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#451696 Top 10 all time Alora players!

Posted by Sagacious on 24 January 2023 - 04:44 PM

I don't think I can put people in any order, there are just so many awesome gamers!


Here are "top ten" in no particular order that have made my Alora experience awesome as well as some real big gamers:


@Ironb0rn or @ real b0rn - The one who got me into ToB and Inferno and a big inspiration to go hard on PvM and grind endgame items. My oldest friend here (an osrs gamer nowadays) and great fun to be in vc with and just game whether if it is raids or leagues. Big grinder as well as the biggest spoon on Alora I have ever seen, just disgusting rng but he would never admit that. :Lmao:


@Drokaan or @Drokaann - My second oldest friend here, absolutely love the guy. HCIM gamer, tob partner that was with me when I obtained my first Scythe which was hype af. Recently came back to Alora from a long break and hope he is going to stay for a while :withlove:


@Bier - Also known as tobavoider73 because he avoids doing tob. Someone tell him he can't get scythe from skilling or toa! Joking aside, big gamer and still hunting that scythe (one of the driest ingame rn). Love raiding and planking with him at Bloat. Great guy that has became one of my closest friends on Alora. <3


@Dead Cousin or @cous - Raider friend, always down for some ToB. Big grinder rn trying to build that hcim up. It's a travesty that he has no Sang staff yet on the IM... :MonkaS: but it is ok he has way too many scythes. :kek:


@Gd iron - Part of the old gang doing ToB together, big Australian gamer. Too bad he left to osrs as well but always fun to vc and raid with. Come back to finish that scythe some day ;)


@Moe - When Lowkey had less and less time for Alora and eventually had to back down Moe took the responsibilities of Community manager and has been fantastic so far. Not just that but he has throughout the lockdowns and after kept the community alive and connected with the awesome events and bonuses that he did soooo often for all the gamers as well as helped the staff team and with the advertisement for the server. Thanks for all you do for Alora my guy big respect :PeepoSalute2:


@Tauri - Not even in his top ten but whatever. :SadBoi:  Joking aside. Been on Alora for a long while now but been helping Moe with all the events lately and is now the Event Manager. Well deserved and keep it going. Such a great dude also a big gamer trying to finish those boss logs. GL! :withlove:


@Steel Nogan - This cute noob got me into ICE further, because before him I was not ranked and just lurked around (though I have been there since I started Alora way back in 2018). He was a big inspiration for me to go for the 4.6b xp since I saw him get it way back and I thought I should as well. Big time grinder and awesome youtuber. Miss those vids man <3


@Mack - This guy puts so much effort into trying to make Alora more enjoyable to play. His guides are top notch, his suggestions are well thought out and many make into the game. Also he tries his best to help the noobs but I see sometimes his patience seems to run out. :D Absolutely a chad gamer, hunting those pets (*spooning those pets) and has been in Alora for a long time now.


@Ragragrag46 or @46 - What a gamer. Fellow Finn of course, big pvper but also big time PvM grinder. Has like way too many accounts in different game modes. Gotta respect the dude for the hours he has put in this game it's nuts. <3


Some honorable mentions and absolutely fantastic gamers:

@Extremedanny - The original pet hunter. So close yet so far. Absolutely one of the biggest grinders in game, hope he can catch a break sometime and get one of those pets he still is looking for. That of course requires him to find motivation to come back and grind again. :P

@Lowkey - Huge part of the community even to this day with the memes haha. Great CM and streamer

@Gimslaving - Huge gamer and inspired me to go harder, very sick account even though it is a GIM ;) I was surprised by your list ngl. :blush:

@Brambo - Such a nice guy and a big grinder as well <3

@Suede or Oscuro - WTF he has became so far from the old ToB days with the boys. Too bad he spooned the scythe after all...

@Ghost walk or @Grass walk - Absolutely miss this guy, what a gamer. Sadly deironed both of his maxed eims when he quit :/

@Memento Mori or @Smope Jr - What a gamer god damn, does not play as much but inspired me to solo tob back in the day

@Yautja - Dis guy has spooned his way to one of the best IM accounts out there. Someone stop him pls :withlove:

@GIMbo Slice -Great guy, big noob though. He is quite inactive but plays osrs gim mostly now so makes sense I guess.

