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[1/7/21] Theatre of Blood Hard Mode, World Map, Spellbook Filtering, Spirit Trees, Sacred Eel Fishing & much more!

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Hello everyone,
After a lengthy wait, we're happy to announce that the next update is ready! As seen in the previous development blog, this update includes the World map feature (1:1 with OSRS), spell book filters, and the Hard Mode for Theatre of Blood. Aside from this, plenty of other miscellaneous content from the past month has been squeezed in, including: Spirit trees now being fully functional, the ability to fish Sacred eels, an expansion to the Kingdom of Miscellania, Spicy stews, the NPC Contact spell, and "The Collector" NPC, which will be useful in helping you fill up your collection log for old items.
As you can see, there are plenty of updates in different corners of the game, so we'll let you have a look for yourself below:

  • Theatre of Blood:
    • General changes:
      • Reflected damage from Nylocas Vasilias will now be reduced if you are praying against that style.
        • For example, if you use Magic on Nylocas which is not the correct style but you are also praying against magic, the damage reflected will only be 60% of what it would've been.
      • Performance details:
        • At the end of a raid, you will be shown your performance details, including:
          • How long each room took
          • How long the entire raid took
          • Total death counts
          • The MVP of the raid
    • Hard Mode:
      • Mechanics:
        • As the name suggests, ToB Hard Mode is for only the most skilled raiders, and will present a challenge for even the most well prepared. Every room has different mechanics making the raid significantly more difficult to complete, ranging from higher health NPCs that deal heavier damage, to complete mechanic changes with blood spawns that cannot be killed and enemies that launch multiple attacks simultaneously.
        • Overall mechanics:
          • Enemy hitpoints across the board are 20% higher.
        • Maiden of Sugadinti:
          • Blood spawns will sometimes spawn even if you avoid the blood pool attack (50% chance).
          • Blood spawns cannot be attacked.
        • Pestilent Bloat:
          • Body parts will continually fall throughout the fight.
          • Bloat can change directions randomly, multiple times during walking phase.
        • Nylocas Stage:
          • Any incorrect style on smaller Nylocas will now reflect damage at you.
            • They will also prevent that player from doing any further damage to that particular vasilias.
          • Any incorrect style attack on Nylocas Vasilias will reflect 25% higher damage at you.
        • Sotetseg:
          • Instead of launching one red ball at a player, Sotetseg will launch two on hard mode.
          • Instead of one player going into the maze on hard mode, all except one of the players will be sent into the maze, and the steps will be divided amongst those players. They'll need to work together to put the pieces of the path in order.
        • Xarpus:
          • Upon entering the room, Xarpus will throw acid around all of the edges (excluding the entrance), limiting the amount of space players have to run around.
          • During the rotation phase, Xarpus will immediately face the location that he was last attacked from, meaning that players must move around after every hit to avoid having the hit reflected at them.
        • Verzik Vitur:
          • Verzik will be stronger than usual, including her Nylocas minions.
            • Nylocas explosion radius is doubled.
            • All attacks deal more damage.
            • Ranged attacks leave behind poison pools for 16 ticks. These deal 9-10 damage.
      • Rewards:
        • The rewards are worthwhile; there is a significantly increased chance of obtaining a rare item, and less of a chance of obtaining an Avernic hilt (leaving more loot roll space for better items).
        • Additionally, the following cosmetic items have been added to Hard mode:
          • Sanguine ornament kit
            • Reskin your Scythe of Vitur with the exclusive blood-red Sanguine colors
          • Holy ornament kit
            • Channel Saradomin with this ornament kit that can be used on any of the following items:
              • Ghrazi rapier, Sanguinesti staff, or the Scythe of Vitur
      • Scoreboard:
        • Records for Hard mode are separate from the regular theatre.
          • The Zombie Monkey (completionist) cape will still count both the regular and hard mode completions towards the 250 raid requirement.
  • World Map:
    • The world map we’ve implemented is fully functional, and works exactly as the one on OSRS does.
      • Features:
        • Floating map:
          • This is the default left-click option on the map button, and will open a floating world map interface that hovers over the game scene.
