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[25/7/22] Giants Foundry, Clan Rank Icons, Mystery Box Revamp & more!

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[28/7/22] Hotfixes:

  • Game news changes:
    • Font changed back to red from green for the news tag.
    • Removed the green icon next to rare item names (but kept the monster icon).
    • Pet icon has been added to a few announcements where it was missing, such as CoX Olmlet drop and a few Skilling Pets.
    • Fixed a bug where News messages were being categorized as game messages.
  • Fixed a bug where certain NPCs would occasionally not be able to attack you (or attack you at all, such as Kamal in Desert Treasure).
  • Welcome screen was being skipped unless you were in the Wilderness, it is now the opposite (Welcome screen shows up everywhere except the Wilderness).
  • NPCs/Objects that were missing in Edgeville PvP area have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Previous teleports” menu on the teleport interface was not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where some npc’s who freezes their targets were not properly doing so.
  • Fixed a bug where the welcome screen was not showing up properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not use their keyboard to select skilling options.
  • Fixed a bug where the chatbox would close when players attempted to enter their 2FA code.
  • Fixed a bug where the wilderness level overlay was invisible in resizeable.
  • Fixed a bug where the edgeville dungeon trap door was not working.
  • Fixed a bug where the Giants Foundry rewards shop was not hiding unlocked moulds properly.
  • The custom clan icons have been made slightly larger when viewing the members of a clan.
  • Fixed a bug with the buy-x/sell-x swaps for shops not working.
  • Fixed a bug where chatbox interfaces/some overlays wouldn’t allow players to zoom in/out.
  • Fixed a bug where the swap pickpocket option wasn’t working on the menu entry swapper.
  • Fixed a bug where the cannon plugin would sometimes not update the number of cannonballs when reloading.
  • Fixed a bug where the ranked clan member's rank icon was showing up as one-tier lower in the chat.
  • Added pet icons to some more announcements (such as skilling announcements, and chambers of xeric).
  • Removed the green star icon from npc loot drops.
  • The Collector will now log the lower-tier mining glove variants when adding them to the collection log.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the clan icon sprites at the end of the list wouldn't show the properly selected sprite in the clan members interface.
  • Thieving double eternal crystal seeds/blood shards will now add count as 2 items in the collection log.
  • Fixed a bug where member ranks in the clan icons interface wouldn't show properly.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not left-click the destroy item confirmation.
  • Defenders purchased from the warriors guild exchange will now be added to the collection log.
  • Players can now use the ::bug command, as well as the ::bugs command to report a bug.
  • The Achievement diaries perks will now list the Kharedst memoirs as a medium Kourend diary reward.
  • Players can now lookup clan members by right-clicking their names in the clan interface.
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing the Smiths gloves from the giants foundry reward shop would give the boots, and vice versa.
  • The double ammo mould will now use 2 steel bars rather than 1.
  • Players will no longer auto-retaliate if they were attacked by a player in the wilderness, but they themselves weren't in the wilderness.
  • Fixed a bug where the new Dragon hunter crossbow variants couldn't trigger bolt specials.


Hello everyone,
We're back with another update! This time, we're introducing a brand new mini-game: Giant's Foundry! In this Smithing-based mini-game, you'll complete tasks by building different types of swords, earning you not only a worthwhile amount of Smithing experience but also Foundry points to spend on numerous rewards, ranging from a huge sword with an interesting passive effect, a Smith's outfit, the ability to double the number of cannonballs you can smith, and more. Aside from this, we've also added the ability for clan chat members to have a unique icon set in the chat, with over 250 different icons to choose from. Cosmetic mystery boxes have also received a huge revamp, with numerous new items that can only be found within these boxes, including two all-new items with unique movement: the Ring of Levitation and the Magic Carpet. Aside from these, we've implemented a ton of other content updates and QoL, have a look at the full details below:

  • Cosmetic Mystery Box Update:
    • The cosmetic mystery box has had many new cosmetic items added to it!
      • The following items are now available from the box:
        • Ring of Levitation
        • Magic Carpet
        • Attacker/Defender/Collector/Healer icons
        • Cursed Banana
        • Skis
        • Oddskull
        • Gold Coffin






