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How To Make A Good Suggestion


I've noticed over the last little while that there are a lot of people suggesting things that either have

been previously added to the suggestions topic we have here, or suggest something that isn't on OSRS.


I figured I would take this time to make a quick guide on how to make a good suggestion.

Although we do have some features that aren't in OSRS, Alora strives to be the closest mock of OSRS without

losing that RSPS feel. When you are suggesting something you should always make sure it's not on the

list of suggestions that are to be added to Alora, and also make sure that it is something that is

 already in OSRS. If it is something that isn't in OSRS but you feel it would be a good fit for Alora there is

no shame in suggesting it here. This is merely a small template/guideline for posting quality suggestions.

One more thing is to try and focus on one suggestion at a time. Making a list of 30+ suggestions in one thread isn't going to

get everything taken care of any faster.


Now without further adieu, the template.


What is your suggestion?:

Is this in OSRS?:

Has this suggestion been accepted already?:

How would this benefit Alora?:


Although there is a template here, people are not expected to always use it, and suggestions wont be instantly declined for not using the proper template. Make sure you check over the OSRS Wiki and the

Suggested Topics list before you post a suggestion to save everyone time!

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