing Gaze:
            • Every fifth auto-attack, he focuses his gaze on the player, which will deal up to 95 damage if the player is not behind a pillar after a few seconds.
          • Gas Flare: The Duke will launch a gas flare from his mouth to a vent near the player, leaving a plume of poison gas there fore a few seconds. This is the same gas that players encounter at the beginning of the fight.
            • As he gets weaker, he will  begin to launch more than one flare at a time.
      • The Whisperer:
        • Players must have a Blackstone fragment in their inventory to fight the whisperer, as this will give them access to the shadow realm.
        • Players will begin this fight with 100% sanity, which will drain for various reasons throughout the fight, and if their sanity drains to 0%, they will go insane, causing them to take damage every few ticks, which continually increases.
          • Being in the shadow realm, and being hit by certain attacks will drain sanity.
          • Being in the normal realm (except for during the awakened fight) will slowly recover sanity.
            • Players may also regain sanity in some cases from certain special attacks.
        • The Whisperer’s auto attack fires 3 range/mage projectiles, and then summons tentacles around the player which will damage them and drain their sanity by 20% if the player is hit by their shockwave.
        • Special attacks:
          • Shadow Leeches:
            • The Whisperer teleports to the centre of the arena and summons corrupted seeds around her. Players must step on all of the light green seeds to stop the attack.
              • The seeds will all appear the same in the normal realm, so players must use the Blackstone fragment to enter the shadow realm to see the real seed colours.
                • If all seeds are stepped on, players will regain 15% of their Sanity, otherwise they will lose sanity and take damage.
          • Soul siphon:
            • The Whisperer will summon souls around her, which players will need to kill to disrupt her chant.
              • The souls will all appear to be the same in the normal realm, so players will need to enter the shadow realm to see the true nature of the souls.
              • Players must kill all of a specific type of soul to disrupt a specific word  in her chant.
            • Her chant has 4 specific words, “Vita!”, “Oratio!”, “Sanitas!”, “Mors!”, and disrupting each word will provide the player with a specific benefit.
              • If no words are disturbed, the player will take huge damage and lose a lot of sanity.
          • Screech:
            • The Whisperer will teleport to the back of the arena and summon pillars in front of her which the player must hide behind to avoid her screech.
              • Each screech will deal 20 damage to the pillars, and will instantly destroy the pillar that the player is standing behind.
                • The pillars will have different health, which can only be seen in the shadow realm, so players must decide which order to stand behind the pillars in to survive the screeches.
      • The Leviathan:
        • The Leviathan is a giant sea serpent which resides in The Scar; players can begin this fight by boarding a small boat that is in the scar.
        • The Leviathan’s standard form has 900 hitpoints, and can only be attacked with range/mage.
          • The leviathan uses rapid auto attacks of all 3 styles, which can be fully protected using the correct prayer.
            • The leviathan also has 2 special attacks:
              • Lightning Barrage:
                • The leviathan will track the player and send barrages of lightning towards them, dealing massive damage if not dodged.
              • Smoke Blast:
                • The leviathan will fire debris at the player which does not disappear until after the fight; if players are hit by the debris, they will be knocked back and take damage.
                  • After it fires the debris, then it will send a smoke blast throughout the entire arena, which can only be avoided by taking cover behind the debris.
          • The Leviathan takes 33% less damage while using it’s special attacks.
          • Special attacks are triggered by using a shadow spell on the Leviathan to stun it, and then hitting it in its weak spot, which is located on its back.
      • Enrage Mechanic:
        • Upon reaching a certain hitpoint threshold (20-30% hitpoints), the boss will become enraged, making the fight quite a bit more difficult.
      • Each of these bosses drops awakener’s orbs, which can be used to fight the awakened form of these bosses, which provides a much more difficult version of the fight.
        • The awakened bosses will be disabled for now, to give players time to get accustomed to the bosses, and make sure that everything works exactly as we expect.
      • There are no penalties for dying during these boss fights.
        • Players will be teleported to edgeville upon dying, but no items will be lost.
      • Improved common drop table:
        • Each of these bosses has an improved common loot table, which provides an increase in the amount of loot dropped from the non-unique drop tables.
          • To access this table, players must defeat the bosses perfectly, that is, they take no unavoidable damage throughout the fight.
    • Uniques:
      • Ancient Blood Ornament Kit:
        • This kit will be dropped when players have defeat each of the awakened boss variants at least once.
          • After killing the last of the 4 bosses, the kit will drop for the player.
            • This ornament kit can be used to modify Torva equipment to become Blood Torva.
              • The kit is re-usable, so will not be consumed when used, however if players do lose it, they will have to kill one of the 4 awakened bosses again to re-obtain it.
      • Virtus Robes:
        • These robes require level 78 magic and 75 defence to equip, and can be obtained from all 4 of the bosses.
          • Each piece provides a 1% magic damage bonus, which is boosted to 4% if the player is casting an ancient magicks spell.
      • Soulreaper Axe:
        • This Axe is a 2-handed weapon which requires level 80 attack and strength to equip.
          • To create it, players must combine 4 unique components, each obtained from one of the bosses, along with 2,000 blood runes.