            • This map can be resized or moved around by dragging/pulling the various borders/corners.
        • Fullscreen map:
          • To use the fullscreen map, players will need to right-click the world map icon, and once opened, it will cover the entire playable scene with an intractable map.
            • Players will not be able to see their hatbox or what’s going on around them when this map is open, so be careful when using this!
        • Overview:
          • Players can click the overview option in the bottom right part of the interface to quickly move between areas.
        • Zoom in/out of the map
        • A drop down menu players can use to change to different area’s of the game (Runescape surface, catacombs, Wilderness dungeons, etc…).
        • A search function, which will allow players to search for any location on the current surface they’re on.
          • For example, if you’re on the runescape surface, you can search for Falador, however this will not work if you’re in the Wilderness dungeons area.
        • Menu:
          • Players can use this menu to do things like enable effects, tooltips, labels, etc…
          • Players will also see a list of “game features” which they can scroll through and click on, which will then cause the map to highlight any of the icons that are visible on the map.
    • World Map Plugin:
      • This plugin will provide extra utilities/information to the world map plugin, such as the following:
        • Special icons for Fairy rings, and adding the ring code to the hover tooltip.
        • Agility level requirements on shortcuts.
        • Crossing out icons that players cannot interact with, for example trees they do not have the woodcutting level to cut, or shortcuts they don’t have the agility level to cross.
        • Adding icons to show teleport destinations (all spellbooks/scrolls/jewellery)
        • Displaying the type of farming patches in the icon tooltip.
        • Showing the type of tree and level required, rather than just “Rare trees”.
    • The Clue Scroll Plugin will now also have the world map features enabled.
      • When a player opens a clue scroll, and has the Runelite instructions appear, they can open their world map and a scroll icon will appear that players can click to be immediately taken to the clue scroll location they need to go to.
  • Magic spellbook filters:
    • You can now filter your spellbook (All spellbooks) based on your preferences!
      • You can select from the following filters:
        • Hide combat spells
        • Hide utility spells
        • Hide teleport spells
        • Hide spells that you don't have the level for
        • Hide spells that you don't have the runes for
    • You can also right-click on the spell book icon to hide the filter button so that the spellbook looks as it did before.
  • The Collector NPC:
    • The Collector has finally arrived in Edgeville!
      • Players can speak to The Collector to have items they’ve received that have not been logged in their collection log added into their collection log.
        • This will only work for a few items that are untradable, and for the most part non-stackable.
          • The primary reasoning for this is that Alora has a few ways to get items that belong to a collection log that may not be/weren’t counted in the past towards it.
            • An example of this would be purchasing the Elite void outfit from the shop, or the Pyromancer outfit from the daily shop.
        • The Collector will only log items that you have in your inventory, so you’ll need to bring him the items you want added.
        • There are about 130 items that are eligible to be added into the collection log through The Collector, so we won’t list them all, but a few of the included items are:
          • The Angler outfit
          • All untradable Pest Control items
          • All pets
          • Prospector gear
          • Pyromancer gear
          • Abyssal sire components
          • Hydra components
  • Wilderness Slayer Cave:
    • Players can now access the Wilderness Slayer Cave.
      • There are 2 entrances, one at Level 18 wilderness near the chaos temple, and the other at level 29 Wilderness just north of the chaos temple.
      • The entire area of the cave is a multi-combat zone, so beware!
        • Players can setup a dwarf cannon in this cave if they wish to do so.
      • Since the npc’s in this cave are slightly stronger than their normal variations, players will also receive a 15% increased drop rate of Larran’s Keys while killing NPC’s in this cave.
    • Npc spawns:
      • 10 Ankou spawns
      • 1 Bandit spawn
      • 4 Black demon spawns
      • 3 Black dragon spawns
      • 10 Greater demon spawns
      • 6 Green dragon spawns
      • 5 Hellhound spawns
      • 6 Ice giant spawns
      • 7 Lesser demon spawns
  • Wintertodt Changes:
    • The snowfall attack now occurs far less common the lower Wintertodt's health is.
