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[6/1/21] Daily Login Rewards, Leagues Reward Shop & more

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Hello everyone,
We hope your new year is off to a great start! We've got our very first update of 2021 prepared for you guys, which includes some brand new unique content as well as a bunch of bug fixes and QoL updates. Most importantly, we've heard your suggestions, and we've decided to make the Partyhat on the Pet rock a permanent thing! ;) We've also developed a system to reward you for playing Alora, a daily login streak which allows you to claim a different reward every single day simply for logging in! The streaks can go up to 14 days before a new list of rewards comes out, and the best rewards are at the end of the list, including Cosmetic mystery boxes, boosters, imbuement scrolls, coins and more. Make sure to log in once a day to collect your reward :)
In other news, Leagues is just about done, and you can now view the reward shop with the League Tutor in Kourend. Accounts will be locked on Thursday night (on the 7th at 11:59pm EST), and every time you log in on a League account you will be reminded of how many hours remain before accounts are locked, and League points + Donator ranks are transferred to your mains. If you haven't properly linked a main and would like to, please create a support request before Thursday night!


  • Vote changes:
    • Many users have reported issues with voting on TopG. These issues should happen less frequently, properly allowing the vote to go through even if TopG is causing issues.


  • League changes and information on points/donator rank:
    • Due to popular demand, we've decided to allow League players to continue to login for an extra week to collect as many points as they can before the League ends.
      • The tournament concluded on January 1st, but players can still collect points to transfer to their mains until January 7th at 11:59pm EST.
    • Point transfers:
      • On the 7th of January, all of your League points will be transferred to the main account that you have listed, and you can then spend them in the League shop on your main (which is also accessible to Ironman).
    • Donator rank transfers:
      • On the 7th of January, all of your total spent will be automatically added to your main account.



