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#476920 Alora Newspaper [January 2024]

Posted by Collerkar76 on 11 January 2024 - 07:32 AM

Thanks for the newspaper, H. Also nice interview Moe, I enjoyed the read!

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#459365 Additional Item & Gold Sinks

Posted by Collerkar76 on 05 May 2023 - 07:40 AM

Great to see you Mack.

100% support on this. Really good suggestion, and very well written.

#428595 Community Manager Changes

Posted by Collerkar76 on 15 April 2022 - 03:20 AM

Gz on the new role, @Moe!

You need to lose your hair so you can really be the new baldy.

Cya @Lowkey, it was a pleasure being apart of the team with you at the top man.
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#420336 Staff Update 12/27/21

Posted by Collerkar76 on 28 December 2021 - 06:15 AM

Congrats on the promotions guys, especially Monaco.

#397657 Xo's Return

Posted by Collerkar76 on 17 May 2021 - 05:27 PM

Welcome back to Alora man!


Also Philly, PA?

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#363130 6 Mo. as Event Manager/Admin

Posted by Collerkar76 on 11 July 2020 - 10:14 PM

Thanks for the kind words Jake <3, I'm not leaving just yet! ;)

Oh god lmfao I thought this was a resignation post!! 


Since you're not quite gone yet, thanks for the work you've done thus far. You've been doing great.  :whew:  




PS do a special Firemaking bonus XP for Jake only. I am about halfway to 200M FM. Thx bye.  :myman:

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#363099 6 Mo. as Event Manager/Admin

Posted by Collerkar76 on 11 July 2020 - 05:21 PM

It was great having you on the team. I'm proud you've reached the ranks you did. Not an easy achievement.



Goodluck with real-life, and with your endeavors man.

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#334401 My Gaming mouse and keyboard

Posted by Collerkar76 on 30 January 2020 - 08:11 PM

Looks pretty slick man. 

#278736 My streamed ended bc of this. WOW.

Posted by Collerkar76 on 15 March 2019 - 12:18 AM

That’s insane man! You got extremely lucky.

#278376 After a really big grind for olmlet pet I finally got it

Posted by Collerkar76 on 13 March 2019 - 04:25 PM

God dang bro, I remember 2 years ago you were grinding for this pet. I’m so happy you’ve finally obtained it with a whopping 2 kills.


#277724 Will be back soon

Posted by Collerkar76 on 11 March 2019 - 09:18 PM

Sorry to hear about your bed news. Goodluck with everything. See you when you return man.

#277700 Heydere

Posted by Collerkar76 on 11 March 2019 - 08:03 PM

Nice to meet you man. Enjoy your stay.

#277209 Custom/Favourite video on profile

Posted by Collerkar76 on 10 March 2019 - 01:16 PM

Support pretty sure IPB has a specific hook for this as well or similar what you just suggested.

Yessir, I’ve also saw this with IPB.

Support, harmless update. Possibly restrict the size of the video that’s imbedded so no one has a video that takes their entire profile up.

#275901 In-game Commands

Posted by Collerkar76 on 06 March 2019 - 05:16 PM

Neat guide. Not the kind of guide I would've ever thought to post. Thanks man.

#275898 Hespori Guide

Posted by Collerkar76 on 06 March 2019 - 05:12 PM

Nicely written guide man, thank you.

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