    • The cold attack frequency has been slightly reduced.
    • Removed a mechanic that did damage to Wintertodt when feeding the logs/kindling into the Braziers, so this should now allow players to keep Wintertodt alive by feeding 1 Brazier for a longer period of time.
    • Made the frequency that the braziers break lower as Wintertodt's health is reduced.
    • Players will now receive 2 loot rolls from their first 500 points after killing Wintertodt, rather than 1.
  • NPC Contact Spell:
    • Players can now cast the NPC Contact spell in the Lunar spellbook.
      • This spell can be cast by players who have level 67 Magic or higher, and provides 63 base Magic experience when cast.
        • Npc’s that can be contacted:
          • Konar Quo Maten
          • Nieve
          • Krystilia
          • Advisor Ghrim
          • Amy
          • Watson
        • Restrictions:
          • This spell cannot be cast in any instances.
          • This spell cannot be cast while in combat.
          • Players won’t be able to access any shops, or give/receive and items while using this spell.
          • Player’s will only be able to collect resources, and not edit their kingdom resources/coffers when speaking to Advisor Ghrim.
  • Sacred Eel Fishing:
    • Players can now fish Sacred eels at the fishing spots near the Zulrah dock.
      • We’ve designed these spots a bit differently than most other fishing spots, since they don’t provide food, but rather Zulrah’s scales.
        • The fishing has been designed to be a passive way to gather Zulrah’s scales.
          • Players will require 87 fishing to fish from the spots, and can expect to obtain about 270-325 Sacred eels per hour, depending on their fishing level, and if they’re using the Rada’s blessings or not.
            • Catching an eel will provide 105 base Fishing experience.
            • Players who have at least 72 Cooking can use a knife on the Sacred eels to dissect them for Zulrah’s scales.
              • This provides 100 base Cooking experience, plus 3 extra experience for every scale received.
              • The amount of scales given is depending on the player’s cooking level, and can range from 3-4 scales at 72 Cooking, up to 8-9 scales at boosted cooking levels (104-111).
                • Every 8 levels the minimum and maximum amount of scales you can expect to receive will increase by 1, so at 80 Cooking for example, the eels will give 4-5 scales from dissection.
        • This method will provide players with anywhere from 1,100 to 2,600 Zulrah’s scales per hour.
        • Players can fish these spots for up to 3 minutes, after which their player will stop fishing, and the player will need to click the spot again.
          • As with all fishing spots, these do not move randomly like they do on OSRS.
  • Spirit Tree Functionality:
    • Players can now use the various spirit tree’s around the game to quickly travel.
      • The locations always present when using the spirit trees are:
        • Tree gnome village
        • Gnome stronghold
        • Hazard battlefield
        • Grand exchange
        • Feldip hills
        • Prifddinas (If the player has the requirements)
      • Players can also travel to their spirit tree patches if their tree’s are fully grown.
  • Kingdom of Miscellania Expansion:
    • The Kingdom of Miscellania resource management has been expanded to include Hardwood and Farming resource allocation.
      • Hardwood:
        • Players can select either Teak, Mahogany, or both hardwoods to gather.
          • If a player selects only Teak, they’ll receive up to 420 Teak logs a day, assuming 10 resources are allocated.
          • If a player selects only Mahogany, they’ll receive up to 300 Mahogany logs a day, assuming 10 resources are allocated.
          • If a player selects both hardwoods, they’ll receive up to 160 of each logs per day, assuming 10 resources are allocated.
      • Farming:
        • Assuming players have 10 resources allocated, they’ll receive 481 seeds per day, which will be randomly drawn from a set of seeds, each with their own likelihood of being received.
          • For example, players have an 18% chance of receiving a potato seed on each of their 481 draws for the day, meaning that, on average, they will receive ~88/481 seeds that are potato seeds.
    • Added a scrollbar to the resources gathered interface to support more items from the seeds players will receive.
    • The Loot tracker now has the capability to track loot from the resources collected.
  • Fairy Rings:
    • Players can now use the fairy rings around the world to travel.
    • To use a fairy ring, players must have a Dramen staff, which can be obtained from completing the Lumbridge & Draynor medium diaries, or the Lunar staff, which is obtained from completing Lunar diplomacy.
      • Players who have completed the Lumbridge & Draynor elite diaries do not need any of the above staves to use the fairy rings.