  • Giants Foundry:
    • Players can now participate in the Giants Foundry Minigame!
      • This is a smithing minigame, where players will need to build giant swords for the giant Kovac.
        • To begin this minigame, players can reach the Giant’s foundry by using the teleport wizard teleport in the minigames menu.
          • Once there, speak to kovac to acquire a commission, then click on the mould to set it to the appropriate pieces that best match the description of your sword commission.
            • The higher the score, the more experience/gp you’ll earn, but it will also make the minigame more challenging.
            • After the mould is set, players can put in bars or equipment to add a total of 28 bars to the crucible, which can then be poured into the mould to create the Preform.
              • Players can add any smithable item that requires more than 1 bar to create, but the item will be worth 1 bar less than the amount required to create it initially.
                • For example, a rune plate body, which requires 5 runite bars to smith, will only be worth 4 bars when added to the crucible.
                • Players will create better swords that provide more experience/gp by mixing 2 types of metals to create a hybrid metal.
                  • For example, 14 Runite bars and 14 Adamant bars will provide more experience than simply 28 Runite bars.
            • Once the player collects the preform from the mould, they will need to shape and mould the sword according to the instructions given on the interface.
              • Occasionally, a “sweetspot” will appear, indicating by a yellow border around the interface, which, if the player clicks the proper tool during this period, will give them a large progress bonus.
            • Once the sword is completed, players can hand it over to Kovac to collect their reward.
    • Rewards:
      • After each sword is handed in, players will be awarded foundry points, equivalent to the total end quality of the sword they handed in.
        • Players can use these points to purchase the following items:
          • Various new moulds, which will help earn higher scores
          • Double ammo mould:
            • This provides 8 cannonballs, rather than 4, and does stack with the donator perks for extra cannonballs.
          • Smiths Outfit:
            • This outfit provides a 20% per piece (100% for set) to speed up anvil smithing actions by 1 tick, and increased progress on preforms in the giant’s foundry.
          • Kovac’s Grog:
            • This provides a guaranteed +4 smithing boost.
          • Smithing Catalyst:
            • Each time a catalyst is used, it’ll halve the amount of coal required per bar, and provide 2x experience when smithing.
              • The coal reduction effect does not work in the blast furnace.
          • Ore pack:
            • A consumable pack containing various ores within it.
          • Colossal blade:
            • A two-handed blade requiring 60 attack to wield.
            • The colossal blade has a passive effect that increases the wielder's maximum hit against larger enemies, where the max hit is increased by double the monster's size value, but at most by 10.
  • Lottery Board:
    • Players can now click on the Lottery board just behind the Lottery manager in the Edgeville bank.
      • This board can show players the last 10 Lottery winners, the amount they won, and the number of tickets they purchased for that win.
        • We previously did not track the amount of tickets purchased by winners, so this statistic will not show up for the 10 most recent winners, but it will for all future winners.
      • Players can also right-click the board to see the total amount of lottery tickets they’ve purchased.
  • Teleport Interface Update:
    • Players will now have the option to select their favourite teleports to easily access through the teleport wizard.
      • To do so, players must simply click the star icon on the left side of the teleport.
        • Once done, the star will turn from silver to gold, indicating that it is favourited.
          • To remove it, simply click the star again, and it should turn silver.
      • Players can click the “Favorites” tab at the bottom left of the interface to view all of their favorited teleports, and quickly access them.
        • This is where the donator zone button used to be.
          • The donator zone button has now been moved to the top of the interface, next to the search button.
  • Instances fix:
    • We are fairly certain that we've located the bug that was causing players to be kicked out of instances occasionally. There should now no longer be any collisions between maps.
  • News message revamp:
    • We've updated news messages to include icons, particularly when completing skill achievements, inferno/fight caves related achievements, pvp news announcements and completionist announcements.
  • Clan Rank Icons:
    • Owners of clans can now set custom icons for clan ranks, and individually for players.
      • To do so, clan owners must simply open the clan settings interface, and select the “Icons” option.
    • There are over 250 icons to choose from, which can be used for any rank/player (with the exception of the Moderator icons, which can only be applied to the appropriately ranked players).
      • Individual player icons will take precedence over custom rank icons.
  • Donator perks:
    • Donators will now get a discount when reclaiming their Dwarf multi-cannon from Nulodian:
      • Regular Donators will receive a 50k discount.
      • Super Donators will receive a 100k discount.
      • Extreme Donators will receive a 150k discount.
      • Legendary Donators will receive a 200k discount.
      • Uber Donators will receive a 250k discount.
      • Master Donators will receive a 350k discount.
      • Immortal Donators will receive a 450k discount.
      • Eternal Donators can reclaim the cannon for free.
  • Inferno Changes:
    • Players can now properly attack Tzkal-Zuk from the eastern side.
      • Previously, players would need to move at least 5 tiles away from the east side to reach zuk, even if they were technically in attack range.
    • The welcome screen no longer appears when logging in during a fight caves/inferno run.
    • Tzkal-Zuk and the Ancestral Glyph (shield) are now more synchronized.
      • A general strategy is to use these safe-spot tiles by moving to the next tile after Zuk attacks, which guarantees the player will not be hit by Zuk if timed correctly:
        • https://i.imgur.com/WB0Gyqf.png
        • On Alora, this would only work sometimes, until the shield and Zuk’s attacks became out of sync.
          • This will no longer happen, and players can use these safe spots throughout the entire fight.
  • Chambers of Xeric Storage Interface:
    • The Chambers of xeric storage interfaces have been updated.
    • The Shared storage interface now has a button at the top to allow players to quickly switch between it and the private storage interface, rather than having to close the storage interface and interact with the unit again.
    • The private storage interface has been changed to match OSRS.
      • This interface now has a deposit-all and withdraw-all option.
      • This interface also has a button to swap between the private and shared storage units.
  • Hellhound Ensouled Heads:
    • Players can now obtain ensouled heads from hellhounds/Cerberus.
      • These ensouled heads can be traded in for 200k each with Nieve.
      • They can also be used at the Dark altar with the Reanimation spell for 1,200 base Prayer experience.
  • Guardians of the Rift changes:
    • The Great Guardian will now wait before closing the guardian portals after he is fully powered up.
      • Players will have ~20 seconds to finish crafting their runes and powering up the guardian, after which point the game will end normally. 
    • The Great Guardian's healthbar will no longer show up through the Opponent info plugin.
  • Inventory Preset Changes:
    • Inventory Presets will now be account-specific.
      • This means that players will only see the inventory setups that have been made on that specific account. 
  • Teleport Changes:
    • Teleport Tablets:
      • The Watchtower teleport tablet is now functional.
      • Players can now use the alternate options on the Varrock, Camelot, and Watchtower teleport tablets.
        • This includes the “Toggle” option, which allows players to set their preferred default teleport location when left-clicking the tablets.
    • Spellbook:
      • The Varrock, Camelot, and Watchtower teleports can now be configured by right clicking the spells.
        • Doing so will allow players to set their preferred teleport destination between the options for that teleport spell.
  • Creature Creation:
    • Players can now enter the basement in the Tower of Life to create creatures of various kind.
      • Once in the basement area, players can use the various Symbols of life to spawn different varieties of creatures.
        • Players can only spawn one of each creature at a time, and to spawn the creature, players will require the necessary components.
          • Inspecting the Symbol of life will tell the player which 2 components are required.
    • Creatures:
      • Newtroost: Requires 1 eye of newt and 1 feather to create, and drops 4-10 eyes of newt.
        • Completing the Ardougne medium diaries will note the eyes of newt.
      • Unicow: Requires 1 unicorn horn and 1 cowhide to create, and drops 2-4 unicorn horns.
        • Completing the Ardougne medium diaries will note the unicorn horns.
      • Spidine: Requires 1 red spiders’ eggs and 1 raw sardine to create, and drops 3-6 red spiders’ eggs.
        • Completing the Ardougne medium diaries will note the eggs.