  • Quest tab changes:
    • Character Summary changes:
      • The Players Online (at the bottom) has been replaced with Playtime.
        • This feels more relevant, as the tab is meant to only list player details.
    • Server Statistics changes:
      • The scroller has been made longer, with the Skill of the Day and Uptime being moved into the list rather than being on their own.
        • One big complaint was that the scroller window was too small and difficult to navigate, so hopefully this change makes it easier to navigate this tab.
  • Last Man Standing changes:
    • Players can no longer sell items to the Vending shrine in the load out game mode.
      • On the old, survival mode (starting with a spear) you can still sell your items to the shrine.
    • Players' loadouts have been reset due to old load outs containing more than the allowed # of brews.
  • Quality of life:
    • Increased the chance to get a Dragonstone armor piece and uncut onyx from the Elven crystal chest from 1/400 to 1/250.
    • Players who use the ::clearpatches command will now be prompted with an option to only clear nearby patches (within 30 tiles of you).
    • Added the Graahk hunting set to the Hunting shop.
    • Added the Spined helm to Dagannoth supreme's drop table.
    • Added the Tribal mask (Combat) to the Loyalty point exchange.
    • Added the Tribal mask (Disease) to the Loyalty point exchange.
    • The Rock-shell Helmet has been added to Dagannoth Rex's drop table, so the full Rock-shell set can now be obtained.
    • Players can now purchase the Initiate armour set from the Chieftain's shop after completing Mountain Daughter.
    • Added an option on the PoH portal to re-enter the home of the last friend you joined.
      • When a player relogs, it’ll reset the last entered home, so the player will need to manually re-enter their friends’ name.
    • Players can now right-click "Shop" on vote booths to instantly open the Vote Rewards Shop.
    • Players can now use their alternate ammunition on their blowpipes to quickly load/unload the blowpipe.
      • This will automatically remove their old ammunition and return it to them, while adding the new ammunition in.
    • Picked up Zulrah's Scales will now automatically be put into a player's blowpipe if they have no other scale-using item in their inventory/equipment.
      • If a player doesn’t have any room in their blowpipe, the rest of the scales will be added to their inventory as usual.
    • Fixed an issue with getting re-assigned your last slayer task from the slayer skillcape perk.
    • Players will now receive 2 berries each time they harvest a bush instead of 1.
      • This will double the yield for all bush patches from 3 to 6.
    • The chance of getting an evil chicken piece for League players is not a static 1/7 chance.
    • The Kharedst memoirs are now a reward for completing the Medium Kourend & Kebor diaries.
      • The memoirs can be re-purchased from the achievement manager for 250k.
    • Added the “Wilderness Collector” forum award.
      • Players can earn this award by completing all of the Wilderness boss Collection Log entries.
    • The following interfaces will no longer be closed by combat:
      • Drop Searcher
      • NPC drop table searcher
      • Monster kill counts
      • Monster kill times
      • Boosts
    • Tome of fire is now tradable.
  • Bug fixes:
    • RuneLite Emoji's will now work in Clan chat.
    • Fixed an issue where a lot of fish were giving the wrong cooking experience.
      • Anglerfish/dark/crabs/raids fish will now all give the appropriate amount of experience.
    • Duplicate pets will no longer be counted towards the automatically applied Pet Collector Award.
      • Pet variants will still be counted.
    • Potentially fixed the uncommon issue where using the lava maze stepping stones would cause your client to teleport your camera to the mage arena. 
      • We were not able to reproduce this issue ourselves, so let us know if it’s still happening so we can further investigate.
    • Fixed an issue where players could equip broad arrows and use their blowpipe to attack leafy NPC's (such as kurasks).
    • Fixed an issue where more than 2 spiderlings would spawn at Sarachnis if another player was in a sarachnis instance.
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to store their infernal max capes in their cape racks.
    • Fixed a bug where the League superior slayer task would not work properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Leagues ensouled head task would not complete.
    • Crashing at Al-Kharid should no longer occur.
    • Sometimes, the Supply Chest in the Wilderness would not despawn, causing the next Supply Chest to be lootable early. This should no longer occur.
    • The League board has been re-added to Kourend.
    • Nightmare will no longer be invisible.
    • The quest tab icon will now be hidden when opening the bank, trading post or another interface that is supposed to hide tab icons.
  • Kodai Wand Changes:
    • Players will now be rewarded the Kodai Insignia, rather than the Kodai wand from completing the Chambers of Xeric.
      • This also means that all existing Kodai wands will be turned into Kodai Insignia’s, and players will need to use the Master wand on the Insignia to get their wand back.
      • This insignia will need to be used with the master wand to create a Kodai wand.
        • This process cannot be undone.
    • Players who receive the Kodai Insignia will still have it register as a Kodai wand in their collection log.
  • Long and Curved bone trade in:
    • Players can now trade in their Long bones and Curved bones by using them on the Estate agent.
      • Each Curved bone will provide 6,750 base Construction experience.
      • Each Long bone will provide 4,500 base Construction experience.
  • Auto Equip Ammunition:
    • Players will now automatically equip ammunition that is picked up if it is the same ammunition that they have equipped.
      • This feature is on by default, but can be toggled on/off by speaking to the Alora Guide in Edgeville.
  • Rainbow Party Hat Pet Rock:
    • Players will now be able to keep their beloved rainbow party hat wearing pet rock around all year long!
      • Once the Christmas season is over, the pet rock will go back to it’s normal self for until next year, however players who wish to keep the rainbow party hat on it can put one of their own party hats on the rock.
        • Players who use their party hat on the pet rock will be asked if they want to put the party hat on the pet rock, and if they say yes, they will permanently lose their party hat.
          • The metamorphosis option will then be available for players to use freely.
          • Only the original 6 party hats can be used on the pet rock (blue, red, green, yellow, purple, white).
          • This is only an exclusive pet outside of the Christmas season.
            • This means that everyone’s pet rock will have the rainbow party hat for ~2-3 weeks in December.
  • Dharok Armour Set changes:
    • Previously, the Dharok set would obtain a bonus multiplier based on your health (approximately 1% for every hitpoint below max hp), but this multiplier would be applied to a player’s strength bonus.
      • We’ve adjusted this so that the players max possible hit is scaled to the multiplier.
        • So for example, if a player has 99 max hitpoints, and their current hp is 1, then they’ll have a max hit multiplier of 1.98x, so if their max hit was 48, it would jump up to 95, dramatically increasing their damage more consistently.
  • Daily Login Rewards System:
    • We’ve added a new system that will provide players rewards upon logging onto Alora.
      • The system works on 14 day cycles, so every 14 days, a new set of rewards will be presented, and players must login each day to claim that day’s reward.
        • Players who don’t login everyday will still be able to claim rewards, but they won’t be able to claim the better rewards that are given towards the end of the 14 days.
          • For example, if a player logs in 10/14 days, regardless of which specific days they were, that player will only be able to claim the first 10 rewards, and not the last 4.
      • The interface for the daily login rewards can be opened by going to the server statistics quest tab, and clicking the “View Daily Rewards” option in the quick actions list.
        • This interface displays important information, such as:
          • The rewards for the 14 days
          • The player’s current successive login streak (this counts past 14 days)
          • The player’s highest ever successive login streak
          • The name and number of successive days logged in for the player who has the highest streak.
            • This will be based on account registration date for tied players.
    • Players can only claim the daily login rewards on one of their accounts at a time.
      • Upon claiming their first reward for the 14 day cycle, they will be prompted and notified that they won’t be able to claim rewards on any of their other accounts.
        • Furthermore, rewards can only be claimed in the Edgeville home area.
    • Rewards:
      • The rewards are generally normal items players can obtain on their own (anglerfish, crystal keys, vote books, runes, etc..), however the rewards get better as your streak progresses towards day 14.
        • Some of the notable rewards include:
          • Inferno training tickets
          • Drop boosters
          • Random boosters 
          • Vote books
          • Enhanced crystal keys
          • Random unique daily reward pet
            • This will give the player one of 5 new cosmetic pets added which can only be obtained through the daily rewards system.
            • Only the luckiest players will be able to obtain the Baby Mimic pet, as it is the rarest among the daily reward pets.
        • Since the rewards cycle to a new list every 14 days, not all of these rewards will be obtainable immediately.
          • Many of the rewards lists will return eventually, so it won’t be your only chance to obtain these items!
  • Leagues Reward Shop:
    • The Leagues Reward shop is now open!
      • Once the league has ended, and players have received their points, they’ll be able to spend them in the League Rewards shop, which can be accessed by trading the League Tutor near Paul in Edgeville.
        • The currency for the shop is the league points you’ve earned in the past month, and the following items can be purchased:
          • Trailblazer Banner:
            • Cost: 500 League points
            • This is a cosmetic weapon slot item that players can use to show off.
          • Trailblazer Tool Ornament Kit:
            • Cost: 1,250 League points
            • This ornament kit can be used on a dragon harpoon/pickaxe/axe to upgrade it to the Trailblazer variant.
              • The trailblazer variants are a cosmetic only change, but will retain the perks and special attacks of the dragon variants.
          • Trailblazer Graceful Dye:
            • Cost: 4,500 League points
            • This is a pack of 6 graceful piece dyes that can be used on any piece of graceful equipment to dye it to the unique trailblazer graceful color.
          • Trailblazer Relic Hunter (T1):
            • Cost: 1,000 League points
            • This is a cosmetic set that comes with a pair of boots, a hood, a coat, and trousers.
          • Trailblazer Relic Hunter (T2):
            • Cost: 2,500 League points
            • This is a cosmetic set that comes with a pair of boots, a hood, a coat, and trousers.
          • Trailblazer Relic Hunter (T3):
            • Cost: 8,000 League points
            • For only the most dedicated Leagues players, this is a cosmetic set that comes with a pair of boots, a hood, a coat, and trousers.
        • Players will not be able to get anymore league points to purchase items once they’ve spent them until the next League, so choose carefully!
          • We’ve limited the buy options to only 1 (Buy-1) so that players can’t purchase more than 1 item by mistake.
            • That being said, items cannot be sold back, so be careful when purchasing.
  • Leagues trophies:
    • Trophies will be awarded automatically to your main account's collection box based on points you've earned. You will only receive up to 7 trophies, depending on the # of points you've earned:
      • Dragon trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 30,000+ points
      • Rune trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 20,000+ points
      • Adamant trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 12,500+ points
      • Mithril trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 5,000+ points
      • Steel trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 2,500+ points
      • Iron trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 500+ points
      • Bronze trophy:
        • Awarded to players with 100+ points
    • The top 3 trophies (Dragon, Rune, Adamant) are carried with two hands and equipped in the weapon slot, whereas the smaller trophies are worn in the shield slot and can be equipped with another weapon.







