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[2/5/21] Nightmare Instances, Seed Vault, Fossil Island Content, PoH House Viewer & more!

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[3/5/21] Hotfixes:

  • Fixed Draynor doors not opening.
  • Fixed a bug with Herbiboar allowing players to kick the last tunnel multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where the main nightmare instance would have multiple sleeping nightmare npc’s there.
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes see duplicate chat messages pop up.
  • Fixed a bug where some players were unable to see emoji’s in yell.
  • The price of all blighted supplies (super restores, manta rays, karambwans, anglerfish) have been reduced from 150 pk points to 75.
  • Fixed a bug with sitting in chairs not working properly.
  • The Arclight's 70% accuracy and damage boost will now apply to Cerberus and Hellhounds.
  • Players can now cook giant seaweed on ranges/fires for 6 soda ash, rather than 1.
  • Players will now receive giant seaweed from the seaweed patch rather than regular seaweed.
    • This has 6x the soda ash yield compared to regular seaweed.
  • Players can now use giant seaweed to cast superglass make.
    • When used with Giant seaweed, each giant seaweed will count as 6 regular seaweed, so players will only require 1 giant seaweed per 6 buckets of sand.
      • The bonus multiplier for giant seaweed is also higher (1.6x rather than 1.3x), thereby allowing players to get a maximum of 28 molten glass per inventory (3 giant seaweed, 18 buckets of sand).
      • Any excess sand will be dropped to the ground.
  • Fixed a bug where the ensouled heads in the skill calculator wouldn't show the proper experience values.
  • The price of nightmare instances have been reduced from 5m to 3.5m.
  • Fixed an issue where players in a nightmare instance that was close in proximity to another nightmare instance may take damage from attacks such as Flower poker.



Hello everyone,
Today we're bringing a huge, diverse update to Alora with some highly requested content. First on the list is the long-awaited Nightmare instances, and we hope that this will satisfy those of you who prefer to run Nightmare on your own or in small teams. Next up is the Seed vault, which is a huge QoL update that will make seed storage a breeze. We've also expanded Fossil Island to include Ammonite Crabs, Seaweed Farming and Herbiboar hunting. In your Player-owned house, you can now quickly reorganize the layout with the house viewer interface. Aside from these there are many smaller updates, such as some core performance fixes (faster login time, better switching, improve prayer response time in PvP, etc), the ability to enter Chambers of Xeric with 50 players, some new RuneLite plugins and many bug fixes and QoL updates.