      • Swordchick: Requires 1 raw swordfish and 1 raw chicken to create, and drops 10-40 feathers.
      • Frogeel: Requires 1 x Giant frog legs and 1 raw cave eel to create, and drops 5-10 raw cave eels.
        • Completing the Ardougne easy diaries will note the raw cave eels.
  • Sound Changes:
    • The following weapons/spells now have attack sounds:
      • Scythe of vitur
      • Ghrazi Rapier
      • Elder Maul
      • Dinh’s Bulwark
      • Fire surge
      • Earth surge
      • Water surge
      • Wind surge
      • Sanguinesti staff spell
      • Trident spells
      • Bow of Faerdhinen
      • Twisted bow
      • Blowpipe
      • Ham joint
      • Crystal Halberd
      • Dragon Claws
      • Dragon hunter lance
  • Crystal Seed Trade-in:
    • Players can now speak to Pennant, who is near the Crystal tree patch in Prifddinas, to exchange their extra crystal armour, weapon, and tool seeds for a Crystal acorn.
  • Client Changes:
    • Monster Menu Hp Plugin:
      • Players can now access the Monster Menu HP plugin through the plugin hub.
        • This plugin will allow players to see the remaining hitpoints of an enemy when right-clicking them.
    • Players now have access to the Bossing Info plugin through the Plugin-hub.
      • This plugin provides various kill times, statistics, and utilities for bosses.
    • Menu Entry Swapper Changes:
      • Players can now set custom left-click and shift-click actions on their worn equipment.
        • To do so, simply hold shift and right-click an equipped item, and you’ll have the option to select the custom shift/left click option.
      • Players can now more easily set their left/shift click options for inventory items by holding shift and right-clicking the item, rather than needing to right-click the inventory tab.
    • Inventory Tags Changes:
      • Players can now set/remove inventory tags for items by holding shift and right-clicking the item in their inventory.
  • Collection Log Changes:
    • Added Mining Gloves/Superior Mining Gloves/Expert Mining Gloves to the Miscellaneous log.
      • These can all be added manually through “The collector” npc  if obtained prior to this update.
    • Added the vote pet to the All pets collection log group.
      • This pet can be added by speaking to “The collector” npc if obtained prior to this update.
  • Slayer Changes:
    • Task Storing:
      • Players can now store a slayer task for later through the Slayer interface.
        • This can be done for 50 Slayer points, and once a task is stored, players can take it as their main task for free.
          • If a player already has a task when trying to take their stored task, they will not be able to override their current task, but rather prompted to remove their stored task to make room to store their current task.
    • Vampyre Slayer Task:
      • Players can now unlock the ability to obtain Vampyre Slayer tasks from Nieve/Konar.
        • Konar will assign Vampyres in Slepe or Darkmeyer.
        • On this task, players can kill Vyres, Vyrewatch, Vampyres, Vampyre Juvenates, and Vampyre juveniles.
        • Players must unlock this task through the slayer shop for 80 slayer points.
  • Puro Puro Changes:
    • Players can now access a new Puro Puro instance that uses the same spawn mechanics as OSRS.
      • When a player teleports to Puro Puro through the teleport wizard, they will now be prompted with an option to access the OSRS Puro Puro area.
        • This area is similar to the regular one, except for the way that the implings spawn.
          • Regular implings (baby, young, essence, eclectic) have static spawn locations, and will respawn in these locations a few seconds after being caught.
            • This allows players to farm a specific type of impling more consistently.
          • Rare implings (nature, magpie, ninja, dragon, lucky) have 1 spawn in each corner, and once caught, a new random rare impling will respawn within 30-60 seconds.
            • The lower the tier of the impling, the higher the spawn rate of it.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where npc attack options sometimes wouldn’t show up when an npc spawned on the same tick that a nearby npc died.
      • This was only present for players who had the “Hide npc attack options” setting enabled.
    • The Nuclear Smoke Devil now uses the same attacks as other smoke devils.
    • The Zaryte crossbow range has been increased to match other crossbows.
    • Fixed a bug where the previous teleports section of the teleport interface would sometimes show unclear names.
    • Fixed a bug where the Puzzle solver overlay was misplaced.
    • Fixed a bug where the Smoke devil (yellow) and little parasite pets could not be reclaimed after dying with them, even if insured.
    • Fixed a bug where GIM/HCGIM/EIM partner items would not show up on death after going public if the dead partner was not online.
    • Potentially fixed an issue where the Guardian Defender's in the Guardian's of the Rift minigame would sometimes not do anything.
