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#442894 Alora's 6th Anniversary - Drop Party & $900+ Value Giveaway!...

Posted by Moe on 18 October 2022 - 02:45 PM


Credits: @Sunnii <3

Hello Alorians,

We are less then 3 weeks away from Alora's 6th Anniversary! :10out10:


This year has surely flown by during the pandemic that never seems to end, however the community has never been stronger as a family! We've had a lot of new faces recently, and hopefully with the anniversary & the TOA update coming soon we can start claiming the throne that is ours in the RSPS scene! I'm excited for this years anniversary and we have a surprise for you below! Cheers to another year boys <3


And of course a HUGE shoutout to @Omicron, the Staff team, & most importantly this community of AMAZING GAMERS for keeping Alora going 6 years STRONG!

We are changing it up from the past years, we will be hosting a giveaway instead of boxes on top of the drop party we will be having as always though. For everyone who leaves a like & post on this topic, you will be entered to win 1 of the 3 prizes below! Only 1 entry per person as we will be checking (no liking on multiple accounts, they will NOT count and all of your accounts will be disqualified). There will be 3 total winners so everyone that participates in the topic will be put into a random number generator and rolled, if it lands on your number, you will win the prize in order from 3rd to 1st. Best of luck to everyone! :okdog:


1st Place - Rainbow Ankou Set $500+ Value



2nd Place - Rainbow Icon $350+ Value



3rd Place - Choice of 1 Slayer Kit $75 Value





One last thing before the drop party details are explained below. We created a forum award for those who donate towards the drop party. If you donate 100m+, you will be eligible to receive the forum award. Post a picture of the donation trade here: https://www.alora.io...1-forum-awards/





Date of Drop Party and Giveaways: 11/6/2022 (November 6)

Location of Drop Party: ::event

Time of Drop Party: 3PM EST (7PM GMT/Server Time)

If you wish to donate to this drop party, Pm Moe or any Admin in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below. Thank you to everyone who has donated/will be donating! We hope to see everyone there, once again thank you for supporting Alora.


Bank picture as of 11/4/2022:



Donations (will be updated as we get donations):

35B - Entire Alora Staff Team

5.55B - Gimslaving

3.5B - Varlant

1.3B - 18

1B - s3iman & Sunnii

925M - To gain

750M - Miq

700M - Paragon Boys

700M - Polton

550M - Overseeker

500M - H

450M - Sagacious

420M - AmrH420

420M - Moe

420M - Real Alan

400M - N

400M - Fopaanz

400M - strudelle

400M - dk690

400M - FeAzzahLaw

375M - humble noob

360M - GIM Maizy

300M - Gim Hets

275M - Santino

250M - Moon Shot

250M - Selenagomez

250M - Kopjekoffie

250M - SmiteUrNan

250M - DickRockhard

250M - Kyle

225M - Aves

200M - Coldcheese & WarmCheese

200M - Krest

200M - B A N K E R

200M - Formula One

210M - 210

200M - Not Magnata

200M - ferinlith

200M - Rossop

200M - Penitence

175M - Lcs1

150M - Lunchbox

150M - El Mufasa

150M - 6 Iron

150M - Fenriz

136M - Klam

130M - Lucifers GIM

130M - t6rahiinlane

127M - Disablediron

125M - Smackingthat

125M - A Luckybox

120M - Justen

119M - Gazoo

113M - redcar

100M - Tauri

100M - Arosa

100M - GIM SSS

100M - mochiii

100M - Elite Master

100M - YeetMcSkeet

100M - G W A R P Y

100M - Monaco

100M - 1

100M - the real gze

100M - Ivy

100M - Chase legend

100M - Iron Sainzz

100M - MT

100M - Soloman BTW

100M - Lerak

75M - Nugzz

75M - Gramr

75M - Brambo

60M Tamber

1M - Devout


Videos from previous drop parties:

#319171 Celebrating 3 years of Alora! HUGE drop party and Giveaways!

Posted by Ultistic on 28 October 2019 - 08:09 AM


Hello brothers!


Next week we will be hosting a HUGE drop party for 3 years of Alora. If you guys have been around for a while we have done 2 of these in the past and they have had a huge turnout.


Big shout-out to Omicron, Staff Team and most importantly the community for keeping Alora going for 3 years. With that being said, lets get into the details of the drop party! :PogChampa: :PogChampa: :PogChampa:


Also, for everyone who leaves a like on this topic, you will be entered to win 1 Cosmetic/Ultimate mbox each! Only 1 entry per person as we will be checking (no liking on multiple accounts, they will NOT count). There will be 5 total winners so everyone that likes the topic will be put into a random number generator and rolled, if it lands on your number, you will win the prize. Best of luck to everyone!



