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[20/4/22] Guardians of the Rift, Loot Keys, Easter Update & more!

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     * Thralls can no longer kill Jewelled crabs, or change their colors.
     * Thralls will no longer trigger gfx/animations on larger NPC’s.
        * This was causing issues at bosses such as Nightmare/Sotetseg.
    * Clue scrolls from Theatre of Blood will now be given as clue boxes.
    * Fixed a bug where the Lil k’klik pet was using Wizard Sedridor’s model
    * Fixed a bug where the Bounty hunter teleport would sometimes say a player was busy at all times.
    * Loot keys are now functional in the Edgeville pvp instance.
    * Players can now chop down and burn blisterwood logs.
        * There is only one blisterwood tree in-game, in Darkmeyer, and this tree cannot be chopped down.
            * The tree requires level 62 Woodcutting to chop, and the logs provide 76 base Woodcutting experience each.
                * Players can burn the logs for at level 62 Firemaking for 96 Firemaking experience.
            * Players cannot obtain birds nests from this tree.
    * Guardians of the Rift Changes:
        * Fixed a bug where the "deposit-runes" and "depost-items" options were swapped on the Deposit Pool.
        * Fixed a bug where the Colossal pouch could not properly be made.
        * Fixed a bug where the Guardian defenders would sometimes get stuck where they spawned.
        * Guardian defenders will now random walk to spread themselves out if they’re not in combat.
        * The total power of the great guardian will now be set once the game begins and no one is allowed to enter anymore.
            * This way it will properly reflect the amount of players in the game when it starts, and scale the power appropriately
        * Slightly decreased the amount of abyssal attackers that spawn every wave, particularly for solo players.
        * The movement/attack processes of the attackers/defenders will now be slightly randomized, so they don’t all move in perfect harmony.
    * Players can now select a 10% Guardians of the Rift point bonus for 45 minutes when selecting bonuses from opening a vote book.
    * Fixed a bug that was causing the rogue outfit success message to appear after every pickpocket that the player received coins on.
    * Fixed a bug where Aubury didn't have his Teleport option on 2007 mode.




Hello everyone,
Guardians of the Rift is now live! Hop into this new Runecrafting mini-game and help to close the rift into the Abyss. In doing so, you'll be rewarded with runes, as well as catalytic and elemental points which can help you obtain a number of new rewards. We've also launched our Easter Sale and added an extension to it, and added a way to obtain this year's Easter event items in-game at home. Wilderness Loot Keys are also now live, giving you the ability to carry much more loot and not have to bank as often, and this ability can be unlocked for 10m GP.