      • If you experience this issue again, please let us know.
    • Fixed a bug where filling the crates with harpoonfish at Tempoross would cancel itself when switching from one crate to another. (edited)
    • Players must now complete Dragon Slayer II to make super-antifire potions.
    • The Elysian spirit shield ornament kit now has a "Destroy" option to properly reflect that it is destroyed rather than dropped.
    • Fixed a bug where poison/venom damage would not increase the damage done to a player/npc from the poison inflicter.
      • For example, if the attacker dealt 100 damage to a player, and then 40 damage from venom, the total damage done by the attacker would only register 100, but it will now register the real total of 140.
    • Fixed a pathing bug on the Varrock lumber yard stile.
    • The camera plugin will now reset the player’s zoom level when turning it off.
    • The camera plugin vertical camera setting will now limit the range that the player can orient their camera, so that it cannot view under the map.
    • Fixed a bug where clicking the escape key quickly after typing something in the runelite search box (wiki/npc/item) would cause it to bug the chatbox.
    • Fixed a bug where the greater abyssal demon would sometimes teleport into a wall.
    • Fixed a bug where 2 separate spellbook icons would be drawn when using the 2010 interface style on resizable.
    • Fixed a bug where scrolling with the costume room storage interfaces opened would zoom the client if the player had their zoom unlocked.
    • Fixed a bug where some graphics would be broken when switching to 2007 graphics after launching the client on 2010 graphics.
    • Fixed a bug where the chat commands plugin did not work for players with a title.
    • Players can now clean herbs based on their boosted herblore level rather than their true herblore level.
    • Fixed a bug where the Kourend Library plugin was not working correctly.
    • The ring of coins and ring of nature now work properly on 2010 mode.
    • Icons are now properly at the base of the female player model in 2010 mode.
    • Fixed the Uri transform emote on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a pathing bug with the agility shortcut to get to the Slayer-only Wyrms area.
    • Fixed a visual bug with the cozy cabin blueprints on 2010 mode.
    • Obtaining a gem from mining will no longer use a bracelet of clay charge.
    • Well of Goodwill will no longer overflow and show a negative number if you fill it with many items that exceed the value of 2.147b.
    • Fixed a bug where some Agility plugin overlays where misplaced (for example the gnome agility course log).
    • Fixed a bug where players could not kill Kraken on Konar cave kraken tasks.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not kill Cerberus on Taverley hellhound tasks from Konar.
    • Added a placeholder back to the Pharaoh’s Sceptre.
    • Fixed a bug where the vote pet would always face south.
    • Fixed a bug where the vote pet wouldn’t animate on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the Clan chat and Music F-keys were swapped.
    • Fixed a bug where the 2007/2010 gfx option was not properly reflecting the graphics mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the quest icon on the F-Key interface would sometimes be too large for the stone.
    • Fixed a bug where some items that had a "Wield" option rather than a "Wear" option could not be equipped while using the bank.
    • Spiritual Mage tasks are now Spiritual Creature tasks, and can be assigned at level 63 Slayer.
    • Fixed a bug that would remove the player's Overload potion effect if they took a sip soon after dying.
    • If a player dies in a PvM situation with PvP equipment (eg. Statius Warhammer), it will no longer disappear on death.
      • Instead, it will drop to the ground, but your charges on that item will be set to zero.
    • Cannonballs can no longer damage Turoths or Kurasks.
    • Fixed a bug where logging out after dropping a clue scroll in an instance would delete the clue scroll but not reset the step.
    • Fixed a bug where some collection log groups in the Miscellaneous/Minigame tabs wouldn't show up as green when completed.
    • Players will now have their compost bucket replaced with an empty bucket, rather than deleted.
    • Fixed a bug where the bottom snap-corners for Runelite overlays were too far up for up on Fixed mode.
    • Fixed a bug where Vespula wouldn’t move to protect the portal when it was attacked sometimes.
    • Reduced the value of the skull item from 100k to 100 coins.
    • Fixed a bug where players could set Darkmeyer/Prifddinas as their home location without having the requirements to enter.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not zoom with the looting bag interface open.
