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#488232 Exclude items from ::empty

Posted by Mtam on 07 June 2024 - 10:20 PM

Potential downside for sure, but if anything that calls for increased bot detection/deterrent rather than holding back updates that would benefit legitimate players. New random events for bot checks and instant mac bans for botters would be my go to.

this quote matches my mindset in elevating the server to that next level in regards to infrastructure.

as for the ::empty. honestly its a nice rsps theme qol so id be down to support it but only if they do something to compensate for the change applied in people abusing.

#487273 Doing revs until 100M cash | 400M giveaway 2 winners

Posted by Mtam on 24 May 2024 - 09:07 PM

i like the fact this video had time sunken into it, far too many content creators now in the rsps scene have their videos are all over the place as if they got adhd and only invested 30mins just to pump out the numbers for click bait. 

keep it up gamer ! B) 


#486890 sailing

Posted by Mtam on 17 May 2024 - 09:56 PM

ill keep this short and sweet but this question is kinda directed more to @Omicron for his perspective

due to the feedback ive been seeing on osrs in regards to sailing where the community is extremely split on it. essentially half the community is ready to quit the game due to where everything is going in regards to it feeling like runescape let-alone oldschool.

but i was wondering if like, say for example sailing does come out and its hot garbage and starts to truly harm the games direction, are you going to apply your executive decision & power and not implement it to alora? my reasoning for creating this post to see your perspective as the big boss where this is kinda power to the rsps scene in regards to players having a place to flee too when stuff really hits the fan on osrs.

these are kind of the changes in osrs's history that the rsps scene needs to truly pop off even further than it currently is due to jagex's stance where osrs was meant to also be their rsps killer/combatant


#486486 can anyone explain

Posted by Mtam on 11 May 2024 - 04:25 AM

as stated above by kareem & shadow for using the custom donation link which provides a overview on the space.


best roi is currently the rank tickets. consider the price of bonds in the moment to correlate since things are always fluctuating 

as for selling a true custom donation that isnt available for quick purchase on the ::store. once youve completed the transaction and whatever item/s youve purchased is placed on your account by @Omicron himself. the user generally advertises ingame that theyre selling druidic for example and trades druidic for (amount via the regular player to player trading interface).


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#486479 new rank?

Posted by Mtam on 11 May 2024 - 01:13 AM

im split between supporting and implementing a new 50k dono rank 'now' or 'saving it' for when we have like 50+ other eternals ranked members.

in saying this tho, i do remember obtaining uber back in 2017 when it was the highest rank it giving a dull/blackluster once the achievement was finally hit after 2 weeks feeling when everyone around you was easily able to attain uber too.

as cluttered as the ranks feel right now we'd have to evaluate the pro and con impacts of servers that have too many ranks. it makes the game feel very messy/p2w orientated. which bring my mindset back to we should worry about it when 50+ people all have eternal.

the only positive with implementing a new rank in the current moment provides continuous progressive dopamine to the 1%ers of the community who have nothing else left to strive for. but to fix this mindset, you can take most eternal donators and look at their collection log points and if theyre not 1100+ we shouldnt be worrying for lack of things to strive for. we got another 1 years+ buffer.

#486136 Butterfly Click Boxes

Posted by Mtam on 04 May 2024 - 10:27 PM

since this is a general hunter quality of life that does nothing but improve the players gameplay experience, im going to support this.

keep in mind, im okay with keeping the movement the same but increase the click-box size ratio as compensation. 

#485909 Community Manager Change

Posted by Mtam on 02 May 2024 - 10:37 AM

thats not blank!

#485798 Clan Friends List Changes

Posted by Mtam on 30 April 2024 - 01:05 AM

support, only emphasises the use of the clan scene and the effort that goes behind the scenes in running such an entity. only yields positives for the server imo

#484817 Forum Highscores Bosses Tab

Posted by Mtam on 23 April 2024 - 10:06 PM

idk drop rate on herbi but ive done some kc and i hate it there, so id like ppl to see and say oh he leaves the trading post atleast to do other content..

support!  B)

#484596 Current Goals

Posted by Mtam on 21 April 2024 - 01:39 AM

ohhh youre lydo, i remember you and youre partner completing stuff as a duo, was super cute! gl on youre goals gamer!

#484359 Boss KC Record Announcements

Posted by Mtam on 17 April 2024 - 02:27 AM

tbh, i support these kind of systems since it creates sub communities for ea piece of content and generally these areas form dedicated members of the player base.

my only suggestion would be, itll have to run off some sort of milestones because itll get annoying real quick if rank 1 and 2 kept going back and forth in kc every 2mins as a random example.

#484107 make events more timezone friendly

Posted by Mtam on 13 April 2024 - 09:59 PM

100% support this. ive yet to be able to participate in ANYTHING since ive been back on this server the past 5 weeks or so now without having to stay up or wake up super early

It would be great to get the Aussies involved with events, but the big issue is that all of us admins are from EU. Can't really force an admin to host events at like 2am or later. Perhaps we could turn on some boosts at night, what do you guys think about that? If so, what is an ideal server time for that?

for OCE (atleast for myself in sydney) the servers real quiet around 5pm-11pm aest  give or take 2hrs for those in nz or asia

even applying boosts, there isnt really many active players around on that timezone that itll make a difference for. its hard to form consistent teams that dont leave after 1hr. 

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#483783 Revive the wilderness

Posted by Mtam on 10 April 2024 - 04:01 AM

my issue with reviving the wilderness, paired with the suggestion above is that its only creating more gold farmers to be consolidated and picked off. its not pking. yes it plays a part of the wilderness ecosystem fueling the pkers bank. but after awhile that routine gets deflated due to pvmers minimizing risk or just accepting the extended route outside the wilderness. the pvmer would need such high rewards to consistently take the bruising from pkers.

even if we implemented every single activity into the wilderness, only pking thatll be done is the conflicts between existing pkers which fizzles out.
the eco is too strong, people spend too much time in the prepping phase rather than going out pking. only solution is cheap welfare gear unless you roll with numbers or want/can afford to risk.

its not worth spending time gathering 70m to lose it in 5mins in each encounter. (were talking large numbers of players who dont care for the rest of the game they solely pk)

imagine telling someone go do an activity for 4-5hrs to have 1 pk trip that lasts 20mins, theyll cop it for afew attempts and leave cause the effort:reward ratio is out of sync. even if there is a good pker that gets a decent kdr the fact it can be brought back to neutral with current prices eliminates skill gap

@Omicron would need to offer clan incentives like tournaments, ingame cosmetic perks, take home money for putting in effort instead of allocating that to osrs where they walk away with irl cause golds worth something still.

#483276 Friendly People and New Players

Posted by Mtam on 05 April 2024 - 12:18 AM

id like my 2 minutes i spent reading this back please.

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#482005 add salve amulet to the store

Posted by Mtam on 24 March 2024 - 06:15 AM

im all for adding more stuff like this to the store, but also keeping it as an option via the slayer points.

especially for this item since it has such niche uses and doesnt really impact/hinder too much gameplay. Only other question for this would be what token amount?