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[28/8/21] Phosani's Nightmare, Bloodbark/Swampbark, Portal Nexus, New Agility Courses, Slayer helmet facelift & more!

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[1/9/21] Hotfixes:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Adjusted Catacomb NPC spawns a bit so that most NPC's are properly contained in their appropriate areas.
    • Fixed a bug where the singing bowl would always prompt you to revert the Bow of Faerdhinen back to the seed form, even if the player only had a blade of saeldor in their inventory.
    • Fixed a bug where Greater Nechryael’s dropped all 3 totem pieces after each kill.
    • Fixed a bug where the portal nexus’ were using the wrong item id’s for the gold leaf/magic stone, causing them to be impossible to build.
    • Added the splitbark set to the Wizard guild rune shop.
    • Fixed a bug where the Total level random event would calculate the virtual level incorrectly.
    • Turning off quick prayers after changing what prayers are active (Toggling prayers that are not part of your quick prayers), will now turn all prayers off, rather than change active prayers back to the original quick prayers.
    • Fixed a bug where the Inventory setups plugin was not properly showing the spellbook icons, and not allowing players to switch to the arceuus spellbook properly.
    • Fixed a bug where when the player’s spellbook was set to “None” through the inventory setup, it would change the spellbook to the regular one.
    • Fixed pathing bugs with the Pollnivneach agility course.
    • Fixed a bug where the game object models would not be outlined properly on any planes other than the main/ground one.
    • Fixed a bug that caused npc’s to not be able to freely move in certain situations.
      • This was most notably an issue in wave-based mini games, such as the inferno or fight caves.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Hiscore plugin “lookup” option not to work through the friends list.
    • Reduced the size, and adjusted the position of the blocked experience icon when players receive an exp drop with 200m experience in a skill.
    • Fixed a bug that would remove the Crystal staff spell when selecting a different attack style in the Gauntlet.
    • Crystal armor pieces will now be reverted into crystal armor seeds if a player dies with them to another player.
    • Added all Achievement diary item perks to the Perks interface.
    • The Ardougne Farm and Falador patch teleports will now appear on the Farmer’s blessing, but only if the player has the Ardougne medium diary completed for the Ardougne Farm, and the Lumbridge medium diary completed for the Falador patch.
      • Once one or both of these are completed, the corresponding teleport will appear in the farmer’s blessing.
    • Sanguinesti staff can now be dropped after uncharging it (A warning will be issued before dropping).
  • Phosani's Nightmare changes:
    • Using the correct overhead prayer will now reduce damage taken to zero.
    • Phosani's Nightmare will now be attackable after 5 seconds, rather than 60 seconds, upon entering the room.
    • The Flower power attack should now be less buggy. It previously would sometimes hit players even in the correct quadrant, and would sometimes hit players in other instances.
    • The shield health for the last phase will now be 150 rather than 400.
    • Phosani's name on the HP bar interface will now show "Phosani's Nightmare" rather than "The Nightmare".
    • In some cases, using a crush weapon would not let you 1-hit Parasites and Husks. This should no longer occur.
    • During the last phase, Phosani will jump into the ground and come back up to the center, remaining there for the rest of the fight as intended.
    • Hitting zero damage on the Nightmare, or Phosani's Nightmare, will no longer show a cyan hitsplat. It will show a blue hitsplat, so you will know when you hit or miss.
    • When Sleepwalkers spawn, they will now be delayed another 2 ticks before walking (1.2 seconds), giving players more time to hit them before they reach the Nightmare.
      • Every wave, one more Sleepwalker spawns, so this allows players to potentially take out all 4 sleepwalkers on the final wave with a blowpipe and some luck.
  • Client Launcher fix:
    • For some Mac users on newer versions of Java, the launcher would not load. This has been fixed, and players experiencing this issue can re-download Alora .dmg application installer to get the latest version that is guaranteed to work on all Macs, regardless of what Java version you have installer.
  • Client changes:
    • The client will now show the Alora icon in the task bar on Mac and Windows.
      • Windows previously showed icons, but would sometimes show our very old logo (on Vanilla client).
    • Fixed a bug with the occult altar right-click options not working.
    • Fixed a bug where players could keep autocasting a different spellbook spell after changing their original spellbook.