@gim kierannn or @Not So Hard or @Take Two - Recently came back from osrs, big time noob. Always fun to vc and game with.

@Aves - What a cute noob but also gamer <3

@Arosa - Big time classic nerd

@Laardii - Great dude also fellow Finn with a problem of receiving the Scythe of Vitur :PepeHug:

@Vespy or @ Vespina - he is the raid

@username v2 - A newer friend for sure but old player, big time gamer with issues involving a certain item in the Theatre... :P

@Gazoo - Lovely guy, always ready to help. Also a gamer

@mochiii - 4.6b as hcim was great to witness, losing status really opened the game though. Big grinder and gamer but can't do toa for shit idk why. :withlove:

@Snakelings or @Sit - Big time pvper but also a gamer. Great hcim account, one of the best still alive.

@cracatoa29 - Crazy raider man, was very sad to see him lose all the hard work by some bs hacker and quit but he is back again. Rip my #1 spot in hm tob :D

@diplomacy - Another crazy raider man, an absolute unit though. Sad to see him gamble all his work away but priorities I guess. GL at uni! :withlove:

@Noa - Huge gamer, not as active atm but god damn that NM record time alone is insane

@Aritus - Get the tbow noob
@Miq - Fellow Finn and a gamer. Such a great account and big inspiration to go harder.

@Fe mandem - Another old time friend and fellow IM grinder

@ToB Queen - Big time tob grinder, just recently beat his kc but that is only because he is inactive haha. Big inspiration for tobbing ngl


@No Bank Mate @Mode @Rafiki @ViskasG3rai @s3iman or @S3 @R E Z Z @Fopaanz @Klam @redcar @saeed @iron tard @julsbasement @strudelle @Tachnaka @Dagdanor @N @Logantx00 @N @Justen @Sassafras @Calloway @Clappy @Animals @Sunnii @Spork Mac - big fan


Also huge shoutout to ICE! <3


Many left to mention but this already turned into top 100 ffs. Well I tried. Great post @Brambo! :withlove:

#450832 2023 Charity Event - Big Prizes

Posted by 17 on 14 January 2023 - 09:30 PM

The beginning of 2023 brings another charity event. This time for a disease called, Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). This disease attacks the nerves that control the muscles which makes the muscles lose normal function/sensation in the arms and legs. One of our fellow gamers and my good friends on Alora, @NEUROFUNK is unfortunately one of the few people diagnosed with this. Due to the rarity of this disease, like many others, research is lacking. With the help of Neuro, I have found an organization that helps raise money for research. Unlike prior years, due to funds, this will be a much shorter and smaller event. The event will start the moment this is posted and end January 25th, 2023, PUSHED TO FEBRUARY 1ST AND THE PRIZE POOL HAS DOUBLED!!!


@Omicron will be matching all custom donations in which are given away. Currently I'll be providing $200 with Omi matching $200. If we hit our goal, $1,000 donated, I will add another $300, making it $500 total with Omi matching the $500, we will have $1,000 in custom donations being given away!!!!


You can donate via this link: https://www.justgivi...om/page/alora23

For updates, giveaways and more information please join the discord: https://discord.gg/2WT97SX5Eh



1. You must donated at least $5 to participate. Please either include a picture of your donation via the discord https://discord.gg/2WT97SX5Eh)or forums or include your in game name on the donation. If you forget to do this, you will not be entered into the prize pool.

2. Please do not get upset if you do not win. This is not to make money, it is to raise money for charity.

3. Have fun, help advertise the event. If we start poppin' off I will run giveaways throughout the event, not only at the end. 


@NEUROFUNK, thank you for being a good friend and epic gamer. Much love brother. I hope we as a community are able to come together like prior years and raise some money for a cause close to you. 


Current giveaway:

4x $100 custom donations + f2b6d0631b4651a85e964a06037daae9.png




If you are unable to donate via credit/debit card please join the discord for an alternative donation link. 

