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First Classic to 4.6

16 April 2023 - 03:48 PM




Thank you to everyone who showed up to support, and to the staff team for helping set up the events.


Special thanks to


Humble Noob



On Task / Grey Helm

Rank 1 Classic, First 200m Slayer, and All 200m's from 2022

04 January 2023 - 08:15 PM

Started the year off strong by hitting Rank 1 and achieving the first 200m Slayer.


Roughly 700 hours left to grind out for 4.6b.








All 200m's from 2022 -


June 22nd - Wu1ah59.png


August 14th - nmDpTIG.png


August 15th - 4IFFKv9.png


September 17th - LmYaaTU.png


September 21st - JoC4zT2.png


September 26th - k4OJlAZ.png


October 18th - B8I6y85.png


November 13th - w7k36Lx.png


November 15th - LXNCP3H.png


November 30th - kmsMlwz.png


December 12th - yDSToKl.png


December 16th - NTcCKmq.png


December 19th - 6JyZ9Cm.png


Zoom Extender Plugin

22 December 2022 - 06:05 AM

What is your suggestion?: Add the Zoom Extender plugin from the Runelite plugin hub


Is this in OSRS?: Yes


Has this suggestion been accepted already?: No


How would this benefit Alora?: As it stands right now, mahogany tables are the meta "no mouse movement" construction training method in the game. Adding this plugin adds the Mythical Cape Rack method; a viable, lower tier, and less expensive "no mouse movement" training method that gives teak planks a good use.