  • Player Owned House Changes:
    • Portal Chamber:
      • The portals in the Portal Chamber can now properly be set by players.
        • To do so, players can use the focus in the centre of their portal chamber to select a location to redirect the portal to.
          • To set a location for a portal, players must have 100 casts worth of runes for the teleport, as well as the appropriate magic level to cast the teleport.
    • Fixed a bug with the doors in the Hosidius style house not being aligned properly.
    • Doors will no longer be spawned in rooms that don't have doors facing each other.
      • Previously, if a player’s study, for example, had doors facing to the east, and the room to the east did not have doors facing to the west (facing the study), the server would add doors there anyways, creating doors that lead to an object in the way.
        • This will no longer happen, and players will need to make sure that rooms have doors facing each other.
    • House Viewer Interface:
      • Players will now see a button to open the house viewer in their House Options interface.
        • Once opened, this interface will give players a basic layout of their house, and allow them to select rooms and make alterations.
          • Once a room is selected, a checkmark will appear on the grid to indicate which room was selected, and players will have the option to either Move, Rotate, or Delete the room.
            • Moving rooms:
              • This option will allow players to either swap or move a room to another location in the grid.
                • Players can simply swap rooms by selecting one room, clicking the “Move” button, then selecting another room.
                  • The main garden/portal room cannot be moved or swapped.
                • Players must move rooms to valid locations that keep the house structure in order; this means that rooms cannot be moved into tiles that are not adjacent to another room, and you cannot move a room that would end up creating an “island”, where there would be some houses that were not connected.
            • Rotating rooms:
              • Players can select any room on the grid and click the “Rotate” button, then select either the “rotate clockwise” or “rotate counter-clockwise” buttons to change the orientation of the rooms.
            • Deleting rooms:
              • Deleting rooms follows the same rules as moving them, that is, you can’t create “islands”, or delete the centre room containing the portal.
              • To delete a room, players can simply select the room they wish to delete, then click the delete button.
          • No changes made in the house viewer will be set unless the player clicks the “Done” button to confirm their layout, but once this has been confirmed, their changes cannot be undone, and any objects in any rooms removed will be permanently lost.
  • Pk Point Exchange Additions:
    • The following items have been added to the Pk Point Exchange:
      • Wrath runes:
        • 50 for 35 Pk points.
      • Blighted bind sack:
        • 300 for 250 Pk points.
      • Blighted snare sack:
        • 150 for 250 Pk points.
      • Blighted entangle sack:
        • 70 for 250 Pk points.
      • Blighted ancient ice sack:
        • 30 for 250 Pk points.
      • Blighted vengeance sack:
        • 50 for 250 Pk points.
      • Blighted Karambwan:
        • 12 for 150 Pk points.
      • Blighted manta ray:
        • 15 for 150 Pk points.
      • Blighted Anglerfish:
        • 15 for 150 Pk points.
      • Blighted super restore(4):
        • 4 for 150 pk points.
  • Core system improvements:
    • Login time reduced:
      • Logging in should now happen more quickly, rather than getting stuck for 10+ seconds at times. (2x faster on average, logins should now take around 3-4 seconds)
    • Switching improvements:
      • Switching items should now be smoother, especially for item switches with more than 4 items.
  • Combat changes:
    • Hit consistency:
      • In both PvP and PvM scenarios where a target is being hit by many different enemies (eg. A player getting piled in multi) some hits were occasionally being discarded if there were too many incoming hits.
        • This should no longer occur, and every single applied hit will remove from the target's health even if the hit cannot be shown that tick.
    • Prayer protection consistency (in PvP):
      • PKers may have noticed that sometimes you'll turn on a protection prayer the same tick the hit comes in, and somehow you are still not protected.
        • We've tweaked the system to attempt to check if you turned on the prayer the very same tick as the hit comes in (regardless of your PID), and apply the protection.
          • This technically gives you protection one tick earlier in certain scenarios (where you didn't have optimal PID), and applies to all protection prayers, but will primarily show significant differences for Melee-based attacks.
  • Nightmare Instances:
    • The long awaited nightmare instances are finally here!
    • Players can right click on the nightmare lobby npc and generate an instance for 5m gp.
      • The instance lasts for 90 minutes, similar to other instances.
        • Any players who are joining the nightmare instance must do so before the fight has begun, otherwise they’ll need to wait until their clan-mates finish the fight.
          • If there is no one present in the instance, the nightmare will de-spawn immediately, so be careful!
        • The mechanics of the instance will be more or less exactly like the regular nightmare room, however players will not be able to see the current status of the fight, so they’ll need to communicate with their clan-mates to figure out when they can enter the instance.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The Harmonised nightmare staff now has a 4-tick attack speed when casting spells from the normal spellbook.
    • Fixed a bug where the daily login system would only reset players' login streaks if they hadn't logged in for over 48 hours, rather than 24.
      • This would lead to an issue where players could potentially still keep their highest login streak, and yet not complete all 14 days of the login cycle (since they missed one in between, but the streak didn’t reset).
    • Fixed a bug where the red skull wouldn't ever disappear if a player had the amulet of avarice, or skull cape equipped.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes teleports would conflict with the wilderness obelisks, causing players to be teleported back to the wilderness rather than being teleported out.
    • Fixed a bug where the Daily login system "Current Streak" indicator would reset a player's current streak to 1 day (Rather than 0) when their streak was broken.
      • This lead to the current streak showing up as 1 day higher than the claimable days, leading to some confusion amongst players.
    • Fixed a bug where Dragonbane weapons (Dragon hunter lance, Dragon hunter crossbow) were not applying the 20%/30% damage boost to Wyrms/drakes.