          • The axe has a special effect, which damages the wielder for 8 hitpoints whenever they attack, giving them a “soul stack” for each hit, capping at 5 soul stacks, after which hitpoints will not be drained for subsequent attacks.
            • Each soul stack provides a 6% boost to their strength level.
              • If the player does not attack for 10 ticks, they will lose a soul stack, and unequipping the axe will remove all the soul stacks.
          • Special attack:
            • This special attack will increase the player’s accuracy/strength by 6%, and heal them for 8 hitpoints, for each soul stack they have.
              • Players will have the hitpoints restored regardless of if the hit is successful or not.
      • Ring upgrades:
        • Players will be able to use drops from each of the new bosses to upgrade a specific Dagannoth king ring.
          • While the rings are tradable, you must have killed the boss associated with the ring at least once to be able to wear it (Eg. Bellator ring, must kill The Whisperer once).
        • To create the new rings, players will first need to turn the original Dagannoth king rings into icons, which can be done by using a chisel on the ring (cannot be imbued).
          • Players can then use the unique vestige, along with 500 blood runes, on the icon to combine them.
            • The new icon can then be brought to a furnace, alongside three chromium ingots, and a ring mould, to craft the new ring.
              • The entire process requires level 90 magic and 80 crafting, which can be boosted.
              • Chromium ingots are rare drops that are dropped by all four of the new bosses.
        • Venator ring:
          • This ring is an upgrade to the Archer’s ring; the vestige for the upgrade is dropped by The Leviathan.
        • Magus ring:
          • This ring is an upgrade to the Seers’ ring; the vestige for the upgrade is dropped by Duke Sucellus.
        • Belator ring:
          • This ring is an upgrade to the Warrior ring; the vestige for the upgrade is dropped by The Whisperer.
        • Ultor ring:
          • This ring is an upgrade to the Berserker ring; the vestige for the upgrade is dropped by Vardorvis.
        • These vestiges have a unique drop mechanic, which works as follows:
          • To receive any given vestige, the player must roll an invisible drop on the tradeable unique table. The first two rolls will cause a standard, non-unique drop to appear and increment a hidden variable; when the third such roll occurs, the vestige is dropped and the variable is reset.
      • Quartz:
        • Each boss drops a specific type of quartz, which can be used to upgrade the ancient sceptre.
          • There are 4 types of quartz that can be used:
            • Blood Quartz
            • Shadow Quartz
            • Smoke Quartz
            • Ice Quartz
          • Players can also use these quartz to open a chest within the ancient vault, which can be accessed by using the teleport on the ring of shadows.
      • Tablets:
        • Each boss drops a type of tablet, which can be used on the Ring of shadows to unlock a teleport that will take the player very close to the boss entrance. 
  • Collection Log Hiscores:
    • The Hiscores have been updated to include an option to view the total number of items in one’s collection log!
      • You can now compare how many items you’ve logged and how you stack up against others in your game mode.
      • NOTE: This will only update for players who have recently logged in, so you’ll have to log in at least once after this update for it to start tracking the number of items in your collection log.
  • Jiminua’s Jungle Store and Karamja General Store:
    • Players can now buy/sell items from Jiminua on Karamja, as well as the Karamja general store.
      • These stores work similar to most other general stores, with the exception that players who have the Karamja gloves 3/4 equipped will be able to sell their items to them for high alch price, rather than low alch price.
  • Poison Waste:
    • Players can now access the dungeon in the Poison Waste.
      • This dungeon contains many Warped Tortoise and Warped Terrorbird spawns.
        • These creatures require 56 slayer to fight.
      • A notable drop from the creatures in this dungeon is the Warped Sceptre, a mid-game staff with a built in spell, similar to a trident, but not quite as strong.
        • This sceptre is charged with 2 chaos runes and 5 earth runes per cast, and requires level 62 magic to equip.
          • The max hit of this staff is calculated as follows:
            • Max = (magicLvl * 8 + 96)/37
    • Players can access this area by taking a spirit tree to the poison waste location, and entering the nearby sewer.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where players could not enter Alora’s native HD mode while logged in.
    • Adjusted the position of the compass on Alora’s native HD mode to fit the compass container.
    • Fixed a bug where players could repeatedly enchant jewellery without the necessary runes to do so.
    • Fixed a bug where players could attack barrows brothers across the sarcophagus’, leading to a safespot for mage/range.
    • Fixed a bug where the menu options on the teleport to house tablet were not working correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where muspah's spikes could sometimes knock players into a wall.
    • Players will no longer auto-retaliate after 20 minutes of inactivity.
    • Fixed a bug where the combat achievements completion announcements would sometimes not be sent.
    • Fixed a bug where Vengeance wasn’t working against phantom muspah.
      • It will now only be ignored during the shield phase.
    • The completionist capes will now visually indicate that they work in place of the graceful cape when on the equipment interface.
    • Fixed a bug where the incorrect killcount would show when announcing that a player received the Mimic pet from killing the Mimic.
    • The beaver pet will now be hidden when the entity hider's "Hide pets" option is toggled.
    • Fixed a bug where dead players could attack bloat with magic on long range in some specific circumstances.
    • Players can no longer teleport out of certain instances.
      • This applies mostly to raids, and other instances that players were previously unable to teleport out of from the last update.
      • The escape crystal still works.