    • Fixed a bug where wearing an unholy/zamorak attuned item would cause hellhounds to be unaggressive everywhere.
    • Fixed a bug where a HCGIM player would have lost a life from dying in the fight caves if they had the extra life from the Karamja Elite diaries.
    • Players can no longer get geodes from mining the ores in the Gauntlet.
    • Fixed a bug where the player would not stop animating after the Allotment patch had been harvested.
    • Players can now only use bronze/opal/iron/bone bolts in the Dorgeshuun Crossbow.
    • Fixed a bug where the red spiders' eggs in the Forthos dungeon could not be picked up.
    • The gp value of items put up for a duel arena stake will now update properly.
    • Fixed a bug where turning off the Login Screen Plugin would enable the login screen fire.
      • This should be off for the default Alora login screen
    • The Flower Power petals and Mushroom spores will now be disappear/explode if the nightmare is transitioning phases.
    • Fixed a bug where the raids plugin timer infobox would sometimes not disappear if the player was not in a raid.
    • Fixed a bug where Halberds only had an attack distance of 1 tile rather than 2.
    • Fixed a bug with the Halberd aggressive/swipe animation.
    • The Runelite loot tracker will now properly track loot from Bird's nests.
    • Fixed a bug where opening the experience lamp would sometimes not allow the player to select a skill until they relogged.
    • Fixed a bug where the “Disable left click bank inventory” and “Disable left click bank equipment” configurations on the bank plugin did not work.
    • Fixed a bug where the Dragon Full Helmet wouldn’t be added to the collection log when obtained through sacrificing chewed bones.
    • Fixed a bug where some skillcape perks wouldn't work if the players level was debuffed.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Players can now use their keyboard “1” and “2” keys to confirm/deny the destroy item dialogue.
    • The “You’ve found another clue” dialogue will now show the proper clue tier in the dialogue.
    • Skilling/Gathering actions in the Gauntlet are now 2.5x more likely to yield crystal shards.
    • Players can now cast the Energy transfer spell on other players through the lunar spellbook.
      • This spell requires level 91 Magic to cast, and provides 100 Magic experience when cast.
        • Players must have 100% special attack energy, and at least 10 hitpoints to cast this spell.
          • This spell can be cast on players anywhere outside of the wilderness (as long as they are not in a special session, such as a duel), as long as they have accept aid enabled.
            • This spell has similar restrictions to other lunar spells, that being that it can only be cast in multi-combat areas if in the wilderness, the target must have accept aid enabled, and the target cannot be an ironman, unless the player is in their group/team.
    • The Crystal crown has had it's price reduced from 2.147b to 750m.
    • The crossbow animation has been updated to use one that does not cause any stalling while attacking.
    • Kree'arra is now more likely to use it’s ranged attack.
      • It will still use melee on it’s target if it is not being attacked by them.
    • Extended Drake tasks from 10-15 to 38-70
    • Players will no longer get the "inventory is full" message when thieving an npc that only gives coins if they have any coins in their inventory.
    • The Blade of Saeldor idle animation now matches OSRS.
    • The Item Charges plugin can now track Bracelet of Clay charges.
    • Players now have the option to hold shift to force the "Walk-here" option to prioritize itself over ground item options through the Menu Entry Swapper Plugin.
    • Adjusted the value of trout to be worth 100 coins rather than 10,000.
    • The Boost indicators plugin now has an option to show boosts in a more compacted format.
    • The Low detail plugin now has the “Hide lower planes” configuration, allowing players to make lower planes invisible.
    • Players will no longer get a message that they caught an impling barehanded if they caught it with a net, but did not have a jar in their inventory.
    • Players can no longer attack the big Muttadile until it has walked out of the water.
      • This is to avoid any issues where it gets stuck in the water, causing players to not be able to get the loot when it dies.
    • Collection log/Achievement diary pop ups will now be queued if the player receives more than 1 within a given time period.
    • Increased blood shard value to 2 million gp.
    • Players can now un-equip icons by selecting the icon that is currently equipped by selecting it again through the donation manager.
    • Players with level 72 Agility can now use the Asgarnian ice dungeon shortcut.
    • Gauntlet npc's now have a max following distance of 10 tiles.
    • The “Obtain an evil chicken outfit piece” Achievement has been replaced with the “Sacrifice 5 God eggs” achievement.