    • Once in use, players will be able to select a code to enter to go to a location.
      • To make things more convenient, the Travel log which will appear will provide players with all the codes for the possible locations.
        • Clicking on an entry in the Travel Log will automatically set the fairy ring code to the appropriate letters.
      • We’ve added nearly all of the OSRS teleport locations for the Fairy rings, except for a few select locations for obvious reasons:
        • Myreque Hideout
        • Gorak’s Plane
        • Enchanted valley (this is the old donator zone)
        • Realm of the Fisher King
      • After a player uses the ring once, the left-click option that shows the “previous-code” will show the code of the last destionation that they went to.
        • This will also shop up at the top of the player’s travel log.
    • The house teleport code is functional, however to make use of it, players will need a Fairy ring, or Ring and Spirit tree in their house.
  • Spicy Stews:
    • Spicy Stews have been added to the Vote reward shop for 20 vote points each.
      • When players consume the stew, they’ll have the option to select a stew flavour:
        • Red:
          • Boosts either Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Or Magic.
        • Orange:
          • Boosts either Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, Cooking, Construction, or Firemaking.
        • Brown:
          • Boosts either Woodcutting, Farming, Fishing, Mining, or Herblore.
        • Yellow:
          • Boosts either Agility, Hunter, Slayer, Thieving, or Prayer.
    • The flavour may be chosen, but the boost given will be chosen at random.
      • The boost will always be a +5 boost.
      • If prayer is the chosen skill to be boosted, it will simply restore 5 prayer points, rather than boost the stat.
  • Mahogany Homes/Construction Changes:
    • The Discord status will now update when a player is doing Mahogany home.
    • Mahogany Homes now provides a chance at the House pet.
      • This is also boosted by the Golden hammer (either in the inventory or bank).
      • The rates are similar to building items in a player’s house, and it uses the level required for the contract to determine the roll (rather than the level required to build the PoH object).
    • The Plank sack planks will now automatically be deleted without having to withdraw them if they contain the correct type of plank.
      • This only applies when doing Construction and Mahogany Homes contracts.
    • Added the Prifddinas teleport to the max/completionist cape POH teleport menu.
    • The bonus Carpenter points for donator ranks has been changed as follows:
      • Previously, Eternal donators would receive 2 extra points per contract, and Immortal/Master/Uber would receive 1 extra point.
      • The new system works as mentioned below:
        • Eternal donators:
          • Receive 3 extra Carpenter points upon completion.
        • Immortal/Master/Uber donators:
          • Receive 2 extra Carpenter points upon completion.
        • Legendary donators:
          • Receive 1 extra Carpenter point upon completion.
        • Extreme donators:
          • 50% chance to receive 1 extra Carpenter point upon completion.
        • Super donators:
          • 25% chance to receive 1 extra Carpenter point upon completion.
  • Special Attack Counter Plugin Changes:
    • The special attack counter plugin will no longer count BGS and BGS (Or) special attacks separately.
    • The Special attack counter plugin now has configuration settings to allow players to be notified when they’ve landed a certain amount of special attacks on an npc for a specific weapon.
      • For example, players can set their Dragon Warhammer threshold to 3, and will be notified when they’ve hit the boss 3 times with the special attack.
  • Combat changes:
    • Adjusted the spawns of the Greater demons near the KBD lair to match OSRS.
    • When attacking a player in the wilderness, your skull will now be renewed, even if you are already skulled.
      • This prevents an issue where you could have been skulled 20 minutes ago, and if you attack a player towards the end of the 20 minutes, your skull could run out right after.
        • Instead, initiating any attack on a non-skulled player will ensure that you have a 20 minute skull cycle.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Clarified the meaning of the letters (C/P/S/F) in the selectable layouts menu.
    • Players can now opt to close their currently opened instance if they want to create another one.
      • For example, if a player had a Dagannoth Kings instance open, they would previously need to wait out the full instance timer to start a new one.
        • Now, they can simply attempt to create a new instance, and they’ll be prompted with the option to close the currently opened one.