    • The auto-pickup ammunition perk will now only apply to blowpipe darts if the player has the blowpipe equipped.
    • Fixed a bug where farming patches would sometimes not show up until you relogged (Fossil Island Hardwood patches, for example).
    • Fixed a bug where the Items Kept on Death interface would sometimes misplace the "items kept" section in resizable mode.
    • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes face the wrong direction when mining, particularly in motherlode mine.
    • Fixed a bug where the Hosidius Spirit Tree Patch would not visually update when raking the weeds or planting the spirit seed.
    • Fixed an issue where the potion share spells were not using runes.
    • Fixed a bug where the runelite overlays would be drawn slightly offset (about 4 pixels on the x/y axis) when in fixed mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the Runelite notifier was crashing clients when players would get a superior encounter notification if they had the "Enable game messages" option toggled in the Runelite settings.
    • Fixed a bug where trying to create another unfinished potion while already mixing potions would not allow you to make anymore unfinished potions until you moved to a new tile.
    • Fixed a bug where the vyrewatch pickpocket loot was not being properly doubled if the Rogue set effect triggered.
      • This means players will have a small chance to get a second blood shard (as well as the other basic loot) when pickpocketing Vyre’s.
    • The price of Blighted Super restores is now 20 LMS points rather than 100.
    • Fixed a bug where valuing some items in the untradeables shop would not give a cost to re-purchase it.
    • Disabled access to the Stronghold of security entrance.
    • The Bludgeon spine from the Abyssal sire will now be announced over yell.
    • Fixed a bug where Bob was replaced with Father Aereck.
    • Sotetseg's ball attack will no longer deal delayed damage to a player who was chosen to do the maze.
    • The mounted amulet of glory in a player's POH can now be removed in build mode.
    • Players will no longer be notified for nearby clan chat drops if the clan member is on a different plane.
    • The PoH telescope will now say "You don't see anything" if the first star since the last reboot has not yet appeared.
      • This is because the first star appears randomly, so it cannot be predicted.
    • Fixed a ladder near Myth's guild that allowed you to "no-clip".
  • Quality of Life:
    • Chambers of Xeric changes:
      • The maximum number of players that can be in a party has been increased from 20 to 50.
      • The Chambers of Xeric herblore secondaries (Stinkhorn mushroom, endarkened juice, Cicely) are now tradeable.
    • Emoji's will now show up in the Yell chat.
    • Burnt pages have been added to the Vote point shop for 5 points each. 
    • Reduced the price of a larger sack from Motherlode mine by 50 nuggets (from 200 to 150).
    • The number of Revenant Spawns in the Revenant caves has been doubled.
      • There are now twice as many revenants for player’s to kill in a similar area.
    • Players can now store Trailblazer Tier 1-3 outfits in their PoH armour case in their Costume room.
    • The Bounty Hunter Teleport will now use the path finder to make sure that the location it will teleport the player to is in reach of the target.
      • This fixes issues where player’s would be teleported to inaccessible islands, or areas where they would be technically close to their targets, but the path would be far/inaccessible.
        • An example of this would be using the bounty Hunter teleport, and being teleported right next to your target, but on the other side of the wilderness fence, thereby allowing them to escape.
    • Donator ranks when de-ironing:
      • In certain cases, players would lose their donator rank when de-ironing, or dying as an HCIM. This should no longer be the case, and your rank should automatically be transferred.
    • Fixed a visual bug where the Tears of Guthix interface was offset to the left.
    • Players can now pick the Flax west of the Gnome Agility Course.
    • The teleport spells in the normal spellbook will now always be lit up, as they don't have a rune cost.
    • A player’s cannon pieces will now go to their Untradeables shop for 100k per piece if they have no room in their inventory or Bank.
      • If a player has no room in their inventory, or bank, or Untradeables shop (40 item limit), then the cannon will be deleted, and they’ll have to re-obtain it.
    • Added 2 more Wine of Zamorak spawns to the Zamorak temple near the Warrior's guild.
    • All Jars from bosses will now be announced over yell, regardless of their in-game value.
    • The Runelite clue scroll plugin has been updated to recognize any villager sandals for the exam room clue scroll step, rather than just brown sandals.
    • Players can now toggle random event rewards on and off by speaking to the Alora Guide in Edgeville.
    • Players can now only purchase 1 item at a time in the Pest Control Exchange. 
    • Herbiboar has been added to the Skilling Pets section of the collection log.
    • Players will now be able to obtain duplicate Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite clues from all sources.
      • Master clues, as always, are still limited to one at a time. 
    • The Bottomless Bucket drop will now be announced when received from Hespori.
    • The Farmer's Blessing now provides a teleport to the Giant Seaweed patches underwater.
    • A tool leprechaun has been added to the hardwood tree patch on Fossil island.
    • The Jar of smoke has been added to Thermonuclear smoke devil’s collection log.
    • The Jar of spirits has been added to Corporeal beast’s collection log.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The Easter event has been removed.
      • If any of the rewards are lost on death, you can re-purchase them from the Lost Items Manager.
    • ;;tudor command added for @Tudor's youtube channel.
  • Equipment re-balance:
    • OSRS has launched Part 1 of their equipment rebalance, which mostly targets lower tier items, with a few notable changes.
    • The following changes have been made to the following item categories:
      • Med helms:
        • The range attack bonus has been increased from -1 to 0.
      • Full helms:
        • The range attack bonus has been decreased from -2 to -3.
      • Platelegs:
        • The range attack bonus has been decreased from -7 to -11.
      • Platebodies:
        • The range attack bonus has been decreased from -10 to -15.
      • Squareshields:
        • The range attack bonus has been increased from -2 to 0.
      • Kiteshields:
        • The range attack bonus has been decreased from -2 to -3.
      • Spears:
        • The attack speed of spears has been increased from 5 ticks to 4 ticks.