#449812 Community driven event

Posted by Realmungard on 03 January 2023 - 05:59 AM

Community Boss Slaughter event


Some of you already know, as I’ve pmed some of you about it already. I will be organizing/creating a completely new type of pvm event based on grinding/efficiency rather than the usual rng/booster/donator rank based events. Im still in the construction phase of it. (would be early-mid february for our studymans that're having their exams soon)

I already spoke with some staff that would be willing to help judging/monitoring the fairness of the event aswell as help with dealing with possible drama (which is why there will be 0 wildy bosses involved in this).

As I mainly want to host an event to enhance the great community we have on alora. I will be making random teams based on activity. And I’ll be shuffling all clans into teams. You’ll still be playing with some of your clan members, but its also gonna be an introduction event to encourage people to play/pvm together and revive some of the lower activity bosses/raids. And also help endgame players find grinds/motivation/people to grind out some logs.

I personally will not be competing during the event as I want to be able to focus on running the event aswell as make small flash events during its duration without having to focus on competing.


I hope to be able to make multipe teams with 10+ players competing in it. And focus will be on efficiency/grinding. 

Even if your team has horrible rng and gets no drops. You can still win solo/team competitions during it. As we'll be using a efficient hours bossed multiplier.


As of now I’m looking for:

For Designers willing to help with Event boards, aswell as Winner Badges (signature badges similar to community award ones)

Respected players within all clans willing to help Moderate/Feedback before going live with the event.

People willing to help me fund the event. No need to pay anything until the idea is finalized, just looking to see if there would be any ballers be willing to add to the prize pool (There will be a small entry fee, I will be donating a chunk to the event also, for sake of uniformity i’ll only be taking normie gp when time comes)

Also please post something below if you’d be interested in joining it. Some people already gave feedback on my idea pitch/sketch. I want to keep it a bit of a secret until I’ve found enough support/funding.

Feel free to pm ingame/forums or post below if you fit any of the categories above.

#449542 Happy New Year from Alora!

Posted by Omicron on 31 December 2022 - 06:44 PM



Happy New Year!


As we enter the New Year (or have already entered 2023, for our European friends), the Alora Staff Team would like to wish you all the best this upcoming year! For those of you who will be out celebrating with friends and family tonight, we wish you a safe New Year's Eve -- have fun and make it back in one piece for the weekend events! For those of who will be celebrating with us, we've turned on all of the server bonuses for tonight to start the new year off right ;)


We're honored to be celebrating another year with you all, this is our seventh New Year and we could not have fathomed having this incredible community still here to celebrate with us after all this time, thank you all for being a part of it.


As for Alora, we're excited to get right into it this year with the same quality updates as we've always provided (minus the OP Super restores), and we have a whole lot in store that we can't wait to share with you guys -- more on that later.


All the best,

Omicron, Chad & The Alora Staff Team

#449517 Feedback for 2022

Posted by Sunnii on 31 December 2022 - 12:11 PM

Really appreciate being mentioned Tauri, you are absolutely amazing and killing it as Event manager! Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2023! ♡( ◡‿◡ )
Huge shoutout to this wonderful community! Happy new year People! Hope all of you have an amazing 2023 and I'm Looking forward to see more of you all! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

#449498 Feedback for 2022

Posted by Green eyes on 31 December 2022 - 10:03 AM

we are the shit, make no mistake about this.


ALora #1 CHristian server = Forever

#449495 Feedback for 2022

Posted by Devout on 31 December 2022 - 09:59 AM

Ayy appreciate you too Tauri, hope you have an amazing new years and make an NA league account already !!!! But on a serious note, enjoy having you as a friend and our often chats. Keep being you Tauri, nice of you to do this!  :D 

#449494 Feedback for 2022

Posted by Tauri on 31 December 2022 - 09:54 AM

Hello Community!