    • Eternal donators will now get 3 (rather than 1) reward permits from passing the 2000 point threshold when defeating Tempoross.
    • Immortal/Master donators will now get 2 (rather than 1) reward permits from passing the 2000 point threshold when defeating Tempoross.
    • Players can now interact with the Strategy table in the treasure room after finishing the Theatre of Blood to see their performance details.
      • The details provide information on deaths per member, and time to kill each boss, as well as the total time taken.
      • Note: The MVP indicator will never show a player name, since that feature was removed from Alora when we boosted ToB loot rates (each player on the team has their own chance to get a purple item after a raid, rather than just 1 player).
    • Updated the achievement diary completion banner to be a more modern one.
    • Updated the Leagues task completion banner to be a more modern one.
    • Players will now have a pop-up interface appear when they receive a new collection log entry.
    • The dwarf cannon will now cause NPC's to auto-retaliate even if the damage is 0.
    • Players now only require 9 quest points to enter Prifddinas, rather than 10.
    • Swapped the location of Baba Yaga and the Leagues tutor, so that it's clearer that Baba Yaga is an ironman only shop.
    • The auto-equip zulrah scales feature is now a part of the auto-equip ammunition perk players get from the Kourend & Kebos Hard diaries, and it can be manually toggled on and off.
      • Previously this feature was enabled permanently, but players will now be able to toggle either only auto-ammunition, or both auto-ammunition and zulrah scale reloading by speaking to the Alora guide.
    • Added Rune platelegs as a barrows common loot reward.
    • Increased the maximum item-on-object interaction distance from 16 tiles to 32 tiles.
      • For example, previously if you were to use a shark on the bank booth at the fishing guild, your character would run to the bank booth, but nothing would happen, since you were technically out of the max range (16 tiles).
    • The Seers' ring now has an item value of 4 million gp.
      • This will now show up properly when a player receives it as a drop.
    • Players will now receive a chat box warning that they will not receive Brimstone Keys on-task when they get a boss task from Konar, as it is not a location based task.
    • There is now a warning when voting to kick a member off of a GIM team that it will incur a 30 day cooldown between kicks.
    • The Pj timer in the Revenant cave is now similar to Deadman mode on OSRS, where you cannot be attacked until at least 10 seconds after your last attack on a player.
      • This means that if you get the last hit on your most recent opponent, you can hide in an unreachable area and logout before their teammates can hit you.
    • Any extra supplies that wouldn't have fit in a player's inventory after killing a player in Last man standing will now drop to the ground.
      • These extra supplies will still appear public to players after being on the ground for 15 seconds.
    • Players in Last man standing can now only carry a maximum of 12 sips worth of Saradomin brews in their inventory even while trying to loot a player they’ve just killed.
    • Players in Last man standing can now only carry a maximum of 11 Sharks in their inventory even while trying to loot a player they’ve just killed.
    • Players in Last man standing can now only carry a maximum of 2 Karambwans in their inventory, even while trying to loot a player they’ve just killed.
    • Items/supplies dropped in LMS will now instantly become public, and will disappear after 10 ticks.
    • The Magic Dart spell can now be casted with more than just a Slayer staff, including:
      • Staff of the dead, Toxic staff of the dead, Staff of light, Staff of balance
    • Using the Lunar Ice Plateau teleport will now trigger a warning so that players don't accidentally teleport into deep wilderness.
    • Added the Left click dropper plugin to Runelite, which allows players to enter the names of certain items they wish to swap the drop option with the normal left-click option.
      • To use this Plugin, simple search “Left click dropper” in the plugin list, and then configure the plugin with the names of the items you wish to have a left click option for, separated by a command.
        • An example would look like:
          • Dragon Warhammer,knife,clue scroll (medium),black chinchompa
    • Players can now choose a 15% point bonus from Wintertodt and Tempoross as one of the Vote book bonuses, that are exclusive to players with 2FA enabled.
    • Players can now reset their Xp/hr on the Xp tracker without resetting total experience gained.
    • Slightly increased the chance of upgrading an emblem in your inventory to the next Tier on Wilderness slayer tasks. 
    • Added 9/10 of the Fairy ring clue scroll steps, excluding the Fisher king realm fairy ring step.
    • Added the “Dissect a Sacred eel” Sherlock step to Master clue scrolls.