Date of Drop Party and Giveaways: 11/3/19

(11/4 is the official day Alora went live BUT with it falling on a Monday, we would much rather do it on Sunday)


Location of Drop Party: ::event


Time of Drop Party: 1PM EST (5PM Server Time)



If you wish to donate to this drop party, Pm myself or any Admin in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below and in the video/stream I make of this drop party. Thank you to everyone who has donated/will be donating! :PepeLove: :PepeLove:



Bank pics: (will be updated a few times during the week)

Thank you to Doofy for organizing the bank <3





Josh - 25B (i dare you to take this spot)

Sassafras - 3.3B
UIM Gp - 1.5b

To Gain - 1.3B

Death Kid - 1.2B

Gfxez - 751m

Paine - 750m

Doofy - 600m

RM - 585m

Mack - 502m

Draisaitl - 501m

Carol - 500m

J Boogs - 290m

Jisoo - 275m

Kopjekoffie - 275m

Moe - 250m

Liquid pure - 245m

Morgen - 240m

7ashkal - 235m

Bigcat - 125m

Hard dance - 120m

Gytis8652 - 110m

Real try - 100m

Kingtoirons - 100m

Enslaving - 100m

No - 100m

Matzy - 90m

Balgeroth - 80m

Elrow - 80m

Lithuania2 - 70m

Sunset - 65m

Fluffy Tuffy - 50m

SuperiorIQ - 50m

Folivora - 50m

Realism fred - 50m

CrankedDT - 50m

Draciul - 35m

Policija - 33m

Onlyrange - 30m

Yugijames - 15m

Iron Stylez - 10m

Nh Jheez - 1.2B (Refunded)



Videos from the previous 2 drop parties:

#370412 Alora 4 Year Anniversary! Drop Party/Giveaway!

Posted by Ultistic on 30 August 2020 - 10:37 AM








Hello, Gamers!


We are slowly creeping towards our 4th Year Anniversary for Alora!


Alora officially went live on November 4th, 2016. I've personally been around since the start of Alora and can say I'm happy with what it has turned into over the years. I want to thank everyone that's been involved with Alora even if you just started yesterday. You guys have kept the server going strong since the start and words can't express how thankful we are for all of you. :withlove: :withlove:


Big shoutout to Omicron, Staff Team, and most importantly the community for keeping Alora going for nearly 4 years.


Similar to last year, we will be hosting a giveaway on top of the drop party we will be having. For everyone who leaves a like on this topic, you will be entered to win 1 Cosmetic/Ultimate mbox each! Only 1 entry per person as we will be checking (no liking on multiple accounts, they will NOT count and all of your accounts will be disqualified). There will be 5 total winners so everyone that likes the topic will be put into a random number generator and rolled, if it lands on your number, you will win the prize. Best of luck to everyone!



One last thing before the drop party details are explained below. Champ has created a forum award for donators towards the drop party. If you donate 100m+ you will be eligible to receive the forum award. After donating, please fill out a topic here so we can give you the award (please provide proof of the trade) : https://www.alora.io...1-forum-awards/







Date of Drop Party and Giveaways: 11/1/2020


Location of Drop Party: ::event


Time of Drop Party: 2PM EST (6PM Server Time)


If you wish to donate to this drop party, Pm myself or any Admin in-game or on forums and you will be given a shout out down below and in the video/stream I make of this drop party. Thank you to everyone who has donated/will be donating! We hope to see everyone there, once again thank you.


Bank picture as of 10/9/2020:





Donations (will be updated as we get donations):


11 - 16.5B

To Gain - 5B

Joe - 4.3B

Trotz - 4b

Classic - 3.45b

Loo/7 - 2.5b

G O D L Y - 2b

Hard Dance - 2b
Smiv - 1.55b

Nigga 1 - 1.41b

Death Kid - 600m

Sexting - 600m

SofaplankHC - 550m

Reload - 550m

Dab - 500m

iGunsey - 500m

7 Psychodual - 500m

S - 500m

S3iman & Sunnilail98 - 500m
Elite - 500m

Konic - 500m

Livn Country - 390m

Champ - 375m
Moe - 250m

Doofy - 250m

Sumting - 250m

Trailerpark - 250m

Enslaving - 200m

Buccscratchr - 200m

Selenagomez - 200m

Stone - 180m

Sheep - 175m

J Boogs - 150m

High Groupie - 150m

Adex - 140m

Lets Funk - 130m

Rowy - 120m

Ziaw - 110m

Jon Zoo - 107m

APR - 105m

A BJ - 100m

RFD - 100m

TenFour - 100m


Cwars - 100m

Cronlad - 100m

Strudelle - 100m

Real Cream - 100m

Hellish - 100m

Fou - 100m

Chase Legend - 100m

Leang - 100m

Fittbob - 100m


Videos from previous drop parties:



Shoutout to RFD for making the animated banner above.

#471761 Alora's 7th Anniversary - Drop Party & $1100 Value Giveaway!

Posted by Moe on 02 November 2023 - 09:06 AM





#227523 Bonus Skill Schedule

Posted by Unknown on 23 October 2018 - 05:16 AM

As of 08.05.2024 the following changes have been added to SOTD.


  • Skill of the Day changes:
    • Attack is now included as a Skill of the Day on the 1st of every month, shifting every other skill over by 1 day.
    • Randomized skills:
      • After the first 23 days of the month (going through each skill 1-by-1), a random skill will be selected for each of the remaining days of the month.
        • Although two days cannot have the same skill back to back, it is possible for the same skill to be randomly selected twice at the end of the month.




*From day 24-31 there will be a random skill chosen

#177400 ICE [Ironman/Classic/Elite] PVM/PVP/SKILLING

Posted by Ice on 12 April 2018 - 05:51 PM







Welcome to ICE, we are a Help, PVM, and Skilling-focused clan on Alora.

ICE is an open CC and the largest clan on Alora. We offer in-game assistance, learner raids, events, giveaways, and a friendly social community.

Ranked members in ICE are able to participate in numerous events including but not limited to:

BINGOs, PVM hunts, pet hunts, skilling hunts, hide n' seek, Boss masses, Achievement of the Week, Tile Races, etc.