          • This includes bronze->dragon spears, including poison variants, as well as the zamorakian spear.
      • Warhammers:
        • The warhammer attack requirement has been adjusted to be a strength requirement.
          • For example, the dragon Warhammer’s 60 attack requirement is now a 60 strength requirement instead.
      • Maces:
        • The attack speed of Maces has been increased from 5 ticks to 4 ticks.
      • Hastae:
        • The attack speed has been increased from 5 ticks to 4 ticks.
      • Dragonbone/Bonecrusher necklace changes:
        • The prayer requirement to equip these items has been reduced from 80 to 70 prayer.
        • The offensive stats of these necklaces has been increased from 0 on each stat to +10 on each stat.
        • The defensive bonuses have been increased from 0 on each stat to +2 on each stat.
        • These necklaces have also been given a +2 strength bonus.
  • Runelite Changes:
    • Made it so that players can now click on the Emoji's in the Emoji Palette Plugin panel to add the Emoji directly into the chat box.
      • This will add the text shortcut required to do the emoji, for example, if you click the eggplant emoji, it will append “8=D” to your chat input.
        • This feature only works if a player is logged in, and their chatbox is unlocked (meaning they don’t have their chat input blocked due to key remapping).
    • Fixed a bug where some Salamander tree traps would not work properly with the Hunter plugin.
    • The hull highlighting for NPC’s has been improved, and is no longer slightly offset.
    • Herbiboar plugin:
      • Players can use this new plugin to help them track down Herbiboar.
        • Features:
          • Show start objects:
            • This will automatically highlight the start objects players need to inspect to begin tracking Herbiboar.
          • Show End Tunnels:
            • This will automatically highlight the tunnel the player is supposed to search when they finish tracking Herbiboar (it will not highlight other tunnels).
          • Show Trail Objects:
            • This will automatically highlight Herbiboar’s tracks, and will show dots on the minimap so players can easily track Herbiboar.
    • Supplies Tracker Plugin:
      • This plugin has been added to the base Runelite plugins, and players can use it to track their supply usage.
        • This plugin tracks supplies for the following categories:
          • Food
          • Potions
          • Jewellery (including teleport tablets/scrolls)
          • Runes/Built-in spells
          • Charge weapons (blade of Saeldor, scythe of vital, etc…)
          • Cannonballs
          • Blowpipe darts/scales (approximations)
          • Farming seeds/compost
        • The plugin will log all the supplies used based on the account logged in, and will calculate the cost of the supplies based on the Alora trading post values we provide.
  • Seed Vault:
    • Players will now have access to the seed vault in the Farming Guild.
      • This vault, usable by all game modes, excluding ultimate ironmen, can store all 71 types of seeds (we’ve removed the option to store saplings, since we don’t require them for farming).
      • Players will see a list of seed types on the left hand side of the interface, an they can click the types to be taken to that section right away.
        • Players will also have buttons on the bottom of the interface, which can be used to specify a preferred left-click withdraw amount for their seeds.
        • There is also a deposit-all button, which will add all of the player’s seeds to the vault that are in their inventory.
      • There is a limit of 99999 seeds of each type that can be stored in the vault, which should be more than enough for 99.999% of players!
      • Favourite slots:
        • Players can right click any of the seeds in the seed vault to add them to their favourite slots, which is easily accessible at the top of the list.
          • The favourites section is limited to 8 seeds, so choose wisely!
      • We’ve also added placeholder functionality to the vault, so when a player removes all of a specific type of seed from the vault, it will remain in its position with an indicator showing there are 0 seeds.
        • Players can click on this seed to either release the placeholder, or add/remove it from their favourites.
      • Additionally, any seeds that are obtained from the Kingdom of Miscellenia will be automatically deposited into the Seed vault if a player already has that type of seed stored inside of it.
  • Fossil Island:
    • Ammonite Crabs:
      • Players can now find all of the Ammonite crab spawns around fossil island.
        • These crabs have the same offensive/defensive stats as rock/sand crabs, but they have 100 hp rather than 50/60.
    • Seaweed Farming:
      • Players can now farm giant seaweed underwater off the shores of Fossil island.
        • There are 2 ways to get underwater:
          • 1. The farmer’s blessing offers a teleport to the seaweed patch underwater.
          • 2. Players can board the boat on the north-eastern shore of fossil island to take them to the small island offshore where they can dive down underwater.
        • Farming the Giant seaweed will require at least level 23 Farming, and will take 20 minutes to fully grow.
          • Once the seaweed is grown, players can harvest it for 19 Farming experience each, and each patch will output approximately 15-32 seaweed, depending on if super/ultracompost is used.
            • Magic secateurs do not increase the yield for seaweed.
        • In the underwater area, there has also been a single seaweed spore spawn that has been added.
    • Herbiboar:
      • Players can now hunt Herbiboar on Fossil Island.
        • Doing so will require at least level 80 Hunter to start tracking it, and at least 31 Herblore to harvest the Herbiboar once caught.
          • To begin tracking a Herbiboar, players can visit one of the 5 starting points on the island (marked by a hunting symbol on the minimap) and inspect the rocks nearby.
            • This will uncover tracks which the player must follow and will lead them to more objects they must inspect to find more tracks.
              • Inspecting these objects will provide 50 base Hunter experience.
              • At a certain point, the tracks will lead players to the tunnel that Herbiboar is within, and they must attack it.
                • Once a player attacks the tunnel, Herbiboar will likely appear, stunned, and the player will receive between 1,950 and 2,461 base Hunter experience (based on their current level).
                  • Players can then harvest Herbiboar to obtain various herb rewards, which are better with higher Herblore levels.
                    • Extreme donator+ players will obtain these herbs noted, but there’s also a tool leprechaun at the nearby patches players can use to note the herbs.
                  • There is also a 1/4000 chance to obtain the Herbiboar pet when harvesting the herbs.