    • Players will now receive a chance to get a House pet from trading it Curved/Long bones.
      • The chance to receive the pet upon trading in a curved bone is 1/200, and 1/2500 for a long bone.
    • Added an option to trade in curved/long bones when speaking to the estate agent.
    • The Wilderness Skotizo emblems will now drop to the ground with all the other loot so that the Loot tracker can keep track of it.
    • Removed the Expeditious and Slaughter bracelet tracking from the slayer plugin.
      • This is now handled in the item charges plugin.
    • Players can now purchase the Blighted teleport sack (in packs of 50) from the Last man standing shop and the Pk point shop, for similar prices to the other sacks.
    • The Blighted Teleport sack can now be used to cast the Teleblock and Bounty teleport spells while players are in the Wilderness.
    • The Fishing plugin now supports Harpoonfish spots, and can support changing the overlay color when the double harpoonfish triggers over a spot.
    • The Loot tracker will now work properly in Edge PvP.
      • To make this happen without having to make any custom alterations to the loot tracker, we’ve made it so players will be put in the original death area when dying at Edge PvP, rather than back in the bank.
    • Added Battlestaves to the fletching skill calculator.
    • Players will no longer lose ancient shards for trying to add charges to an Arclight that is full (10,000 charges).
    • Players will now receive a dialogue message telling them how many more charges they can add to their Arclight until it is full.
    • The Key Remapping plugin will now automatically re-lock the chatbox after the player is done searching for items in their bank.
    • Players can now speak to the Achievement manager to toggle the daily deliveries of Sand/Seaweed on/off.
      • This feature will be toggled on for both deliveries automatically.
    • The inventory presets plugin will now automatically un-filter a player's bank if they were using the auto-withdraw option, unless they have the "Filter bank" option enabled for that setup.
    • Pet boosters now properly work for the Tiny Tempor pet while fishing out of the reward pool.
    • The Lumbridge Graveyard house portal has been changed to an Arceuus Library portal.
    • The empty bucket received from dousing a fire in the Tempoross mini-game will now have a “drop” option, rather than a destroy option.
    • The empty buckets players can take from the Bucket crate in the Tempoross mini-game will now provide buckets with a “drop” option rather than a “destroy” option.
    • Players will now have their items returned when removing the following decorations in their Player-owned house:
      • Mounted Anti-dragon shield
      • Mounted Amulet of Glory
      • Mounted Cape of Legends
      • Mounted Myth cape
    • The Hiscore plugin will now show the player’s default experience multiplier for their game mode.
    • Increased the time it takes for the first fires to spread in the Tempoross minigame.
    • Slowed down the speed at which intensity goes up in the second wave by about 10%.
    • ;;unrealchris command added (YouTube channel link).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Potentially fixed an issue with the nightmare's Flower power attack sometimes hitting players in another instance.
    • Removed a duplicate Lowe spawn in Varrock.
    • Fixed a pathing bug with Krystilia that would sometimes cause a player’s client and server position to be out of sync by 1 tile.
    • The Pool of Refreshment at the Ferox Enclave can now be used by Ironmen.
    • Fixed an issue where getting emblems/statuettes would not count towards the collection log at Revenants if the Amulet of Avarice noted the item.
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes get frozen at sarachnis if there was another player fighting sarachnis at the same time.
    • Fixed a bug where Wizard Cromperty was not visible on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where allotments and bush patches would be harvestable before they were fully grown, and if a player clicked on the patch before it was fully grown, yet harvestable, the patch would be cleared.
      • Players will now receive a message that their patch is not fully grown yet when they try to harvest it.
    • Fixed a bug where infernal tools with the trailblazer ornament kits would temporarily turn into a null item when withdrawn as a noted item until they were un-noted.
    • The overload+ (3) now has a 0 gp value.
    • Fixed a bug where player's would do 1 extra fletching animation than necessary when making unstrung bows.
    • Fixed a bug where realism players would show up in the top ironman killstreak list.
    • Fixed a bug where the Morrigan's Javelin weapon interface was showing the incorrect layout.
    • Fixed a bug where the blowpipe was removing a charge after each hit where a dart and charge would be removed.
      • Charges have a 33% chance to not be removed upon each hit.
    • Fixed a bug where the blowpipe charges were being saved by the Ava's Accumulator effect.
    • Fixed a bug where players could continue to fish 
    • Fixed a bug where players would receive Ahrim's Robe tops when they actually rolled the Robe bottoms on the Supply Chest loot table.
    • Fixed an issue where some lower dose potions were not being deleted when you killed a player in Last man standing, which would mean player’s lost out on the full potion.
    • Fixed an issue where the Hosidius compost bin would not update the bin, and always look like it was empty.
    • Fixed an issue where the Cloak of Ardougne teleport animation was not timed properly.
    • Dragon Claws in LMS now use 50% of the special attack percentage, rather than 25%.
    • Fixed a bug where the Revenant imps respawn time was far too fast.
    • Fixed a bug where the mole locator on the Falador shield sometimes wouldn't work properly.
    • Fixed a bug where players couldn't interact with a lot of items/jewellery after using a puzzle box until they relogged/restarted their client.
    • Added the 35 defence requirement to the Samurai equipment.
    • Fixed an issue where Spirit trees would continue to re-grow after players had checked their health.
    • The tome of water is now tradable. 
    • Fixed a bug where the tome of water would get deposited into a player's bank as a noted item.
    • Fixed a bug with the daily login system incorrectly resetting players' streaks in some specific cases.
    • Added a 5 defence requirement to all clue scroll third age equipment.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not value any items in the Achievement diaries reward shop after the 48th item.
      • This was mostly an issue for players who had completed all the diaries.
    • Pet disappearance bug fix:
      • In certain instances/quest areas, upon leaving the area (or dying in a safe area) sometimes your pet would disappear and not show up again unless you log out and back in.
        • This should no longer occur, and your pet should stay with you upon leaving these areas.
    • Fixed a bug with the dragon sword slash animation doing the Stab animation.
    • Fixed a bug with the arclight attack animations.
    • Fixed a typo when running out of soda ash to make molten bars.
    • Fixed a bug where revenants would not attack players back for a while after the initial attack.
    • Fixed a bug that would turn noted bird houses into an Adamant Kiteshield (g) when deposited.
    • Fixed the staff bash animations on ~20 staves/battlestaves.
    • Fixed a typo players received when a patch was fully grown.
    • Fixed a bug with the Bronze-Rune tier Warhammer animations.
    • Robes of Darkness now require 20 defence and 40 magic to equip.
    • Removed the achievement diary teleports from the Max cape, those are now only monkey perks, as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Spirit tree's would grow through disease/death phases to reach the completion phase.
    • Added the 20 defence requirement to the Mithril plateskirt (t) and Mithril plateskirt (g).
    • Converting an Angler outfit piece to Spirit angler will now add the spirit angler piece to the player's Tempoross collection Log.
      • For any players who have already obtained the Spirit angler piece, simply use it on Gita Prymes to revert it back to a normal angler piece, and then use the normal angler piece on her again to turn it back into the spirit angler piece.
        • This process is free, and will add the entry to the collection log.
    • The ornamented Odium/Malediction wards will now have the same defend animations as the default odium/malediction wards.
    • Fixed 0 damage showing up as a red hitsplat sometimes.'
    • Fixed a bug where player's could not teleport after leaving the Tempoross minigame by speaking to Peri/Deri.
    • HD fixes:
      • The client will no longer freeze on HD when turning on the "Interface Styles" plugin or messing with the draw distance.
      • Hitmarkers that are new school (2008 or 2010) will no longer have black boxes around them. (HD and LD)
        • 634 hitmarkers will now properly fade away.
  • Rune Shop Changes:
    • The price of the following runes have been adjusted for the Wizard guild/Amlodd/Thyrias wares/Baba Yaga rune shops:
      • The price of blood/soul runes has been reduced from 2,500 to 1,500 gp, and is further reduced to 1,000 gp each with the Western provinces elite diary completion.
      • The price of law/death/nature/cosmic runes has been reduced from 1,500 to 1,250 gp, and is further reduced to 750 gp each with the Western provinces elite diary completion.
      • The price of chaos runes will be reduced from 1,000 to 500 gp each with the completion of the Western provinces elite diary.
        • This also goes for chaos rune packs, which will be reduced from 100k to 50k gp.