  • Follow the server rules at all times. (Click here to read the Official Alora Rules) 
  • Please keep the clan chat conversation clean. 
    • No toxicity, flame/flame bait, discrimination, racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.
    • Please avoid controversial topics, such as but not limited to: politics, religion, Crypto/NFTs, NSFW, etc.
  • Advertising is not allowed in the clan chat.
    • This goes for gambling, buying/selling, services, content creation, etc.
  • Please use English in the clan chat.
    • While we welcome players of all nationalities, we prefer to keep the clan chat English only for moderation purposes. 
  • Ranked members may not PK other ranked members. Unranked members are able to PK and be PKed freely.
    • Abuse of this system will result in permanent removal from the clan chat. I.e. poaching, luring, etc.
  • Multi-clanning is not allowed. Ranked members that apply to or join another clan will have their ranks removed.





Like our CC, we have an open Discord server. Join here.






To become a ranked member of ICE you need to submit an application.

Each applicant must initially apply for Recruit, then Corporal, followed by Sergeant.

Please note, there must be a minimum of two weeks between applications for ranks.

ICE Staff ranks cannot be applied for.


Please fill out the application below.



Account Name (IGN) - 


Discord Tag (Name#0000) -


What is your current rank? (Put N/A if currently unranked) -


Name of the player who recruited you. (Put N/A if not applicable. RECRUIT ONLY) -


When did you last apply for a rank? (Put N/A if this is your first application) -


What rank are you applying for? -


What are your strengths? - 


What are your weaknesses? -


In a short paragraph, please explain why you feel you deserve the rank you are applying for. -






Clan_icon_-_Owner.png?53696 Owner

KP  Im job

Hellish  DB Aspect



Clan_icon_-_General.png?f7cb3 General

OzyNaMdies  Steel Nogan

Ivy  Minken

Tauri  Sassafras

Shader  EIM Nord

large beef  High groupie



Clan_icon_-_Captain.png?b0561 Captain

BlockTheSpot  Redius

  tardcore  HamiltownFe 

Benelli  Lunchy

Gim Hets  Logann

 Fenriz  Bier  

Sagacious  Punx

Mhu  Neuro

GIM Shockre  Smiv




Clan_icon_-_Lieutenant.png?b0561 Lieutenant

Grange  Real Moron   


Revol  Blueray

Assalad  doitmyselfth




#288080 Time to move on!

Posted by Sheep on 15 April 2019 - 05:54 AM

Hello everyone,

This day was gonna come, always struggled to quit Alora since it was a pretty big part of my life but right now I’m quite busy IRL, got a new contract at my job, school will start again in a few months and other stuff around it like spending time with gf and family and other responsibilities.

It’s been around 2 years and 5 months here on Alora, which I’ve been staff for 2 years and 4 months, I feel like still playing / being staff here holds me back IRL and I’m finally comfortable of leaving Alora, knowing that I have made some awesome accomplishments and made some great friends and also friends that will stick around long after Alora.

It was a pleasure to work here, learned a lot in these years which will help me IRL as well, I want to specially thank @Omicron and @Lowkey, the only 2 people who are still here from when I started.

The team is looking great, better than ever before and I’m sure they’ll do great things, and make Alora even better of what it is today.

This doesn’t mean I’ll completely leave but will still play rarely and still check Discord. It’s more a decision to not get stressed out since a lot is going on right now.

Love all of you, best of luck with whatever you’re all up to.

Much love,


#213544 Loo's (Elite Ironman) Progress!

Posted by 7 on 30 August 2018 - 10:43 AM

Hello Everyone! I've seen many of these progress reports, and have been meaning to make one for the LONGEST time. I won't say this will be perfect, but I would like to be consistent with this as possible. Also a massive shoutout to @Elite Sheets as i've used his template as it impressed me  :)


               CERBERUS             SLAYER                   DKS                  ZULRAH

                          Primordial boots                     Slayer helmet (i)                    Berserker ring (i)                     Tanzanite fang
                          Pegasian boots                      Ring of wealth (i)                     Archers ring (i)                          Magic fang
                            Eternal boots                            Herb sack                             Seers ring (i)                     Serpentine visage
                        Smouldering stone                   Salve amulet (ei)                       Dragon axe                           Crystal seed
                                                                           Imbued heart                                                                   Tanzanite mutagen
                                                                                                                                                                     Magma mutagen
                 BANDOS            ZAMORAK           SARADOMIN        ARMADYL
                          Bandos tassets                    Zamorakian spear                     Armadyl crossbow                   Armadyl helmet
                        Bandos chestplate                  Staff of the dead                       Saradomin sword                  Armadyl chainskirt
                           Bandos boots                    Zamorak godsword                     Saradomin's light                  Armadyl chestplate
                        Bandos godsword                  Steam battlestaff                    Saradomin godsword               Armadyl godsword
                 KRAKEN            DEMONICS         WILDERNESS       DRAGON 
                        Trident of the seas                  Amulet of torture                            Rune pouch                          KBD heads
                          Kraken tentacle                  Necklace of anguish                      Dragon pickaxe                    Draconic visage
                                                                       Ring of suffering                         Odium ward (1/3)                    Vorkath head
                                                                     Tormented bracelet                   Malediction ward (0/3)           Dragon warhammer

                                                                     Heavy Ballista (3/4)                    Revenant items (4/4)