  • Easter Sale:
    • Our Easter Sale is live!
      • Enjoy 25% bonus tokens on all token packages.
      • Enjoy extra total spent on custom donations, earning 1:4.5 rather than the usual 1:4 (every $100 donation is $450 towards rank).
    • Items on Sale:
      • Elite void set - 50 tokens off
      • Ultimate mystery box - 30 tokens off
      • Cosmetic mystery box - 20 tokens off
      • Rainbow ankou set - 500 tokens off
    • The Easter Box is back for a limited time!
      • This item, similar to a Mystery box, can give you any of the following loot:
        • Fully bunny suit (comes together)
        • Full chicken suit (comes together)
        • Easter basket
        • Easter ring
      • Cost: 1000 tokens
      • Ironman/classics can also purchase this item.
  • Easter event items:
    • This year's Easter event items can be claimed from the Easter Bunny at home, just north-east of the bank!
      • Crate ring
        • This ring can transform you into a crate while equipped.
      • Easter hat
    • If lost on death, these items will go to your lost items shop and can be repurchased for 100k each.
  • Guardians of the Rift:
    • Guardians of the rift, the all new Runecrafting minigame, is now here! 
    • Players who wish to participate in this minigame can get to the area by either entering the portal in the basement of the Wizard’s tower, or using the teleport in the Minigames tab through the teleport wizard.
      • Once there, up to 80 players can pass the barrier to help The Great Guardian close the rift.
        • Players will have up to 20 minutes to close the rift, however they’ll be quickly overwhelmed by abyssal foes looking to kill The Great Guardian long before that.
        • Once the minigame starts, players will have 2 minutes to prepare before Abyssal attackers begin coming through the rift.
          • To defend agains these attackers, players can put up barriers, or spawn guardians.
            • The barriers can be built using cells of various kinds (weak, medium, strong, overcharged), and using a higher tier cell on a barrier will upgrade it, making it stronger.
              • Using the same, or lower tier cell on a barrier will heal it for a specific amount of health.
              • Players will obtain catalytic and elemental points, the amount being based on the tier of charged cell used.
            • Guardians can also be spawned using cells of various types, and the type of charged cell used will decide what kind of guardian is created (weak, medium, strong, overcharged).
              • Players can have anywhere from 2-10 guardians alive at once.
                • This number is decided by the amount of players, and every player in the minigame will increase the maximum amount by 2 (up to 10 guardians).
              • Players will obtain catalytic and elemental points, the amount being based on the tier of charged cell used.
            • To complete the minigame, players will need to use guardian essence to power-up the great guardian.
              • To obtain Guardian essence, players can either mine the rocks nearby for guardian shards, and then craft them into essence at the nearby crafting table, or take the portal to the huge guardian remains, which give 4-6 Guardian essence when mined.
                • These portals only appear every few minutes, and are only open for 20 seconds.
                • Players will then need to enter an active altar through the glowing guardians surrounded the great guardian, and craft the guardian essence into either elemental, or catalytic stones.
                  • These stones can be used to power up the guardian, providing either catalytic, or elemental points, based on the stones obtained.
                  • Once the guardian reaches 100% power, the minigame is complete.
        • Point system:
          • Throughout the minigame, players will earn catalytic and elemental points.
            • For every 100 of each type of point earned, the player will guarantee themselves 1 point.
              • Any amount leftover will only provide the player a chance to get the extra point.
                • For example, 750 elemental points and 600 catalytic points will provide 6 catalytic points, 7 elemental points, and a 50% chance to get an 8th elemental point.
          • Players can use the points they’ve earned to pull rewards from the Rewards guardian, just outside of the minigame.
        • Rewards:
          • The rewards the rift guardian provides can all be found here:
          • Players can also use the abyssal pearls they obtain from the rewards guardian to purchase the Raiments of the eye pieces, the ring of the elements, the Guardian’s eye, and various talismans from Apprentice Felix.
          • Noteworthy rewards:
            • Raiments of the Eye (see below for details)
            • Ring of the Elements (see below for details)
            • Guardian’s Eye:
              • This can be used on the Rift Guardian pet to morph it into the Greatish Guardian pet.
            • Abyssal Dyes:
              • These dyes can be used to recolour raiments of the eye set pieces.
                • Players can trade these dyes in with Apprentice Felix to change their color.
            • Abyssal Lantern:
            • Abyssal Needle (See colossal pouch details below)
  • Loot Keys:
    • Players can now unlock the ability to obtain loot keys from players that they kill in the Wilderness.
      • To unlock this ability, players can speak to Skully in the Ferox enclave, and pay him 10 million coins.