    • Fixed Line of sight issues with the dark lure spell.
    • Fixed a bug where tab-to-respond to pm's sometimes wouldn't open the pm response interface.
    • Clan/Private/Public chat messages from staff members will now always be visible to players, even if they have them on their ignore list.
    • The Fishing level required to fish raw salmon has been adjusted to 30 (from 25).
    • Zebak's poison pools now deal more damage, scaling up with the raid level, dealing up to 60 damage.
    • Fixed a bug with Akkha's pathfinding, so players should not be able to safespot it anymore.
    • Fixed a bug where Zebak's roar attack would not hit the 2 tiles on the northern edge of the arena.
    • Fixed a bug where Zebak would attack too quickly (5 ticks instead of 7 ticks).
    • Players now earn 4x the standard experience when burying lava dragon bones on Lava dragon isle.
    • Fixed a bug where the slap head emote would not be highlighted by the clue scroll plugin
    • Fixed a bug where the Zul-Andra jump for joy clue scroll step wouldn't prompt the clue scroll plugin to show the hint.
    • Fixed a bug where the dragon claw special attack would register damage for the 2nd hit in the "0-0-3-3" special attack scenario, so the player would land 3 hits instead of 2.
    • Fixed a bug with the underwater areas causing a blue screen on mobile.
    • Archaic emblems will no longer have any item protection value, since they are always lost on death.
      • This means that emblems will not protect over any item that has a value of 1 coin or more.
    • Players can no longer be assigned the harpie bug swarm task if they don't have at least 33 firemaking.
    • Fixed a bug where players could join a theatre of blood raid just after it began, causing it to be a lower-scaled raid.
    • The escape crystal now works up to level 30 wilderness.
    • Fixed a bug with the Lizardman shaman jump attack.
      • The shamans will now jump to the tile that the player was on when they started the animation, and if the player is within the shamans occupied space (3x3) then they will take damage.
    • The bridge area east of ferox enclave is now a singles-area.
    • Fixed a bug with the beaver pet’s right-click options being swapped.
    • Adjusted the spawn of a dark beast in the catacombs so that it no longer gets stuck.
    • All of the cave worms that the player can use will now be consumed when feeding the corrupt scavenger beast.
    • Fixed a bug where players could move onto clipped objects/tiles by setting up the cannon in a certain way.
    • Fixed a bug where the settings interface buttons would sometimes not show the correct toggle state.
    • Fixed a bug where the Path of Crondis water jug would restore the palm for twice the amount of health.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not exit through the stairs at the end of the CoX raid.
    • Fixed a bug where entering the barrows crypts would cause the minimap to disappear until the player relogged.
    • Fixed a bug where a taverley shortcut had the incorrect agility requirement.
    • Blighted snare/bind sacks (which were showing up as null pink skirts) have now all been replaced with blighted entangle sacks.
      • Snare/bind are now also castable using blighted entangle sacks.
  • Quality of Life:
    • The ferry between Al kharid and the Ruins of Unkah now works.
    • The nightmare's attack sounds will now player for all nearby players.
    • All players alive in the raid will now hear the sound of Sotetseg's big ball attack.
    • The blast furnace plugin will now track ores in the furnace as well as bars.
    • Players can now deposit flower/allotment seeds into birdhouses.
    • The Armadyl helm (or) will now work for the Falo the Bard clue scroll step that requires an Armadyl helmet.
    • Desert bandits now lose aggression after 15 minutes.
      • This is to stop players from being able to afk train there for an unlimited amount of time with the proper setups.
    • The infernal completionist cape's trim has been changed from white to black/gray.
    • A new fairy ring (AKR) has been added near the Hosidius Vinery.
    • The Kourend mine cart network has been expanded to include 6 new locations.
    • The Kourend teleport now requires level 48 magic to cast rather than 69.
    • The Scythe of Vitur now only uses a charge if any of it’s hits deal above 0 damage.
    • The Scythe of Vitur now requires 1 vial of blood and 200 blood runes per 100 charges, rather than 1 vial of blood and 300 blood runes.
    • The Scythe of Vitur’s slash attack bonus has been increased from 110 to 125.
    • The Osmumten’s fang passive effects now only apply when using the Stab attack style.
    • Cutting fish received from aerial fishing is not a repeated action.
    • The entity hider's "hide pets" configuration will no longer hide the local player's pet, only the pet's of other players.
    • Akkha will no longer count unsuccessful hits towards his teleport in the final phase.
    • Bird's nest offering counts are no longer categorized as spam messages.
    • Players will no longer stop mining if they have no free slots in their inventory if they're able to obtain more of the item they're mining (if the item is stackable and they already have some in their inventory).
    • There is now a setting to loop music in the advanced settings tab.
      • This is enabled by default.
    • The rejuvenation pool runelite timer will now track the time based on the last used pool.
      • For example, if the player last used the rejuvenation pool in Edgeville, it will start the timer for using that pool, which is different from the pool in a POH.
        • Trying to use any pool while on cooldown will update the timer with the remaining cooldown of the pool the player attempted to use.
    • The slayer helmet boost will now always apply against Dawn, even if the double trouble perk has not been purchased/enabled.
    • The message when finding hespori seeds will no longer be categorized as a spam message.
    • Players can now check their herbiboar count by right-clicking the rocks on fossil island.
    • Players can now input the precise amount of charges to add to staves/the toxic blowpipe.
      • Rather than adding the max possible amount, players can input up to the max amount of charges they have the requirements for.
        • This also applies to loading darts/scales into the blowpipe.