                 GENERAL            BARROWS                RAIDS I              RAIDS II
                           Elite void ranged               Ahrim's armour set (4/4)             Dexterous prayer scroll          Avernic defender hilt
                            Elite void melee                Karil's armour set (4/4)                  Arcane prayer scroll                 Ghrazi rapier
                            Elite void magic              Dharok's armour set (4/4)                     Twisted bow                     Sanguinesti staff

                              Fighter torso                 Guthan's armour set (4/4)                  Twisted buckler                     Scythe of vitur
                              Graceful set                    Torag's armour set (3/4)                 Ancestral robe top              Justiciar faceguard
                          Dragon defender                Verac's armour set (4/4)               Ancestral robe bottom         Justiciar chestguard
                                Fire cape                                                                                  Ancestral hat                  Justiciar legguards

                           Occult necklace                                                                              Kodai wand 
                             Abyssal whip                                                                                 Elder maul
                             Ranger boots                                                                     Dragon hunter crossbow 
                              Inferno cape                                                                               Dragon claws
                  Achievement cape (54/54)                                                                  
                       Completionist monkey


                    HYDRA                                                   SKILLS


                               Hydra's eye                                      Attack 99/99                  Hitpoints 99/99                 Mining 99/99          

                              Hydra's fang                                   Strength 99/99                   Agility 99/99                  Smithing 99/99

                              Hydra's heart                                  Defence 99/99                 Herblore 99/99                 Fishing 99/99

                              Hydra leather                                  Ranged 99/99                  Thieving 99/99                Cooking 99/99

                                Hydra claw                                     Prayer 99/99                   Crafting 99/99              Firemaking 99/99

                                 Hydra tail                                       Magic 99/99                   Fletching 99/99           Woodcutting 99/99

                                                                                  Runecrafting 99/99               Slayer 99/99                  Farming 99/99

                                                                                  Construction 99/99               Hunter 99/99             Total lvl: 2277 / 2277

                                                                                               Overall Rank - 2


                                                                         BANK PIC (Apologies for the messy bank)




This is probably the most diabolical bank you've ever seen but i'm too lazy to fix it. This will conclude this weeks progress update. Last Updated: 07/04/19.

#345963 RuneLite... Coming to Alora?!

Posted by Omicron on 01 April 2020 - 01:01 PM



Hello everyone,
We’ve been working quietly for awhile now on a major project, and today we’re ready to share it with you: RuneLite is coming to Alora! This has been kept under wraps for the past few months, as we wanted to ensure that we were able to meet your expectations before making an announcement. Hundreds of hours of development have gone into this client, and we're now at a point where we can confidently share this news with all of you. 
We'd like to highlight why this was an unrealistic task to begin with, and why we decided to focus on it. Initially, the task of making RuneLite compatible with Alora essentially involved rewriting most of the RuneLite client to be compatible with ours. Unlike other OSRS-based private servers which connect to RuneLite right out of the box with minimal changes, the Alora client is unique in that it is quite different than OSRS' client, as it is merged with a high-definition RuneScape client from 2008, which is how we're able to uniquely provide the HD mode. Unfortunately, this made the RuneLite job an extremely daunting task.
Nonetheless, we understand that this feature has been requested time and time again, and many of you have grown accustomed to the features provided by RuneLite, so we made it our priority for the past few months to properly connect most of the plugins with our client. We believe this will change the experience on Alora dramatically, and further cement us as the best option when it comes to RSPS. With our wonderful community and high update frequency, RuneLite is the icing on the cake that will make us stand out even more than we already have.
There is still a decent amount of work to do, so unfortunately we can't provide a guaranteed ETA, but what we can say is that we are working to bring it to you as quickly as possible :)
Without further ado, here are some previews of the functionality that we've already implemented:




We hope that you guys are just as excited as we are about this, and we're looking forward to sharing more details & progress soon :)


Edit: Not an April fools joke btw!




#328491 3 years of Alora. (My resignation)

Posted by Ultistic on 26 December 2019 - 07:41 AM

For the less unfortunate that can't read or if you're just lazy. I also made a video:



Hello everyone!

Today is quite an unusual and unexpected day for most of you. I am resigning from Community Manager.

Without going into too much detail, I've been going through a ton of shit for about a year now which has put me in a terrible position currently. I will be moving irl later this week to finally focus on myself and will no longer be in the position I am in to be there for the Staff Team and most importantly, the community. I just want to be happy and I hope you guys can understand that!

I started my adventure in July 2016 and before Alora launched, I never once thought we would ever be this big and close of a community. I want to thank ALL of you for an amazing 3 years. I have made some amazing friends during this time and I can only hope we can all continue to be friends once I'm gone. I put everything I could into this Server for 3 years and I hope you guys have had as much fun as I had to watch the Community/Server turn into what it has today. Just because I'm leaving doesn't mean the server is shutting down or anything, so please don't think that. I want Alora and the community to continue to grow and be stronger even without me around. I could go on and on and list probably hundreds of names and shout certain people out, but I have a better chance of my hair growing back in than I do remembering every single person I've come in contact with over the last 3 years.

I will, however, shoutout 1 person, that being Omicron. Thank you for trusting me with an admin position when Alora first started. It was my first time being in that kind of position, as I left his old Server as just a Forum Moderator. I would also like to say thank you for trusting me with the CM rank for 2 years. He has helped me out more than you guys could even imagine. Going from 10 players online at a time to 500+ was a good change of pace for both of us and I wish nothing but the best on his success with Alora while I'm gone. Thank you for everything, Dan.

