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[13/12/20] Last Man Standing Loadouts, Reworked Quest Tab, New League Relics & more!

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Posted 13 December 2020 - 01:23 AM #1


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Hello everyone,


We hope you've been enjoying Leagues thus far! We've got a nice content update to hold you guys down until the Christmas event is released, including a couple of new League relics to keep you pressing towards the top of the hiscores. With this week, we see the long-awaited addition of customizable loadouts for Last Man Standing -- you'll no longer have to fight for gear with only a spear. The chests inside the game also now contain many new items, such as Barrows equipment, and heavy-duty weapons such as the Heavy ballista and Vesta's longsword. We also took the time to rework our quest tab and make it more intuitive as it felt outdated. There are many other bug fixes and QoL updates as well, such as deposit-all and deposit-invy buttons on the GIM bank and the ability to swap items. We'll let you see the rest for yourself:


  • Last Man Standing Improvements:
    • Gone are the days of arriving on the island with only a spear in hand, as you'll now be able to select your own loadout before heading into the arena:
      • Loadouts:
        • You can now create your own loadout of items and equipment to take into the Last Man Standing island.
          • Click on the Supply chest outside of the LMS entrance to customize your loadout.
            • There are 27 different items and supplies to choose from, including sharks, karambwans, brews, super combat potions, whips, dragonhide, dragon defender and more.
              • A rune pouch that contains unlimited water, blood, death and soul runes is also included.
            • Restrictions:
              • You cannot have more than 11 sharks.
              • You cannot have more than 2 Karambwans.
        • If you do not set your own loadout, a default loadout will be set up for you.
      • Chest changes:
        • In the new LMS mode, Instead of looting for food, potions and basic gear, chests will now provide for access to an offensive or defensive table with items such as:
          • Barrows armour, Ghrazi rapier, Armadyl crossbow, Armadyl godsword, Infernal cape, Elder maul, Eternal boots, Blessed spirit shield and more (https://i.imgur.com/o5TIxCH.png)
      • Regeneration changes:
        • Upon killing another player (in the new game mode), the following will be replenished:
          • Health, prayer points, run energy and any skills that were reduced.
        • You'll also have 3 sharks and 2 cooked karambwan added to your inventory.
    • Survivor mode:
      • The old spear mode where you rely more on RNG and looting chests, which is now referred to as "Survivor mode", is still a possible option that our Event manager @Moe can toggle, but the loadout game mode is the new default.
    • Rewards:
      • Added the Rune pouch to the LMS shop for 1,000 points.
      • Added the Victor’s capes (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000) to the LMS shop.
        • The cost of these capes is 0 points, but a player must have the corresponding number of wins to purchase them.
      • Added the Swift blade to the LMS shop for 2,500 points.
      • Added the Magic shortbow scroll to the LMS shop for 75 points.
      • Added the Ring of Wealth scroll to the LMS shop for 75 points.
  • New quest tab:
    • A brand new, custom quest tab has been added!
      • We felt that Alora's quest tab was in need of an upgrade, so we've completely redesigned it to be more pleasant on the eyes, and more user-friendly.
        • There are 5 tabs:
          • Character summary:
            • Here, you'll find a general rundown of your character, along with the collection log button.
          • Quests
          • Achievements
          • Server statistics:
            • You'll see certain server details such as the time, uptime, skill of the day, etc.
            • You'll also find the old scrollbar with quick-actions and the list of all of your points, KDR, etc.
          • Leagues:
            • Locked to League players.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Players can now use instance tokens on other accounts to transfer them.
      • These tokens can only be transferred 1 at a time.
    • Players can now uncharge the Scythe of Vitur.
      • This requires at least 100 charges to do, and will return 1 Vial of Blood and 3 Blood runes for every 100 charges removed.
    • The special attack for the Infernal axe is now fully functional.
    • Added the Dragon scimitar to the Master clue drop table.
    • All of the Monkey cape variations now share the same item value (500k).
      • Previously, the new monkey cape variants only had an item value of 1 coin.
    • Added an option to swap the “Talk-to” option with the “Pickpocket” option for eligible NPC’s in the Runelite Menu Entry Swapper plugin.
      • This setting is enabled by default for convenience.
    • Players will now receive a second confirmation asking them if they’re sure they want to cancel their slayer task using a free super donator skip.
      • This only applies if a player has a slayer streak of at least 5 tasks, so players won’t be prompted repeatedly.
    • Hitpoint restoring now works properly with the Endless Endurance relic, allowing League players with this relic to have 8x faster health regeneration when used with the Rapid Heal prayer.
  • Vote book limitations:
    • Leagues players can no longer stack Vote book bonuses, and can only open a vote book once every 4 hours.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed the issue where redwood trees would sometime disappear after chopping them and going to bank the logs.
    • Sarachnis will now properly count towards the "Temple spider" task for League players.
    • The Open gem bag now has a placeholder.
    • Empty Bird nests can now be noted.
    • Dragon claws can now be noted.
    • Removed the banker spawn outside of the Forthos dungeon.
    • Fixed an issue where most superior slayer encounters wouldn't count towards the League superior slayer tasks.
      • This will count retroactively, meaning you the next superior slayer monster you defeat, you’ll receive the kill counts for all previous superiors you’ve defeated.
    • Added banshee's as a valid Leagues task from Konar.
    • Added Fire giants as a valid Leagues task from Konar.
    • Fixed an issue where smithing would close the chatbox interface when private messaging another player.
    • Choke devils now count towards dust devil tasks.
    • Fixed an issue where cancelling tasks as a super donator would require points for League players.
    • Players with the Arcane courier relic will no longer have their mined dense essence blocks sent to the bank.
    • Fixed time tracker plugin times for Teak and Mahogany trees.
    • Ninja implings now have a fully functional drop table.
    • Players can now use the exit in the Lizardman Temple.
    • Disabled the slayer reward shop for league players.
    • Added a farming guild teleport to the Skills necklace.
    • Bruma Kindling will now be prioritized when feeding the brazier.
  • Leagues Hiscores have been added!
    • You can now track your competitors in Leagues by their total level.
    • You can also see the points on the Hiscores, but you'll have to use the in-game Leagues scoreboard to sort players by points.
  • Chambers of Xeric death bug fix:
    • Sometimes when a player dies in the raid, they would end up in a black map where they can't move.
      • This has been fixed, and rather than the raid trying to respawn you in the Olm room, it will simply respawn you on the same floor that you died on.
        • For example, if you die at Olm, you respawn at Olm. If you die on the 2nd level, you respawn at the start of the second level.
  • Leagues items on death fix:
    • A bug was causing players' items to disappear after 2.5 minutes, rather than the 10 minutes that they should be given.
      • This has been fixed and tested, and players will now have exactly 10 minutes to get back to where they died and retrieve their items.
  • Sarachnis teleportation fix:
    • A bug which was teleporting Leagues players out of the Sarachnis fight due to it not counting the spider's den as a part of Zeah has been fixed.
  • Group Ironman Bank Rework:
    • Players can now drag items on the Group ironman bank.
    • An option to deposit all equipped items has been added.
    • An option to deposit all items in a player’s inventory has been added.
  • League changes:
    • We’ve added the following tasks to the League:
      • Easy Tasks:
        • Equip a Rune crossbow.
        • Equip any Dragon tier weapon.
        • Complete a dark totem.
        • Sacrifice an ensouled head to the Dark altar.
        • Receive a unique item from a clue scroll.
      • Medium Tasks:
        • Equip an Abyssal Whip.
        • Receive 5 unique items from clue scrolls.
      • Hard Tasks:
        • Equip a Dark bow.
        • Receive 50 unique items from clue scrolls.
      • Elite Tasks:
        • Equip a piece of 3rd age equipment.
        • Catch a lucky impling bare-handed.
        • Receive 100 unique items from clue scrolls.
      • Master Tasks:
        • Receive 250 unique items from clue scrolls.
    • Tier 6 Relics:
      • We’ve added two new Tier 6 relics to the League.
        • Xeric’s Speed:
          • Increases attack speed of all weapons by 1 tick if possible (minimum of 1 tick speed).
            • This stacks with Xeric’s Focus, only if the weapon is a 4 tick speed weapon or higher.
        • Draining Strikes:
          • Any successful hit will have a 50% chance of restoring the player’s hitopins and prayer points by 10% of the damage dealt.
          • All attacks have 15% increased accuracy and 15% increased damage.