We hope you enjoy this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together!
Omicron & Chad

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pretty cool update i wonder who suggested that cool pvp shop revamp :wub:  B)

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Great updates.

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Hugeee update, can't wait to do some Nightmare instances! Great work as usual    :wub:

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Hell yes, very good update! looking forward to getting  Herbiboar pet now!


Thanks @Omicron!

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Lets Goooooooooooo!

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Massive update, thank you so much!!

Posted 02 May 2021 - 12:41 AM #8

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Very Pogchamp update, thank you @Omicron

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not bad

not bad




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Nice update!

Was waiting long for that NM instance thanks for the update <3

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Sick update

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I love it

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You just love to see this update, great work Omicron <3




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Amazing updates, just curious as to whether or not the arclight will be updated to work on Cerberus? 

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Posted 02 May 2021 - 02:19 AM #15

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Thanks for the update alot!

Thanks for the update alot!

Posted 02 May 2021 - 03:31 AM #16

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Very nice update! Here are some of my notes!

1. The portal room update is very nice! My only complaint is the lumbridge graveyard teleport (1st option) should actually be the arceuus library teleport.
This will make a big difference for master level clues.

2. The Poh room mover is very useful!

3. The new zamorak wine spawns are very nice for hardcores

4. The blighted equipment needs a price reduction. Blighted manta rays are the same price as anglerfish!
I think it would be beneficial to lower costs of blighted equipment as a means of encouraging wilderness activity.

5. Warhammers now require strength to weild.  Is the statius warhammer included?  It is!  78 str now!
I tested this in PVP, but didn't get any hits 50+ with 99 str.  My hammer was charged.



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Topic 89500 - My Problem with Staff

Topic 89503 - My Problem with Staff II

Topic 89512 - My Problem with Staff III







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   Especially the seed vault arriving, making me very excited to be able to hoard seeds again on uim! And so much QOL in the poh this update, makes me smile seeing how far the poh system has gone!




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Absolute amazing update!! Love every single bit of it!!


Thanks for adding the ::tudor command! <3

Posted 02 May 2021 - 04:40 AM #19


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no tempoross ? shaking my boots.







great update! 

pewdiepie = small pp

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Ultra pog!

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