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#455326 Predict my KC / Miq's journey for shadow

Posted by Miq on 14 March 2023 - 09:12 PM

Hello everyone! As the topic name says, I will be doing a predict my KC for Tumeken's Shadow.


Shoutout to Skinz for the idea of this.




This is the start KC (Combined with Regular/Expert. We will count it from this)


The closest KC guess will be receiving 1.6B Cash. (Current pot will go up IF I receive big duplicate drops!)  :Poggers:


Good luck to everyone! <3

#452886 Ironman Integrity

Posted by Real Alan on 06 February 2023 - 01:50 PM

What does it mean to be an ironman?


Normal game play -> take away the ability to trade -> gives you ironman game play


    Ironman game play -> take away the ability to bank -> ultimate ironman game play


    Ironman game play -> take away the ability to die -> hardcore ironman game play


    Ironman game play -> add a partner -> elite ironman game play


    Ironman game play -> add up to 4 partners -> group ironman game play


All of these game modes share the ironman concept of no trading. 


If that is the case, why do we allow buying and selling of GIM/EIM items?


That feature isn't on OSRS.  It also goes against the integrity of playing as an ironman.


If people can argue... Realism is too much like ironman... merge it with Normie...


The opposite can be said... GIM/EIM is too little like ironman (if you can openly buy/sell ironman items on yell/forums)... merge it with Normie... 


I don't play GIM/EIM, but I'm a member of the community, so according to Ivy logic, my opinion is justified.  


Auto merge the banks of anyone who bought/sold gim/eim items.  How does that make you feel?




#449494 Feedback for 2022

Posted by Tauri on 31 December 2022 - 09:54 AM

Hello Community!


Since it's been a while since the last feedback by any player, I will take the time and write something about the game and about the players, so we could start 2023 in a good note! ;)


#1: Game

We have had numerous updates throughout the year, the biggest of them being the release of Raids 3 - Tombs of Amascut. We have had many QoL updates and new content being released into the game. Even though some times, the first few days after an update may give us some bugs that may cause frustration, in the end the bugs will be liquidated. Considering we only have 2 people developing the game and not many players who can give a solid input in testing the content, the outcome is rather positive than negative. Something I would like to mention that hasn't been mentioned publicly but has been told me privately many times, is that the ToA feels very good since the first hotfix. People are pleased with the content and that's what I love to hear and therefore mentioned it specifially for the contributors to know that they've done a good job.

Aside from updates, the game, the community is amazing. There can be some annoying things for some people, but I am not personally playing the game because it is supposed to be somewhat identical to OSRS. I play because the people here are welcoming and the community is the least toxic I've seen. Can't thank enough people who actually take their time and give their effort in making the game and community better, love you.


#2: Staff

This year we had a major change in the Staff Team. Our previous Community Manager, @Lowkey, resigned from his duties, and @Moe taking the role of CM with pride and dedication. Throughout the year, we had many people join the staff team (Including myself), leave the staff team (@2 for example) and so on, as the circle of life is. Being a part of staff team right now, gives me a bit more insight of how we are doing currently and all I can say, is that I feel blessed to be part of the team as it is right now. We have many hard-working gentlemen on the team, and many people who are here to keep the morale up for the boys, I admire that. That's what a team should be and we are always there to help each other out, to make sure regular players have a better time playing the game and be there for everyone in need of assistance. 

Throughout the time of me being staff, I will name couple of current/ex-staff members that deserve a Honorable Mention:



#3: Players

As a part of Staff Team, one of our requirements is to communicate with players and make sure to show our presence in game/forums/discord. Throughout the time I've been more active in the community, I've found a numerous new friends, in addition to old ones who are playing to this day. Socializing, and having a good time doing so is crucial for people to stay around for long term. I am sure many of the people have found their friends in the clans around Alora, but I personally evaluate people by their qualities, not if they're a part of ICE, Paragon, Aftermath or Realists. That is something I am going to do for the rest of my playing days as it has turned out to be a huge positive in motivating me to log in and represent the community as a Player, as a Staff, as an Event Manager.

Even though the player count these days aren't nothing surprising, it is still solid to see numbers like 300-700 in the game, and I believe we will gain more popularity in the future, with new players coming in and staying around as they see we have a lovely place to hang out in (until they go to wilderness jk).

