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#458569 Just A Bitta Banta #2 - Paragon Joins AFM?

Posted by Dialect on 25 April 2023 - 09:35 AM

Big love to aftermath homies, we do it for the culture







especially YEEEEET

#456563 Instanced loot despawn

Posted by Dialect on 29 March 2023 - 12:51 AM

Support, doesn't hurt anything and would be fun for reasons in suggestion.

Also nice to prolong trips with food drops

#454164 Need suggestions for my new account idea

Posted by Dialect on 25 February 2023 - 08:19 PM

I would say choose a gamemode you'd be happy playing. It doesn't need to be UIM if it's just going to burn you out in a week.


As for starting area, you can pretty much choose anywhere skilling can be done at level one. There's a series on youtube where they spun a wheel and had 16 different starting locations,

from Land's End to North Ardougne. I'd watch that for some ideas.


I'd recommend putting a tile goal per teleport. Boss teleports requiring more tiles (1,000 tiles per boss? not sure might need tweaking), while skilling or PvP would require less.


The goal should be what you realistically envision yourself doing. Inferno? Completionist monkeys? Depends how far you're willing to take the account.


Good luck sir, I will be watching from the sidelines! 

#453850 Donor rank transfer

Posted by Dialect on 21 February 2023 - 11:49 AM



I was just looking at the transfer limit and was wondering why uber-immortal are all 2 transfers and then jumps to unlimited.



#436341 New YouTube Ranks

Posted by Dialect on 24 July 2022 - 07:16 AM

Support, it's a small thing but would be nice to see dedication to the server rewarded!

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