Hello everyone,
It has been awhile since the last update, so we made sure to pack this one with many bug fixes, QoL and content updates. Firstly, Phosani's Nightmare is now live! For those of you looking for more of a challenge, this version of the Nightmare is more difficult, but also a solo-only mode that is more rewarding to players who can get through it. You'll have a better chance of obtaining rare loot, as well as a chance at the Parasitic egg to metamorphosis the Little Nightmare into a Little Parasite. Player-owned houses have also received an update, with the Portal Nexus room now fully functional, which allows you to store up to 8 different teleportation locations to quickly access from your house. Aside from this, many smaller content updates have been added, such as Bloodbark and Swampbark armour crafting, the Pollnivneach and Canifis Rooftop Agility courses, Slayer helmets being facelifted, and a brand new custom item set: The Banker shield and chest. We've also fixed many bugs, including an old bug that would not allow players to log into the game if they have special characters in their passwords. Have a look at the full update list below:

  • Phosani's Nightmare:
    • Players who have successfully defeated the Nightmare at least once can now take on Phosani's Nightmare!
      • This version of the Nightmare is significantly more difficult, but with the increased difficulty comes a better loot, including the exclusive Parasitic egg that can transform your Little Nightmare pet into the Little Parasite pet.
    • Mechanics changes:
      • Can only be fought solo.
      • Standard attacks can hit much higher, but the correct protection prayer will make them always hit 0.
      • Grasping claws cover much more of the arena, especially around the player.
      • The spores slow attack speed by 2 ticks, and the effects last longer.
      • Husks/Parasites changes:
        • Husks and Parasites are stronger, with husks being more accurate with a max hit of 26 (can be reduced to 0 with correct prayer).
        • Parasites have 55 rather than 40 health.
        • Weapons on their crush attack style will always hit their max on these enemies now, much like against the sleepwalkers.
        • Only one type of "spawn" special attack (husks or parasites) will be used in a phase. For each phase thereafter (excluding the last phase), the spawn special attack being used will alternate. (e.g. husks-parasites-husks-parasites)
      • There are two extra phases to the fight compared to the normal encounter, totalling five phases:
        • Each of the first 4 phases have 400 shield hitpoints each as opposed to the regular encounter's 2000. The last phase has 150 hitpoints.
        • Phases one to four uses specials randomly from the normal encounter.
        • After the end of each phase, the number of sleepwalkers spawned increases by one, reaching a maximum of four after the end of the fourth phase.
        • Phase five consists of Phosani's Nightmare repeatedly summoning sleepwalkers which damage the player by 15 for each one that reaches it. In addition, Phosani's Nightmare does not attack the player directly but rather uses Grasping Claws indefinitely.
    • Loot changes:
      • 20% higher chance of receiving rare loot
      • 1/200 chance of Parasitic egg
        • Using the Parasitic egg on the Little Nightmare pet will transform it into the Little Parasite. You can then metamorphosis between both pets as you'd like.
        • The Parasitic egg has been added to the Collection log.
  • Custom Item additions:
    • Banker set has been added:
      • This set uses equipment from the Banker at the Ferox Enclave, and can be purchased as a custom donation set for $250:
        • Banker shield
        • Banker's chest
  • Slayer helmet facelift:
    • The following slayer helmets have been visually updated: (see image below)
      • Black Slayer Helm (King Black Dragon)
      • Green Slayer Helm (Kalphite Queen)
      • Red Slayer Helm (Abyssal Demon)
      • Purple Slayer Helm (Skotizo)
      • Turquoise Slayer Helm (Vorkath)
  • 2010 mode whip changes:
    • Abyssal whips that are recolored (eg. Volcanic, Lava, and even the Tentacle whip) will now look more like new-school whips if you are on 2010 mode.
      • They'll have the same animation as the 2010 mode regular whip, with a very similar appearance with some color and style changes.
  • Bloodbark and Swampbark armour:
    • Bloodbark and Swampbark armour have been added to Alora!
      • These new tradable pieces of armour solidify the mid-level Magic gear range.
        • Bloodbark:
          • Requiring level 60 Magic and Defence, this equipment has similar defence bonuses to adamant armour, with magic bonuses comparable to mystic robes.
          • Every piece of Bloodbark armour equipped increases the amount that blood spells heal by 1.5%.
            • Having the full set equipped while casting blood spells will heal the caster for 32.5% of the inflicted damage.
        • Swampbark:
          • Requiring level 50 Magic and Defence, this equipment has similar defence bonuses to adamant armour, with magic bonuses slightly higher than Splitbark armour.
          • Every piece worn increases the duration of bind spells by 1 tick, with the full set increasing the duration by 5 ticks (3 seconds)
            • For example, bind will hold a target for 7.8 seconds rather than 4.8. Entangle will hold a target for 17.4 seconds rather than 14.4.
    • Creation:
      • To create either of the new armour sets, you'll first need to learn how to do so by purchasing a Runescroll from Aubury's Runecraft exchange for the following price:
        • Runescroll of swampbark - 750 Runecraft points
        • Runescroll of bloodbark - 1,250 Runecraft points
      • After learning how to craft this gear, you can take Splitbark armour to one of the following altars to infuse it:
        • Nature altar (Full Swampbark set costs 1,450 Nature runes):
          • Gauntlets and boots require 100 nature runes and 42 Runecraft.
          • Helmet requires 250 nature runes and 46 Runecraft.
          • Body and legs require 500 nature runes and 48 Runecraft.
        • Blood altar (Full Bloodbark set requires 1,450 Blood runes):
          • Gauntlets and boots require 100 blood runes and 77 Runecraft.
          • Helmet requires 250 blood runes and 79 Runecraft.
          • Body and legs require 500 blood runes and 81 Runecraft.
  • Crystal weaponry PvP loot changes:
    • When killing a player that has a Bow of Faerdhinen or a Blade of Saeldor equipped, it will now be dropped (uncharged and uncoloured) if they die, along with any shards stored in it.
  • Gauntlet Changes:
    • Players can now use empty vials on a fishing spot in the Gauntlet to fill the vial with water.
    • The Gauntlet is now a Multi-combat area.
    • The gauntlet singing bowl creation interface will now automatically re-open after the player finishes creating the item(s).
    • Players can now crush their Spikes/Orbs/Bowstrings for 80 crystal/corrupted shards.
    • Replaced the Blade of Saeldor with the Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed in the collection log.
      • Players old count of Blade of Saeldor drops will transfer to the Enhanced crystal weapon seed automatically upon logging in.
  • Smithing interface changes:
    • We’ve now updated the Smithing interface to use the latest OSRS interface, which means it now provides the ability to preset the amount of items you want to make on the smithing interface.
      • The amount of items you last selected will be remembered until you relog, even if the selection option doesn’t show up.
        • This may happen, for example, when you only have 1 bar, it won’t show all amount options.
  • Clue scroll changes:
    • Players can now use Sherlock's Notes on Challenge scrolls.
    • We’ve added 14 new Anagram clue scroll steps.
      • Most of these steps will prompt players to answer a riddle once they’ve reached and spoken to the npc that the anagram leads to.
  • Farming Tool Store Changes:
    • The Amazing Farming Equipment Store that can be accessed through the various Leprechaun’s in-game has received a face-lift/update!
      • We’ve updated the interface to match the currently used one by OSRS.
        • This new interface not only looks far more pleasant, but it also boasts some new features.
          • Players can now store all 10 Watering can variants (empty, 1-8, and Gricoller’s can), rather than just the Watering can (8) and Gricoller’s can.
          • Players can now store 1 Bottomless bucket in the store.
          • Players can now store up to 1000 Ultracompost in the store.
          • Players can now store 100 rakes/seed dibbers/spades/gardening trowels in the store, rather than just 1.
  • Agility Course Additions:
    • Canifis Rooftop Course:
      • Players can now do the Canifis Rooftop Agility course.
        • This course requires level 40 or higher Agility to start/complete.
        • There are 8 obstacles in this course, and a full run of the course will provide 240 base Agility Experience.
        • Players have a 35% chance to obtain a mark of grace after each lap completion.
    • Pollnivneach Rooftop Course:
      • Players can now do the Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility course.
        • This course requires level 70 or higher Agility to start/complete.
        • There are 9 obstacles in this course, and a full run of the course will provide 890 base Agility Experience.
        • Players have a 45% chance to obtain a mark of grace after each lap completion.
  • Teleport Wizard Changes:
    • Pollnivneach teleport has been added to the "Cities" tab.
  • Interact Highlight plugin:
    • Players can now use the Interact Highlight plugin, which will provide options to highlight the objects/npcs that a player is hovering over or interacting with.
      • Players will have the option to show the outline highlighting when hovering over an object/npc (and the color for hovering), as well as to highlight the object/npc when they’ve interacted with it (with the ability to set a custom color for interactions).
      • Players can also customize the width/feathering of the outline on npc’s, so that it can be subtle or pronounced, based on a player’s tastes.
      • This plugin will unfortunately not work on HD, due to the differences in rendering between LD and HD, and the method used by Runelite to draw the outlines.
  • Construction Changes:
    • Portal Nexus Room:
      • Players can now build the Portal Nexus room in their Player-owned houses.
        • This room boasts a few useful new items, including:
          • The Portal Nexus:
            • Players can build 1 of 3 types of portal nexus’:
              • Marble portal nexus:
                • Requires level 72 Construction and 4 Marble blocks to build, and allows for up to 4 teleports to be stored.
              • Gilded portal nexus:
                • Requires level 82 Construction, 4 Marble blocks, and 2 Gold leaves to build, and allows for up to 8 teleports to be stored.
              • Crystalline portal nexus:
                • Requires level 92 Construction, 2 Magic stones, and 2 Gold leaves to build, and allows for up to  30 teleports to be stored.
            • The Nexus can store any spellbook teleport from all 4 spell books, however players will require the magic level to cast the teleport spell, as well as enough runes for 1000 charges to unlock the teleport.
            • Players can also change the default left-click teleport option through the configuration menu.
              • At this time, the nexus does not support secondary teleport locations (for example, the grand exchange rather than Varrock). 
          • Mounted Xeric’s Talisman:
            • Players with level 72 construction can build this in the amulet space, requiring 1 Mahogany plank, 1 Gold leaf, 1 Xeric’s talisman (inert), and 5000 Lizardman fangs.
            • Once built, players can use the teleports associated with the talisman an unlimited number of times.
          • Mounted Digsite pendant:
            • Players with level 82 construction can build this in the amulet space, requiring 1 Mahogany plank, 1 Gold leaf, and 1 Digsite pendant (5).
            • Once built, players can use the teleports associated with the pendant an unlimited number of times.
    • Servant’s Moneybag:
      • Players can now deposit/withdraw gold from the Servant’s moneybag in their player owned house.
        • The maximum amount a player can have in the moneybag at any given moment is 25m.
        • The gold in the moneybag can be used to pay a servant for various services such as:
          • Work fee: The fee players normally get prompted to pay the servant every so often when using their service will now automatically be withdrawn from the money bag if the bag contains enough to cover the full amount of the fee.
          • Bank Withdraw/Un-note: The fee players normally pay the servant to fetch items from the bank or un-note items will now automatically be withdrawn from the money bag if the bag contains enough to cover the full amount of the fee.
    • Workshop changes:
      • Players can now use all 5 types of Tool stores in their Player owned house.
        • Tool store 1:
          • This tool store offers an unlimited amount of saws, hammers, chisels, and shears.
        • Tool store 2:
          • This tool store offers an unlimited amount of buckets, knives, spades, and tinderboxes.
        • Tool store 3:
          • This tool store offers an unlimited amount of brown aprons, glassblowing pipes, and needles.
        • Tool store 4:
          • This tool store offers an unlimited amount of Amulet, necklace, ring, and bracelet moulds.
        • Tool store 5:
          • This tool store offers an unlimited amount of rakes, spades, seed fibbers, watering cans, and secateurs.
      • Players can now repair their broken barrows equipment using their Armor repair stand in their player owned house workshop.
    • Room creation interface update:
      • We’ve update the Room creation interface to use the OSRS interface.
        • This new interface, while being more aesthetically pleasing, also includes 2 new Rooms:
          • Portal Nexus:
            • Players with level 72 construction can now build the Portal Nexus room in their player owned house for 2 million gold.
          • League Room:
            • This room will be coming in the near future!
  • "Incorrect password" issue fix:
    • An issue that has been around for a very long time was preventing players from logging into the game with special characters in their password (but worked fine on the forums)
      • This would tell players that their password was incorrect even if they typed it perfectly, if it contained any of these characters:
        • $, &, <, >, ", ', \, $, !
    • You can now enter any password you'd like (up to 24 characters) and it will always log you into the game without fail.
  • Inventory Presets Plugin Changes:
    • The Inventory Presets plugin now supports automatic rune pouch withdrawal/depositing, as well as spellbook swapping.
      • This means that when a player selects a preset setup to withdraw, if there is a rune pouch with runes saved in the setup, their old runes will be deposited, and the new runes will automatically be withdrawn.
      • The spellbook will also be swapped to whichever spellbook is listed in the currently selected setup.
  • NPC Stacking:
    • We’ve updating the npc pathing mechanics to allow for proper stacking of NPC’s, similar to how it would be in OSRS.
      • Previously, if you ran between two tiles that passed over an npc, any other npc’s that were trying to attack you would still be stuck behind that NPC.
        • With the changes we’ve made, it will now remove the “occupied” flag on that tile the player just ran over, which will allow surrounding npc’s to move onto that tile, effectively causing NPC’s to stack on top of each other.
    • These changes are limited to non-boss NPC’s, and will not work in the Chambers of Xeric, and Theatre of Blood.
      • In these areas/against these bosses, the old pathing mechanics will be applied.
  • Kalphite Cave:
    • Players can now enter the Kalphite Slayer cave near the Shantay pass.
      • Kalphite in this cave can only be killed while on a Kalphite slayer task.
    • Konar can now also assign Kalphite tasks in this cave.
  • HD Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where the “hovered” tile was offset/wrong on HD.
      • This would effect a few Runelite plugins, such as ground markers, tile hovering, roof removal, etc…
    • Fixed an issue where click box overlays would often randomly disappear when moving the camera around.
