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In Topic: Add permanent Snow Pile at i.e Wintertodt / Ice Mountain

Yesterday, 04:52 AM

devaluing my Christmas time snowball only ultimate ironman level 3 skiller snowflake account !!!!!!!!!!!

kidding.. support from me tho since i was lowkey kinda sad i couldnt stack more.. if i knew about the time frame for it i would of camped it while i afk'd

In Topic: Make Clans Great Again

18 June 2024 - 10:57 AM

its only a positive to provide and improve areas that help facilitate towards the 'sense of belonging/private communities'


In Topic: 1 or 2 people ruining the server

09 June 2024 - 08:28 AM

nothing changed sir, except those who were putting in the work can sell their drops for x2-3 the price. only favours the hard working user.

currently people are just adjusting to the new set prices but thatll fade in due time as they work for drops and have x2-3 the networth in the same timeframe


In Topic: Exclude items from ::empty

07 June 2024 - 10:20 PM

Potential downside for sure, but if anything that calls for increased bot detection/deterrent rather than holding back updates that would benefit legitimate players. New random events for bot checks and instant mac bans for botters would be my go to.

this quote matches my mindset in elevating the server to that next level in regards to infrastructure.

as for the ::empty. honestly its a nice rsps theme qol so id be down to support it but only if they do something to compensate for the change applied in people abusing.

In Topic: selling donor rank?

31 May 2024 - 08:24 PM


I personally just dont want people to once be rich, invest in such a goal then if times change, undo said progress to have some gold back to go for another venture. the alure of these ranks is this once sunk its sunken. its what makes the ranks such a desired piece of content. if ppl can give and take as they need, itll have no real value. there will essentially be an equation of those who initially sunk gold for it to what can be exchanged for it if one could sell/swap or use irl and itll essentially take out a portion sending the server backwards.

one will always need gold, i know what people would generally experience with the urge of 'needed' large amounts of gp to fulfil some new goal but thats the catch. everyone will always need more gold. enough is never enough is the dirty sin in the west.