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17 May 2024 - 09:56 PM

ill keep this short and sweet but this question is kinda directed more to @Omicron for his perspective

due to the feedback ive been seeing on osrs in regards to sailing where the community is extremely split on it. essentially half the community is ready to quit the game due to where everything is going in regards to it feeling like runescape let-alone oldschool.

but i was wondering if like, say for example sailing does come out and its hot garbage and starts to truly harm the games direction, are you going to apply your executive decision & power and not implement it to alora? my reasoning for creating this post to see your perspective as the big boss where this is kinda power to the rsps scene in regards to players having a place to flee too when stuff really hits the fan on osrs.

these are kind of the changes in osrs's history that the rsps scene needs to truly pop off even further than it currently is due to jagex's stance where osrs was meant to also be their rsps killer/combatant



21 February 2024 - 08:15 AM


2017 vs 2024 Alora

02 February 2024 - 10:25 AM

so from my 7 year hiatus from the server. ive returned full time after working at jagex privately for the anti-cheat team (due to the stuff i ran outside of alora) and have been enjoying my stay so far! 

keep in mind the info below as a disclaimer, these are all basically my opinions and general expectations. 

starting off this ramble, i was instantly greeted with the perks from utilizing runelite. that was a huge win in regards to what we experienced back in 2017. its defs created that more polished/tailored experienced for the general user.

I made a post last week in regards to collection log highscores existing, since i noticed the highscores infrastructure there but wasnt working and im glad to see that actually came to fruition since thats hugeeee for the server.
while were on the topic of collection logs aka account competition. (which is healthy and required) theres still the spoiled egg in the room being that the highscores are still scaling off account creation number rather than when the user gets in relation to other players timing. this is a massive kick to the guts to your dedicated players.

highscores/modes; we have an amazing abundance of game modes to pick from, tailoring to almost everyones needs. which is amazing since once a user digs their heels in and starts an ironman for example. its a perfect pace regardless of xp rates. but if you notice how i said ironman and not an account (normal) in saying this. ive noticed since ive returned this has become an 'ironman server' (which isnt bad) but it isnt for everyone and as i want to see this server grow, we need to cater towards all types. as of right now, normal mode is so blackluster that its starting to feel like im playing an ironman without being ironman. this could be a biased thing cause im from Australia but to my personal experience with merching since ive been back to. getting ahold of most of the items is sooo slow. you either pay an extreme premium (i myself dont care but im thinking of those new players who lack the knowledge to generate mass gold). in fact theres nearly 40% of the eco you almost cant actively get your hands on in a reasonable expected time. 

which leads to player retention, those who arent flicking over to ironman mode say after maxing a normal account, tend to lose interest if they arent top tier pvm orientated or wealthy. (keep in mind this is just my personal experiences since ive been back)

even from my own spreadsheets for merching, stock is moving at a 67% decrease in comparison to 2017, on a week to week basis. altho, the goldsinks we have have kept the prices at a respectable point considering how long the games been out.

were going to hit a wall once ironman hit their desired donor goals theyll stop injecting items for gp into normal circulation making the server feel dull for those newcomers when you got o the trading post and theres nothing there (currently or someone putting it in for a completely silly price)

the fact that my friend who i brought along as a secret case sample (he doesnt know) is still waiting on getting things at an appropriate price i have listed for him so hes not effectively getting scammed in the moment. 
even with myself merching to guage the flow of the eco, theres not enough coming into the trading post to lower the prices, i could effectively trash the early/mid game experience by throttling them to just thieving and welfare slayer or forcing them to be an iron. which might aswell let them quit and become an official iron exacerbating the initial issue at large.

rest of the server is hitting my personal expectation+in coding quality. good job im proud of you :)


collection log highscores

24 January 2024 - 10:55 PM

What is your suggestion?:
do we plan on getting the collection log highscores? i see the infrastructure there but isnt currently optional and making this a higher development priority
Is this in OSRS?:
technically no, but is offered as a service through through a fan-made site called collectionlog.net
How would this benefit Alora?:
- stimulates/creates a competitive environment aka creating purpose to play properly and sink heavy hours into alora.
- majority of it is rng related, it incentivises climbing up the alora donation ranks.(this line makes dans pants levitate)
- gives players a sense of overall belonging amongst other dedicated players/more incentivised reasons to become a completionist
- creates reason to get out of ones comfort zone and participate in content they would of never normally participated in hopes of climbing ranks
- stimulates more of the ecosystem in specific niche uses of items that are technically best in slot at single location/combats the stagnation of normal mode ecosystems stagnation with most of the community being ironman orientated so it atleast helps alleviate the pressures of stagnation resulting in inflated prices/nothing for sale which deters new players from starting up (this might be my personal biased opinion due to being on oce timezone)
- all account game modes benefit

skilling scene

18 January 2024 - 09:46 AM

is there still an active skilling community on here, specifically regarding those gunning for 200m all in whatever acc category theyre interested in?

been contemplating returning full time after 5 years hiatus to attempt a 200m all on a UIM