    • Fixed a bug where the drawn interfaces (chatbox/inventory/minimap/etc…) would disappear sometimes randomly.
      • This is unrelated to the issue where it goes black rather than disappearing, which we’re actively investigating.
    • Fixed the positioning of the skill icons in the xp tracker near the minimap.
    • Fixed a bug where the amethyst mine depleted ore object would show the incorrect model on 2010/HD mode.
    • Fixed a bug with the Olm animations on HD being broken if HD objects were toggled on.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • When receiving Blood shards from pickpocketing Vyres, if your inventory was full the extra shard(s) would disappear. They will now drop to the ground instead.
    • Fixed a bug where the initial area of the kalphite lair was not a multi-combat area.
    • The dragon spear attack animations, and attack styles interface have been corrected.
    • Player's game mode icons will now properly show up next to their name in the chatbox before entering their message after selecting their game mode.
      • Previously, new players would have to relog for this to happen.
    • Fixed a bug where the roof removal hover/tile options would still function if player's turned the plugin off.
    • All GWD spiritual mages now use the proper attack animation, and cast the wind wave spell properly.
    • Elder chaos druids now attack using the wind wave spell.
    • Fixed a bug where textures would be black on the very first client load before the Cache has been fully downloaded.
    • Adjusted the spawns of the dragons in the Brimhaven task only dragon area to include steel/bronze/iron dragons, rather than the red/baby red dragons, and players must now be on the appropriate dragon task to attack them.
    • Players will no longer take damage from absording Dawn's energy spheres when fighting the Grotesque Guardians.
    • Fixed a bug where the crevice in the Miscellania dungeon would teleport players outside of Miscellania.
    • Players can now dismantle net traps that haven't caught any salamanders in the Morytania swamp.
    • Fixed a bug where the Pest Control Brawler NPC was not attackable/did not attack players.
    • Crafting wood shields now requires 2 logs rather than 1.
    • Fixed a bugged bank booth in Lumbridge castle.
    • Fixed a bugged stairwell in Rimae Sirsalis’s house in Lunar isle.
    • Fixed a bug where the !task command would not work with a lot of Konar tasks.
    • Fixed a bug where players who had the Hosidius/Twisted style on their PoH wouldn't receive the blueprint back when changing to a new blueprint style (Hosidius/Twisted).
    • Players will now receive 21 base fletching experience per dart rather than the previous 6.
    • Players now only make 10 (8 for Amethyst) darts at a time rather than 15.
    • Fixed a bug where the varrock portal POH icons would not properly show up on the minimap.
    • The Runelite Anti-Drag plugin will no longer be disabled when in the wilderness.
    • Fixed an issue where players could take multiple sips of a Prayer enhance potion to stack the recovery effect.
    • Fixed the "look east" and "look west" options on the compass when using the "Compass options" setting on the Runelite Camera plugin.
    • Fixed some of the bugged stairs in the houses used for Mahogany homes.
    • Fixed a bug where the chatbox transparency would sometimes not reset when inputting text using the 2010 interface style.
    • Dwarf multi-cannons will no longer be lost on death under any circumstances if they are setup.
    • Fixed a bug where Wizard Cromperty still wasn't showing up in 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the bounty hunter teleport spell icon would stay locked after using the unlock scroll until the player relogged.
    • Players will now take damage from Vorkath's Deadly Dragonfire Attack, even if they have dragonfire protection (DFS/Antifire).
    • The Trident of the Swamp (e) is now tradable.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Check" and "Fill" options would not work on the closed Fish Sack Barrel item.
    • Fixed a bug where textures would sometimes not load properly on 2010 mode.
    • Players will no longer be able to use the bounty hunter teleport on their target when they're in the edgeville pvp instance bank.
    • Fixed a bug with the New recruit tony shayzien clue scroll step being in the wrong location.
    • The quick-pass config for the menu entry swapper now covers more object entry options.
    • Fixed an issue where the right-click options on the Ring of Suffering ® and (RI) did not properly work in the inventory.
    • Requirement fixes:
      • Skeletal armour now requires level 40 Magic and Defence to wear.
      • Spined armour now requires level 40 Ranged and Defence to wear.
      • Rock-shell helm now requires level 40 Defence to wear.
    • Blood rush now heals 25% of damage dealt, as intended.
    • Zuriel staff's +50% blood spell healing effect now applies to all Blood spells, rather than only Blood barrage.
    • Kandarin headgear no longer shows your face and beard through the holes.
    • The random event that asks you what your total level is will now accept an answer that includes your "Virtual total level" in case you have the RuneLite virtual levels plugin turned on.
    • The option amount buttons on the Seed vault interface will now apply to depositing seeds, as well as withdrawing.
    • Players can no longer select the amount of Revenants they want as a wilderness task (this was a bug that treated them like a boss task).
    • Added the guaranteed totem pieces to the Greater Nechryarch drop table.