I would like and mention some of the players that I've personally had a blast to talk with and be thankful for their existence in the community, those players are:


There is probably many more of you, but the list would become very-very long and therefore would lose its value ;) Anyways, not gonna give any longer speeches this year, see you in 2023! <3

#445447 II - 17

Posted by Sassa fras on 16 November 2022 - 04:58 PM

In case you missed it, Part I: https://www.alora.io...pic/78554-i-46/


One of my most ambitious goals has been to complete all wilderness boss logs on a UIM - There are 17 unique items spanning 7 boss logs.


No long post here, just going to share a few pictures cause I'm relieved it's over. I don't even want to think about how many times I've suicided to protect my items on the ground. It feels like I've been living 55 minutes at a time for years. My k/d ratio makes bots blush (0 kills, 78 deaths). Not to mention the stress of wiping my items to a bug didn't exactly help things. I'm glad to escape the wilderness for good, with my sanity (barely) intact.


I'd like to give a quick S/O to the pkers on Alora - Most of the time I was only killed once for the emblem upgrade, or even left alone by those who targ-tele'd to me. Very rarely was I griefed. It could have been so much worse, so thank you.


And of course, much love to ICE for helping me complete this goal. :withlove: :withlove: :withlove:


~Broadcasted log completions~














~Revs, since ether doesn't grow on trees~








~Ancient warrior rolls... goodnight, sweet SWH dream~





Missing screenshot of a Zuriel Top from Scorpia.


~Final shots of collection log~
















~Current account progress~






See you in Part III.

#443205 Pet locked log now unlocked

Posted by Chase legend on 20 October 2022 - 05:47 PM




Done with this boss, now to the next grind....

#442894 Alora's 6th Anniversary - Drop Party & $900+ Value Giveaway!...

Posted by Moe on 18 October 2022 - 02:45 PM


Credits: @Sunnii <3

Hello Alorians,

We are less then 3 weeks away from Alora's 6th Anniversary! :10out10:


This year has surely flown by during the pandemic that never seems to end, however the community has never been stronger as a family! We've had a lot of new faces recently, and hopefully with the anniversary & the TOA update coming soon we can start claiming the throne that is ours in the RSPS scene! I'm excited for this years anniversary and we have a surprise for you below! Cheers to another year boys <3


And of course a HUGE shoutout to @Omicron, the Staff team, & most importantly this community of AMAZING GAMERS for keeping Alora going 6 years STRONG!

We are changing it up from the past years, we will be hosting a giveaway instead of boxes on top of the drop party we will be having as always though. For everyone who leaves a like & post on this topic, you will be entered to win 1 of the 3 prizes below! Only 1 entry per person as we will be checking (no liking on multiple accounts, they will NOT count and all of your accounts will be disqualified). There will be 3 total winners so everyone that participates in the topic will be put into a random number generator and rolled, if it lands on your number, you will win the prize in order from 3rd to 1st. Best of luck to everyone! :okdog:


1st Place - Rainbow Ankou Set $500+ Value



2nd Place - Rainbow Icon $350+ Value



3rd Place - Choice of 1 Slayer Kit $75 Value





One last thing before the drop party details are explained below. We created a forum award for those who donate towards the drop party. If you donate 100m+, you will be eligible to receive the forum award. Post a picture of the donation trade here: https://www.alora.io...1-forum-awards/





Date of Drop Party and Giveaways: 11/6/2022 (November 6)

Location of Drop Party: ::event

Time of Drop Party: 3PM EST (7PM GMT/Server Time)

If you wish to donate to this drop party, Pm Moe or any Admin in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below. Thank you to everyone who has donated/will be donating! We hope to see everyone there, once again thank you for supporting Alora.