We hope you enjoy this update! Best of luck to our League competitors :)



Omicron & Chad

Posted 13 December 2020 - 01:26 AM #2


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sick cant wait to try out lms now

Posted 13 December 2020 - 01:27 AM #3

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Noice updates ! Love being apart of a server that actually updates shit regularly 

Posted 13 December 2020 - 01:28 AM #4


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Dope updates ! & the monkey variant value change was needed , Thanks :)





Posted 13 December 2020 - 02:06 AM #5


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Loving the updates! Good work. 

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Lovely update. Looking forward playing the new LMS.

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Looks great! Get that desert achievement done! lol

Posted 13 December 2020 - 02:58 AM #8

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Great update! Can't wait to see LMS become more active. Super clean quest tab, too! Love it.


Posted 13 December 2020 - 03:02 AM #9

Mr Chong
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Thank you @Omicron looks sick!

Posted 13 December 2020 - 04:32 AM #10



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Looks good! I can plank in lms rather than wildy now :D


Posted 13 December 2020 - 04:53 AM #11

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very nice update! good work



Posted 13 December 2020 - 06:09 AM #12



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good updates! very nice work, ty @Omicron :D

Posted 13 December 2020 - 06:41 AM #13

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amazing update as always omicron!

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Posted 13 December 2020 - 07:36 AM #14

Riley Raids
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Nice update good work!

Posted 13 December 2020 - 10:11 AM #15

Real Alan

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@Omicron Since you've added the woodcutting guild and farming guild teleports to the skills necklace, make sure these teleports are also available in the ornate jewelry box teleport menu in poh.  The skills necklace is one of the components of the box and having these additional teleports would incentivize getting 91 construction in league.




Posted 13 December 2020 - 11:39 AM #16

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Happy to see the new LMS get added, and the Leagues expansion is fucking POG! Thanks dad <3

Posted 13 December 2020 - 01:07 PM #17


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Amazing update. Only thing that bothers me a little bit is the Server Statistics; the tab itself seems a bit cramped

Posted 13 December 2020 - 04:32 PM #18


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POG Update! thanks @Omicron











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Like the new update, the new UI Tabs look amazing. maybe I sawish the tab was a bit larger or even sizeable in itself.  The scroll window on the server stats page seems cramped.

Leagues update is awesome, wish it was longer.
Maybe ill actually pvp and try LMS. Sweet update, thanks very much.

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Sweet, new relic and more tasks on leagues! Very nice.

Loving the QoL changes and bug fixes as well. Great update, @Omicron!