    • Fixed a bug where Thralls could sometimes get stuck underneath large boss npc's.
    • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes get a notification that they didn't have enough runes to cast a spell when using blighted sacks.
    • Fixed a bug where many custom pets would show up as dots on the minimap.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not defensively autocast magic spells with the new autocast interfaces.
    • Fixed a bugged set of ladders near the Myth's Guild.
    • The right-click "Deposit" option on the open looting bag now functions properly.
    • Fixed a bug where players would have 2 extra ticks of immunity when teleporting somewhere using a Lever.
      • Players will now be attackable the moment they teleport into the wilderness.
    • Fixed a bug where the click box to douse the fires in the Tempoross minigame would become very offset if the fire was on/near a lightning cloud.
    • Players can now properly remove the occult altar from their player-owned house.
    • The killcount that the player received the Youngllef pet will now be announced in Yell.
    • Players can no longer enter the Corporeal beast cave from the wilderness if they're in combat.
    • Fixed a bug where players would not be able to reclaim their pets after dying if their pet was in their inventory when at the time of death.
    • Fixed a bug where the Cavalier mask would cause the player's head not to render.
    • Fixed a bug where the dark lure spell couldn't be cast through some of the fences in Prifddinas.
    • Players now require the proper herblore level to clean a herb with the Degrime spell.
    • The blood barrage/blood Blitz/Blood burst healing effects will now be applied to each hit done to a group of players/npcs individually, rather than just the first/main hit having the heal effect.
    • The rune pouch data will now be sent when withdrawing it through Inventory Presets.
    • Fixed a bug where players who've completed 150 clue scrolls could not purchase the scroll sack from the wise old man.
    • Made the right-click trade option for Baba Yaga's rune shop open the shop rather than the dialogue.
    • Fixed a bug where ground items would not draw in areas that were raised (for example, the fire giants area in the catacombs).
    • Fixed a bug where the random event spellbook question did not include the Arceuus spellbook.
    • Fixed a bug where Thralls and healing effects (blood fury/guthans/sanguinesti staff) would not work on the Nightmare's 2nd and 3rd phases.
    • The uncharged Bow of Faerdhinen is now tradable.
    • Increased the minimum amounts of some of the Wilderness slayer tasks that were far too low.
    • Fixed a Runelite bug where the Alora timers (Well of goodwill, vote bonus, boosters, etc...) would sometimes persist when logging between accounts, showing the incorrect timers.
    • Fixed a bug with 2010 mode animations on the new Arceuus spellbook/bow.
    • Players will now be guaranteed 2 rolls on the Grotesque Guardian drop table.
    • Placeholder fixes:
      • The following items now have placeholders:
        • Logs: Oak, willow, maple, yew, magic and redwood
    • Hand fan fixes:
      • Walking with the hand fan will no longer look like you're walking backwards (on 2007 mode).
      • Hand fan animations will no longer look bugged on 2010 mode.
        • Although the animations are not identical to the 2007 mode ones, they are unique to the hand fan.
    • 2010 mode fixes:
      • Hill giants at Catacombs will now be purple as intended.
      • Bow of faerdhinen graphics (projectiles for arrows) will no longer be graphically bugged.
      • Crystal plate body gloves will no longer be disconnected from the body.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Daily task changes:
      • The "Complete a Raid" daily task has been changed from medium to hard difficulty.
      • The "Complete 3 Raids" hard task has been removed.
    • Maniacal monkeys now have a respawn timer of 2 ticks.
    • The “Fire” option on the Dwarf multi cannon will now reload the cannon with cannonballs if the cannon is already rotating, rather than stop/start it.
      • Players can stop their cannon from rotating by using the “Empty” option, which will empty the cannonballs out of their cannon and stop it from rotating.
    • Players will now automatically fill their cannon with cannonballs when setting it up.
    • Players can now squeeze through the railing in McGrubor's woods.
    • The game will now remember a player's preferred setting for the world map legend; if they close it, it will then remain closed until they open it again.
    • Salamanders will now run away when released, rather than drop to the ground inanimately; they are alive after all.
    • All xp drops for the same skill that are rewarded on the same game tick will now be grouped together into one bigger experience drop.
      • For example, the dragon dagger special attack used to cause multiple strength/hitpoint exp drops to occur at the same time, but now they’ll be merged into 1 larger strength exp drop, as well as a 1 larger hit points exp drop.
    • Shortened the delay/dead time when using the rock hammer to smash gargoyles.
      • This also applies to the slayer perk that automatically smashes gargoyles.
    • Players will now clear motherlode mine rockfalls after the first xp drop, rather than having to wait for 2.
    • Renamed the "Zamorak temple" supply chest to the "Chaos Prayer Temple" to reduce ambiguity.
    • Players can now also make sinew by using raw meat on a cooking range.