As this update took longer to wrap up and has more content than our usual update, there may very well be bugs. We'll be keeping an eye out for these, but we're relying on you guys reporting them as soon as possible so that we can patch them up :)
Omicron & Chad

Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:22 PM #2

J oshh
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pogu! big ass update! thanks for all the work dev team and Omi!

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:23 PM #3



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Absolutely huge update and insane amount of stuff! amazing work Omicron

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:26 PM #4


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hugeee update <3

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:27 PM #5


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Nice update as always! Thanks!

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:32 PM #6

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massive update ty omi n friends

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old gim - xo

Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:32 PM #7

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:38 PM #8

CL Ungoliant

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This is awesome! Thanks for putting in the extra time on this guys - alorians love you

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:39 PM #9


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This is awesome! Thanks for putting in the extra time on this guys - alorians love you

Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:40 PM #10

Livn Country
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Huge update Omi! Well worth the wait! :D

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long awaited update. Im excited to try out the Hardmode tob.

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:44 PM #12



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Awesome & huge update! HM TOB is here!

Thanks  @Omicron! <3

Posted 01 July 2021 - 06:54 PM #13



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very nice and big updates! thx alot @Omicron. awesome work

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Posted 01 July 2021 - 08:24 PM #14


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Really excited to see this update. The map function is a game changer!
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Posted 01 July 2021 - 09:08 PM #15

Real Alan

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Crazy big update!


Here's my feedback



Fixed a bug where realism players would show up in the top ironman killstreak list.




If you remove Realism players from the Ironman wilderness scoreboard, you should include a separate toggle for the Realism wilderness scoreboard.




I love the new fairy rings system, but here are a couple things I found.


Fairy rings -> Island by zulandra -> stepping stones don't work



Fairy rings -> island (misc) -> doesnt take you to the island




Fairy ring -> north of the arceuus library -> cannot go back in



Thank you so much for making the poh fairy ring functional @Omicron!  It's like you already knew I was going to suggest it  :D



Posted 01 July 2021 - 11:12 PM #16

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Great update as always, thanks!
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Posted 01 July 2021 - 11:35 PM #17


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Holy fuck amazing update! Can't wait to try out Hard mode tob, thanks Omicron for this!
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Posted 01 July 2021 - 11:51 PM #18


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Great work! Massive update :).

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Posted 02 July 2021 - 12:27 AM #19

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Massive update! Thanks guys!
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Posted 02 July 2021 - 01:12 AM #20

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Huge update full of content. Thank you!
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