So with that being said, Once again I would like to say Thank you to EVERYONE that has been involved with Alora from 2016 to today. You guys are what make Alora successful and stay running. I hope you guys have enjoyed everything from the silly yells/broadcasts I do, Streams, Giveaways, Drop parties and the list goes on. I really do hope Alora keeps on growing and stays up for many more years.

I will still be around on discord, but will not be involved with the Staff Team or any CM duties. So if you would like to keep in touch, you can message me there.

I love all of you and thank you so much for all you have done over the past 3 years. You are what kept me logging in nearly every single day. Thank you.

Take care guys, keep being awesome and I hope you all continue to enjoy Alora <3

God is a midget, but my favorite midget <3


#331295 Achievement Diary Guide

Posted by Vape Tricks on 12 January 2020 - 03:01 AM

Hey everyone! With the release of the new achievement diary system, I've taken the time to write this guide for completing it! If there are any better ways to access a location or do a task, please let me know so I can update it. Huge shoutout to @GIM Flex for helping with this so I could get it out soon after the update. Enjoy! 



2NJbldi.pngArdougne Diary



TQYVSSh.png Desert Diary


fQ0uccW.pngFalador Diary


ZcwRGg4.png Fremennik Diary


XYfJkTG.pngKandarin Diary



B29qdu2.pngKaramja Diary



SqXYLoK.png Kourend & Kebos Diary



Explorer%27s_ring_4.png?3fac2Lumbridge & Draynor Diary



EfCKtV5.pngMorytania Diary



OWPESvE.pngVarrock Diary



RPkjtGt.pngWestern Provinces Diary



crdD79e.pngWilderness Diary


#18324 Staff List

Posted by Ikta on 16 November 2016 - 02:21 PM

Official staff list



0OmK2GY.png Omicron - Time zone: -5:00 UTC


Community Manager

f79znpq.png Tauri - Time zone: +2:00 UTC


Advertisement Manager

lI5MFfP.png Moe - Time zone: +2:00 UTC


Event Manager

JYy33lz.png Mufasa - Time zone: +2:00 UTC



nc2c1V4.png To gain - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

gb.png Kyle - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

gb.png H - Time zone: +1:00 UTC


Global Moderator

56vKC8o.png Not Shadow - Time zone: +1:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png More glory - Time zone: -5:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png Logan - Time zone: -6:00 UTC

38LSUn7.png U - Time zone: +2:00 UTC


Forum Moderator

7e814485b051bcf4191b8ed9752cfd55.png Kareem Sqr - Time zone: +2:00 UTC

lXMaPj5.png 6 Iron - Time zone: -6:00 UTC

BbicFqc.png YeetMcSkeet - Time zone: +1:00 UTC


Server Moderator

FKhTbu5.png GIM NoArN - Time zone: +1:00 UTC


Server Support

lXMaPj5.png Ruwk - Time Zone: -7:00 UTC



Due to some of our Staff Members not able to multi-log, we have allowed them to have 1 extra account as Staff so they can play both accounts while still showing under the ::staff command in-game.


Kyle - FreeCry

Mufasa - Scar Pls No

Not Shadow - unBank

More glory - GIM Glory

U - Knud

#30445 How to use the support section [Read before first post]

Posted by OzScorcher on 14 December 2016 - 07:30 AM




The support section of the forums is for support only, you should not be using it to post appeals or bug reports, these have their own section.


If your support question is something that you think a regular player would be able to help with then you should post it into the normal section that you see here so as to get a quicker response. These types of inquiries include, but are not limited to:

  • Client problems
  • Connectivity issues

If you support question is something that includes personal details or is an issue that could only be handled by staff, the involvement of regular players is unnecessary and your topic should be posted into the '2FA & Password', 'Donation' or the 'Technical' support section. This section operates similar to the bug report and appeals section in that only you and members of staff will be able to view your topic, regular members cannot see the topic you have made and therefore will not see any private information you choose to include. Issues to be posted in this forum include, but are not limited to:

  • 2FA / Password reset
  • Donation problems
  • Technical problems
  • Loss of items
  • Anything involving personal details you do not wish to share

#312411 My resignation

Posted by Doc Hellish on 01 September 2019 - 12:43 PM

Hey guys, I've been on the staff team since 16th Feb '18, but now it's time that I step down as an Administrator. The reason for the resignation is pretty straightforward: I'm entering my last year of med school before I graduate and I feel that as of now, I need to make the best of this last year for my future practice. As such, I won't be able to prioritise Alora over other activities as I've done since I joined the team. I'll definitely still be around in the community, in all of it's forms. 


Big shoutout to the staff team, with MOST of it's past & all current members but, a special acknowledgement of @king purple , @Fenrir, @Mack, @God & yes, even you @Paine, wouldn't have lasted this long without you guys and others like you.



See you guys around,


- Hellish / Five / C4 <3



#322088 My Resignation

Posted by KP on 21 November 2019 - 04:46 PM

Hello Dads,
As you may have noticed, my time on Alora has come to an end (for now, atleast).
When I started playing the game, my mental health state was at an all time low. I was feeling lost, depressed.. I removed all of my friends from my life and it was as lonely as it gets.
This game allowed me to rebuild myself. My confidence, my smile, everything that's positive was coming back as I played it and enjoyed every single day of it. I met some of the most incredible human beings here, and just because I am no longer a staff member does not mean we need to stop talking.
There is no tinfoil bullshit reason as to why I am leaving, I am not upset with anyone but myself. I am at one of my lowest points when it comes to my mental health state, and I need to find myself again. I need to try new things, entertain myself and find my smile once again so that I can be the KP that fights every single day to put a smile on someone's face, even if it is online. As it stands right now, I am not able to do this every single week. That is why you see me trying new games and new activities IRL and online.
I am not making this post for anyone to feel sorry for me, I am just here to say that these 2 years have been incredible. Alora and the people I've met here saved my life, and I don't want to lose any of you because of this.
I made a post about mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorders a few months ago (not linking it because I don't want people to think I want any form of attention, thats not what this post is about, or the one I am mentioning ), and that didn't change at all. I am still here for you guys, and hopefully you will be with me for the ride.
If you have any issues or you are struggling mentally, let's help eachother out. Message me on discord, Purple#5940.
Hopefully this is not a "goodbye", it's a "be right back".
I love you all.
~ KP

#241767 Detharrow's Road to All Pets

Posted by Detharrow26 on 07 December 2018 - 07:59 AM




Currently working on...Tempoross/Leviathan/Vardorvis/NexNightmare

Pets above in screenie above are in order of acquisition & seperated as skilling/bossing/misc respectively


[Pets in green have been obtained]



Ufmhz2Y.png  SKILLING PETS Ufmhz2Y.png

[200m all stats]




YkK13pg.png BEAVER







qUFUtAa.pngHERBI - Obtained @ 114 KC



VOv0iWZ.png BOSS PETS VOv0iWZ.png

HFZsZRD.pngABYSSAL ORPHAN - Obtained @ 968 KC - 16 Unsireds

3FXMqs5.pngBABY MOLE - Obtained @ 160 KC

SIg0Pjv.pngCALLISTO CUB - Obtained @ 264 KC

Q2QoQrR.pngHELLPUPPY - Obtained @ 4,561 KC

Sy6Vlj4.pngJal-Nib-Rik - Obtained @ 2 KC

wF3MHD4.pngKALPHITE PRINCESS - Obtained @ 322 KC

Hydra_icon.png?b50de&20190110125833IKKLE HYDRA - Obtained @ 3,604 KC

pW1t3wI.pngLIL' ZIK - Obtained @ 151 KC

tCdLffF.pngNOON - Obtained @ 2,190 KC

ykNp9Px.pngOLMLET - Obtained @ 102 KC

ywWGJZZ.pngPET CHAOS ELEMENTAL - Obtained @ 111 KC

Fh1iFvd.pngPET DAGANNOTH PRIME - Obtained @ 12,821 KC

ZWiQw5Z.pngPET DAGANNOTH REX - Obtained @ 2,150 KC

HfqyTu0.pngPET DAGANNOTH SUPREME - Obtained @ 252 KC

Cwl1bno.pngPET DARK CORE 305 KC

UdAfNxH.pngPET GENERAL GRAADOR Obtained @ 7,451 KC

JRqHRvF.pngPET K'RIL TSUTSAROTH Obtained @ 8,445 KC

Dn71zaM.pngPET KRAKEN - Obtained @ 1,155 KC

JheJYys.pngPET KREE'ARRA 6,059 KC

rKeJxon.pngPET SMOKE DEVIL - Obtained @ 321 KC

maS0n9j.pngPET SNAKELING - Obtained @ 1,013 KC

tXS6rFj.pngPET ZILYANA - Obtained @ 391 KC

w0cZrFo.pngPRINCE BLACK DRAGON Obtained @ 1,393 KC

SoUd2ik.pngSCORPIA'S OFFSPRING  Obtained @ 2,286 KC

4t1zHFV.pngSKOTOS - Obtained @ 60+ KC

JT54BB0.pngTZREK-JAD - Obtained @ 21 KC - 20 Gambles

90tfAUW.pngVENENATIS SPIDERLING - Obtained @ 1,879 KC

6LpMTKP.pngVET'ION JR. - Obtained @ 1,174 KC

p9lKbVY.pngVORKI - Obtained @ 1,774 KC


qlHhiPM.png SRARACHA Obtained @ 3,384 KC


5KfqjBm.png SMOLCANO - Obtained @ 59 KC

S1HOKOv.png YOUNGLLEF - Obtained @ 944 KC




Tiny_tempor.png?77385TINY TEMPOR 706 KC / 13,690 permits


Abyssal_protector.png?1e68e ABYSSAL PROTECTOR 704 pulls


Nexling.png?23e0dNEXLING 706 KC


Tumeken%27s_guardian.png?5790eTUMEKEN'S GUARDIAN 8 KC (3 Normal; 5 Expert)


Muphin_%28ranged%29.png?11c7e MUPHIN - Obtained @ 692 KC


Wisp.png?99060 WISP 1 KC


Baron.png?99060BARON 102 KC


Butch.png?99060BUTCH 1 KC


Lil%27viathan.png?99060LIL'VIATHAN 171 KC

bT7hDMU.png   MISC. PETS bT7hDMU.png




shdsa4X.pngPET ROCK

5FdVaEl.pngMETAMORPHIC DUST (COX) - Obtained @ 57 KC

5FdVaEl.pngMETAMORPHIC DUST (TOB) - 688 KC (550ish before dust added)

075091928880919e1578ab4aeb2b4564.png GOD BOSS PET


JU54Mw9.png 'The Guns' (Vote book pet)


DmajJOr.png JalRek-Jad



13da725e5f58c113390ca587a1b93f68.pngSTRAY DOG [Master Donor Pet]
AKZoR9Z.png Gnome Child pet [Immortal Donator]



K%27klik_chathead.png?ea3f9Lil'Klik (Eternal Donator)



04044a6d37edb4f7b32305abccc8a1ce.pngSHEEP PET (CASTLE WARS)


Baby_penguin_%28grey%29.png?fcfee PENG PET (ULTIMATE/COSMETIC MYSTERY BOX)



Lil%27_creator.png?60046Lil'creator ($150 Custom Donation)


e66161fbbf63920b899a97dff62626d3.pngRANDOM DAILY LOGIN REWARD PETS - 2/5 Obtained - 2 box opening

- Balloon Animal

- Cute Creature

- Evil Creature

- Badger

- Baby Mimic


j7kAnlJ.pngBLACK CAT - [125 posts]

aooaVkV.pngWHITE AND BLACK CAT - [250 posts]

n6H2GsO.pngWHITE CAT [500 posts]

hK6OYuh.pngWHITE AND BLUE CAT [750 posts]

CuuYjIq.pngWHITE AND BROWN CAT [1000 posts]

xkcC5Ro.pngBROWN WILY CAT [1250 posts]

q1Kjagc.pngGRAY WILY CAT [1500 posts]

bOhDtrk.pngHELLCAT [2000 posts]

mPClqzJ.pngTOY CAT [2500 posts]

akHVBj7.pngLAZY HELLCAT [5000 posts]

Last updated - 20/04/2024

#222923 The Veteran Rank

Posted by Banks on 06 October 2018 - 01:02 PM

Hello everyone.

Today we will be making a few changes to our Veteran rank. To those who are unfamiliar, the Veteran rank is a rank/award that is awarded to members who have both been around the game for a while as well as shown a positive presence within the community. This being said, we will be changing up the requirements a bit to better represent what the rank is supposed to really mean.

If you wish to apply for the Veteran rank, please apply here: https://www.alora.io...1-forum-awards/








To apply for the Veteran rank you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have one year or older registration time.
  • You must have 50 or more days play time in-game.
  • You must have 30 or more days online time on the forums.
  • You must have at least 250 post count on the forums.
  • You must have 0 indiscretions within the last 3 months.
  • You must provide proof that you meet ALL of the requirements.
  • If you apply without having met the requirements, your request will be declined.

In addition, those who currently hold the Veteran rank are held to the following standards:

  • You will not receive an infraction resulting in a ban/mute in-game or losing your ability to post on the forums
  • You will represent Alora in a positive way at all times
  • You will be respectful to other members of the community
  • Failure to do so will result in your rank being removed
  • If your rank is removed, you must wait 3 months before you're eligible to re-apply


  • Anyone who reaches Global Moderator are exempt from the normal application requirements and will be granted the Veteran rank upon promotion
  • The Administration Team reserves the right to decline/remove the Veteran rank as they see fit
  • Players may NOT combine any of the requirements between accounts. The account you wish to hold the Veteran Rank on must meet ALL of the requirements
  • If any staff member meets all of the requirements but post count this may be overlooked, since anything staff-related on the forums does not grant post count. This is enforced through the Administration Team's discretion.


~ Banks
Alora Administration Team

#13625 Clue Scroll Guide

Posted by F 8 on 07 November 2016 - 11:37 PM

Clue Scroll Guide

Note: If you do not see your clue here, visit this link.



General Info:

If you have a bugged clue step it is likely due to you using HD mode.

To fix the issue for now, just disable HD so you are able to view the clue step.

Runelite is now implemented and has a Clue Scroll plugin, would highly recommend enabling this for clues.


Map Info:

Orange Circle = Start/Teleport spot

Red Star = Clue position


Average Clue Attempts:

1-3 Easy

3-6 Medium

4-6 Hard

5-7 Elite

8-10 Master


Required Gear:


Recommended Items:








Cryptic Clues



Dig Sites and Maps 






Possible Rewards:

Easy Clue Scrolls


Medium Clue Scrolls


Hard Clue Scrolls


Elite Clue Scrolls 


Master Clue Scrolls




Additional Rewards:


You can purchase the Clue Scroll Sack after completing 150 clue scrolls of any type from the skillcape shop by speaking with the Wise Old Man for 1,000,000 GP.



Completing 300 Hard Clue Scrolls unlocks Uri's Transform Emote.



#377430 Feedback October 2020

Posted by Kq head on 19 October 2020 - 01:21 PM

“The main piece of content CoX has been left in this atrocious state for over a month, so we are adding a new donator rank??!”
Eternal Donator Rank
Anyone else notice this new Eternal Donator rank? As far as myself, and many others in the community that I've talked with are aware, this rank was never proposed, polled, or even mentioned to anyone. Everyone I’ve talked with seems to agree that this is a clear cash grab, and honestly, a slap in the face to most of us. Moving on.. What perks could this new donator rank possibly even offer? Any perks that could possibly be offered to match the cost of the rank would be incredibly overpowered and game breaking. The opinion the community holds on donator ranks is already that the highest rank that is worth the cost is uber, so why would anyone in their right mind pay for a potential $20,000 (potentially higher) rank?
For an example, look at the drop rate differences from donator ranks… (While this is a very black and white example, it gets the point across that the rank truly doesn’t provide a benefit worth its price) The Corporeal Beast drops the Elysian Sigil at a 1/2697 rate for non-donors. For uber-donators, that is reduced to 1/2552, and for immortal-donators a 1/2370 chance. Estimating that efficient players can get 30 kills per hour, it would save an immortal-donator 10.9 hours when compared to a non-donator. A $10,000 donator rank is theoretically only saving the player approximately 11 hours, more than $900 per hour saved. Think about what master and immortal donators did to the CoX prices.. How much further can we buff drop rates before it gets to be too much?
What’s more realistic is that players (if any even tried) would try and buy the rank with in game gold, buying custom transfers. Considering the on-going rate for $100 custom donations is 3b gold, at a 1:4 rate it would cost a single player 150b gold to obtain the rank from scratch. The benefits that this new rank would have to provide the player to be worth the price would have to be so incredibly overpowered that it would break the game in no time at all. Not to mention… how many players could even afford to buy that, maybe 2? Even so, they would likely have to dump their entire banks to afford it. 
Something myself and a few others in the community have discussed as a better alternative would be paying for rank transfers. We understand that there is a cost of running the server, and the players are willing to do that, but a new donator rank isn’t the best way to go about it. Players being able to pay to transfer their donor ranks from account to account is a service that is much higher in demand than a higher tier donor rank. Not only does this accomplish bringing in more income to keep the server going, it also fills a huge need that the community has been asking for. How many players have left Alora because they wanted to play a new account and didn’t have the option to transfer their rank to a new account? Countless players have offered $100 and more to transfer their ranks, and those same players might come back if this was an option. 
Lack of communication
Take a look at Oldschool Runescape’s method for development and why the current version of OSRS is a much bigger success than its prior Runescape 2 (pre-eoc). They run 30 question content polls at least once a month, and develop content around the results. If something doesn’t pass their threshold of being approved by the community (75%), they don’t bother implementing it unless they further reach out to the community, ask what changes would need to be made to see the content implemented, and then make said changes. While on Alora, the last major content (content that exceeds the “weekly update” time frame) poll took place in September of 2017. It has been over 3 years since one of these polls were posted. Here is the post for those looking… 
A development focused on what the players would like to see, rather than what content the developers would like to see. This is the style of development that Alora needs to implement. The players keep Alora alive, and players won’t stay when their thoughts and ideas aren’t being listened to. While Omi can, and should, make decisions for the server that he feels are ultimately the best, he should also take into account the ideas that the community has a strong passion for (ex: reworking Olm and ToB, adding nightmare instances and an overall combat system rework). Releasing content like Castle Wars and LMS are not what the players are asking for, yet they get implemented above all else and before fixing what the players are clearly asking for. 
Instead of leaving the players, in the dark when it comes to “major” content releases, create development blogs more often. There were 2 back in July and August for the Chambers of Xeric rework, and it was very exciting to see an update like that just around the corner. Knowing what updates are coming and thinking about preparing for those updates always brings back my passion to play because it sets me on a direct path for a cool new piece of content. 
Maybe development blogs are something that take up too much of Omi’s time, but there are a ton of dedicated players on the staff team that I am sure would be thrilled to help with the process of testing content and putting together a development blog for the community. 
Side note. What happened to crack the clue?
Stupid update delays
This is one of the things that I will never understand the logic behind... Let's look at the most recent, and probably best example of this. The Chambers of Xeric rework is probably one of the best content updates Alora has seen in a long time; not only is it a good advertisement point, but it is also the cause of many old players returning. While I don’t agree with people saying “cOx iS iMpoSsible” I must admit I don’t see any logic behind delaying crucial bug-fixes, like the scaling of the top floor or the chests randomly disappearing for an entire month. 
Another good example of this would be a very long time ago, when the skilling interfaces were updated to match OSRS. This update brought a crafting bug, that made the skill impossible to level early on, pretty much rendering the skill unusable for an entire week. Whether the reason is that a server restart would “annoy” players, or rather it was better to simply delay it a week so that the update would look bigger and better. It makes absolutely no logical sense. 
As a player, all of this makes me feel so unappreciated on the server. To know that cash grabs and flashy update threads are clearly more important than the player’s experience, it truly saddens me. 
I anticipate all of the discussions this may start, and I look forward to feedback from everyone within the community. 

#410889 Memorial of Gabrifane99 -- +3b Drop party

Posted by Call m Daddy on 24 September 2021 - 11:08 AM

First of all I ask the condolences of the entire server


@gabrifane99 unfortunately on 15th September a great friend, member of Alora and loved by the entire Portuguese and Brazilian community passed away, he had a terrible motorcycle accident and we are all in grief.
He was a pure person , friend of friend and always willing to help everyone , so in honor of him , me @Call m Daddy  @Andcom2 , @cracatoa29 , @windsondom , @Iron Lcs1
@xMizticz and @MesutBrozil decided to organize a Drop-Party in honor of the wonderful person he was, always trying to help everyone, never minding about the pixels and always in a good mood and laughing.

Before finishing, we would like to ask that at the end of the Drop-Party to everyone not to leave and that they could SPAM a message in the chat saying:

In memory of Gabrifane99 , the good ones will never be forgotten.

All the tribute will be recorded and sent to the family showing all the love of a community, with huge sadness I leave you this message and ask for the presence of everyone.

Thank you very much for your attention.

  <3  <3  @gabrifane99


The Tribute will take place at Barrows on September 26th at 05:00 PM GMT '' Server time ''