As always, please make sure to report any bugs you encounter immediately — and best of luck on getting those new drops!

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Huge update! Cant wait to indulge in some new bosses.




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lets gooooo

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Huge update! Thanks for taking the time in making this happen.


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Such a huge update! Let's go amazing work Omi

dw i'm gud

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nice update, leagues next? :)))))))

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thx for the update:) can't wait to try these bosses out!.



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huge uprgade !!

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Huge updates, Bug fixes and QOL! Good work!

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This is huge, thanks to everyone who made this happen ! <3





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clogging highscores right after i made that post :wub:

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Best news to wake up to! HYPEEEEE, look at all the content for da bois! Thanks dads <3

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Thanks daddycron ❤️

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Very nice update! Thanks Omicron and Team!


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Great updates! Thanks for all the hard work  :D

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Huge Updates Omi <3 


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Posted 31 January 2024 - 07:53 AM #17

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Huge updates!

Posted 31 January 2024 - 07:54 AM #18



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thx for dt2 ! cant wait to try thoses bosses

Posted 31 January 2024 - 07:56 AM #19


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Another insane and exciting update. Never disappoint since I started years ago

Posted 31 January 2024 - 09:17 AM #20

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@Omicron always coming in clutch with the huge updates! Can't wait to grind for blood torva! (once Nex decides to drop me legs :/)


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