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#288080 Time to move on!

Posted by Sheep on 15 April 2019 - 05:54 AM

Hello everyone,

This day was gonna come, always struggled to quit Alora since it was a pretty big part of my life but right now I’m quite busy IRL, got a new contract at my job, school will start again in a few months and other stuff around it like spending time with gf and family and other responsibilities.

It’s been around 2 years and 5 months here on Alora, which I’ve been staff for 2 years and 4 months, I feel like still playing / being staff here holds me back IRL and I’m finally comfortable of leaving Alora, knowing that I have made some awesome accomplishments and made some great friends and also friends that will stick around long after Alora.

It was a pleasure to work here, learned a lot in these years which will help me IRL as well, I want to specially thank @Omicron and @Lowkey, the only 2 people who are still here from when I started.

The team is looking great, better than ever before and I’m sure they’ll do great things, and make Alora even better of what it is today.

This doesn’t mean I’ll completely leave but will still play rarely and still check Discord. It’s more a decision to not get stressed out since a lot is going on right now.

Love all of you, best of luck with whatever you’re all up to.

Much love,


#213544 Loo's (Elite Ironman) Progress!

Posted by Loo on 30 August 2018 - 10:43 AM

Hello Everyone! I've seen many of these progress reports, and have been meaning to make one for the LONGEST time. I won't say this will be perfect, but I would like to be consistent with this as possible. Also a massive shoutout to @Elite Sheets as i've used his template as it impressed me  :)


               CERBERUS             SLAYER                   DKS                  ZULRAH

                          Primordial boots                     Slayer helmet (i)                    Berserker ring (i)                     Tanzanite fang
                          Pegasian boots                      Ring of wealth (i)                     Archers ring (i)                          Magic fang
                            Eternal boots                            Herb sack                             Seers ring (i)                     Serpentine visage
                        Smouldering stone                   Salve amulet (ei)                       Dragon axe                           Crystal seed
                                                                           Imbued heart                                                                   Tanzanite mutagen
                                                                                                                                                                     Magma mutagen
                 BANDOS            ZAMORAK           SARADOMIN        ARMADYL
                          Bandos tassets                    Zamorakian spear                     Armadyl crossbow                   Armadyl helmet
                        Bandos chestplate                  Staff of the dead                       Saradomin sword                  Armadyl chainskirt
                           Bandos boots                    Zamorak godsword                     Saradomin's light                  Armadyl chestplate
                        Bandos godsword                  Steam battlestaff                    Saradomin godsword               Armadyl godsword
                 KRAKEN            DEMONICS         WILDERNESS       DRAGON 
                        Trident of the seas                  Amulet of torture                            Rune pouch                          KBD heads
                          Kraken tentacle                  Necklace of anguish                      Dragon pickaxe                    Draconic visage
                                                                       Ring of suffering                         Odium ward (1/3)                    Vorkath head
                                                                     Tormented bracelet                   Malediction ward (0/3)           Dragon warhammer

                                                                     Heavy Ballista (3/4)                    Revenant items (4/4)

                 GENERAL            BARROWS                RAIDS I              RAIDS II
                           Elite void ranged               Ahrim's armour set (4/4)             Dexterous prayer scroll          Avernic defender hilt
                            Elite void melee                Karil's armour set (4/4)                  Arcane prayer scroll                 Ghrazi rapier
                            Elite void magic              Dharok's armour set (4/4)                     Twisted bow                     Sanguinesti staff

                              Fighter torso                 Guthan's armour set (4/4)                  Twisted buckler                     Scythe of vitur
                              Graceful set                    Torag's armour set (3/4)                 Ancestral robe top              Justiciar faceguard
                          Dragon defender                Verac's armour set (4/4)               Ancestral robe bottom         Justiciar chestguard
                                Fire cape                                                                                  Ancestral hat                  Justiciar legguards

                           Occult necklace                                                                              Kodai wand 
                             Abyssal whip                                                                                 Elder maul
                             Ranger boots                                                                     Dragon hunter crossbow 
                              Inferno cape                                                                               Dragon claws
                  Achievement cape (54/54)                                                                  
                       Completionist monkey


                    HYDRA                                                   SKILLS


                               Hydra's eye                                      Attack 99/99                  Hitpoints 99/99                 Mining 99/99          

                              Hydra's fang                                   Strength 99/99                   Agility 99/99                  Smithing 99/99

                              Hydra's heart                                  Defence 99/99                 Herblore 99/99                 Fishing 99/99

                              Hydra leather                                  Ranged 99/99                  Thieving 99/99                Cooking 99/99

                                Hydra claw                                     Prayer 99/99                   Crafting 99/99              Firemaking 99/99

                                 Hydra tail                                       Magic 99/99                   Fletching 99/99           Woodcutting 99/99

                                                                                  Runecrafting 99/99               Slayer 99/99                  Farming 99/99

                                                                                  Construction 99/99               Hunter 99/99             Total lvl: 2277 / 2277

                                                                                               Overall Rank - 2


                                                                         BANK PIC (Apologies for the messy bank)




This is probably the most diabolical bank you've ever seen but i'm too lazy to fix it. This will conclude this weeks progress update. Last Updated: 07/04/19.

#262004 [27/01/19] Alchemical Hydra, Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, Konar Slayer tasks, GIM...

Posted by Omicron on 27 January 2019 - 01:12 PM

Hotfixes: (27/01/19)


Considering the scale of the previous update, there were bound to be a few bugs. Thankfully, you guys were great at reporting them quickly and I’ve been working hard to patch them up as quickly as possible. Here are the latest fixes and updates, Hydra should feel much smoother and more similar to OSRS now  :)

  • Slayer tasks:
    • Slayer points will now be deducted for cancelling Konar’s Slayer tasks, the absolute minimum deduction (assuming Super donator status) is 3 points to cancel one of her tasks.
    • Slayer helmet, and other damage/accuracy enhancing equipment will now work on Konar’s tasks.
    • Konar’s tasks that did not deduct / add XP have been fixed.
    • Obtaining a task you shouldn’t be able to (eg. Catacomb Abyssal demons at level 30 Slayer) should no longer happen from Konar’s tasks.
  • General:
    • It should be easier to log in to the server following an update.
      • There are many players attempting to log in during the first few minutes of a server reboot, which slows things down and makes it difficult to get online. We’ve tweaked the login system a bit to be able to get more players in without trouble.
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • Fight mechanics:
      • Prayer now blocks 100% of damage for Ranged/Magic attacks.
      • The distance which the shock attack travels has been reduced by 1 step.
      • The distance which the “tracking fire” attack travels has been reduced by 1 step.
      • Attack timing slightly tweaked, previously special attacks would count as 1 attack and mess up the order.
        • For example, the first phase should attack 3x mage, 3x range, 3x mage, 1x special, then back to 3x range, then restart the loop. Instead of going back to 3x range after the special, it would count the special as an attack and only hit twice with range.
        • Tweak #2: The timing of the special attacks will always be after the first 3 attacks on each phase.
      • Fire phase:
        • You will now be locked into the side/corner which you are in when the fire wall is constructed, and can not leave this area until the wall is taken down.
        • Fixed a bug which caused Hydra to get stuck in the centre of the room.
      • At the start of each phase, Hydra has 75% more defence than usual. You usually need to lure Hydra over the correct pool of acid to reduce it’s defences, and then the rest of that phase your damage on it will be normal.
        • This was bugged, as you needed to keep Hydra near the pool for the entire phase. You no longer need to do this, and should only have to have it near the pool once per phase (“watch the for “Roaaaar” message above Hydra’s head).
      • Gray/final phase:
        • Will always start first attack with the opposite of the last attack style of the previous phase, switches every attack (had phase).
    • General:
      • Respawn:
        • Hydra will now respown after approximately 60 seconds.
      • Dragon hunter crossbow / Dragon hunter lance both now apply their damage/accuracy increases when fighting the Alchemical Hydra, and the regular Hydras.
      • When entering the lair, the requirements were flipped (if you had a Hydra task, you wouldn’t be let in).
        • You now must have a Hydra task to enter the Alchemical hydra lair.
    • Drops:
      • Hydra’s eye/fang/heart will now announce over yell when received as a drop.
        • Players will no longer receive doubles of an item if they are missing other pieces of the items required to create the Brimstone ring.
          • The order players receive the items in are: Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang and finally Hydra's heart.
          • If you have all 3 already in your bank/inventory, you will receive a random piece, but if you are missing one, you will receive the piece that you require.
      • Fixed the pet announce as “Hydra1” rather than “Ikkle Hydra”
  • Karuulm Slayer dungeon:
    • The task-only areas for these bosses can now properly be entered if you are on the correct task.
    • Wyrms:
      • Pure essence drops are now noted.
    • Sulphur lizards:
      • Can now be attacked, and are aggressive.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Using Wyrm/Drake/Hydra bones on an altar will now work as intended.



Hey guys,


Today’s update brings a whole bunch of new content for you to keep busy with, including a new Slayer master with unique tasks, an entirely new Slayer dungeon with 5 new monsters to slay, as well as a challenging boss to defeat and rewards to obtain. We initially planned to release Hydra by itself last weekend, but decided to take some extra time to develop the entire slayer system and dungeon, and properly implement this update. This way, we’re able to give you guys a larger, more enjoyable update and hopefully the extra time we’ve taken has allowed us to filter through the bugs. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it:


  • Miscellaneous:
    • Rare drop scroll effect on Barrows loot fixed.
      • You will be notified when this scroll affects your loot (as in other areas of the game).
    • The level 145 Dark warriors in the Dark Warriors’ Fortress had the same HP and max hit as the level 8 warriors and were giving too many Slayer points. They have been fixed and now have 137 hit points and a max hit of 18.
    • Fixed the ‘0’ amount showing up next to items on certain interfaces (certain shops, skill guide interfaces, etc). The only place this is intended to show up is in the GIM Bank where it is worthwhile knowing that you have 0 of a certain item.
    • A bug which caused stackable items (eg. Coins) to merge with an existing coin stack on the floor and then quickly disappear (due to the old stack expiring) has been fixed. The merging of the two item stacks will now reset the expiration timer.
    • Group Ironman can still loot pieces to create Bloody keys for the time being, but cannot open the chest at the moment.
    • Fixed Ahrim’s pieces not protecting over items of lower value (eg. Barrows gloves).
    • If a player is a Veteran and also a Super donator, it would show the wrong donator icon over yell (regular donator icon). This has been fixed.
    • The Dragon hunter crossbow dragon effect no longer works on Revenant dragons.
  • Ground loot changes:
    • A bug which caused some of your own loot to not be able to be picked as an Ironman has been fixed. Here’s how it worked:
      • If another player kills a monster and it drops Big bones, then you kill a monster on the same tile and it also drops big bones, you might not have been able to pick up either of the bones as the server would think you were picking up the other player’s bones.
        • This should now be fixed, with the server prioritizing your own loot, or your EIM partner’s loot, or your GIM group’s loot, over another random player’s loot.
  • Highscores:
    • Group Ironman highscores are now available!
      • You can choose to view the top teams, or the top individual players.
        • When viewing teams, you’ll be able to see the team names, player names, average total level, average total XP, and average combat level.
          • The teams are ranked primarily by average total level, and if two teams have an equal average total level, then the one with the higher average total experience will be ranked higher.
  • Mining update:
    • Similar to last week’s update with Woodcutting, the Mining skill has now been updated to factor in the type of pickaxe you are using.
      • Your mining speed will be affected by your pickaxe, meaning that using a Dragon pickaxe will allow you to mine ores far more quickly than a bronze pickaxe.
        • If you’ve been using a decent pickaxe already, you won’t see much difference in your mining speed, but if you’ve been using a bronze pickaxe you will notice that it takes significantly longer to mine ores.
  • Thieving update:
    • Thieving from the Cake stall will now yield Chocolate bars at a 1/15 chance (for Ironman Heblore training).
  • Elite Ironman / Group Ironman armour sets:
    • Respectively coloured Ironman armour sets for the Group/Elite ironman modes are now available!
      • For Elite ironman, this means that a gold armour set can now be obtained.
      • For Group ironman, this means that a blue armour set can now be obtained.
    • Notes:
      • If you have any regular Ironman sets in your bank/inventory/equipped, they will be replaced with the correct set for your game mode.
      • If you speak to Paul, you can obtain the new armour set.
  • Group Ironman changes:
    • General changes:
      • Bones on altar XP in player-owned-houses:
        • You can now receive bonus experience when using your bones on the altar of a POH owned by a player in your group. Previously, you would only get bonus XP in your own POH.
    • Group Ironman shared bank changes:
      • The shared bank will no longer “cut off” at the bottom if you have many items stored.
      • This bank now functions as more of a true bank, with items you deposit acting as stackable items at all times. For example, if you deposit 10 unnoted whips, they won’t take up 10 spots, they’ll stack together as they would in your personal bank.
      • Auto tab-switching:
        • If you are depositing a “stock” item, (eg. A Shark, which is in the food tab) you will be switched to the correct tab upon depositing it rather than depositing to the main tab.
        • If you are depositing an item that doesn’t fit into a stock (eg. Rune plate body) and you are on a stock tab, you will be taken back to the main tab.
      • “Shifting” of items:
        • Upon withdrawing items, the other items will shift to fill the empty slot.
  • Private chat split:
    • Private chat is now split by default for new players.
  • Collection log changes:
    • Many NPC drops (particularly those that don’t show up over announcements) were not being included in the collection log. This has been fixed.
    • Barrows loot was not being counted properly, this has been fixed.
    • Players who previously had a Rock golem that was coloured may not have had it logged in their collection log. We’ve fixed this for future cases, and if it happened to you please open a support thread and we’ll add the item for you manually.
      • Included in this update is a tweak for Rock golem pet insurance, which fixed the pets having to be individually insured after using an ore on it. Insuring one rock golem should now insure any colour you change it to.
    • The smoke devil pet was not correctly being counted at all, this has been fixed.
    • The Elder maul and Kodai wand had the wrong item ids and were not properly being counted. This has been fixed.
    • Ranger boots have been added to the Medium clue loot list. They were already a possible reward ingame, they simply were not on the list.
    • The House pet will now show up under the Skilling pets (rather than simply in the Misc. pets tab.
    • Obtaining an item (Specifically an Onyx) from Crystal chests, Shooting stars and Bird’s nests will now add it to your Collection log.
  • Vorkath changes:
    • You will no longer be able to splash on the Zombified spawn that Vorkath summons if using Crumble undead, even if you have a very low magic bonus. Crumble undead will guarantee that you kill the spawn in 1 hit 100% of the time.
  • Pet broadcasts have been added!
    • Many pets were not being broadcast, or were being broadcast incorrectly.
      • Changes:
        • Boss pets:
          • Many boss pets simply don’t get announced, as NPC drops are only announced if they have value (pets don’t have a value attached to them). They will now announce as they should, with the killcount of the boss being displayed.
        • Skilling pets:
          • Skilling pets typically do announce, but they don’t show the experience at which the player received the drop. The XP for the corresponding skill will now be shown, if applicable.
            • Eg. “Sheep has received a Beaver at 65.9m Woodcutting XP!”
            • Affected pets:
              • Rock golem, Rocky, Herbi, Rift guardian, Desert phoenix, Tangleroot, Baby chinchompa, Heron, Giant squirrel, Beaver, House pet
        • Mini-game pets:
          • Most of these were unchanged, for example the Raids pets always announce.
            • The Inferno/Fight cave pets will now show the killcount which they were received at.
  • Rare drop announcements over yell:
    • Items which will no longer be announced:
      • Leaf-bladed weapons
      • All drops from the city of TzHaar (Weapons starting with Tzhaar or Toktz)
      • Dragon battleaxe
      • Clue hunter equipment
    • Items added to yell:
      • Mutagen drops
  • Slayer changes:
    • Some Slayer effects (eg. Damage boost for Slayer helmet) for Wilderness tasks were not being applied properly. This has been fixed for all affected Wilderness tasks.




  • Karuulm Slayer dungeon:
    • A new Slayer dungeon with brand new enemies is now available!
      • Dungeon:
        • The dungeon contains 3 levels — each with many different creatures to slay. (See map below)
          • First level:
            • Hydras (includes a task-only room)
            • Wyrms (62 Slayer required) (includes a task-only room)
            • Alchemical Hydra (95 Slayer required) (boss — see below)
          • Middle level:
            • Drakes (84 Slayer required) (includes a task-only room)
            • Greater demons
            • Sulphur lizards (44 Slayer required)
          • Upper level:
            • Fire giants
            • Hellhounds
        • Note:
          • Venturing into any part of the dungeon past the first chamber (any part with monsters in it) will require foot protection — if you are not wearing any of the following boots, you will take constant damage while in the dungeon: (a warning is issued before entering these areas)
            • Boots of stone
            • Boots of brimstone
            • Granite boots
          • Cannons cannot be used here.
      • New Slayer master:
        • Konar quo Maten, the slayer master who is located atop Mount Karuulm, can now assign you unique new tasks.
          • You must have a combat level of 75 to obtain tasks from Konar.
            • Unique assignments:
              • Unlike other Slayer masters, Konar’s assignments must be defeated in the location of her choosing. If you kill the assigned monster in the wrong location, it will not count towards your task.
                • You will receive 25% more Slayer points and experience than your typical Slayer task, but skipping tasks is never completely free with Konar, even if you are a donator.
            • Konar’s drop table:
              • Aside from the specified task locations, Konar’s tasks all have a chance of obtaining loot from Konar’s drop table. This drop table, similar to the Rare Drop Table that many NPCs on Alora have access to, may contain some valuable supplies.
                • All assigned tasks by Konar have a chance to hit this drop table, but the higher the combat level, the higher the chance of landing on it.
                • You will receive a purple chatbox message when hitting this drop table.
                • Example items: (Full drop table screenshot below)
                  • 2-3 Magic seeds
                  • 120-160 Magic logs
                  • 40-160 Dragon dart tips
                  • Dusk Mystic robes (new recolour)
      • Access:
        • You can use the Teleport interface and navigate to the bottom of the Dungeons menu to teleport here.
    • New items:
      • Dragon hunter lance:
        • A one-handed weapon which increases both accuracy and damage by 20% when fighting dragons (excluding revenant dragons) and other draconic creatures, such as wyverns and the Great Olm.
        • Created by using a Hydra claw on a Zamorakian hasta.
        • Requires 70 Attack to equip.
      • Boots of stone:
        • Slayer equipment worn in the foot slot. These can protect your feet within the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
        • Purchasable from any Slayer master.
        • A Slayer level of 44 is required to wear them.
      • Boots of brimstone:
        • Created by using Drake’s claw to Boots of stone.
        • A Slayer level of 44, along with level 70 in Defence, Magic and Ranged is required to wear them.
      • Devout boots:
        • Created by using Drake’s tooth on a pair of Holy sandals.
        • Requires 60 Prayer to equip.
      • Brimstone ring:
        • Created by combining Hydra’s eye, fang and heart.
        • When casting combat spells while wearing this ring, it has a 25% chance to ignore 10% of the target’s magic defence.
      • Bonecrusher necklace:
        • Created by combining the Dragonbone necklace, Hydra tail and Bonecrusher.
        • Combines the effects of the Bonecrusher and Dragonbone necklace.
        • Reclaimable for 500k GP if lost on death.
      • Dragon knives:
        • The most powerful type of throwing knife, required 60 Ranged to equip.
        • The dragon knife has a special attack which consumes 25% special energy and throws 2 knives at once.
          • This attack is similar to the Dragon dagger special attack, but without the increase in accuracy and damage.
      • Dragon hasta:
        • A one-handed hasta which requires 60 Attack to wear, obtained from the monsters in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
        • Has a special attack which causes the next attack to have a 5% boost in damage, and a 2.5% boost in accuracy for every 5% of special attack energy used.
          • For example, a player with 100% special attack energy who performs the special attack will cause their next attack to have 100% increased accuracy and a damage boost of 50%.
      • Ferocious gloves:
        • These can by created by using Hydra leather on the machinery outside of Hydra’s room
        • Requires 80 Attack and Defence to equip.
        • Reclaimable for 500k GP if lost on death.
      • Bones:
        • With the introduction of new creatures we bring new types of bones. Wyrm bones offer 30 Prayer XP, Drake bones offer 60 Prayer XP and Hydra bones offer 90 Prayer XP (both Hydras and the Alchemical Hydra drop these). These bones would work in the usual way with other features like the Gilded altar.
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • The Alchemical Hydra is a challenging new boss that can be fought within the Karuulm Slayer dungeon. Upon entering the instanced room, you’ll be faced with a much larger version of the regular Hydra which changes colours and phases through different attacks as you weaken it by chopping off it’s heads.
      • Strategy:
        • Hydra attacks with both Ranged and Magic, switching styles in a predictable pattern every 3 attacks.
        • The Hydra will change phases during the fight as follows:
          • 100% HP - Green phase
            • Hits up to 17, and uses a special poison attack. (50% more damage if on wrong vent)
          • 75% HP - Blue phase
            • Hits up to 35, and uses a special lightning attack. (50% more damage if on wrong vent)
          • 50% HP - Red phase
            • Hits up to 35, and uses a special fire wall attack. (50% more damage if on wrong vent)
          • 25% HP - Gray phase
            • Deals 50% more damage (up to 52) and has a 75% damage reduction which cannot be removed.
        • It is important to note that the Hydra has a 75% damage reduction by default, which can only be removed by luring it over one of the vents in the room (opposite of its current colour/style).
          • Green form -> red vent
          • Blue form -> green vent
          • Red form -> blue vent
          • Gray form -> you will not be able to lure the Hydra over any vent in this phase.
        • If you lure it over the wrong vent, it will have 50% increased damage towards you. This damage increase is permanently on when the Hydra reaches the penultimate (gray) form.
    • Notable Drops:
      • Hydra bones (x2) (always)
        • Bury these bones for 90 experience.
      • Ikkle Hydra
        • A pet which can metamorph between all 4 phases/colours of the Alchemical Hydra.
      • Hydra’s eye, fang and heart (3 separate drops, ~1/161 chance for each)
        • Combine these to create the Brimstone ring.
      • Hydra’s tail (~1/403 chance)
        • Combines with Dragonbone necklace and Bonecrusher to create Bonecrusher necklace.
      • Hydra’s leather (~1/403 chance)
        • Used to create Ferocious gloves.
      • Hydra’s claw (~1/806 chance)
        • Combine with Zamorakian hasta to create Dragon hunter lance
      • Dragon knife
      • Dragon thrownaxe
    • Notes:
      • You will always receive two guaranteed drops.
      • You must be on a Hydra Slayer task to enter the area.
      • Cannons cannot be used here.
      • The drops for the Alchemical Hydra have been added to the Collection log.



































As always, please report any bugs that you may find as soon as possible. Enjoy :)





#167731 Dutchie's QoL suggestions

Posted by Dutchie on 03 March 2018 - 03:31 PM




I'd like to make a small list of suggestions that hasn't been added yet.



Misc QoL

      Add/working Costume room (for storing Clue scroll/capes and more)
      Add the Angler's outfit (provides 2.5%+ bonus Fishing experience when worn) 
      Add the Rogues' outfit (while wearing pieces of the Rogues' armour there is a chance on getting twice the loot from an NPC, with the full Rogues'            outfit guaranteeing the loot).

      When you move your PoH portal (spawn loc) to a different location in your PoH, it'll still teleports back to your old PoH spawn loc and not the new.

        Add Barrows points to the points tab (under Pest Control points/Vote points etc)

latest.png?width=25&height=17  Raw karambwanji should be stackable

latest.png?width=27&height=26  We're not able to runecraft Soul runes. Spawn spot should be the same tiles away like the Blood altar

latest.png?width=18&height=18    When you wear the Ring of Stone, you should transform into a emptied rock
latest.png?width=17&height=19    Ring of wealth should pick up cash and tokkuls automatically when worn.

latest.png?width=28&height=28 Add the Falador shield 4; Mole locator, 10% more Farming experience from the Falador farm (maybe add Prayer recharge twice a day) (thanks Raud Kukkel

          Able to use Ring of Recoils on the Ring of Suffering & (i) for the Ring of Recoil effect (thanks Ye its me )
latest.png?width=17&height=27     Not able to teleport to Karamja/Al-kharid with the Amulet of Glory

  • Add boss timers
  • Add Chamber of Xeric's (RAIDS) overload timer
  • Move the raids damage counter from top left to top right (not able to see the damage) click HERE to see the differences



       Change total level 2279 to 2277 (still not fixed)
         Change the xp in each skill, as example: 163439012 to 163,439,012       
       Make the experience fit in the XP drops bar (OLD: fccafb02231b42cc6893ae093976b76e.png) (NEW: a523a4172d9ce6ded085abf51442e937.png)     

latest.png      Add Zahur who can make your cleaned herbs into unfinished potions (you take noted vial of waters and the specific cleaned herb)

latest.png Add drop notification so we actually no need to check out our drops on the ground instead of just looking the notification in the chatbox of what drop we got.

latest.png Make it so you can get noted Wyvern bones (unlockable from Dragon Slayer 2)

latest.png Ornate rejuvenation pool should get a timer next to the Bonus XP timer (so we actually can see how many seconds to regenerate) credits to Klassieker


latest.png Bones to Peaches (makes trips longer) 

latest.pnglatest.png?width=15&height=28 Teleport to House (teleports you to your POH if you're on Lunar/Ancients spellbook).
Construction cape should be able to teleport you to your POH also. (by right-clicking it).

latest.png Mist Battlestaff should provide unlimited Air & Water runes (not working)



Remove Ancient Crystal/Dragon 2h sword/Marble blocks/Magic stone

latest.png latest.png Add Tanzanite/Magma mutagen to the yell announcement 

 Correct the pet name drops:
       Vet'ion purple jr > Vetion Jr
       Kalphite green  > Kalphite Princess 

       Green snakelingPet snakeling



Bounty hunter shop/Player vs. Player QoL
latest.png Cleaning cloth usable to remove Volanic/Frozen whip to regular whip

latest.png Add Granite clamp (to make Granite maul (or)) to the PKP shop (not only Slayer shop)

latest.png Add Steam battlestaff (or) to make the cosmetic staff add it to the PKP shop

latest.png Make it so it's not a Player vs. Monster death for pkers who die to an ironmen. They basically risk whatever they like fighting ironmen, because they can instantly lot their items back.



Player vs. Monster QoL
      Add Thermonuclear Smoke Devil instance

      Add Opal, Jade & Red Topaz jewellery. (click HERE for what I mean)
      Able to attack the Aviansies in the (Wilderness) Godwars dungeon 
& you you're able to kill Kree' Arra as Aviansies task (extendable)
      Add the Fremennik Kurasks upper level (Slayer assignment only)

     Change the pet droprate of the new God bosses; God's Battalion to 1/65
latest.png Fix Trident (no correct damage vs Dagannoth Rex)

latest.png Arclight (STATS)

 latest.png Able to teleport back to Zulrah pier after you kill the Zulrah there should be a teleportation on the ground.

latest.png Shayzien armour protection (has been approved months ago, but still not added)
latest.png Guaranteed 1/50 droprate for Vorkath head (took me 193 kills for 1 Vorkath head which is ridiculous)

latest.png Add Cave horrors to 'Hard task'

      Add extended slayer tasks (boss tasks 6-35 instead of 6-21)

      Rework assigning slayer tasks, I'm pretty sure the task system isn't corrrect. (example; had to assign like 80-100 tasks before getting my first                  Abyssal demon task)

Able to use the Key master teleport which teleports you into the Cerberus lair (also increase the drop rate of them)
Cerberus should be able to respawn like 8-12 seconds right after you kill it, this increases your kills an hour and more efficient to kill, same for the            Kraken.

 Able to autocast with the Ahrim's staff

 Able to autocast with the Iban's staff 

 Able to autocast with the Slayer's staff and being able to cast the Magic dart spell
 After you caught many Grey/Red/Black chinchompas, there's still no use for them. Let people carry them and kill the skeletons in the Ape Atoll Dungeon. This will get you a bunch of Ranging/Hitpoints experience and you don't have to throw them away.


Friends chat/Clan chat QoL

The rank you are in the clanchat should appear next to your name 

d08dcc222280bde2a51a0241cce7fa33.png instead of this a4afb1257b1c36fbc41922a2d564e9a1.png

latest.png 400 friends list instead of 200 
Make it so you can clear the private history




Untradeables shop QoL
 latest.png = 1m and latest.png  = 500k to reclaim (makes no sense)
 stackable items (
LINK) should be like this (LINK)




Farming QoL
latest.png Add noted super/ultracompost to Leprechaun
latest.png Able to note cleaned herbs (you can only note Grimy herbs now)

latest.png Able to plant Whiteberry seed
latest.png Add ultracompost
latest.pnglatest.png Add Trollheim/Harmony Island/Kourend farming patches

latest.png Able to plant Spirit seeds for an amount of xp, because there's no use for them atm
latest.pnglatest.png Working Explorer ring/Ardougne cape 4 (teleports you nearby Falador/Ardougne herb patches)

latest.png Add Seed box
latest.png Add the Magic secateurs (increases crop yield of herbs, allotments, grape vines and hops by 10%) can be purchased from the Achievement point store for 200 points(?)

latest.png Add Fertile Soil which does the same as ultracompost but would be a nice alternative way
 Add the Farmer's outfit which will give you a total of +2.5% bonus experience towards Farming (idk if ever someone bought this as a Custom donation, if not why not add this ingame?)

When you add irit leafs to vials of water, it says ''spirit weed potion (unf)'' instead of ''irit potion (unf)




More suggestions can be added anytime

#177400 ICE [Ironman/Classic/Elite] PVM/PVP/SKILLING

Posted by Ice on 12 April 2018 - 05:51 PM



Please report any issues/errors on the Forum Page to Banks or Mack.


"ICE" is the largest player-run Help and PvM Clan on Alora. This clan's main goal is to provide a great experience to everyone, focusing on helping any and all players that come through. Our CC is 100% Public and everyone is more than welcome to join. But to have a rank, you must apply on this thread so that the staff team knows that you want to be a part of ICE's ranks. The ICE Staff Team takes into consideration advertising, behavior, and CC/Discord activity when evaluating if a player is deserving of a rank/promotion.

* If you wish to transfer your ICE Rank to a new account, please PM one of our Recruitment Managers, Generals, or Owners. *

Please use this template when applying for rank:



  • Follow the Server Rules (Click Here to read the Alora Rules)
  • Respect and treat clan members how you wish to be treated, arguments will not be tolerated.
  • Activity is key, try to remain active in the CC and Discord as much as possible.
  • You can only apply for a rank in ICE if you have NO TIES WHATSOEVER to another clan. Exceptions to this rule are VERY RARE. This is mainly to prevent Moles/Spies.


Like our CC, everyone is more than welcome to join the ICE Discord Server! If you would like to join, PM one of our Star Rank Staff Members on the Forums, In-Game, or on Discord for a link to join.


Please use this template when applying for a Staff rank (LT+):




King purple   Loo   Scuffed EIM   Hellish





Noobair   DB Aspect   Elite Sheets   Revol





EIM 1gp





EIM 1gp   Banks   Paine   Bladder

Vuqe   Not Tauri   EIM Ninja   Steel Nogan   Blackpoiint





Konar   EIM Zarox    Ryuu    CMF Fiji

lNSOMNlA   Laardii   Mack   OCE Vajyena





40a   aRapierProd   Dxzi   Octillery

FeAzzahLaw   Moral Truth    Iron Modes    Mzy

 Otto    Iron Aritus    Shane    Smiv    TeddyKillar    Livo





big Chungus   Brad I   Cahsay   Deadcat22

Dewo   EIM Reggez    Elite 4 days    Extremedanny

 GIM Smicker    IM Crypt    Iron obra    Iron Redius

 lol Rip    MetalPotato    Mhk    poepen





Banks   Vuqe   Mack





Not Tauri   Elite Sheets   Paine





DB Aspect   Revol





Konar   Blackpoiint   Steel Nogan   Laardii





Marushin   Loo





EIM Systemic   Dutchie   ReignMan   Elite MikeV   Otto

T Tox   Elite Fury   Lord Aizen   Thee   EIM Hentai





#247513 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Posted by Omicron on 24 December 2018 - 03:07 PM

Hello everyone,

The staff team and I would like take a moment to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Make sure to spend plenty of time with your friends and families, as well as some time with your Alora family ;)

Thank you guys for another awesome year, and I’m looking forward to an even more incredible year to come! Love you guys. <3

Best regards,
- The Alora Staff Team

#214659 Scheduled Maintenance (Planned Downtime on September 4th)

Posted by Omicron on 03 September 2018 - 01:03 PM

Hello everyone,

I’d like to inform you that Alora will soon be undergoing major backend changes and switching hosts to improve our uptime, latency, and DDoS protection. I’m sure some of you may have noticed random disconnections or increased latency periodically, and we’ve decided to address this while simultaneously changing the way that clients communicate with our servers to improve our defences against malicious attacks.

The server migration will take some time, and although we’re not 100% sure how long it will be offline for, we are estimating that the website and game will both likely be unavailable for 2-3 hours.

On the bright side, we’ve split the login servers up in multiple countries, and when you play you will be automatically routed through the closest one to you (with the lowest ping), which will reduce latency tremendously for our players who are in North America / Australia, and may also improve for some EU players depending on your location. We are also moving to a host with generally better connection speeds, uptime and less latency.

The downtime is scheduled to begin later tonight, September 4th at 12AM EST / 4AM server time.

Although the downtime is no fun, we assure you that we'll be working on getting things back and running as soon as possible!

We appreciate your patience :)

Best regards,

#18324 Staff List

Posted by Ikta on 16 November 2016 - 02:21 PM

Official Staff List


0OmK2GY.png Omicron - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

Community Manager

lXMaPj5.png Lowkey - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

Event Manager

xq3jI2V.png King purple - Time zone: +0:00 UTC

bEVAKZK.png Hellish - Time zone: +3:00 UTC



lXMaPj5.png Mack - Time zone: -4:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Code 002 - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png hsoJ - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

rsz-download.png Salter - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Banks - Time zone: -4:00 UTC

Global Moderator

FaWwTjG.png Paine - Time zone: +2:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Mhk - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

bclw5Jf.png Loinen22 - Time zone: +3:00 UTC

CPvi7cZ.png Kharyrll - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

CIKQSIk.png Immortal Fox - Time zone: +12:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Eucalyptus - Time zone: -4:00 UTC

Forum Moderator

M5Bd9Ni.png Loo - Time zone: +0:00 UTC

CPvi7cZ.png Iron Champie - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

iconfinder-flag-egypt-748011-1.png IM Moe - Time zone: +2:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Jisoo - Time zone: -7:00 UTC

Server Moderator

lXMaPj5.png Doofy - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Fear7heduck - Time zone -5:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Endeavor - Time zone -5:00 UTC


Server Support

CPvi7cZ.png EIM Zarox - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

iconfinder-flag-estonia2x-748071.png Not Tauri - Time zone: +3:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Vape Tricks Time zone: -4:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Noahtho Time zone: -5:00 UTC

#260717 Lets Fight This Together

Posted by King purple on 24 January 2019 - 11:32 AM

Using this topic as a reminder that if you suffer from any mental health issues, doesn't matter which ones (Depression, Panic/Anxiety disorder etc), you are not alone.

Alora thrives for being more than a game, and that we are here to help each other out no matter what.

I just want to let you know that if you need someone to talk to, you can always PM me in-game/forums/discord. As someone that suffers from depression for more than 5 years, I can relate that the battle against these types of issues can be a living hell.

Talking about it is a huge step towards the right direction, so if you need someone to talk to about what's going on in your mind, I'm here.


Discord: Purple#5462

Ingame accounts: King Purple / One


Let's get this bread, together.

#252973 PLEASE Activate 2FA & Make Your Password UNIQUE!

Posted by Banks on 06 January 2019 - 04:07 PM

Hey everyone.

Here at Alora, our number 1 priority is the well being of our players. We do everything within our power to keep you guys safe and can assure you that our database is rock solid and secure. However, we can not say the same for other communities that might have your login information in their database and keeping their database secure is outside of our control. Getting hacked is a very real thing in the RSPS scene and it can happen to anybody.

This being said, I would like to stress the importance of activating 2FA and changing your Alora password to something that is unique and isn't used anywhere else. The Alora Staff Team works day in and day out to combat hackers and keep your accounts safe for you. But activating 2FA and making a unique password makes this much easier and keeps your account as well as your in-game wealth safe.

2FA is the highest level of account security that we offer and if you have it enabled, even if your account is hacked, the chance that a hacker can get to your items is severely reduced. Not to mention that for those that have 2FA enabled, vote books give bonus XP. It's a win-win.

Click Here for a guide on how to set up 2FA.
You can change your Password under the UserCP settings on the Forums.

If you have any questions or issues at all with your Password or 2FA, Click Here to make a Support Ticket or simply PM a Staff Member.

Alora Administration Team.

#222923 The Veteran Rank

Posted by Banks on 06 October 2018 - 01:02 PM

Hello everyone.

Today we will be making a few changes to our Veteran rank. To those who are unfamiliar, the Veteran rank is a rank/award that is awarded to members who have both been around the game for a while as well as shown a positive presence within the community. This being said, we will be changing up the requirements a bit to better represent what the rank is supposed to really mean.

If you wish to apply for the Veteran rank, please apply here: https://www.alora.io...1-forum-awards/


To apply for the Veteran rank you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have one year or older registration time.
  • You must have 50 or more days play time in-game.
  • You must have 30 or more days online time on the forums.
  • You must have at least 250 post count on the forums.
  • You must have 0 indiscretions within the last 3 months.
  • You must provide proof that you meet ALL of the requirements.
  • If you apply without having met the requirements, your request will be declined.

In addition, those who currently hold the Veteran rank are held to the following standards:

  • You will not receive an infraction resulting in a ban/mute in-game or losing your ability to post on the forums.
  • You will represent Alora in a positive way at all times.
  • Failure to do so will result in your rank being removed.
  • If your rank is removed, you must wait 3 months before you're eligible to re-apply.


  • Players may only hold the Veteran rank on 1 account at a time.
  • Anyone who reaches Global Moderator or higher and has left the staff team on good terms are exempt from the normal application requirements.
  • The Administration Team reserves the right to decline/remove the Veteran rank as they see fit.


~ Banks
Alora Administration Team

#190289 Omicron Thank You Video

Posted by Lowkey on 02 June 2018 - 01:34 PM

Hey guys,


Huge shout to members of #Ice, #Peeks and the current Staff Team for helping with the creation of this video. This was our little way of showing our apprectiation towards Omicron and how dedicated he has been to Alora since the day we released nearly 2 years ago. We hope you guys enjoy the video as much as we did making it.


#272631 My Resignation

Posted by Dante on 26 February 2019 - 01:12 PM

Hey, I hope whoever is reading this is having a good day.


Some people have noticed that I no longer am a yellow-boi and wanted to just vocalize what happened.


Our staff team whether or not you agree with what they do or how they run things is doing incredibly fantastic right now, such a well-knit unit of community-loving people it's actually crazy. Not a lot of people give our team the credit they deserve for the thankless volunteer work that they put literally so many hours into each week whether it is in-game, on the forums, or even just in personal messages with other people, or hosting events etcetera.


Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to the current and late staff members we have/had on our team, you guys rock.


Anyways, I've felt like deadweight for a bit and have also been dealing with some personal issues for the last little while. Alora consumes me because I not only love the game but I love the community so much. I have been logging on and it feels like I'm just trying to make sure I have a presence on the server rather than just enjoying the game as I did in my first 6 months to a year as staff. I didn't want to resign but I felt like it was in my best interest, at least for right now. It's crazy what a 'video game' can do to you. I've made so many friends and had so many laughs and good memories that have stemmed from just hopping on an RSPS. Alora's community is unbeatable and I want to thank everyone for playing and enjoying the game.


I could give dozens of individual shoutouts but figured I'd just keep it at two, wanted to thank @Omicron for creating this game that has brought me so many good memories and helped me to meet so many amazing people. Keep doing what you do. Also, I can't thank you @Lowkey enough. When I was Server Support you just got promoted to CM and have been doing an outstanding job ever since. You were probably one of my first friends on the team and I don't see that ever going away. Thanks for giving me the opportunities you did and being such a loving and amazing person.




#265195 PVP Changes + Fixes

Posted by Kitty is bad on 03 February 2019 - 10:58 AM

It’s no secret that Alora is currently the #1 RSPS. However, as many of us know, the majority of players vastly prefer PVM and skilling to PVP. Below are changes that are in OSRS that would help revitalize PK in Alora, bringing in new teams, new players, and persuade current players to try out PKing.

  • Gear Switching and Prayer Delays
    • This is hands down one of the most important aspects of PVP, and unfortunately there are some inconsistencies with how Alora allows players to switch prayers and gear compared to other prominent PKing servers and OSRS. Alora’s switching feels inconsistent and slow compared to other servers, especially while PKing. The added bonus of this suggestion is that it will also help improve gameplay for all players, since gear and prayer switching is necessary in many PVM encounters

Alora Examples



OSRS Examples



Other Server Examples



  • Defense
    • To put it simply, bolts hit too hard on tank and mage splashes too much. Although this is the case on OSRS, it is not to the degree that Alora is currently at. Tank gear (Barrows) feels way too weak, and it is easy to make your opponent splash multiple times before catching a freeze wearing just d’hides. It is common for somebody wearing complete max mage bonus (Ancestral, arcane SS, tormented bracelet, monkey, etc. which costs 1b+) to splash two, three, sometimes four times on an opponent wearing black d’hides, which currently cost lest than 35k. Making gear be a more important factor in calculating damage and splash percentages will allow less RNG focused fights, and more depend on each player’s skill.


  • Wilderness NPC Fixes and PJ Timer
    • NPCs in the wilderness, specifically the zombies and spiders in the zombie pit just southeast of black chins, are extremely buggy and the PJ timer is much longer than on OSRS. Zombies on Alora will hit you from 3-4 spaces away at times, making it extremely difficult to find what NPCs are hitting you. Currently, due to these bugs, tanking a full TB and getting a log out is way too easy in zombie pit- A place that is rarely used in OSRS. Fixing this would encourage more team vs. team fighting, since it would actually be worth TBing opponents if they aren’t nearly guaranteed a free escape.

Proof (Alora)



  • Obelisk Redirection
    • In OSRS, you are able to choose where to teleport with the wilderness obelisks, making it a viable way to navigate the wilderness. However, this function is not in Alora currently. Since you are unable to redirection, it is possible that you’ll end up teleporting into deep wildy multi at 52s, which is a certain death if a team is there. Adding teleport obelisks will make pkers able to spread more over the wildy, and not just black chins and rev caves.


  • Wilderness GWD Cave
    • This is the cave west of the black chins teleport. Currently, entering the cave instantly puts you in the cave, and into multi. However, in OSRS, there is a cave with an agility obstacle, making it a viable spot to run to when getting TB’d. This spot rewards teams for organization and communication, and makes surviving TBs and killing targets on a fall-in much more skill based, rather than hoping for the (currently bug-ridden) NPCs to hit off your attackers.







  • 99 Magic Cape Spellbook Swap
    • In OSRS, achieving 99 mage will give you the respective cape, which allows a player to change their spellbook five times a day on the fly. With this, it is possible for a PKer to both TB their target and use ancient magic. This is, of course a tool for PKers to use that is rather powerful. However, doing the switch would require you to use at least 4 slots for all the runes and cape, rather than just 1 spot if they were using just ancients. This change would encourage more solo-pkers, which would help revitalize the wilderness if people are able to get kills without requiring a team.


  • Ancient Spellbook Teleport/Teletabs
    • Currently, none of the wilderness teleports in the ancient spellbook work like the regular spellbook teleports do. Similar to the obelisk redirection, this would allow all players easier teleports around the wilderness and introduce some more PK spots.


  • Ancient Maces for Smiting
    • Currently, multi-pking is rather dead. The only action being Staff-ran events, revs, and sometimes skotizo spawns. Bringing in ancient maces for smiting would reward well-coordinated teams, and bring another aspect of risk into multi-PKing.


  • Wilderness Hotzone Revamp
    • Currently, wildy hotzones are dead content in Alora, mainly due to the locations being rather awkward or in multi. Adding new locations like black chins and removing some multi locations would allow more players to participate.


  • Overhealing Bug
    • Currently, if you eat an anglerfish on 99 hp, it will cause you to go to 121 hp. However, if you drink a brew on 121 hp, it will actually lower your hp to 115, which is the max overheal you can have from a brew alone.


  • Pot-Blocking
    • In OSRS, you cannot drink a potion then eat an anglerfish like you can on Alora- That’s why ‘potblocking’ is a common mistake pkers make. Fixing this will force players to think more about their eating order, as potblocking themselves could easily cause them to get KO’d. Please note, however, anglerfish->brew SHOULD still work.


All of these ideas were brainstormed and discussed with PKers of the Alora community- Many of which spent years pking on Alora, OSRS, and other servers. Special thanks to @Horror, @ Jonttu420 , @Mob, @DB Aspect, @Paine, @Easts,  @Inferno, @ragragrag46, @Peeks, and @Ice for your insane contributions to this discussion. Although it's posted on my account, I am far from the only one who has been putting time into these suggestions.


I understand it is frustrating to get PKed in the wilderness whilst you're trying to skill, PVM, or otherwise. But, Alora is such a healthy, well made server, it deserves to have even more players. And one of the best ways to attract new players is to make PK a much better experience.



#243019 [12/12/18] Classic mode changes, 3rd age changes, Holiday Sale, LMS improveme...

Posted by Omicron on 12 December 2018 - 05:16 AM

Hello everyone, 


Today’s update brings the first part of our Holiday updates, including a 30% bonus token sale, the elusive Santa suit being available in the store, and, of course, the arrival of snow on Alora! Keep an eye out for a Christmas giveaway with IRL prizes to be won, as well as an in-game Christmas event. 


Aside from the festivities, this update brings the content that you voted for in the recent polls, the Classic mode changes and the clean slate for 3rd age equipment. This should bring value to the 3rd age economy, as those items will be much more rare from here on out. We’ve reimbursed the current holders of 3rd age equipment by giving them caskets to open based on the rarity of their equipment.


Lastly, we’ve implemented some changes to Last Man Standing to hopefully keep it active and worth playing. Firstly, every 3 games, a free (casual) match will be announced. Additionally, a point system has been added, with a reward shop which you can access by speaking to Lisa. Lastly, the Leaderboard next to the LMS lobby is now functional. Aside from this, we’ve also included a few bug fixes and QOL updates!


  • Store sale:
    • For a limited time, all store purchases will receive 30% bonus tokens! Make sure to take advantage of this sale from today all the way through to December 27th, 2018.
    • The Santa outfit has been added to the shop for a limited time. This outfit, which is now tradable, can be purchased for 2,500 tokens.



  • Classic mode changes:
    • Due to popular request, we’re making some changes to the Classic game mode to hopefully revitalize it and to make it appeal to more players. As many of you know, the release of Elite Ironman lessened the Classic population, with many people preferring to play with a single partner rather than to be part of the Classic economy.
      • How are we changing the Classic game mode?
        • We’re opening the economy of Classic mode, and making it so that you can trade with normal players, use the normal Trading post, use the Donation store, etc. The current Classic economy is not large enough to sustain itself, and with these changes, we’re hoping that this becomes a game mode very similar to the Normal game mode, but with the same low XP rates that many of you prefer to play on. There isn’t currently a low XP rate “normal” game mode, so we’re hoping that Classic can fill this role, and that we can breathe a new life into the game mode.
      • List of all changes:
        • Classic can now trade with normal players, use the Normal trading post, and use the normal donation store. They can also now PK other players and pick up their loot.
          • Any items on the Classic trading post have now been merged to the normal trading post.
        • Classics will now receive the same amount of GP from NPC drops, money caskets, thieving, etc. as normal players.
        • Classics now have a new sword that they can wear to show off their status, the Classic sword (Prop sword on OSRS). This sword is solely cosmetic.
        • Classics can now use normal shops.
        • Well of goodwill contributions are no longer doubled for Classics.
    • Classic sword added:
      • This cosmetic sword is an item that only Classic mode players may possess, and signifies their rank without them having to say a word.
        • You can collect this sword for free from Paul at home.
          • New Classic players will receive this sword after their starter tutorial.



  • Clue scroll/Impling jar changes:
    • Clue scrolls are now slightly less common across the board.
    • Clue bottles from fishing are now slightly less common.
    • Clue scrolls from Bird’s nests are now slightly less common.
    • Your clue scroll completion counter now goes up as soon as you receive a casket, not as soon as you open it. This is due to the fact that many caskets were just added into the game (see below), and we don’t want those to affect clue completion counts.
    • Clue scroll caskets will now announce when a player receives a Clue hunter piece or a 3rd age item.
    • Impling jars will now announce when somebody obtains a 3rd age item.
  • 3rd Age changes:
    • 3rd age is now extremely rare from Clue scrolls and Lucky implying jars.
    • 3rd age armour has been removed from the game. Anyone who previously had any gear will receive a clue scroll casket depending on the type of 3rd age piece. As 3rd age is much more rare now, it will be difficult to receive another piece, but it gives current holders a chance.
      • The only exceptions are the 3rd age hatchet and pickaxe, which are currently custom items. 
        • The following lists show which items are given by each type of casket:
          • Easy casket items:
            • 3rd age range coif
            • 3rd age range vambraces
            • 3rd age mage hat
            • 3rd age full helmet
            • 3rd age amulet
          • Medium casket items:
            • 3rd age range top
            • 3rd age range legs
            • 3rd age kite shield
          • Hard casket items:
            • 3rd age robe top
            • 3rd age robe bottoms
            • 3rd age plate body
            • 3rd age platelegs
          • Elite casket items:
            • 3rd age cloak
            • 3rd age longsword
            • 3rd age bow
            • 3rd age wand



  • Snow:
    • Snow has covered Alora! You can disable the snow by typing ::snow.
  • Combat changes:
    • Bolt special attacks now have a 10% higher chance of activating if you have completed all achievements.
      • This is typically a perk that is obtained with the Kandarin diary on OSRS, though this not available on Alora so we have swapped it for achievement completion.
      • A tip message has been added in-game to notify players of this perk.
  • Venom/poison changes:
    • Both are no longer ‘instant’, and after receiving the “You have been poisoned!” message, the damage will appear after a few seconds rather than immediately.
    • The chance of envenoming a player or NPC has been corrected:
      • The Toxic staff of the dead and Trident of the swamp can no longer apply Venom with melee attacks, only through Magic.
      • In PvM. — chance to inflict venom:
        • Wearing a Serpentine helmet:
          • Venomous weapon = 100% chance
          • Poisonous weapon = 50% chance
          • Regular weapon = 16.7% chance
        • Not wearing a Serpentine helmet:
          • Venomous weapon = 25% chance
      • In PvP — chance to inflict venom:
        • Venomous weapon = 25% chance.
      • Death bug:
        • When dying to venom, there was a chance your items on the ground would not last as long. This has been fixed.
  • Price changes:
    • Many items’ exchange prices have been fixed, they will now represent the price more accurately. This is calculated by data collected over the past few months from the Trading Post history.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The ‘Craft 500 Wrath runes’ daily task actually only required 300. This has been fixed.
    • Baby implings will now give Pure essence rather than regular essence.
    • The Clown costume has been fixed and no longer says ’Null’.
    • When attempting to click the “Show XP drops” button, the bugged “Look North” button would overlap it. This will no longer happen, and both button boundaries have been fixed.
    • February 2018 PvM Cup winners added to the Cup in Edgevile. 
      • (King purple, Not a Nerd, Syms, Hot Pies, F 8)
    • Untradable reclaim item fixes (will now appear in Lost items manager’s items):
      • Crystal shield - 400k
      • Crystal bow - 400k
      • Infernal axe - 500k
    • Items that were untradable, but are now tradable as intended:
      • Guthan’s helm 0
    • Santa outfit is now tradable.
    • The Chaos Altars in level 12 and level 38 Wilderness will no longer allow you to switch your spell book, and will only recharge your prayer instead.
  • Killtime record fixes:
    • Killtime records were bugged when a player would attack a target with a multi-combat spell (barrage) or attack (eg. Chinchompa ranging) and the surrounding NPCs that are hit would not ‘register’ a start time, leading them to have super short kill times.
      • This should no longer occur, and we’ve had to reset all affected killtimes. This means that a few monster kill times have been wiped, but this does not affect any mini-games such as the Inferno or raids.



  • Last Man Standing changes:
    • Leaderboard:
      • A leaderboard has been added near the Last Man Standing lobby. This will list the players with the most LMS wins, as well as the number of games they’ve played and their win ratio.
        • This data is only collected as of this update, so the highscores are clean.
    • Point system:
        • Last Man Standing points have been added! This will hopefully keep the game alive and give players incentive to play.
        • You’ll get points based on your performance in the mini-game (even if it’s a free casual match!):
          • 10 points per kill
          • A # of points based on your final placement/position, and the number of players that were in the match:
            • (startingPlayerCount - placement) * 2
              • For example, if 20 players arrived on the island, and you ended in 2nd place:
                • (20 - 2) * 2 = 36 points
        • You can now trade Lisa to see the reward shop, which contains the following items:
          • Last man’s cloak - 5,000 points
            • This item is a unique cape that can only be obtained from Last Man Standing.
          • Imbuement scroll - 1,500 points
          • Royal seed pod - 1,000 points
          • Antidote++ (3) - 10 points
          • Antifire potion (3) - 6 points
        • Note:
          • This shop and reward system is still being tested and subject to change. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!
    • Other Additions:
      • Free game every 3 games:
        • Every 3 paid games, one free casual match will be held (and announced). You can still receive points and improve your ranking in this casual match.
      • ::checklms command has been added. This command allows you to list how many players are still alive on the island, and their names.
      • Winner announcement:
        • The winner of every game will be announced to the world, as well as the amount that they have won (if applicable).
      • Survivors in lobby:
        • Your waiting interface in the lobby will now tell you how many survivors are remaining in the current game.
      • Item on shrine:
        • You can now use your items on the Vending shrines to sell them quickly. If you only have 1 of that item, it will instantly sell. If you have multiple items, a dialogue in your chatbox will pop up to ask you how many you’d like to sell.
      • Bug fixes:
        • Players getting the error message ‘You cannot join with a pet’ while not having any pet at all has been fixed.
        • Resting in the fog will no longer stall/cancel damage.












We hope you enjoy these updates :)




#239489 Resignation

Posted by Salter on 29 November 2018 - 03:00 PM

Hello Alorians,


I have decided to temporarily resign from my position as Administrator.


It's been an amazing journey. I can't say for certain when I will be back, but hopefully soon.

I've met so many amazing people throughout my time here on Alora. It has without fail made me the man I am today.

I greatly appreciate every single one of the people that have been on the staff team to help me. I've learned so much from you.

I've been a part of the staff team since 23rd of January and it's been the longest time I've ever spent at one place.


The reason I take this step is that I feel like I no longer have the motivation needed to act as a professional and productive staff member.

I've had a few busy months which haven't made it easy. The team is currently very strong and it's just gonna get stronger.

Never, in the history of Alora, has the team looked this promising and strong.


I feel like I need to find myself before I can rejoin.

I will always appreciate what certain individuals have done for me these past months.

I won't name any names, but I am certain that you know who you are.


I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I had here on Alora and I hope the work I did was satisfactory.


I will miss you all dearly.


Best regards,













#287398 [12/4/19] Amethyst mining & crafting, Multi tab-to-reply, GIM De-ironing,...

Posted by Omicron on 13 April 2019 - 01:48 AM

Hotfixes [14/4/19]:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Immortal donator fixes:
      • Fixed Master donators being able to get the gray skin color.
        • All players with the gray skin have been reset to red (Dragon), so Immortals simply need to go re-obtain it. This is to ensure nobody who doesn't have access to the skin color has it as of this update.
      • Fixed Immortal donators' yell tag not having the shadow background if Immortal was not their main rank (eg. Ironman / Veteran rank).
    • Skilling interface:
      • Using keyboard to select option:
        • You can now use your mouse keys (1-9) to select which item in the skilling interface you'd like to make.
      • New skilling interface has been updated for:
        • Gem cutting
        • Cannonball smithing
      • Fixed a bug which was not allowing you to use the Pestle and mortar on herblore ingredients.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Group Ironman de-ironing now de-irons you to the Normal game mode (you will no longer be an Ironman).
      • Fixed a problem with staff who are UIM accidentally being able to deposit items into the bank deposit box.
      • Fixed a bug which allowed you to cut amethyst while mining them.


  • A new award has been added:
    • 5680_diamond7.pngDivine Supporter ~ awarded to players who have reached the Immortal donator rank. (Orange diamond)
      • All current Immortal donators have been given this award. Any future players must apply for it.




Hey guys,


Today's update contains a bunch of content that we've been working hard on, some from the recent content poll (GIM/Raids/Karambwanji changes), and some that has simply been overdue for awhile now (Amethyst mining, crafting and ammunition). We've also managed implement a few other cool updates such as the new skilling interfaces from OSRS, the updated bank deposit box interface (quick deposit buttons) and tab-to-reply working for multiple players. Lastly, we've implemented a new donator rank - the Immortal Donator, which is the highest tier rank on Alora at the moment! 


We're also planning another update very soon for Easter, which should include some new Treasure Trail items. Keep an eye out for that ;)



Game updates:

  • New skilling interfaces:
    • Many chatbox interfaces for skilling actions have been updated to the latest one used by OSRS, allowing you to choose the amount you wish to create in the top right corner.
    • As this is a big job to manually update every skilling interface, we may have forgotten to update every single one. Please make sure to report any that are not yet updated!
      • Completed interfaces:
        • All Fletching, Crafting, Smelting (bars in furnace), Cooking and Herblore
  • Amethyst mining:
    • Amethyst crystals can now be mined in the Mining guild ('Falador mines' teleport at the wizard).
      • These are the highest level rock in the game, requiring level 92 Mining to mine, and are only located in the Mining guild.
        • These yield 240 Mining experience per ore, and will take ~75 seconds to respawn after being fully mined.
    • Amethyst uses:
      • By using a chisel on Amethyst crystals with the appropriate Crafting level, you can create the following: (60 Experience for any craft)
        • 83 - Amethyst bolt tips (makes 15):
          • Used to create Amethyst bolts, which can then be enchanted. (See below)
        • 85 - Amethyst arrow tips (makes 15):
          • Used to create Amethyst arrows. (See below)
        • 87 - Amethyst javelin heads (makes 5):
          • Used to create Amethyst javelins. (See below)
    • Amethyst ammo:
      • Amethyst broad bolts:
        • Created by attaching amethyst bolt tips to broad bolts with 76 Fletching, rewarding 106 Fletching XP per 10 completed bolts.
        • These bolts have +115 Ranged strength, making them comparable to Runite bolts.
      • Amethyst arrows:
        • These arrows are stronger than rune arrows (+6 more Ranged strength) and can be used with any bow of Magic or stronger.
      • Amethyst javelins:
        • These javelins are stronger than Rune javelins, but not as strong as Dragon javelins.
        • These javelins have +135 ranged strength bonus.
  • Enhanced tridents:
    • You can now enhance both the Trident of the swamp and the Trident of the seas by handing over either staff and 10 Kraken tentacles to Lieve McCracken near the Kraken entrance.
      • Doing so will turn your Trident of the swamp -> Trident of the swamp (e), or Trident of the seas -> Trident of the seas (e)
        • This allows your trident to hold up to 20,000 charges rather than 2,500.
          • The charges from your old trident will be unloaded to Zulrah scales, which you can use to load your new trident.
        • You will need 10 Kraken tentacles for each trident you wish to enhance.
  • Bank deposit box buttons:
    • 3 buttons have been added to the bank deposit box interface for ease of banking:
      • Deposit inventory button:
        • Deposits your entire inventory.
      • Deposit equipment button:
        • Deposits all of your equipment.
      • Deposit looting bag button:
        • Deposits all of the items in your looting bag (if you have one).
    • This update is particularly helpful in areas where there is no bank nearby, such as when mining gem rocks in the Donator zone.
  • Group Ironman changes:
    • GIM De-ironing:
      • Group Ironmen can now de-iron as long as they are NOT currently in an Ironman group. If they are, they must first kick themselves from the group (or be kicked) using a GIM Removal ticket.
        • Upon de-ironing, you will become a regular ironman. You can then de-iron once more to become a regular player.
        • WARNING: This action is permanent. We will not re-iron players under any circumstance.
    • GIM Removal Ticket price reduction:
      • The GIM Removal tickets have been reduced from 350 tokens to 250 tokens to make them more accessible.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed a bug which caused your pet to lose insurance if you insured a Jal-Nib-Rek and metamorphed it into TzRek-Zuk. They will now both be classified under the same pet insurance.
    • Gourd vials (from Raids 1) will now be 'smashed' after drinking, rather than having empty vials in your inventory, assuming you have the setting enabled by the Emblem trader.
    • If you are ever muted (whether it's a yell mute, regular mute, etc) you will be notified how long the mute will last for, in a red message in the chatbox.
    • Druidic wreath is now tradable.
    • Fixed a bug where Veterans' donator status icon would be incorrect in Clan chat.
    • For the Boss Kiflltime records, many records were only showing 2 instead of 3. This has been fixed, and it will always display the 3 best records.
    • Fixed the Mime top disappearing when deposited into your bank.
    • If you die as an HCIM and lose your rank, there was a bug which did not remove your HCIM equipment. You will now also automatically lose your equipment, whether it is worn, equipped, in the bank, etc.
  • Fletching update:
    • You can now fletch different logs for Arrow shafts rather than only normal logs. These higher tier logs will give more shafts:
      • Normal - 15
      • Oak - 30
      • Willow - 45
      • Maple - 60
      • Yew - 75
      • Magic - 90
      • Redwood - 105
    • Redwood logs can now be fletched into arrow shafts and Redwood shields.
      • Redwood shields require level 40 Defence to equip.
  • Crafting updates:
    • Redwood shields (see above) can now be crafted into Black d'hide shields.
      • At level 83 Crafting, players can use 2 black dragon leather and 15 rune nails on the shield with a hammer in the inventory to create a black d'hide shield: this gives 172 Crafting experience.
      • Black d'hide shields require level 70 Ranged and 40 Defence to equip.
  • Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) update:
    • Clicking on the worms (from the chest room) with the left mouse button (regular click) will now drop them, allowing you to quickly get rid of the worms.
    • Sapling trees (which give kindling in the Ice demon room) are now far less likely to fall, allowing you to chop them for longer. They will also respawn more quickly.
    • Sapling trees will also give kindling more quickly, though this is still based on your Woodcutting level.
  • Raids bonus changes:
    • Raids bonuses are now separate, meaning the Raids 1 or Raids 2 bonuses can individually be enabled. They can also both be enabled simultaneously at different rates.
    • Due to the previous update boosting Raids drops, we've limited the weekend bonuses to 1.2 maximum rather than 1.3.
  • Tab to reply to PM (multi-reply):
    • Although we already have tab-to-reply to PMs, I have extended this system to allow you to hit the Tab key multiple times to go through your most recent 5 PMers and reply to them individually, rather than only the latest PMer.
  • Clue scroll update:
    • Holy sandals, Wizards boots and Ranger boots will now appear over yell / discord / website drop announcements.
  • Alchemical Hydra drops fixed:
    • The Hydra's pieces (fang/heart/eye) were not dropping in the correct order and have now been fixed:
      • The order players receive the items in are: Hydra's eye, Hydra's fang and finally Hydra's heart.
        • If you have all 3 already in your bank/inventory, you will receive a random piece, but if you are missing one, you will receive the piece that you require.
  • 3rd Age pickaxe fixes:
    • This item can now mine properly at the fastest pickaxe speed.
    • Now requires 65 attack to equip.
    • Combat animations on the pickaxe have been fixed.
    • Special attack temporarily boosts your Mining level by 3, using 100% of your special attack energy.
  • Theatre of Blood changes:
    • The healing phase of Xarpus, where you must stand on top of the exhumed skeletons to prevent them from healing the boss's hit points, has been removed after being voted on in the most recent content poll.
      • The boss will now fly up from the ground and be ready to fight as soon as the whole team has entered the room, although it will have full health as if it were left to heal.
  • Karambwanji changes:
    • Karambwanji, which are used as bait to fish Karambwans, have been removed from all Fishing stores. With this change, you will have to fish Karambwanji at the Karambja docks, near the other Karambwan spots, BUT we've made it so that the Karambwanji are stackable, so you can fish them quite easily without having to bank.
      • Karambwanji can be caught at the same dock as Karambwan, but at the south-western spot on the dock, and requires level 5 Fishing and grants 5 experience per fish caught.
        • Unlike other fish, the amount of karambwanji caught depends on the player's Fishing level, increasing every five levels. The exact formula is 1+floor(level/5). This means players with a Fishing level of 95 or above will catch 20 karambwanji at a time, and boosting beyond 99 will result in 21 karambwanji caught per catch.
  • Slayer update:
    • Completing the Inferno while on a Slayer task will now give you 3x as much experience for completing the task as before.
      • Rate: 7,200 XP * Skilling multiplier (eg. 40x for normal players, 8x for HCIM, etc)
      • This is approximately 216,000 XP for a player on normal mode.
  • Barrows herblore secondary drops: (Thanks to @Kharyrll for the help!)
    • Following the latest content poll, we've updated Barrows drops to contain some Herblore secondaries that are sought after by Ironmen. This isn't intended to be the primary way of obtaining secondaries, but can help make it easier to train Herblore and collect many different types of secondaries simultaneously.
    • Overall, the chance of receiving a Herblore  secondary drop from Barrows loot is 6.1%, with the following drops and amounts: (Rare drop scroll enhances this chance)
      • Crushed nest (10-15) (0.8%)
      • Snape grass (40-70) (0.5%)
      • Wine of Zamorak (20-35) (0.8%)
      • White berries (45-70) (0.5%)
      • Potato cactus (40-50) (0.5%)
      • Red spiders' eggs (20-35) (0.8%)
      • Limpwurt root (40-70) (0.5%)
      • Mort myre fungus (45-60) (0.6%)
      • Blue dragon scales (60-100) (0.6%)
      • Unicorn horns (25-35) (0.5%)





Forum updates:

  • New emoticons added: (Thanks to @Paine for helping to collect these!)
    • Many new discord/twitch emoticons have been added to the forums and are now available to use! We even managed to throw in a few of the emoticons used on @Lowkey's streams. (Over 100 new emoticons in total)
      • Examples:
        • :4Head:
        • :Yea:
        • :Pog:
        • :Poggers:
        • :FeelsBadMan:
        • … and many more!


Donation updates:

  • Immortal Donator Rank:
    • A new Donator rank has been added! This is the ultimate rank - higher than any before it and the most exclusive on Alora, requiring double the amount that Master required at $10,000 total spent. Not many will be able to obtain this rank, adding to its elusiveness.
    • Perks:
      • Forum:
        • Up to 3,000 storable PMs.
        • Profile pictures (animated) can be up to 3mb.
        • Username on the forums is displayed in a black text with a gold outline and glow, along with a gold sparkle effect. (This is the only rank with an outline)
        • In-game icon is a gray-ish black logo with a gold stripe through the middle, and the yell tag says “Immortal” in black with a text shadow (the only rank with this effect).
      • Game:
        • All Master Donator perks (enhanced), notably:
          • Drop rate (general) boosted by 17% rather than 12% (Master)
          • Inferno start wave at 49 rather than 45 (Master)
          • Vote time 50% longer than the normal time, and 15 extra points upon opening vote books.
        • All-new Immortal game perks:
          • 10% increased chance of receiving pets from skilling / bosses.
            • This 10% also applies when gambling your Fire cape or Infernal cape for a new pet.
          • New Alorian Immortal cape which can be claimed from the Donation manager.
            • This cape has the same Teleport features as the other donator capes, and is a combination of black/gold to go along with the rest of the rank.
          • A new skin color that is exclusive to Immortal donators is now available!
            • Immortal Gray can be obtained for free from the Donation manager.
          • Gnome child pet:
            • This pet is exclusive to Immortal donators, and can be obtained for 10m GP from Probita.
              • You will also obtain the previous pet (the Stray dog from the Master rank) for free upon purchasing this pet, assuming you don't already have it.
          • Free pet insurance from Probita
          • Ability to skip Konar's tasks without a fee
          • Increased % chance of Infernal tools effect being applied (33%)
          • Automatically create (4) dose potions instead of the usual (3) dose
          • Ability to set a permanent chat color when speaking, so instead of typing red: or cyan: before every message it is done automatically. 
            • This can be toggled by the Donation manager. You can choose between the following colors:
              • Red
              • Green
              • Cyan
              • Purple
              • White


























We hope you enjoy this update! :) Please report any bugs that you find immediately.






#274477 Changes To The Trading Post

Posted by King purple on 03 March 2019 - 11:56 AM

Hello Alorians!
Today we are bringing you another content poll, this time regarding the Trading Post.
Q. Should the Trading post be updated to include ‘Buy offers’? This would allow you to put money into the TP and if there is ever a sell offer for the desired item, it would be completed even if you are offline. This could work well for items that aren’t in the TP often, or if you’re waiting for a price to drop before you get the item. This will turn the Trading Post into more of a grand-exchange esque system 
The trading post won't change "physically", meaning it won't change it's location or in any other aspect.


Tell us what you think, and don't forget to vote!

#231248 My resignation from the Staff team :)

Posted by Loo on 04 November 2018 - 10:36 AM

Hello Everyone,

I'll try and keep this as short as possible! I've had this feeling linger for a little bit, but it comes and goes. This is my official resignation; I've loved absolutely ever second of it, but i'm not going to lie to you.. In life I definitely give it my all, and if I feel like i'm not giving it 100% I feel disappointment. For example (as of this post) I work full time hours, co-own the huge clan ICE, grinding the EIM highscores and currently a Global moderator on the staff team. One part that should be added to the list is gym like I used to, but I feel overwhelmed currently to the point i'm negating this and even absence from my irl buddies that I used to go out with all the time. I spend every available second of my day logging onto Alora so I don't feel useless but i've had a reality check and feel as if resigning will enable me to balance out my life so I feel full again. I'm very proud of my work ethic, so I feel I don't give the staff team enough of my commitment therefore I don't deserve to keep my role there and I feel they're so many talented staff members to take my place! Post writing this post, my activity won't go down a tonne nor am I signing off completely, i'm just taking small steps to be able to build happiness in my life; This is not Alora's fault or any players specifically, this is my own fault and not prioritising myself. I would like to shoutout the ENTIRETY of the staff team for the hard work they provide, reminder for any non staff member.. This is voluntary work, it's amazing to see a bunch of individuals pump out so much work just as a hobby. Without them this whole system would crash. So in future when anybody believes corrupt stuff is going on, or that the staff team "don't care" you couldn't be further from the truth. @Lowkey @King purple @Not Hellish @hsoJ @Scuffed EIM You guys have had a huge impact on my life I could say, you've guided and shaped me into the player I am today on Alora and I couldn't thank you enough in words. @Draisaitl @Salter @Dante @Sheep @Omicron @To Gain @Code 002 @Moe @EIM 1gp @ServerMod @Serversupport Continue what you're doing, you're doing a fantastic job and I can see most of you with a bright future in the staff team.

Honourable mentions: @Kaamea @Jare

Loo signing off as a staff member, peace xoxo

#222691 Server wide drop party. Celebrating 2 years of Alora!

Posted by Lowkey on 05 October 2018 - 08:09 PM

Hey guys,


We are slowly creeping up on Alora being online for 2 years! Since our official release on November 4th, 2016, Alora has became one of the most popular servers and continues to grow every single day. It's crazy how fast time has gone by and what Alora has become over the past 2 years. We have an amazing day planned for you guys next month because without you guys, Alora wouldn't be where it is today. With that being said I would like to personally thank Omicron, the entire staff team and most importantly, the community for an amazing 2 years and more to come.


I hosted a drop party at the beginning of the year and we broke 1k players online for the first time since we launched. It was an awesome accomplishment for Alora and everyone that was involved. All details and videos of that drop party can be found here: https://www.alora.io...ide-drop-party/


Next months drop party will be bigger, better, and my main goal is to reach 2k players online. I know we can do it with everyone's help. All current details and information on this drop party will be down below, I will be updating this topic regularly if anything changes (including what we will be dropping).



Date of drop party - 11/4/2018
Location of drop party - ::event (subject to change)
Time of drop party - 3PM EST (8PM Server time)


If you wish to donate to this drop party, I will be the only person accepting donations. Pm me in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below and in the video I make of this drop party.




Bank pic(s)




10/30 - 







hsoJ - 25B

Reload - 4b

Sheep - 3.5B

Verkys - 3.2B

Felipethe3rd - 3B

Arkz - 1B

Swamp Troll - 600m

AClD - 500m

Maxed raids - 450m

Otto - 450m

No to skills - 325m

Mag3rang3pk3 - 300m

Moe/NOT HUMAN - 300m

To Gain - 265m

Nhk - 250m

Doctor Drew - 200m

S3iman - 200m

Paine - 160m

75dmg - 100m

Lord Aizen - 100m

650m - 100m

Haunted415 - 75m

Didden - 50m

Ramon - 50m

Iron Aritus - 50m

Emozinante - 50m

Doofy - 50m

Elite Dezrix - 50m

Gamer - 40m

Elsa - 30m

Octavis - 30m

Barrow Farm - 30m

Hostingbj - 26m

Kopjekoffie - 25m

Brayrunsthis - 25m

Shamrock - 20m

Ragragrag46 - 20m

Sadninja - 15m

R E L I C - 10M
Iron gurt - 10m


Horror - Hair