Bank picture as of 11/4/2022:



Donations (will be updated as we get donations):

35B - Entire Alora Staff Team

5.55B - Gimslaving

3.5B - Varlant

1.3B - 18

1B - s3iman & Sunnii

925M - To gain

750M - Miq

700M - Paragon Boys

700M - Polton

550M - Overseeker

500M - H

450M - Sagacious

420M - AmrH420

420M - Moe

420M - Real Alan

400M - N

400M - Fopaanz

400M - strudelle

400M - dk690

400M - FeAzzahLaw

375M - humble noob

360M - GIM Maizy

300M - Gim Hets

275M - Santino

250M - Moon Shot

250M - Selenagomez

250M - Kopjekoffie

250M - SmiteUrNan

250M - DickRockhard

250M - Kyle

225M - Aves

200M - Coldcheese & WarmCheese

200M - Krest

200M - B A N K E R

200M - Formula One

210M - 210

200M - Not Magnata

200M - ferinlith

200M - Rossop

200M - Penitence

175M - Lcs1

150M - Lunchbox

150M - El Mufasa

150M - 6 Iron

150M - Fenriz

136M - Klam

130M - Lucifers GIM

130M - t6rahiinlane

127M - Disablediron

125M - Smackingthat

125M - A Luckybox

120M - Justen

119M - Gazoo

113M - redcar

100M - Tauri

100M - Arosa

100M - GIM SSS

100M - mochiii

100M - Elite Master

100M - YeetMcSkeet

100M - G W A R P Y

100M - Monaco

100M - 1

100M - the real gze

100M - Ivy

100M - Chase legend

100M - Iron Sainzz

100M - MT

100M - Soloman BTW

100M - Lerak

75M - Nugzz

75M - Gramr

75M - Brambo

60M Tamber

1M - Devout


Videos from previous drop parties:

#440097 Adventures of the one and only Sagacious

Posted by Sagacious on 08 September 2022 - 05:09 PM

Hey Alora! Just one of those mandatory 4.6b XP achievement posts but with a little bit extra as well haha. :)

First things first, I finally managed to get the Golden monkey as they say:


This achievement actually took way longer than I first planned it to take. I started post max skilling heavily during the first lockdown when the pandemic started (came back to Alora after 1 year break in late 2019) and thought I would finish 4.6b in 2020 but around the time I managed to get the regular Monkey, which was on September 13th 2020, I got into PvM through completing the diaries, which involved CoX, ToB and the Inferno. I became mainly a pvmer from that point and let's just say I did not look back, for a while. :P

The love for PvM, mainly raids and especially the Theatre of Blood, started with a spoon drop from ToB itself:


which started a passion for raiding. I really wanted to get the Twisted bow before grinding more ToB, after getting the Avernic upgrade at just 9kc and well, this happened almost 2 years ago now on 22nd September 2020:


Yoinking the Twisted bow from my friend @Ironb0rn aka @ real b0rn was a great feeling and very unexpected to say the least (he got it just day or two later so all good in the end). I wanted the Kodai wand and finish the Ancestral set so I kept grinding the CoX as well as hopping to ToB whenever there was a team. During my CoX adventures I was very lucky and here is a show case of my Twisted Bs, which includes a Bowmlet drop as well which is insane. The 3rd bow was obtained during ICE bingo event which really was a cherry on top. The 4th bow I got from the first raid I did when I achieved the Uber rank which was an amazing start to say the least. :D


My Theatre of Blood journey was quite something. After getting the bow I started doing ToB quite a lot and I managed to get all the goodies very early (full Justiciar, Sanguinesti staff and Ghrazi rapier all at around 190kc ish) except for that damn Scythe of Vitur. It ultimately took me 591 ToB kc in total to get, which includes around 525 normal mode runs and rest of them hard mode runs (the counter for HM did not come until later). The Scythe was obtained on 4th of August 2021 so almost full year of tobbing before I got my hands on it. Shout out to my boy @Drokaann for getting it with me on a duo. <3



Some things that happened during my ToB runs (listing all of them would take way too long so here's a couple):

Me hitting 200kc while my friend snipes another Scythe from me on a trio run and I got a funny picture on how it went down:

During ICE bingo event my dear raider @fittboberg coming in with 2 in 1 special lootation:

This is B2B drops from ToB. First faceguard from the hard mode and then hilt from the normal mode.

And this one was especially crazy not only did I manage to snipe one pet from @Mack but I got two pets in front of him back to back: The first pet was HM trio with Noa, Mack and I and the 2nd pet was a duo NM with Mack and I. First picture even shows him asking for pet that he is still missing. Sorry Mack. :Lmao:

My first Sanguinesti kit took me 245kc for which I was starting to lose hope but I managed to get it:

However I was rewarded for my patience since just mere 5 kc later on 27th December 2021 I got the Holy kit as well which meant full completion of the Collection log for ToB. I believe it was the first of its kind with the kits added in and that shit was hype as hell. :FeelsAmazingMan:

Full completed log was achieved at 928 total kc. I'm showing the loot tracker for all of it except the first 109 runs:

Still continuing the journey to 2000 kc, hoping to get two more scythes and 2 more holy kits in the process. I might go further with it if it does not happen before 2000 who knows. All rng in the end anyways.
Here is the log as of 8th of September 2022:

Only one scythe. :PepeHands: 

I unfortunately lost the tracker at one point and could not restore it. Maybe it was some update that got it screwed for me. (::importloot did not fix it btw) Anyways, here is a tracker of 359kc after log completion for the curious. I have to say not the best but what can you do...

This log completion naturally made me want to complete the Chambers of Xeric log as well, especially to get ready for that ToA release. :D
So I did, quite a few months later on 25th of May 2022 because I was still working on other goals such as Nex. Got the log at a respectful 1291kc with the last item being the Twisted Buckler...ha ha game.

and the log at the time:

and the Cox log as of 8th of September 2022:

Going for 2000 kc here as well for full completion. For the curious I have a pretty nice loot tracker for CoX, unfortunately it started just after I got my 1st Tbow drop but oh well. One of the bows were not tracked and it is lacking the Olmlets for some reason.

So I completed both of the raids logs before the Golden monkey. I did not plan it that way but I fell in love with the PvM side of things. I used to be more of a skiller as they say but here I am now.

Some RNG show case next in no particular order. Shout out @Moe for amazing events and all the gamers I have had a pleasure raiding with. :withlove:


Game troling me: getting my first ever Jad pet that took me 55kc and I get 2nd at 66kc where 10 of the 11 kc was gotten from Moe's boss massacre so basically b2b gambles (did the gamble just for daily).

I spooned the Zuk pet early a while ago now but was pretty pog ngl.

Getting the Jalred-jad pet from gambling three capes I had laying in my bank was amazing. It happened during AFM bingo event as well as one day after losing HC status of our group which made it even better. :rolleyes:

I managed to do a Melee inferno run which was quite fun actually.

Jar of darkness drop from Moe's boss massacre event was insane but I did not get the most unique drop which was crazy but oh well.

Double Zulrah unique drop is always great to see. Iirc there was a Zulrah pvm hunt event at the time and I managed to pull two drops same kill none of which were the ones we were hunting for LOL.

Spooning a Spectral sigil at only 106kc whilst doing Moe's Corporeal beast mass event back in the day was crazy shit.

More recently, though already a while back, I spooned yet another sigil. Arcane this time which is just a great feeling what can I say...

Got this Unsired whilst hunting for Moe's PvM hunt for Unsired which was pog but then I thought wouldn't it be great to get the pet as well and well, I called it. Sorry for this @Extremedanny...

Doloing Nex and getting not only yet another (my 5th) pair of Zaryte vambraces but the Nexling in the same kill. The pet was also a dupe. Crazy lol.

My Nex log looking healthy af at 1058kc. Still looking for that Hilt for completion. :)

I have had my fair share of bad luck of course and I thought I could share a couple weird ones for you guys:

Although I never "hunted" especially for a Shield left half, it took me 3 years of playing this account to get one after getting 70 Dragon spears and killed a bunch of NPCs with and without Row (i).



I wanted to get the full Zombie outfit to put in my PoH and well, it took me 79 other pieces of Zombie outfit to pull the last one which was the boots to complete the set. I thought for years that the boots were not coded or obtainable through the questions but Omicron confirmed they were when I asked. Shit took me a while lmao. None of the Zombie outfit pieces were dropped until I obtained the last one by the way.

This was a journey of what has happened to this account over the years and here it is, due to the hiscores working the way they do, I am rank 10 ironman. :P

Goals I am working on right now are trying to get my hands on the DWH (yes I know I am a noob, still no red hammer), 1000 Brimstone keys and hunting for collection log slots (709/1038 as of 8th September 2022). Especially looking to get one of those Elysian spirit shields one day and excited for the Tombs of Amascut. :)

Sorry for a long post. Hope someone found this entertaining/interesting to read. This post has been something I have been thinking to do for a while now.


Shout out to Alora community for being absolutely amazing, the staff team for keeping shit together, the #ICE boys for being the best and the AFM and Paragon friends I have made along the way for being such gamers!


Thanks for reading! :withlove:


#439740 Thank You Boys

Posted by Moe on 04 September 2022 - 10:26 AM

Made you look! Sorry I am not leaving you :obama:


Hey GAMERS, it has been a while since I have posted one of these! We are closing in on 3 years of being one the Dadmins of Alora (just 3 months to go), and currently over 4 1/2 years of being on the Alora staff team. I will keep this one short and simple, even years later...I am still in love & drawn by the community! Each year we all get closer, new faces come through, players take breaks, old faces return, but in the end we are still that one BIG CRAZY family. I appreciate all of you that I have gotten a chance to talk with, and Omicron for giving me the chances that led to today. <3










Cheers to another 500 tournaments ;)

#436806 July progression dump (monkey/gauntlet/tob/corp)

Posted by Andy on 28 July 2022 - 04:59 PM

Hello guys! My last post I think was on July 11th, which was mainly about my insane grind at Chambers of Xeric. Ever since then I've gotten some insanely lucky drops so far, the main one being the Elysian sigil.









As I stated in the last post, one of my immediate goals after getting a Tbow was to get monkey cape. It probably took around 3-4 days to finish all the diaries.


for the 200m's: 

Range: lmao! doing 550 chambers in a month already gave me 200m range

Thieving: This took 1.5days of pickpocketing elves from prifddinas

Cooking: I cooked 8k mantas, and did the rest by making wines. I had 8k raw mantas because originally I wanted to get 200m fishing but It was just too slow for me, so I switched to thieving instead



I also wanted to get the skeleton version so I had to

kill all wilderness bosses 100 times.



Also randomly got 3 chaos elemental pets under 50kc.













288kc probably took about 4-5 days.

I was extremely spooned here, my condolences to those who have to grind 1000kc+ for an enhanced seed like Yautja, Snakelings, and W.








I made the blade of saeldor with the enhanced seed since I already have a tbow, and did not have a rapier.









Theatre Of Blood




So far It hasn't been too interesting. It's a bit difficult to get teams here.
















Corporeal Beast



This is definitely the craziest grind I've ever done and will do. Under 750 kc, I've gotten 2 pets and 1 Elysian sigil. I've just recently reached 1000 kc on this boss in only 5 days. I'm still currently on the grind for the Arcane Sigil.







            Day 1:                           Day 2:                           Day 3:                        Day 4:                           Day 5:















My next goals are to get the Arcane Sigil as I said earlier. I also will be planning to grind some smoke devil boss / Cerberus  / Demonic gorillas for the magic gear they provide because my magic gear is kind of garbage right now. After that , Gauntlet for Bowfa( good at Nex). Nex and more Tob will be my next big grinds!

#431170 I - 4.6

Posted by Sassa fras on 15 May 2022 - 08:13 AM

Good morning forums users/lurkers,


Yesterday I reached a big milestone in my account, I thought I’d share some info on the journey to 4.6b. Whether you’re a maxed ultimate ironman looking to pump those xp numbers up or a normal, functioning member of society repulsed at the thought of Nobankmanmode, hopefully you’ll find something interesting further down below. I owe a big thanks to my friends in the community for always giving me tips and motivation along the way, much love.







Taking a quick look at the methods I used:


Attack/Strength/Defence – A good amount of this was from general slayer/bossing, but I camped Vyres pretty hard for the rest:


I wound up getting 15 blood shards in total. These melee combats were actually a lot slower than I thought, I was averaging 3m xp/hr here.  Difficulty 5/10


Ranged – This was my first combat 200m, doing bossing and endgame content with a blowpipe was very quick to get.  Difficulty 3/10


Prayer – Almost entirely from Puro-Puro. Dragon imps give large noted drops of dragon/babydragon bones:


I didn’t want to risk the large amounts of bones in wildy, but obviously it would have been faster if you have wildy protection. If you would prefer not to spend hours and hours running in circles, an alternative method would be to use ash sanctifier/bone crusher while doing slayer. Difficulty 6/10


Magic – I barraged a lot of slayer tasks at Catacombs, this was the easiest combat skill to get.  Now that we have more rune shops than ever, you’ll only be limited by your cash stack to replenish those runes. Difficulty 2/10


Runecrafting – For all the runecrafting memes, I thought this one would be a lot worse. Crafting soul runes with dense essence is more afk than other methods, although as UIM we can’t bank all of our essence to save up on a runecrafting SOTD. No pet btw. Difficulty 6/10


Construction – I returned to the game after incense burners were removed, so I was dreading getting supplies. However, there was an update that added big quantities of noted teak and mahogany planks to the CoX drop table. I was grinding out Raids items and easily got enough planks for 200m along the way. After you get the supplies, this is one of the fastest skills (20m+ xp/hr). No pet btw. Difficulty 5/10


Hitpoints – Passive skill, you’ll get it from the others. Difficulty 0/10


Agility – Very boring, ran in many, many circles. Difficulty 7/10




HerbloreThe hardest skill, this will be the biggest obstacle for any UIM going for 4.6b. We’re unable to use Kingdom, so that rules out a nice passive way of getting tons of noted herbs. There are a lot of different ways to tackle this, but almost all of them are painful.  Because I am an idiot who doesn’t use a looting bag or Zulrah/Hespori storage (personal preference), it was almost unbearable. I used a few different methods since my inventory was changing for various goals at the time.


For herbs:

  1. CoX/ToB for noted Dwarf Weed, Toadflax and Snapdragon.
  2. Herbiboar (got most of 200m hunter here) for all kinds of herbs.
  3. Callisto and Venenatis for Noted Toadflax and Snapdragon (while getting secondaries).
  4. Kurasks for Irit, Kwuarm and Cadantine seeds to farm herbs (while getting secondaries).


And these are where I got my secondaries from:

  1. Crushed Nests – Callisto, I was going for pet/log so I went here instead of Mole.


  2. Red Spider Eggs – Venenatis and looting from Forthos Dungeon (8 spawns).
  3. Zammy Wines – I didn’t have enough room in my inventory to save the ones from ToB, so I instead looted a couple hundred at a time from the wildy altar (4 spawns, noted).
  4. White Berries/Limpwurt Roots – Kurasks, I didn’t think growing these from seeds received from farming contracts was worth it.
  5. Eye of Newts – Paul


I didn’t bother with making Super Combats, because holding Torstols in my inventory on top of all these other supplies was just too cluttered, and it just seemed like more work than it was worth. Daily task shop sells them anyway, who needs herblore for that? Difficulty 11/10


Thieving – I grinded this out at the super donor stall two years ago, don’t really remember much about it other than lots of clicking while watching movies. Difficulty 5/10


Crafting – I used five main methods:

  1. Cutting gems received from CoX and ToB.
  2. Cutting gems/crafting dhide bodies from Callisto and Venenatis.
  3. Glassblowing at charter shops.
  4. Making amethyst dart tips from 200m mining grind for blowpipe.
  5. Cutting dense essence blocks during the 200m runecrafting grind.

One of the harder skills to do, it’s not even that quick after you go through all the effort of getting the supplies (like construction). I haven’t done any Gauntlet, but I think that really would have helped speed up this skill for me. Difficulty 8/10


Fletching – I had tons of supplies from Puro-Puro (dragon dart tips/dragon arrowtips/etc) during the 200m prayer grind. If you save up a bunch of vote points you can always just load up on rune bars to turn into dart tips. For the rest I did amethyst darts to put in my blowpipe. Obviously when you have all the supplies, this skill is very, VERY fast in wildy (rip your wrists though). Difficulty 4/10


Slayer – One of the hardest skills, I saved this one for last. For almost all of the 200m grind I barraged nechryaels and dust devils in Catacombs on Konar tasks... this was about 3m xp/hr. For the last 10m xp or so, I did Zuk tasks, which give 4.4m xp per task (takes about 50 minutes with suiciding + gearing + completing the run). Picked up a cool pet the run before getting 200m:



I think if I did this over, I would have started Inferno tasks much, much sooner. Difficulty 9/10


Hunter – I used two methods, both have their pros and cons. Red chins are faster xp than Herbiboar, but not by much. It has the benefit of not needing much inventory space, but you don’t end up using the chins at all. Also, if another player is in the best spot at ::DZ, you have to go do something else or use a less optimal spot (which means less xp). Herbiboar is less click intensive and gave noted herbs (donor perk) that I needed for 200m herb. NEITHER PET(Baby Chin and Herbi)?!?   Difficulty 7/10


Mining – I tried to get to as many Shooting Stars as possible for the initial xp drop of finding it first. The rest was done at Amethyst.  Difficulty 4/10


Smithing – This skill should pretty much be renamed “Gold Smelting at Blast Furnace”. The only barrier to this 200m is getting enough gold ore. My main sources were CoX/ToB, wilderness bosses, and buying the stock from Blast Furnace shop. Buying the gold ore was especially annoying to do, because my inventory was so cluttered I had to suicide every time I wanted to buy out the entire stock of 500.  Difficulty 8/10


Fishing/Cooking – Afk skills that go together, not too fast and not too slow.  Difficulty 4/10


Woodcutting/Firemaking – These were the initial 200ms that I grinded out for monkey back in the day. Woodcutting at redwoods was a relatively quick and afk skill, the only annoyance was how often the redwood trees would be completely bugged. Firemaking was very fast, just set your home tele to Varrock, burn a line down to the Varrock bank and repeat. Difficulty 2/10


Farming – The huge xp drops from higher-end trees/fruit trees/Calquats make this skill easy. Seed box is a big help for UIM, as we don’t have access to the seed vault. Difficulty 3/10


And here’s a final look at my skilling pets collection log during this grind to 4.6b.




Onto the next goal (new post coming soonTM), thanks for reading!



#427868 Phosani buff

Posted by Real Alan on 04 April 2022 - 08:47 AM

Here's a more detailed breakdown of how Phosani nightmare drops work


Each phosani kill grants you a roll on 3 separate tables...



If we assume an 8 min average phosani nightmare killtime, the time it would take you to hit the 1/200 table is approximately 27 hours.  

8 x 200 / 60 = ~27 hours

And that's not even factoring in the time it takes to prepare supplies, recover from deaths, and reset.  


If you have shit RNG like me at corp/sarchnis, you can expect to go 3x the drop rate for uniques...

You'd be literally going dry for days... 


By the way, did I mention the the tertiary drop rates are currently all over the place.



Nice pet rates right, @Extremedanny ?

#427640 Sailing Skill Development Blog

Posted by Moe on 01 April 2022 - 01:32 PM

Great news!!! Too bad today is april first

good joke Danny its coming to Alora with turmoil!

#423150 Buyable impling jars

Posted by Hard Dance on 27 January 2022 - 02:12 AM

What is your suggestion?: The possibility of buying low/medium tier impling jars from a dedicated shop (Hunter shop?)

Is this in OSRS?: Yes and no. There is no shop on OSRS that sells impling jars, but due to large amount of players online there is always a supply of jars being sold in the Grand Exchange.

Has this suggestion been accepted already?: Not aware of it

How would this benefit Alora?: Currently there is no other way to obtain impling jars other than going to Puro Puro and catching them by yourself. These jars are mostly known becasue of their loot table, one of the items on the table being clue scrolls. Having these impling jars in shop would bring us an easier way of obtaining low/mid tier clue scrolls. For example, right now it is pretty annoying to get alot of medium clue scrolls because the only good way is to kill guards in Falador. My suggestion is that there could be a limited (maybe unlimited amount? up to discussion) of impling jars (from Baby imp. jars up to Magpies) in the shop for a decent price so it doesnt ruin the economy by bringing alot of alchables and other items from the loot table into the game from the implings. This shop would be available only for normal/classic accounts and it would be a good alternative to get clue scrolls or any other items from the implings loot table. Im curious about what other people think about this

#419860 Real Alan's 2021 Corp Recap

Posted by Real Alan on 23 December 2021 - 05:32 AM

Real Alan's 2021 Corp Recap


If you feel my pain, please like and leave a comment for good luck!




Goal 1: obtain an ely before Nex is released




Goal 2: finish log or claim the #1 spot for corporeal beast



Here's how my log looked as of December 7th, 2021 when I got my last sigil drop.


Corp Sigil Drop Rate Explanation



Corp Drop Rate Explained by @Omicron






9/29 update



December 2021 Corp Summary





















Just how unlucky am I?


Spectral Luck - 6 received in 5,066 kc


100-17.71 = 82.29% chance to get 6 spectral sigils or less in 5,066 kc.

Not bad!  I got 1 more spectral than expected in 5,066 kc.


Arcane Luck - 2 received in 5,066 kc


100-83.36= 16.64% chance to get 2 or less Arcane sigils in 5,066 kills

That's pretty shit...


Elysian Luck - 0 received in 5,066 kc


21.86% chance to get 0 elysian sigils in 5,066 kc


Please... Bless me with some RNG... 


Literally, every single player who got an elysian sigil drop in 2021 got spooned...





@ conundrum is the only possible exception, with a 55.84% chance to receive at least 1 elysian sigil in his 2,723 corp kills.

Technically, he's still under the drop rate, so I'd still consider him a spoon.


Meanwhile, the 2 most hardworking grinders, @Extremedanny and myself, have been busting our fucking asses...




Here's how @Extremedanny 's corp log looked after 5k kills  </3 

Fucking sad... expected sigils in 5k should be ~10...


How does Alan RNG compare with that of other Realism players?










Only took 3,412 kills for my first arcane sigil...



Chance to not get arcane sigil in 3,411 kc 4.62%



Got my 2nd arcane 546 kills later... at 3,957 (4 expected)



Cream - 3 in 3,205 | Alan - 0 in 5,000



Cream - 3 in 3,205 | Alan - 2 in 5,000 

Lets Funk - 1 in 495 | Cheese - 1 in 204 | Noluckmate - 1 in 11


Damn my RNG is bad... 



Special shoutout to @Gimslaving who generously donated to the cause


If anyone else is feeling generous, feel free to hit me up!

#418932 [14/12/21] Christmas Sale & Total Spent Special, Salamanders, Gauntlet ch...

Posted by Mack on 14 December 2021 - 05:52 PM

@Mack @Sassa fras @Extremedanny

It's completely understandable that players want a method to obtain the ornament kits for the Slayer helmets in-game, and we will be adding a way to do that in the future as well. It likely won't be through Combat achievements though, due to the differences between Alora and OSRS. We have a few ideas for how to introduce them into the game, and we'll share that likely in the next full update.

It's more-so an early release for those who support Alora, especially as the game matures and players aren't donating for items as much anymore, so we have to find ways to rejuvenate the store in order to maintain the same level of updates, marketing and quality of the game. With that being said, we have opted for adding cosmetic items which don't tend to negatively affect players, rather than releasing end-game items into the store. For those who want to earn the items in-game, if you want them right away, they are tradable and can be purchased from another player or via buying bonds, or there will be a method to obtain them in-game without the store in the near future if you're willing to wait a bit for it.

@Real Alan
As for the discounts on items, since we're doing a total spent bonus this time around (for the first time) and store items already become cheaper because of the 25% bonus, we decided to not put individual discounts on items. That doesn't mean that discounts are not going to be there for future sales, we've just decided to provide a different bonus (total spent) this time around.

Hope that clears things up for you guys and gives you a better perspective on our though process behind the updates.

Understandably, changes have to be made to continue to make the server profitable. However, you're missing the point entirely. Money is not the issue at all, at least in my case. I could very easily purchase these with GP or USD, but that is not the point. The entire point of these items is exclusivity, achievement, and prestige. They are symbols of status, skill, and dedication to playing the game. That is completely taken away when anyone with $75-$100 can obtain them.  A brand-new account with 30 seconds of in-game time could obtain these items despite lacking the requirements to use them, a single boss kill count, or any combat XP. It's the equivalent of putting the gold-trimmed completionist monkey in the store for 1500 tokens. You can play the game and grind out 4.6B XP or just pay $150.
 Even if a suitable method to obtain them in-game was added down the line, it doesn't matter because anyone with a credit card can have the same thing without putting in any effort. They've been completely devalued by placing a price tag on them.