We hope you enjoy this update! Please report any bugs that you encounter immediately so we can get them patched up :)
Omicron & Chad

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KEK W !! AFK cape inc>? wonder if albert collected the bones from cave horrors if so I am willing to bet he has 200m con in his bank =p

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A lot of great updates! Keep up the good work :)
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Big pog for this update. Good job as usual fellas! :)




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This is an absolutely incredible update. A lot of thought went into the first update of the new year. Thank you to the staff for putting in the work to make this happen, and to the players that have suggested ideas along the way that has lead to this update. Have fun everyone!

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Nice updates as always! Thank you

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Nice update!


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Good updates again. Thank you!


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Very welcome update!
Thank you sir.


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good updates! thanks!











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Real Alan


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What will be happening with league pets?

Also, why does cooking seaweed grant 0 xp after the update?


Can trailblazer sets and trophies be stored in POH?  I'm down 14 bank spaces!




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W u T a n g

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Nice updates, thanks!  :D

Posted 07 January 2021 - 03:52 AM #13

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    Smope Jr

As allways sick updates! I like the new daily rewards and the new interface of quest tab!
Can't wait till next update ! <3

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very nice updates! thx alot :)

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    Iron scuffed
Love these updates , Thank you !!








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Nice update. Daily rewards will be a cool thing

Gimbeans.gif2021 GIM Goals


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Pog updates ! great work !

Posted 07 January 2021 - 08:05 AM #19

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Love it! Good work

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Great work Omi!

Just one questio', since we did the Twisted Leagues how come we get to buy Trailblazer rewards instead of Twisted rewards?

Still dope tho! Maybe Trailblazer league in the future?