        • Skully also offers various options to customize the Loot keys, by allowing players to keep food dropping to the ground, and set a value threshold, so that items above a certain threshold drop to the ground, rather than go into the key itself.
      • Loot chests can be found in Edgeville, the mage arena bank, Ferox Enclave, and the Grand exchange.
      • The loot keys will change the appearance of a player's skull to reflect how many keys that player is holding.
      • Players can left click any loot key to check the value that it holds.
      • Obtaining loot keys:
        • Players can obtain another player’s loot key by killing them in the Wilderness.
          • If the player they killed was holding other loot keys, the pker will then obtain those loot keys.
            • Any given player can only hold up to 5 loot keys, so any key after the 5th key is permanently destroyed, along with the loot.
              • For example, killing a player with 5 keys, would destroy one of the keys the player was holding, since this would result in 6 total keys (5 the player was holding, plus their own).
              • Players can only obtain loot keys if they’ve unlocked the ability to do so from Skully.
                • Killing another player who had loot kills will cause them to be destroyed, along with the loot inside, if the pker doesn’t have loot keys enabled.
      • Opening loot keys:
        • Players can bring their loot keys to any loot chest, and interact with it.
          • Doing so will either open the chest if the player only has one key, or prompt the player to select an option for the key they want to use.
            • Once opened, players will have the option to withdraw items to their bank/inventory, or destroy them.
      • Restrictions:
        • Loot keys cannot be protected, and are always lost by the carrier on death, with no exceptions.
          • This includes deaths at areas with death boxes, instances, in PvP, or in PvM.
        • Players cannot drop, bank, or note the keys.
          • The keys must be kept in the player’s inventory until they are opened or destroyed.
        • Destroying/emptying keys will cause all the loot they contain to also be destroyed.
        • If a player’s inventory is full when they kill another player, the loot kill will drop to the ground.
          • If the player lets the key respawn, or logs out before picking it up, the key and the loot within it will be permanently lost.
        • If a player is in the process of dying/died recently after killing an opponent, the loot will be dropped to the ground, rather than obtained as a loot key.
  • Runecrafting Changes:
    • True Blood Altar:
      • Players can now access the True Blood Altar, located in the tunnels underneath of Morytania.
        • Players can enter these tunnels by using the blood altar teleport through the Dark Mage, or entering through the hatch behind the bar in canines.
        • There are various tunnels, as well some shortcuts that players can use to get to the blood altar quicker.
          • These shortcuts require various agility levels, and one of the shortcuts also requires that the player has level 78 or higher Mining.
      • This blood altar counts as a regular blood altar in all regards, except for the Kourend diary requirement to craft blood runes, and the 10% bonus blood runes awarded from the Kourend elite diary.
        • That being said, the blood essence will work here, along with the daily task to craft blood runes, and it will also count as crafting a blood rune for the Sherlock clue scroll step.
      • To enter this altar, players will need to have a blood/catalytic talisman in their inventory, or blood/catalytic tiara equipped.
        • Most of the standard altars are easier to access, and don’t require talismans, however the addition of this altar opens up the potential for a huge influx of blood runes, a main staple for most end-game players, and so we decided to fully implement the system the way it was intended.
    • Colossal Pouch:
      • This is the a new pouch that can be created by using an Abyssal needle to stitch together a small/medium/large/giant pouch.
        • This process requires level 85 Runecrafting and 56 Crafting (no boosting), and will consume the pouches and Abyssal needle in the process.
          • As with all runecrafting pouches on Alora, this pouch will not degrade.
        • This pouch can store up to 40 daeyalt or pure essence.
        • This pouch cannot be used with other smaller runecrafting pouches.
    • The delay when crafting runes at altars has been removed.
      • This means players can now remove essence from their rune pouches instantly without having to wait a short delay after crafting runes.
    • The blood altar teleport through the dark mage will now take players close to the True Blood Altar, instead of to the blood altar in Arceuus.
      • Players wishing to craft blood/soul runes in Arceuus can still access this area easily by using the “dense essence mine” teleport through the teleport wizard.
    • Raiments of the Eye Outfit:
      • This new Runecrafting outfit is a set of robes that grants 10% more runes per piece equipped (60% if all four pieces are worn).
        • The set can be purchased from the Guardians of the Rift reward shop for Abyssal pearls.
        • The set pieces can also be recolored using the Abyssal Dyes (obtained as a rare reward from the Guardians of the Rift minigame).
          • The boots cannot be recolored, but still count as part of the set for the Magic Wardrobe.
        • Players can store all 4 set variants in their Magic Wardrobe.
        • The 60% bonus runes are decided based off of the initial amount of runes that would be created (ignoring any bonuses from achievement diaries, or donator ranks, or Skillcape perks, etc…).
          • For example, if the player were to be crafting double death runes with the Full raiments of the Eye set, and turned 28 pure essence into 56 death runes, they would get 90 (rounding up) death runes.
            • Not all amounts are divisible by 6, so players will get a chance to get 6 extra runes when crafting a final amount that is not divisible by 6.
              • For example, crafting 56 death runes will result in a chance to craft 96 death runes instead of 90 with the full set, since 56 is not divisible by 6.
          • Experience is not granted from these bonus runes.
    • Ring of the Elements:
      • The Ring of the elements is an item that can be purchased from the Guardians of the Rift reward shop, and teleports players near the 4 elemental altars.
        • Players can charge the ring, requiring 1 of each elemental rune and one law rune per charge.
          • The ring holds a maximum of 10,000 charges, and can only be uncharged by using up all of the charges manually.
  • Clue Scroll Changes:
    • All clue scroll drops will now be given/obtained in the form of Scroll boxes.
      • Each scroll box contains 1 clue of the box type, and can be opened to obtain a clue of that type.
        • The usefulness of scroll boxes comes from the fact that they are stackable.
      • Scroll boxes do not technically count as a clue scroll in regards to clue steps.
        • This means that players cannot destroy/empty/drop their scroll boxes to reset a step.
          • This can only be done with the scroll itself.
      • This feature will only apply to Leagues players if the player has the Treasure Seeker relic.
    • These changes do not apply to Master clues, since players cannot hold more than 1 master clue at any given moment.
  • Vorkath Changes:
    • The Vorkath deadly dragon fire attack will now be delayed by an extra tick before it explodes.
      • This projectile of this attack will now more clearly map the time between the explosion and the the position of the projectile.
  • Thieving Changes:
    • Stalls:
      • Players can now thieve Gem stalls around the game normally.
        • Previously, all functional gem stalls in the game would give players crushed gems (like the one in the Edgeville thieving area).
          • The gem stalls that are not in the Edgeville thieving area will now give the same experience/gems that they do in OSRS.
            • The thieving level requirement is also 75 for these stalls, rather than 90.
            • The gem stall in the Edgeville thieving area has not been changed.
      • The Fur/Spice/Silver stalls can now be thieved in the Ardougne market.
        • Fur stall: Requires level 40 Thieving, and provides 35 base Thieving experience.
        • Silver stall: Requires level 50 Thieving, and provides 54 base Thieving experience.
        • Spice stall: Requires level 65 Thieving, and provides 81 base Thieving experience.
      • The Fur/Spice/Silver/Silk/Gem stalls in Prifddinas can now all be thieved.
      • The Rogue set effect has been removed from all stalls.
        • Previously, players would have a small chance (at most 7% by using the full set) to get double loot from stalls using the Rogue equipment.
          • This has been removed due to the changes to the Rogue equipment listed below.
    • Rogue Set Changes:
      • The Rogue set will now work more similarly to OSRS when pickpocketing npc’s, with the exception of GP.
        • Each piece of the rogue set will provide a 20% chance to thieve double loot when pickpocketing an npc and receiving a non-gp item.
          • With the full set equipped, players will have a 100% chance to pickpocket double loot from NPC’s.
          • This applies to all items (including blood shards from Vyre’s), except for the Eternal teleport crystal from thieving elves in Prifddinas.
        • The rogue set will still provide the same (smaller) chance to get double coins from pickpocketing, but since the amount of gp obtained from Thieving is far higher on Alora, we’ve decided it would be far too unbalanced to allow the full set effect.
          • This set effect will fully apply on Tokkul, which can be thieved from Tzhaars in Mor-Ul-Rek.
  • Loot Tracker Changes:
    • The loot tracker now always remembers loot between client sessions, even when not logged in with a RuneLite account. Additionally, the loot is stored per-profile now instead of combined for each profile. This means that separate game profiles, such as main game, leagues, deadman, as well as separate RuneScape accounts loot are all separately tracked. Loot is now saved to up to 1 year from the most recent drop.
      • The old saved loot must be imported into the correct profile manually by typing the ::importloot command.
        • This will need to be done on every account that players want the old loot imported to, otherwise it will start fresh on each account, and remember all loot specifically related to that account in the future.
  • Clan Chat Changes:
    • Owners of Clans can now search for members on their friends list using the Clan Chat Setup interface.
  • Drop Searcher/Monster Drop Tables Searcher Changes:
    • Both of these interfaces will now show an option to cycle through pages of drops/npc’s if possible.
      • The max listings per page for both of these interfaces is 50 items/npc’s, so previously if the results were larger, they would be hidden.
        • Players will now see an option to cycle to the next page when using both of these interfaces, if they have more than 50 results.