Since it's been a while since the last feedback by any player, I will take the time and write something about the game and about the players, so we could start 2023 in a good note! ;)


#1: Game

We have had numerous updates throughout the year, the biggest of them being the release of Raids 3 - Tombs of Amascut. We have had many QoL updates and new content being released into the game. Even though some times, the first few days after an update may give us some bugs that may cause frustration, in the end the bugs will be liquidated. Considering we only have 2 people developing the game and not many players who can give a solid input in testing the content, the outcome is rather positive than negative. Something I would like to mention that hasn't been mentioned publicly but has been told me privately many times, is that the ToA feels very good since the first hotfix. People are pleased with the content and that's what I love to hear and therefore mentioned it specifially for the contributors to know that they've done a good job.

Aside from updates, the game, the community is amazing. There can be some annoying things for some people, but I am not personally playing the game because it is supposed to be somewhat identical to OSRS. I play because the people here are welcoming and the community is the least toxic I've seen. Can't thank enough people who actually take their time and give their effort in making the game and community better, love you.


#2: Staff

This year we had a major change in the Staff Team. Our previous Community Manager, @Lowkey, resigned from his duties, and @Moe taking the role of CM with pride and dedication. Throughout the year, we had many people join the staff team (Including myself), leave the staff team (@2 for example) and so on, as the circle of life is. Being a part of staff team right now, gives me a bit more insight of how we are doing currently and all I can say, is that I feel blessed to be part of the team as it is right now. We have many hard-working gentlemen on the team, and many people who are here to keep the morale up for the boys, I admire that. That's what a team should be and we are always there to help each other out, to make sure regular players have a better time playing the game and be there for everyone in need of assistance. 

Throughout the time of me being staff, I will name couple of current/ex-staff members that deserve a Honorable Mention:



#3: Players

As a part of Staff Team, one of our requirements is to communicate with players and make sure to show our presence in game/forums/discord. Throughout the time I've been more active in the community, I've found a numerous new friends, in addition to old ones who are playing to this day. Socializing, and having a good time doing so is crucial for people to stay around for long term. I am sure many of the people have found their friends in the clans around Alora, but I personally evaluate people by their qualities, not if they're a part of ICE, Paragon, Aftermath or Realists. That is something I am going to do for the rest of my playing days as it has turned out to be a huge positive in motivating me to log in and represent the community as a Player, as a Staff, as an Event Manager.

Even though the player count these days aren't nothing surprising, it is still solid to see numbers like 300-700 in the game, and I believe we will gain more popularity in the future, with new players coming in and staying around as they see we have a lovely place to hang out in (until they go to wilderness jk).

I would like and mention some of the players that I've personally had a blast to talk with and be thankful for their existence in the community, those players are:


There is probably many more of you, but the list would become very-very long and therefore would lose its value ;) Anyways, not gonna give any longer speeches this year, see you in 2023! <3

#448590 Thank you to all players on server

Posted by cheddarich on 20 December 2022 - 04:27 PM

I've been battling some serious depression the past couple of months due to some family issues. I'd just like to thank the community for always being there to answer questions that I have no matter how dumb they are. This community means the world to me as it's my one escape from reality to just keep all my family issues off my mind. Thanks again everybody and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Couldn't have gotten through all this stress without each and every one of you. 

#449369 Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

Posted by Devout on 30 December 2022 - 09:02 AM

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for your amazing design on the signatures @Sunnii! Hopefully see more community awards from you in the future! <3

#449358 Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

Posted by Krest on 30 December 2022 - 07:32 AM

Congrats to everyone <3 Thank you @Sunnii

#449361 Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

Posted by Mufasa on 30 December 2022 - 07:44 AM

Congrats to all the winners of these awards and making the community better, thank you Sunnii for these designs. ❤️

#449363 Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

Posted by Lucas on 30 December 2022 - 07:49 AM

Gz everybody! <3

#449357 Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

Posted by Gimslaving on 30 December 2022 - 07:24 AM

Congratulations to everyone, Great design as always Sunnii <3

#449356 Winter '22 Community Awards Results & Signatures

Posted by Arosa on 30 December 2022 - 07:15 AM

Thanks to everyone that nominated a player from the community for these awards, congratulations to all the winners!
A huge thank you to Lunchy & Ivy for helping count the votes and a massive shoutout to Sunnii for providing the amazing graphics once again!    :PeepoCrazy: