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[23/10/20] Tithe Farm, Mahogany Homes, Eternal Donator Rank, Lottery & More!

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Hello everyone,
Before getting into today’s update, I’d like to personally apologize for the delay in getting this update out to you guys. We didn’t intend for the update to be postponed this far, but some unexpected circumstances made the wait longer than usual this month. We hope that the size of this update will make up for that, and we have put our all into getting a hefty update out to satisfy everyone. Let’s get into it!
This week’s update contains so many different pieces of content that it’s hard to keep track of. We’ve added Mahogany Homes, which will make Construction much more enjoyable to train and offers new rewards including a new outfit and a new POH style. Next up, we’ve added the Tithe Farm which will add some much needed variety to the usual Farming runs and introduces some new rewards (including a new outfit, seed packs and more). Aside from this, we’ve also added a Lottery system to help spread the wealth in-game: the lottery will give one lucky player the chance at taking the jackpot every 10 days, and the jackpot depends on how many tickets have been purchased in total. Lastly, we've implemented a new donator rank - the Eternal Donator, which is the highest tier rank on Alora at the moment! This rank introduces some new perks, skin colors and a pet for our top supporters. We’re also allowing unlimited rank transfers (with a 90 day cooldown) for those of you who frequently move ranks between accounts. Aside from this, there are a ton of QoL and bug fixes in this update, but we’ll let you check it out for yourself!
In Other News...
We’d also like to get back into a regular update/reboot cycle, aiming for weekly reboots and bi-weekly updates, even if the updates are not as large as this one. Some updates that are larger may take more time, and in those cases we’ll still do our best to put out a development blog so that the community is aware of the schedule. Our next two updates will be out very soon, and they’ll be the Halloween update and our Anniversary event as we approach Alora’s 4th birthday. If you haven’t checked it out already, make sure to watch the Drop Party teaser which will be happening on Sunday, November 1st at 2pm Eastern time:

Without further ado:

  • Chambers of Xeric fixes:
    • Added a limit on the Vespula portal prayer/hp drain when it's being attacked to 20 tiles, meaning players in other rooms will no longer experience these effects.
    • Hitpoints scaling for bosses/mobs in the raid have been fixed, and should be the same as they were prior to the raids rework.
    • Raking the weeds at the end of a floor in the dungeon will no longer be limited to 1 rake, and you can now rake as many seeds as you'd like from these weed patches.
    • Building storage units will now properly build the rest of the storage units across the dungeon.
    • When leaving the Olm map (via the rope), you will now properly be placed at the last resource room.
      • Previously, you would be put either at the start of the 2nd floor, or sometimes even get stuck in a wall / black area.
    • Water-filled Gourd vials can no longer be smuggled out of the raid.
    • On Olm's final phase, if you kill one of the hands and the other hand regenerates, it will be attackable as intended. (It was previously respawning without attack options)
    • When crossing the tightrope to the keystone, if the Deathly enemies just died (in their death animation) they would still sometimes hit you. This should no longer occur.
    • Scavengers will now respawn after being killed.
    • Fixed a bug where guardian loot would sometimes spawn in a wall in the Chambers of Xeric.
    • Fixed a bug where if a player picked up a stack of 2 potions off the ground and only had 1 free slot, both items would disappear.
    • Fixed a bug with fishing rod drops within the dungeon.
    • The time given before a raid is automatically started has been increased to 5 minutes rather than 2 minutes.
      • This should give players more time to gear up for the given layout once they find the layout that they are looking for.
    • Olm will no longer attack players on another floor (eg. On 2nd floor), and Olm's attacks (eg. Lightning attack) will no longer be seen on different floors of the raid.
  • Eternal Donator Rank:
    • A new Donator rank has been added! This is the most prestigious and ultimate rank - higher than any before it and the most exclusive on Alora, requiring double the amount that Immortal required at $20,000 total spent. Not many will be able to obtain this rank, adding to its elusiveness, and the perks will reflect the difficulty of obtaining this rank. For players who are interested in only obtaining the rank and not any store items, there is the 1:4 custom donation option, which will allow you to upgrade to the new rank at 25% of the price.
    • Perks:
      • Forum:
        • Up to 5,000 storable PMs. 
        • Profile pictures (animated) can be up to 5mb.
        • Username on the forums is displayed in a white text with a pulsating blue glow and outline, along with a diamond sparkle effect.
        • In-game icon is a platinum logo with a diamond blue stripe through the middle.
      • Game:
        • All Immortal Donator perks (enhanced), notably:
          • Drop rate (general) boosted by 19% rather than 17% (Immortal)
          • Inferno start wave at 53 rather than 49 (Immortal)
          • Vote time 75% longer than the normal time, and 17 extra points upon opening vote books.
          • 15% increased chance of receiving pets from skilling / bosses. (Rather than 10% for Immortal)
            • This 15% also applies when gambling your Fire cape or Infernal cape for a new pet.
        • All-new Eternal game perks:
          • Unlimited donator rank transfers (every 90 days)
            • For those of you who regularly switch between accounts that you play on, being able to transfer your rank without worrying about limitations will certainly come in handy. There is no limit to the number of transfers, only a 90 day cool down between transfers.
          • In-game custom titles:
            • Eternal donators will have the option to speak to the Donation manager in edgeville bank to set a title for themselves.
              • Players can pick one of many colors for this title, and enter a custom title up to 12 characters look, assuming that it passes the chat filter checks.
          • Eternal donators will get Dark Essence blocks instead of Dense essence blocks from mining the Dense runestone.
          • Automatic runecrafting pouch crafting:
            • The pure essence in a player’s runecrafting pouches will automatically be extracted and crafted when clicking on an Altar.
          • Select your own slayer task:
            • Players with the new Eternal donator rank will have the ability to select their own slayer tasks from any of the slayer masters.
              • When a player tries to choose a task type (wilderness, Konar, easy/medium/hard regular), they will be prompted with an option to select a random task, or to choose from the selection.
                • If a player chooses to make their own choice, an interface will appear with all the possible tasks to choose from, and the player must simply choose one to be assigned.
                  • The Hard slayer tasks and Konar tasks will also let players choose individual Extreme/Boss donator tasks from the list.
          • Select your own farming contracts:
            • Players with the new Eternal donator rank will have the ability to select their own Farming contracts from Guildmaster Jane.
              • Players will be asked to select a difficulty (easy/medium/hard) for their contract, and then be shown an interface with all the contracts they’re eligible to take at that level, and they can then select the task of their choosing.
          • New Alorian Eternal cape which can be claimed from the Donation manager.
            • This cape has the same Teleport features as the other donator capes, and is a combination of white/blue to go along with the rest of the rank.
          • All skin colors are now available to Eternal donators (including the recently released Elysian blue), as well as 5 new Eternal-only skin colors:
            • Neon green
            • Deep blue
            • Light pink
            • Royal purple
            • Silver
          • Lil K'klik pet:
            • This pet is exclusive to Eternal donators, and can be obtained for 10m GP from Probita.
              • You will also obtain the previous pets (the Stray dog from the Master rank, and Gnome child pet from Immortal) for free upon purchasing this pet, assuming you don't already have it.
            • This pet has 6 variants total including:
              • Black variant
              • Red variant
              • Purple variant
              • Orange variant
              • Green variant
  • Wilderness/Combat changes:
    • Triple-eating (with Karambwans) will no longer lead to a huge delay before being able to attack again.
    • Bounty hunter target priority has been removed, meaning you cannot attack your target if they are already in combat with another player (unless it is a multi-combat zone).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Made the mounted Amulet of Glory in a player's house functional.
    • Fixed an issue where swapping spellbooks with an trident would cause you to attack with melee when trying to use the trident afterwards.
    • Removed a random Skotos pet spawn from the catacombs.
    • Mac will no longer remove the players gold if they don’t have enough inventory space when buying a cape from him.
    • Fixed an issue where Abyssal Sire would sometimes teleport players under it's spawn, so that the player was stuck and couldn't move.
    • Fixed an issue where releasing placeholders was not working properly on the vanilla client.
    • Certain store interfaces will no longer cut off items at the bottom.
    • Fixed a bug where using the search trading post functionality on Runelite on Endarkened juice would cause the client to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where only the empty blowpipe would show up in the trading post chatbox search.
    • Made it so that range experience is calculated after damage reductions are applied.
      • This will be noticeable at corp, so the damage that registers will be half as much when using range.
        • Previously, players using a twisted bow at Corporeal beast would get the experience for the full hit, rather than half of it.
    • All Spears/Halberds are now exempt from the Corporeal beast 50% damage reduction.
      • Previously it was just the Zamorakian hasta.
    • Players will no longer be able to drop items worth over 50k in the wilderness by using the drop warning.
    • Fixed a typo when switching to the Achievement diary.
    • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get a clue geode or clue bottle of the same clue difficulty of a clue scroll they already had.
    • Players can now dismantle the uncharged toxic staff of the dead to get their Magic fang/Staff of the dead back.
    • Devout boots will now count as a Saradomin item in the Godwars dungeon.
    • Fixed an issue where players would not be able to remove their fancy/basic jewellery boxes from their houses.
    • Fixed a bug with the the dwarf mining animation in Motherlode Mine.
    • Nightmare fixes:
      • The Parasite attack should no longer be used in the 3rd phase.
    • Players can now use the energy wells on both floors of the Chambers of Xeric, instead of just 1 per raid.
    • Fixed a bug where skeletal mystics could sometimes attack through walls.
    • Fixed a bug where pets would cause the Energy focus in the Jewelled crab room to be destroyed.
      • The energy focus will now ignore all pets.
    • Fixed an issue where rings were not equippable while banking.
    • Fixed a bug where the vote shop would show your pest control points instead of your vote points.
    • Gilded boots now required 40 defence to equip.
    • Fixed a broken tunnel entrance on fossil island.
    • Fixed a bug where the Ardougne Cloak 2 provided a 10% thieving bonus instead of 5%.
    • Marble incense burners now require 2 marble blocks to build instead of 2 bolts of cloth.
    • The Staff of Balance now provides the Staff of the dead 15% magic damage bonus, as well as the chance to not use runes for casts.
    • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes not make overloads in raids.
    • Ironman can now use the Last Man Standing Exchange.
    • Fixed an issue with the LMS shop not giving the proper amount of items.
    • Added the placeholder Dark claw's.
    • Fixed a bug where players would be assigned Wyrms/Drakes/Hydra's from Konar without having the necessary slayer level.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not complete the achievement to exchange mole skins/claws.
    • The max monkey variants now provide the proper 2% magic damage bonus.
    • Lowered the value of the Ancient staff at the well of goodwill.
    • Fixed a bug where the runelite bank plugin wasn’t properly showing bank values.
    • Fixed a bug where the Edgeville furnace was invisible on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the model for the magic tree stump was broken on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed an issue with extended super antifires becoming useless after 1 use.
    • Fixed an issue where the inventory options for the Enchanted gem weren’t present in 2010 mode.
    • When teleporting to new areas where players are fishing, they would often be facing the wrong location (eg. facing the stool on the platform rather than the fishing spot). This has been fixed, and they will now always be facing the fishing spot as intended.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Added the ::mickeyrsps YouTube command.
    • The Obor entry in the collection log will now show up as green (finished) until Obor is added.
    • Re-worded the Elite western provinces diary task to state that the crystal item made in the singing bowl needs to be a piece of equipment.
    • Players can now save their supply points in Theatre of Blood for the second chest without them being cleared.
      • Previously, after moving on past Bloat, the supply points of each player would be cleared.
    • Runes that are picked up will automatically be deposited into a players' rune pouch if they have that specific rune in their rune pouch already, given that there is space in their pouch. 
    • The amulet of nature will now list crops that are fully grown as "Finished".
    • Players will now be told the duration of the upper/middle/lower floors after completion in the Chambers or Xeric.
    • Players will now be prompted if they wish to repeat their same task again when they have the slayer skill cape (or equivalent) equipped.
      • Previously, players would automatically be assigned their previous task without an option to get a new one.
    • Made all tool leprechauns unable to walk.
    • Destroying a looting bag in the wilderness will now cause the looting bag to be destroyed, and all of its contents will fall on the ground.
      • Destroying a looting bag outside of the wilderness will still result in all items within being destroyed.
    • Added an option on the construction interface to remove doors completely from being spawned in a player’s house.
    • Players will now see the previous teleport location when right clicking on their jewellery boxes in their player-owned houses, so they can quickly repeat the teleport. 
    • The Golden hammer will now go to the reclaimables shop upon death, and can be re-purchased for 200k.
    • Empty vial packs have been added to the ironman shop for 1,050 coins each.
    • Made all Vyres/Vyrewatch NPC's aggressive.
    • The Lizardman Shaman acid spit attack will now move slower, and only deal damage to the player if they’re on the tile the acid hit.
    • The revenant collection log will now be highlighted in green when all items are acquired except for the Ancient medallion, effigy, and relic, since those are not currently obtainable.
    • Players can now use a knife on their KBD heads to separate them into 3 ensouled dragon heads.
    • You can now open the Alora vote page directly from the Vote booth (first option).
    • Players can now dismantle the Dragon Platebody (G).
    • When banking the open variants of the herb sack, gem bag, and seed box, the contents will automatically be deposited into your bank.
    • Added a chat message to notify players that their max/ranging cape will now have the assembler effect when they use the vorkath's head on either item.
    • Added an option to empty the bars from the bar dispenser in Blast Furnace.
    • The Achievement diary perks interface for the Ardougne and Karamja diaries will now detail the experience boosts for the Ardougne Cloak/Karamja Gloves.
  • Runelite changes:
    • Ammo Plugin:
      • The ammo plugin will now show players how many charges they have left in their Thammaron Sceptre, Viggora's chainmace, and Craw's Bow.
    • Profiles Plugin:
      • Players can now use the Profiles plugin to securely store their login information for various accounts.
        • On startup, players can click the profiles icon in the toolbar, and enter the encryption password that they initially set.
          • If this password is correct, players can then click on the profiles saved, and it will automatically set the username/password into the input boxes.
    • Region Locker Plugin:
      • Added a configuration to block players from registering walk clicks that are to locked regions.
        • This means that players who have this toggled on will be able to click on tiles in their unlocked regions, but not locked regions.
    • Probability Calculator Plugin:
      • Players can now access the Probability calculator plugin, which they can use to calculate the expectations and probability of drops based on drop rate/number of kills.
    • Dance Party Plugin:
      • Players can now toggle the Dance party plugin to make everyone dance wildly!
  • Dinh’s Bulwark Functionality:
    • Dinh’s Bulwark is now fully functional as it is on OSRS.
      • This means that the interface has been updated, and the special attack/effects have been added.
        • Special attack:
          • The special attack for the Dinh’s bulwark drains 50% special attack, and will attack all npc’s/players within a 5 tile radius of the player, if they are eligible to be attacked.
            • This will deal 1 extra hit to the primary target, and all hits will have 20% increased accuracy.
            • This attack will always deal 2 hits to the primary target, but will only attack npc’s/players in the surrounding area if both yourself, and the target are in multi-combat.
        • Defensive attack style:
          • The defensive attack style of the Dinh’s bulwark will now work properly, meaning that after changing to the defensive attack style, after 8 ticks an effect will be applied where all damage from NPC’s is reduced by 20%.
          • If the defensive effect is active, a players dwarf multi cannon will not fire any cannonballs until it is inactivated.
      • Players can no longer use any spells while they have the Dinh’s bulwark equipped.
        • If they try to do so, they will get a notification that their bulwark gets in the way.
  • Stray Dog Metamorphosis:
    • For too long has the stray dog been abused by players… We’ve now introduced an option to pet your stray dog, instead of shooing it away!
      • We’ve also added a Metamorphosis so that you can turn your stray dog into a loveable golden retriever.
  • Vote Shop Expansion:
    • With the new changes to voting limitations (reduction of limitations for ironmen/realism accounts), we’ve decided to expand the vote shop and add more options.
      • One of our goals with this expansion was to bring in items that were in other shops, and make them accessible through the vote shop, as another means of obtaining them.
    • New additions:
      • Sherlock’s notes have been added to the vote shop.
        • Players can purchase a Sherlock’s notes for 10 vote points, and when used on any clue scroll tier, it will automatically skip that clue scroll step and move on to the next one.
          • The steps that are skipped are counted towards the clue scroll.
      • The Cannon set pieces can now be purchased from the vote shop for 350 points each.
        • This was added as an alternative to get the cannon so that players don’t need to use slayer points if they wish to save them for other items/unlocks/extensions.
      • Cannonballs have been added to the vote shop, and players will receive 20 cannonballs for 5 vote points.
      • Cooking gauntlets have been added to the vote shop for 300 vote points.
      • The Bonecrusher has been added to the Vote shop for 400 vote points.
  • Superior Slayer Changes:
    • Previously, the experience gained from Superior Slayer encounters was just the NPC’s hitpoints, similar to how it is on OSRS.
  • Attack Style Changes:
    • Players will now have the specific attack style for each weapon type saved.
      • This means that all items that use the whip interface, for example, will automatically set the players attack style to the previously selected attack style for that weapon.
        • An example of this would be having the blowpipe on rapid, and the whip on accurate, players could seamlessly switch between the two weapons and the attack styles will be automatically changed for the player.
          • Previously, the game would only save a single attack style (accurate, defensive, etc..) that would apply to all weapons, regardless of weapon types.
  • Equipment Interface Changes:
    • Players will now see a “Set Effect” button when they open their equipment interface.
      • Hovering over this button will allow the player to see the Set effect and Weapon effect of the item set/weapon they have equipped.
  • Poison changes:
    • Players can now clean off poison from any poison dagger using the cleaning cloth.
    • Players can now poison the Keris dagger to make the following weapons:
      • Keris (p): 4 poison damage
      • Keris (p+): 5 poison damage
      • Keris (p++): 6 poison damage
    • Fixed an issue where some of the poison daggers would not have a poison effect that would get applied.
    • Poison damage will now be consistent for weapons that have multiple tiers of poison (p, p+, p++).
      • Previously any poisoned dagger would always deal the same (6) poison damage.
  • Achievement Diary Changes:
    • Karamja Gloves 2/3:
      • The Karamja Gloves 2 will now provide a 5% Agility Experience bonus.
      • The Karamja Gloves 3 will now provide a 10% Agility Experience bonus.
    • Players who complete the Desert Medium Diaries will now have access to the Keris Dagger, which can be purchased from the Achievement rewards store for 1 million gold.
      • This dagger provides 33% bonus damage against all kalphites/scabarites, and has a 1/51 chance of dealing triple damage against them.
        • When players deal triple damage, they will be prompted in-game with the chatbox message: “You slip your dagger through a chink in the creature's chitin, landing a vicious blow.”
      • Keris requires 50 attack to equip, and can be poisoned using any of the weapon poisons.
  • Lottery:
    • Feeling lucky? Alora now has a lottery manager joining the team!
      • Players can speak to the Lottery manager npc in the Edgeville bank to purchase entries into the lottery.
        • Each lottery entry costs 1 million gold coins to purchase, and players can purchase as many entries as they wish.
        • The more entries purchased increases your chance to win.
      • The Lottery will be drawn every 10 days at ~12 PM PST.
        • This also means that as of this update, there won’t be any lottery active until 12 PM PST, when the very first lottery will open up!
      • Only regular/classic players can purchase lottery tickets at this time.
      • What happens if I win?
        • After the 10 day timer is up, a random winner will be selected, and the next lottery will start.
          • The winning player will also be announced to everybody, and the Lottery manager will regularly shout out your name as the winner of the previous lottery, along with the current size of the pot.
          • If the player who won is online, they will have that money added to either their banks.
            • If they’re not online, that gold will be added to their collection box, and they’ll be notified they’ve won upon logging in.
      • The lottery winnings are subject to a 10% tax, so if the pot is 100m, the winner will receive 90m of it.
    • Players can speak to the Lottery manager in-game to do the following:
      • Find out how much time is left until the lottery ends.
      • Find out how many tickets they’ve purchased.
      • Find out the pot size.
      • Purchase tickets.
  • Pk point exchange changes:
    • The following runes have been added to the Pk point exchange for Realism/Regular/Classic players.
      • Blood runes:
        • 50 Blood runes for 20 Pk points.
      • Death runes:
        • 50 Death runes for 18 Pk points.
      • Astral runes:
        • 50 Astral runes for 16 Pk points.
  • Ranging cape changes:
    • By default the ranging/max capes have the Ava’s accumulator effect applied.
      • Players can now use Vorkath’s head on the Ranging cape or Max cape to have the assembler effect applied as opposed to the accumulator effect.
        • This effect is permanent and applied to all ranging/regular max capes, and only needs to be done once.
  • Vampyre changes:
    • The Ivandis flail now provides a 20% damage bonus to Vampyres/Vyres.
    • The Blisterwood flail now provides a 25% damage bonus, as well as a 5% accuracy bonus to Vampyres/Vyres.
  • Mahogany Homes:
    • Players can now train Construction through Mahogany Homes contracts.
      • Players can start Mahogany Homes contracts by speaking to Amy in Falador, near the estate agent.
        • Once spoken to, Amy will explain how Mahogany Homes contracts work, and you’ll be presented with an opportunity to try out a contract for yourself.
          • There are 4 types of contracts a player can accept:
            • Beginner contract:
              • This type of contract utilizes regular planks, and requires level 1 Construction to complete.
            • Novice contract:
              • This type of contract utilizes Oak planks, and requires level 20 Construction to complete.
            • Adept contract:
              • This type of contract utilizes Teak planks, and requires level 50 Construction to complete.
            • Expert contract:
              • This type of contract utilizes Mahogany planks, and requires level 70 Construction to complete.
        • Once a player has initially spoken to and accepted a contract from any, they can then accept contracts from any of the other 3 employees in the estate agent houses in Hosidius, Ardougne, and Varrock.
        • Once a contract is accepted, the employee will tell you where you need to go.
          • There are 12 possible homes you may need to visit, 3 in Falador, 3 in Ardougne, 3 in Hosidius, and 3 in Varrock.
            • You’ll be told which house you need to go to, and where it is.
          • Once you arrive at the house, you’ll see many objects that are either broken, and can quickly be repaired, or objects with a red highlight around them, which you’ll need to remove and re-build.
            • Each object that is repaired or rebuilt will provide the following experience, based on the materials required to repair it.
              • Repair experience:
                • Steel bar:
                  • 120 Construction experience
                • Regular plank:
                  • 127.5 Construction experience
                • Oak plank:
                  • 160 Construction experience
                • Teak plank:
                  • 190 Construction experience
                • Mahogany plank:
                  • 240 Construction experience
              • Build experience (for objects that are highlighted in red):
                • Regular plank:
                  • 22.5 Construction experience/Plank required
                • Oak plank:
                  • 48 Construction experience/Plank required
                • Teak plank:
                  • 72 Construction experience/Plank required
                • Mahogany plank:
                  • 112 Construction experience/Plank required
          • Once all of the objects have been repaired/rebuilt, the player will be notified that the home owner is satisfied, and they can speak to them for their reward.
            • Once spoken to, players will receive the following rewards, based on the contract difficulty:
              • Beginner:
                • 500 Construction experience, and 2 Carpenter points.
              • Novice:
                • 1,250 Construction experience, and 3 Carpenter points.
              • Adept:
                • 2,250 Construction experience, and 4 Carpenter points.
              • Expert:
                • 2,750 Construction experience, and 5 Carpenter points.
            • The home owner will also offer the player a cup of tea, which if accepted will completely restore the player’s run energy.
        • Carpenter Points:
          • Players will obtain Carpenter points from doing contracts, and these points will allow players to purchase items from the Mahogany Homes shop that Amy runs in Falador.
            • Shop contents:
              • Supply Crate: 25 points
              • Amy’s Saw: 500 points
                • This is an equipable saw which players can use in their weapon slot, freeing up an inventory space, all the while looking cool as a cucumber.
              • Plank Sack: 350 points
                • This is a sack that takes up an inventory slot, which players can use to store up to 28(total) of the following planks:
                  • Teak
                  • Mahogany
                  • Regular
                  • Oak
                • Players will also have an option to fill this sack while banking, similar to the runecrafting pouches.
              • Hosidius Blueprints: 2000 points
                • Players can use these blueprints on the estate agent to change the style of their house to match the Hosidius architecture.
              • Carpenter’s helmet: 400 points
                • Provides a 0.4% Construction experience boost when equipped.
              • Carpenter’s shirt: 800 points
                • Provides a 0.8% Construction experience boost when equipped.
              • Carpenter’s trousers: 600 points
                • Provides a 0.6% Construction experience boost when equipped.
              • Carpenter’s boots: 200 points
                • Provides a 0.2% Construction experience boost when equipped.
            • Carpenter set effect:
              • Each piece of the carpenter’s set provides a slight bonus to Construction experience, but when the full set is equipped, players will obtain an extra 0.5% bonus, totalling the bonus to 2.5%.
  • Grape farming:
    • Players can now plant grapes in the Vinery near Hosidius.
      • Each grape seed provides 32 base Farming experience for planting.
        • Players will also receive 625 base Farming experience for checking the health of a fully grown grape vine, and 40 base Farming experience for each harvest.
      • Players will require level 36 Farming to plant grape seeds.
        • Grapes will take 24 minutes to fully grow.
      • Players will harvest anywhere from 5-30 grapes from each patch depending on their farming level/boosts.
  • Gricoller’s Can:
    • Players can now purchase Gricoller’s can from the Tithe farm reward shop for 200 points.
      • This can can hold 1000 watering can charges, and can be used on any crop, including tithe farm.
    • Gricoller’s can can also be stored as the watering can with the Tool Leprechaun.
  • Collection Log Expansion
    • The Gauntlet:
      • The Corrupted Youngllef has been removed from the Gauntlet collection log.
    • Tithe Farm:
      • The tithe farm section has been added to the Collection log in the Minigames category:
        • Unlockables:
          • Seed box
          • Herb Sack
          • Farmer’s hat
          • Farmer’s jacket
          • Farmer’s pants
          • Farmer’s boots
    • Aerial Fishing:
      • Aerial fishing has been added to the Collection Log in the “Other” category:
        • Unlockables:
          • Golden Tench
          • Pearl Fishing Rod
          • Pearl Fly Fishing Rod
          • Pearl Barbarian Fishing Rod
          • Fish Sack
          • Angler hat
          • Angler jacket
          • Angler waders
          • Angler boots
    • Chaos Druids:
      • Chaos druids has been added to the Collection Log in the “Other” category:
        • The unlockables can also be unlocked when buying the elder chaos robes from the runecrafting exchange.
        • Unlockables:
          • Elder chaos hood
          • Elder chaos top
          • Elder chaos robe
    • Monkey Backpacks:
      • Monkey Backpacks have been added to the Collection Log in the “Other” category:
        • The monkey backpacks will automatically be unlocked when a player transforms their max/completionist monkey into that variant.
    • Motherlode Mine:
      • Motherlode Mine has been added to the Collection Log in the “Other” category:
        • Unlockables:
          • Coal bag
          • Gem Bag
          • Prospector helmet
          • Prospector jacket
          • Prospector bottoms
          • Prospector boots
    • Hard Clue Scroll:
      • The Rune Shield (h) variants will now be properly counted when received from hard clue scrolls.
  • Tithe Farm:
    • Players can now participate in the Tithe Farm Minigame.
      • To start the minigame, simply head to the tithe farm near Hosidius, grab the seeds you want off of the seed table, and enter the farm through the door.
        • There are 3 types of seeds players can grow:
          • Golovanova Seeds:
            • Require level 34 Farming.
            • Provides 6 base Farming experience for Harvesting.
            • Provides 60 base Farming experience for depositing the first 74 fruit.
            • Provides 120 base Farming experience for depositing the last 26 fruit.
            • Provides a 1,500 Farming experience bonus for depositing at least 75 fruit.
          • Bologano Seeds:
            • Require level 54 Farming.
            • Provides 14 base Farming experience for Harvesting.
            • Provides 140 base Farming experience for depositing the first 74 fruit.
            • Provides 280 base Farming experience for depositing the last 26 fruit.
            • Provides a 3,500 Farming experience bonus for depositing at least 75 fruit.
          • Logovano Seeds:
            • Require level 74 Farming.
            • Provides 23 base Farming experience for Harvesting.
            • Provides 230 base Farming experience for depositing the first 74 fruit.
            • Provides 460 base Farming experience for depositing the last 26 fruit.
            • Provides a 5,750 Farming experience bonus for depositing at least 75 fruit.
        • Points:
          • Players can earn points from doing Tithe Farm to spend in the rewards shop.
            • Points can be earned by depositing fruit into the sack, and each fruit after the 74th fruit will provide players with 1 point.
              • This means players can earn up to 26 points per 100 fruit.
        • Reward shop:
          • Players can purchase the following rewards from Farmer Gricoller:
            • Super compost: 5 Tithe points
            • Compost: 1 Tithe Point
            • Bologa’s Blessing: 10 for 1 Tithe point
              • These blessings can be used to harvest Zamorak’s grapes instead of Regular grapes when farming Grapes.
                • Players require at least 50 Prayer and 65 Cooking to purchase these blessings.
            • Grape Seed: 2 Tithe Points
              • These can be planted in the Vinery nearby to grow grapes.
            • Farmer’s strawhat: 75 Tithe points
            • Farmer’s Jacket: 150 Tithe points
            • Farmer’s Boro trousers: 125 Tithe points
            • Farmer’s Boots: 50 Tithe points
            • Gricoller’s can: 200 Tithe points
            • Seed box: 250 Tithe points
            • Herb sack: 250 Tithe points
          • Players can also speak to Farmer Gricoller to unlock Auto-weed for 50 Tithe points.
            • Once unlocked, players can speak to him again to toggle it on/off.
          • Due to the addition of Tithe Farm, the farmer’s outfit has been removed from the Loyalty points shop.
        • How to play:
          • Players can grab 100 seeds off of the seed table and enter, and once inside, they need to plant the 100 seeds to grow them into fruit.
            • Each fruit has 4 stages of growth, and each stage lasts 1 minute.
              • If the fruit hasn’t been watered in a growth state before the 1 minute is up, the fruit will die, and the player won’t be able to harvest it.
                • Players will need watering cans to water the fruit, and there are barrels of water placed in the farm that they can refill them at.
              • If the fruit is fully grown, it still needs to be harvested within 1 minute, otherwise it’ll die.
        • Tithe Farm Plugin:
          • We’ve brought the Runelite Tithe Farm plugin to Alora, which will help players keep track of their crops by adding a timer overlay on each crop showing how long the fruit has until it will grow again.
            • The overlays also have 3 separate colors, depending on the state that the crop is in for the growing, watered, and finished states.












We hope that you all enjoy this update, and we sincerely appreciate your patience while we worked to get it out for you guys :) As this update is larger than usual, there are some bugs to be expected -- we're counting on you to report any bugs that you run into as soon as possible so that we can patch them up.



Omicron & Chad

Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:23 PM #2


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Good work, nice update :)




Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:25 PM #3

gim austin
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gim austin
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POG, Sire glitch fixed and much more

Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:26 PM #4


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Great update Omicron & Chad! Awesome to see the new construction minigame, and Tithe Farm added to the server. Nice QoL updates, and that lottery system doee... (:



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Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:30 PM #5

A Real Pain

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Big POG update. An update Alora REALLY NEEDED. Too bad Realism can't use the lottery in our own Eco. Realism doesnt really get the love we need :(

Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:35 PM #6


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Absolutely amazing update Omicron Chad you guys did a amazing job and cant wait to see the next update

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:44 PM #7

A Real Pain

A Real Pain
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Blood runes: 50 Blood runes for 20 Pk points.

Why does it say 20 pkp in this forum, but it's 26 pkp in the shop?

Other than that, VERY POG UPDATE!!!!! An update alora NEEDED!

Edit: how come realism doesnt get their own lottery ticket??

Posted 23 October 2020 - 11:12 PM #8


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Very much need update. Thanks for all the hard work Chad and Dan!

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Posted 23 October 2020 - 11:17 PM #9

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Nice to see such a HUGE update!

Appriciate the work you put into this @Omicron <3








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Posted 24 October 2020 - 12:14 AM #10


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Woke up to this! It's awesome thank's dad!



Posted 24 October 2020 - 12:15 AM #11


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Pog update!
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted 24 October 2020 - 01:25 AM #12


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The delay on this is forgiven due to what a huge update it is. Some much needed fixes in here and a few nice additions too.

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Posted 24 October 2020 - 01:35 AM #13

GIM Riley

GIM Riley
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I love the payable rank transfer, must’ve been hard to add.
Great update!

Posted 24 October 2020 - 03:50 AM #14

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A much awaited update, good job Dan!











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Posted 24 October 2020 - 05:06 AM #15


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Very nice! Thanks for your hard work!

Kinda sus

Posted 24 October 2020 - 05:41 AM #16


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new car Pog!

Posted 24 October 2020 - 06:06 AM #17

Realism mode

Realism mode
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Pog update

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted 24 October 2020 - 06:22 AM #18

Real cream

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Great work, thank you @Omicron! <3

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Posted 24 October 2020 - 07:14 AM #19

Real Alan

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Will be updating this with feedback!  Loving it so far though!



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Posted 24 October 2020 - 09:53 AM #20

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Awesome!! So many good QOL changes, and cool updates! Thanks!

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