  • Revenant Drop Table Changes:
    • Some noted drops have been changed to be un-noted.
      • The drops include:
        • Runite ores
        • Adamant bars
        • Black dragon hide
      • These should only be noted when the amulet of avarice is equipped.
    • Removed the noted shark/manta ray drops from their table, since they now drop blighted supplies instead.
    • Revenant Maledictus will now drop the 3 missing emblems.
      • Ancient Medallion:
        • This emblem can be traded in at the Emblem traded in the revenant cave for 8 million gold. 
      • Ancient Effigy:
        • This emblem can be traded in at the Emblem traded in the revenant cave for 12 million gold. 
      • Ancient Relic:
        • This emblem can be traded in at the Emblem traded in the revenant cave for 16 million gold. 
      • All emblems (including the newly added ones) share the same drop rate on the Revenant Maledictus table.
  • League Hall Changes:
    • Players can now place their Leagues II trophies on their Trophy Pedestals in their Player-owned-houses.
    • Players can now store their Leagues II trophies in the Trophy Case in their Player-owned House.
    • The League Accomplishments scroll will now show the top 25 players by points from the second League.
      • When checking the winners, players will be prompted with a dialogue to select if they want to view the first or second league winners.
    • The League Accomplishments Scroll will now show how many points the owner earned in the second Alora League.
  • Tempoross Changes:
    • The experience rates from launching Harpoonfish and attacking the Tempoross Whirlpool have been increased by ~30%.
    • The amount of basic loot (not including fish) from Tempoross (such as Spirit flakes, planks, steel nails, etc…) has been increased by 30%.
    • The amount of raw fish obtained from Tempoross has been increased from 1.5x the normal amount (on OSRS) to 1.8x.
  • Drop rate changes:
    • Nex:
      • The chance of hitting the rare drop table at Nex has been increased from 1/43 to 1/35.
    • Nightmare:
      • To match the changes made to Nex, we've also applied Alora's 1.23x drop rate modifier to both regular Nightmare and Phosani's Nightmare (before applying MVP/booster/server bonuses):
        • Regular:
          • The chance of hitting the orb table has been increased from 1/600 to 1/487.
          • The chance of hitting the gear table has been increased from 1/120 to 1/97.
        • Phosani:
          • The chance of hitting the orb table has been increased from 1/1,000 to 1/813.
          • The chance of hitting the gear table has been increased from 1/200 to 1/162.
        • Both:
          • The chance of receiving the Parasitic egg has been increased from 1/200 to 1/162.
          • The chance of receiving the Jar of Dreams has been increased from 1/2,000 to 1/1,626.
          • The chance of receiving the Little Nightmare has been changed entirely from 1/4,000:
            • For Phosani, the rate is 1/1,138.
            • For normal Nightmare, the rate varies depending on the team size:
              • 1 Player: 1/650
              • 2 Players: 1/1,300
              • 3 Players: 1/1,951
              • 4 Players: 1/2,601
              • 5+ Players: 1/3,252
  • Stash unit changes:
    • Players can now store items in stash units from their Equipment.
      • This will be done automatically when a player clicks on a stash unit to store items.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the Inventory Presets would sometimes not withdraw some of the preset items if the player had more than 1000 items in their bank.
    • Spinolyp's will now have a chance to inflict poison on successful range hits, and will now drain 1 prayer point on successful mage hits.
      • If a player is using a spectral spirit shield, there’s only a 50% chance that the player will have a prayer point drained.
    • Jess (Mahogany Homes) will no longer get stuck in a position where she can't be spoken to.
    • The Shield left half will no longer be announced over yell.
    • Blood essence are now tradable before being activated.
    • The dorgeshuun crossbow now requires level 28 ranged to use.
    • The default sell price at the Vending shrine in LMS is now 0 tokens.
    • Server Support rank will now be prioritized over Youtuber rank on yell.Fixed a bug where the trading post item search would sometimes leave artifacts in the chatbox.
    • Fixed a bug where the friends chat plugin join/leave notification was not working properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Wilderness Dust Devils task was not properly working.
    • Fixed a bug with Tzhaar npc animations in 2010 mode in Mor-Ul-Rek.
    • Fixed a bugged idle animation with the Candy cane item on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed an issue with the Emblem trader's dialogue not fitting the chatbox when trying to trade in archaic emblems. 
    • Krystillia will no longer assign revenants to players under level 60 combat.
      • Players require level 60 or higher combat to enter the Revenant caves.
    • Monk robes are now counted as Saradomin items in the God Wars Dungeon.
    • Fixed a bug where players could be assigned a wilderness slayer task they did not have the slayer level requirement for.
    • The uncharged Ring of endurance can no longer be equipped, and the "activate" option will now prompt the player to charge the ring.
    • The uncharged Ring of endurance now has a proper placeholder.
    • Fixed a bug where the rift guardian metamorphosis option would sometimes pick-up the player's pet.
    • Fixed a bug where music would sometimes not start playing if the player unmuted their music volume.
    • Shattered relics void kits can now properly be noted/unnoted.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not decant Divine bastion potions.
    • Fixed a bug where if the players default store/withdraw amount was not 1, and they tried to right-click an item and withdraw/store 1 quantity, it would withdraw/store the default amount set.
    • Fixed a bug where the kalphite queen animations/second phase looked buggy/incorrect on 2010 mode.
    • Players can no longer attack Kalphite Queen while she's transforming into her second phase.
    • Fixed a bug with the door at the smithing house in Yanille removing part of the wall when closed.
    • Fixed an issue where the rigour/preserve/augury prayers would not properly show the locked/unlocked status sometimes.
    • Fixed an issue with the GPU plugin causing flashing in some cases.
    • Dorgeshuun Crossbow Fixes:
      • The crossbow is now a 1-handed weapon.
      • The crossbow has had it’s attack speed decreased slightly to match OSRS.
      • The Crossbow special attack now works properly.
        • If the victim had was not being attacked most recently by the player using the special attack, the special attack will have 100% accuracy (0’s are still possible, just unlikely), and lower the opponents defense by the amount of damage done (similar to the BGS).
    • Fixed a bug where the context menu would sometimes not be wide enough if the player had a game mode/donator icon in their name.
    • Fixed a bug where the Mouse Tooltips plugin option to enable/disable chatbox tooltips would not work.
    • Fixed a bug where music would sometimes not start playing on login (if the music volume was not muted).
    • Fixed an issue where the POH teleport on the Ardougne max cape would take players to the Ardougne Farm.
    • Fixed a bug where getting a phoenix pet from Wintertodt would add it twice in the collection log.
    • Added a placeholder for the Tome of Fire (Empty).
    • Vitreous Warped Jellies now properly drop the Superior slayer npc drops (imbued heart, dust battlestaff, etc..).
    • Fixed a bug where The Nightmare was not properly distributing loot.
    • The corruption spell effects will now be removed when entering duels/other similar sessions.
    • Fixed a bug where the in-game music on login would play if your login screen music was enabled, but your player-settings music was muted.
    • Revenant Maledictus will now spawn slightly less frequently.
    • The Ancient godsword is now tradeable.
    • Fixed a bug where the Runelite tooltip setting for placing tooltips below the cursor was not functional when the GPU/117 HD plugin was on.
    • Fixed a bug where players would have the chatbox options show up through chat dialogues.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Added the "Barbarianism" song when players enter Barbarian village.
    • The daily task of smelting gold or iron bars can now be completed through Blast furnace or the Super heat spell.
    • The Vengeance other spell will now trigger the "Vengeance active" runelite infobox for the target.
    • The Vengeance other spell will now trigger the "Vengeance cooldown" runelite infobox for the caster.
    • You can now right-click on the Donation Manager to immediately teleport to the Donator Zone.
    • The void knight (or) armour is now storeable in the POH armour case.
    • Windows devices will now display the java version (32-bit/64-bit) in the title bar.
    • The Alora 4th birthday hat can now be stored in the Toy box in a player's house.
    • Players can now use fairy ring DLS to get to the tunnels underneath Canifis..
    • The Leaf-bladed battleaxe now uses the proper animations.
    • The skilling/crafting chatbox interface will now animate the hourglass icon over the actual "last option" when the player presses space to pick the last option.
      • Previously, it would always draw the hour glass over the first option on the interface.
    • The animations for Skis have been properly configured.
    • The Brother Lowkey's spawn has been moved 1 tile away from Nieve, and his walk range has been limited to the 3x3 space around his spawn.
    • Added the appropriate music to the Ferox Enclave.
    • Any Skotizo that was spawned in the wilderness can no longer be attacked by players who are in less than level 3 wilderness.
    • Players now have the option to announce their playtime through the chat by clicking on the playtime option in the Character Summary tab.
    • Removed the incense burner overlay from the POH runelite plugin.
      • Alora’s incense burners never go out, so this was a useless feature.
    • When players click the “X” option in the bottom settings bar on the bank interface, it will no longer prompt the player to enter a custom amount, but rather it will just set the default left click amount to be the last set custom amount.
    • Damage Drops will now show the proper combat style icon next to the damage, rather than always showing attack.
    • Players can now transfer the bank expansion scroll between accounts by using it on another account (similarly to bonds/boosters).
    • Updated the teleport interface search function to include some boss abbreviations (such as "KBD" for king black dragon).
    • The warrior's guild teleport on the Ardougne max cape has been replaced with the Monastery teleport.
    • Players can now sell Molten glass to the Trading post charter ship shops.
    • Konar slayer tasks now count as "Hard" slayer tasks when completing the Daily tasks.
    • The value of the Ancient godsword has been increased to 30m.