    • Players will now be notified of their streak, current task/location, and slayer points when both clicking on the slayer task text in the quest menu, and checking their task using their Slayer helmet.
      • The information provided from doing this will also be enough for the Runelite Slayer plugin to accurately keep track of your current task, as well as your streak and points.
    • Players with 200m experience or more in a skill will now see a sprite next to the skill icon when the xp drop appears indicating that no experience was gained in that skill.
    • Players can now trade in their extra enhanced crystal weapon seeds with Amrod for 1500 Crystal shards.
    • Players can now properly 1-tick prayer flick using the quick prayer option near the minimap.
    • The quick prayer button will now be highlighted instantly on the 2010 mode style interface, rather than after 1 game tick.
    • The collection log will now include a count of how many unique items in the log have been unlocked.
      • For example, obtaining a dragon pickaxe will fill out multiple sections of the collection log (wilderness boss logs), but it will only count as 1 unique item out of the total unique items in the log.
      • The number of total items in the log has also been subtracted by 4, since there are 4 unobtainable items that.
        • These items are the Hill Giant club, Ancient Relic, Ancient Effigy, and the Ancient Medallion.
          • If we’ve missed any items, or your count does not look correct, please let us know!
    • The player’s weapon will now be unequipped first when equipping a 2H weapon while the player currently has a 1H weapon equipped with a shield.
      • Previously, the shield would go to the first empty slot in the player’s inventory, which would mess up the player’s inventory setup in some situations.
        • Now, the 1H weapon will go into the 2H weapon’s previous inventory slot, and then shield will occupy the next available slot.
    • Lunar isle is now a Multi-combat area.
    • The Runelite farming guild contract infobox will now properly work, showing you your current farming guild contract.
    • Added a “Check” option to the Trident of the Swamp (e) and the Trident of the Seas (e)
    • Added a “Check” option to the Arclight when equipped.
    • Added “Check” and “Recoil settings” options to all Ring of Suffering variants.
    • Players no longer need to wait for the last flower's death animation to attack Hespori.
    • Players can now use the ::renderself command on Runelite to choose to render/hide their character.
      • The Entity hider plugin will take precedence, so turning the plugin on/off will change the player’s render state.
    • Fixed a bug where getting the Bottomless Compost Bucket from Hespori wouldn't announce the killcount.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes NPC locations would be mismatched when they were transformed.
      • An example of this would be on the last phase of the Theatre of Blood, when Verzik would transform, often the players who attack her with melee would either run under her, or attack from 2-3 tiles away.
    • The Edgeville PvP instance is now a Singles-Plus combat area.
    • Players can no longer imbue the crystal halberd.
    • Toggling the Low Detail plugin on/off will now automatically refresh the game scene, so players will not need to change regions to have the effects work.
    • Adjusted the animations when going down the Karuulm rock climb and the Arceuus rock climb agility obstacles.
    • Added the chisel animation when mining Dense essence.
      • Players will now be required to bring a chisel with them to mine Dense essence.
    • Players will now face the centre of larger mining objects, rather than their edge.
    • Players with 45 Agility or higher can now cross the stepping stone near the Hosidius farming patch.
    • The ::maxhit command will now properly take your target into account when calculating the max damage.
      • This was already being done for Accuracy (only shown when in combat with a target), but now players will also see damage values change based on the target they’re attacking.
    • Players can now revert their Inactive Bow of Faerdhinen or Blade of Saeldor back into the Enhanced crystal weapon seed.
    • The Granite hammer now works as a rock hammer, while equipped or in the inventory.
    • Added Tiny Tempor to the “All pets” section of the collection log.
    • RuneLite Item value changes:
      • Many items have had their values updated, so they will show up with a more accurate price on the ground items plugin.
      • Money caskets will now show up with a value of either 50k 75k, or 100k which are the minimum values that each casket can give.
        • This will allow you to see loot beams on money caskets if those amounts trigger a loot beam (previously 50gp value).
    • Farmers blessing update:
      • You can now reach the north Ardoune farming patch using the blessing.
    • Theatre of Blood fixes:
      • After reports of invisible red balls in the Sotetseg phase still hitting players after they leave the maze, we've tweaked the way that the red ball identifies which players it can bounce too.
      • Fixed a bug on Hard mode where all the players would die in the maze, and the player that stayed behind would not be able to attack Sotetseg because the maze was incomplete.
        • Sotetseg will now be attackable if all chosen players die in the maze.
      • RuneLite Theatre of Blood completion count on Hiscores will now include Hardmode kill counts (combined total count).

We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any encountered bugs immediately so that we can patch them up.
Omicron & Chad

Posted 28 August 2021 - 08:56 PM #2


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Phosanis :wub:

heading there rn  :crash: 

Posted 28 August 2021 - 08:58 PM #3


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Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:01 PM #4


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NEW SLAYER HELM LETS GOOOOOOOO! Thanks for the updates!

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Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:02 PM #5

Who is Ivy

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A boat load of updates! How good!


Awesome updates and thanks Omi!

A boat load of updates! How good!


Awesome updates and thanks Omi!

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Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:02 PM #6


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Great update as usual. Thanks for the hard work!

Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:09 PM #7

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Awesome update! Slayer helmets looks awesome, also excited for the QoL improvements for the Gauntlet. Thank you again Omi!

Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:10 PM #8

Elite Buddha
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Amazing update! Can't wait for combat achievements/inferno slay helm! :D

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Sexy update as always. <3 Love you, love you.

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Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:15 PM #10


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SWEEEET! I love the updates! Thanks for the hard work! 

Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:20 PM #11

Real Alan

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Thank you for the bug fixes and new content @Omicron!  


I'll come back and update this with my feedback.


1. Phosani's Nightmare - nice!  No more long and boring regular solos.

It's located just north of the regular nightmare entry point.

Not sure why there is a 1 min wait to start a solo activity like phosani nightmare though.

Seems like every kill is a straight waste of 1 min of your time.



2. Slayer helm facelifts - my gosh the new slayer helms look nice!

3. Was a bit curious on where players can obtain splitbark, but found it at the yanille wizard store!



4. The gauntlet changes are awesome!  Major quality of life!

5. Love the new smithing interface!



6. The canifis course xp rate is really, really bad, in my opinion


realism, weekend bxp, well


7. Portal nexus room seems a lil buggy.  Had trouble constructing the crystalline portal nexus and mounted digsite pendant.


8. 5000 lizardman fangs for a mounted digsite pendant?  looks like i'll be grinding lizardman chests!


9. Love the new tool stores!  I'll never have to leave my house for a tinderbox to light my altar again!


10. I'm very excited for the league room!  I'd like to find storage space for these!



11. The fish sack barrel is still impossible to empty/store



12. The armour stand addition in poh is awesome!


Compared to at Bob



Posted 28 August 2021 - 09:39 PM #12



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Huge update! Thank you for taking the time to fix all these bugs :). Amazing QoL updates as well.

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Posted 28 August 2021 - 11:23 PM #13



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Great job Omicron with this update :withlove:



Posted 29 August 2021 - 12:35 AM #14



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Great update cant wait to try out phosanis. But did you really had to flex that 7kc sire pet???
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Posted 29 August 2021 - 01:11 AM #15


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Great update! Thank you for putting so much efford into this  <3

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Posted 29 August 2021 - 02:17 AM #16


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sooo... when wil we get gpu plugin so we can actualy have enough frames to do this hard mode nightmare :D?

Posted 29 August 2021 - 02:53 AM #17


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Great update as always, thanks!

Posted 29 August 2021 - 03:01 AM #18


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Massive update thank you both for your constant hard work! Lots of bug fixes are amazing to see!


Posted 29 August 2021 - 03:01 AM #19


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Thank you for the amazing work :)

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Posted 29 August 2021 - 03:10 AM #20


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Nice update my friend, when are you gonna stop teasing with those sexy ass slayer helmets from the screenshots and let us have a piece of that?!  B)