We hope you enjoy this update!  Please report any bugs as soon as they are encountered.
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Thanks Omi, great updates!

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Very juicy update with a lot of new content & QoL! Thanks papas <3

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OMG drop rate fixes!

The chance of receiving the Jar of Dreams has been increased from 1/2,000 to 1/1,626.

You're telling me I rolled four 1in2000-drop-rate jars in 620 nightmare kills?  Man fuck me. 



I tested guardians of the rift out, but the guardians got a lil too high on 420 and quit doing their jobs



4/22/22 update - Guardians of the rift is up and running!  




I tested tempoross and the 'check reward pool' feature is broken.  It should tell you how many permits you have saved, but instead, it's claiming your reward.  Currently, it does the same as 'net reward pool'




I tested the league hall changes and they're awesome!  Thanks for adding trophy storage to mahogany trophy case and giving league players the credit they deserve.



Nice.  Charter ships will buy your molten glass for 40 gp now (will not buy noted molten glass).

They'll also sell you molten glass ingredients for 700 + 350 gp (bucket of sand + soda ash).  Great deal!





Enjoy 25% bonus tokens on all token packages.


Just fyi to all, bonds do not count as token packages.  Opening a $10 bond will still only give you 100 tokens (not 125).


The new void (or) additions to the poh armour case are great, but could you add the shattered relic hunter (t1-3) in as well (similar to what you did with trailblazer outfits t1-3)?



Thanks for adding the Guardian of the Rift robes, Raiments of the Eye, to the magic wardrobe!  Could you also add the trailblazer graceful to the magic wardrobe?


Posted 20 April 2022 - 05:07 PM #5

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awesome updates, looking forwards to guardians of the rift.

Posted 20 April 2022 - 05:22 PM #6

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Amazing update like alway ! good job dad <3


Void Walkers application are open! Join the family’s ❤️
Welcome to learners tob/ cox ;;topic 78419

Posted 20 April 2022 - 05:23 PM #7

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hm time for this update

Posted 20 April 2022 - 05:25 PM #8

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Crazy update, thanks Omi & Chad!




Posted 20 April 2022 - 05:27 PM #9

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Very good updates here, already love the clan setup search option! Thank you Omicron <3

Very good updates here, already love the clan setup search option! Thank you Omicron <3

Posted 20 April 2022 - 05:31 PM #10


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thx for the update! great stuff ^^

Posted 21 April 2022 - 12:50 AM #11


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Very nice update with alot of new content! Thanks  <3





Posted 21 April 2022 - 01:45 AM #12


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Great work, thanks.

Posted 21 April 2022 - 03:25 AM #13


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Nice update with lots of long-awaited changes. Great job!

Posted Image

Posted 21 April 2022 - 03:40 AM #14


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Excellent update - look forward to trying the new content! Thanks as always for such great updates, keep up the good work!

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Posted 21 April 2022 - 11:55 PM #15

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Killer work and update omi & chad!!


Classic / Weak Ex-EIM | EliteSR20 

Hardcore IM | Toto Wolff 

Groupie IM | Carl Gustav 

Main Account / Challenge Account | Formula One

Link to the challenge



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I see nothing regarding Watson and master clues. previously when dying from venom you'd sometimes lose a master clue and it would be impossible to get another from Watson as he think you're still holding one. Can you add a button to either destroy the 'remembered clue' or respawn it if Watson says you already hold a master clue scroll (this option would make more sense)?







alota fagina

Posted 22 April 2022 - 10:28 AM #17



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I see nothing regarding Watson and master clues. previously when dying from venom you'd sometimes lose a master clue and it would be impossible to get another from Watson as he think you're still holding one. Can you add a button to either destroy the 'remembered clue' or respawn it if Watson says you already hold a master clue scroll (this option would make more sense)?

That's not how it works unfortunately. I suppose I forgot to add it in the update logs, but dying at zulrah and losing your items in the death box will allow you to be able get another from Watson now.

Posted 23 April 2022 - 02:12 PM #18

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That's not how it works unfortunately. I suppose I forgot to add it in the update logs, but dying at zulrah and losing your items in the death box will allow you to be able get another from Watson now.

perfect thanks for the update. could you only reset current clue status on my account? Watson still won't give me another one as he thinks I carry one on me.

good updates







alota fagina

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