    • Players can now configure their wall mounted Xeric's talisman and Digsite pendant to set the default left-click teleport location.
    • Molch pearls are now a 1/15 chance rather than a 1/25 chance, assuming the player has 99 hunter and fishing.
      • These rates will vary, depending on the fishing/hunter levels, but in general it’s about a 40% increase overall.
    • Players will now use the proper animation/gfx when attaching orbs to battle staves.
    • Players can now toggle noted dagannoth bone drops on/off by speaking to the Acheivement Manager.
      • Players must still have completed the Fremennik diaries to do so.
    • Players will now be able to right-click the NPC contact spell in the Lunar spellbook to contact the last NPC they contacted.
    • Players will now have an options quest scroll appear when trying to metamorph a CoX pet or ToB pet, assuming that they have added the dust to that pet.
    • The ring of suffering will now change to the Ring of suffering ® to indicate it has recoil charges within it.
    • The Nex drop rates in the monster drop searcher will now properly reflect the updated rate if the player has a drop booster Active.
    • Players can now trim the Dragon Hunter Crossbow with either the KBD heads or Vorkath heads.
      • This process can be reverted.
    • Players can now see the range of fillers they can add to their bank when inputting the amount.
    • PvP weapons/equipment now have bank placeholders.
    • Players can now unimbue any imbued rings by right-clicking on them in their inventory.
      • The imbuement scroll will be lost upon doing so.
    • Seed packs now have a "Take-All" option which will loot all the items from the seed pack if the player has enough inventory space.
    • Restricted game mode players can now use a vote book for bonus experience if they have less than 5 minutes remaining on their bonus timer.
      • Previously, players could only do so when the bonus experience timer fully ran out.
    • Added the proper sounds when thieving the wall safe in the rogues’ den.
    • Added the “Disable left click placeholder button” configuration to the bank plugin. 
    • Players can now fish frog spawns and raw cave eels in the Lumbridge swamp caves.
      • Frog spawns require level 33 fishing, and a small fishing net to catch, providing 75 base fishing experience.
        • Frog spawns will restore 3-6 hitpoints when eaten.
      • Raw cave eels require level 38 fishing, a fishing rod, and bait to catch, providing 80 base fishing experience.
        • These eels can be cooked at level 38 cooking, and will provide 115 base cooking experience.
          • The cave eels will restore 8-12 hitpoints when consumed.
    • Nex will now only chase after her target when she uses her melee attack, or embrace darkness attack.
      • She will stop chasing the target after 6 ticks



We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs that you encounter as soon as possible :)
Omicron & Chad

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:24 PM #2

Almighty Ty
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Almighty Ty
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Amazing update with a lot of create new features! Thank you for the hard work defiantly well deserved! 

Krest (Ironman) Rs Bored (First ever account)

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:25 PM #3

Elite Xan
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Elite Xan
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very nice udates! cant wait to do the new mini-game!!

very nice udates! cant wait to do the new mini-game!!

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:25 PM #4


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Very nice update, i do like the new icons in yell chat for announcements!!





Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:27 PM #5

Not Tauri
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Not Tauri
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Such a huge update log! <3

Posted Image

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Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:28 PM #6


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Another huge update cant wait to try everything out lfg

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:29 PM #7

Not Magnata

Not Magnata
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Great update, Pog new game broadcast/cc icons!




Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:33 PM #8


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Very nice update! 

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:34 PM #9



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Such a sick update thank you!

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:39 PM #10


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nice update

nice update

Posted 25 July 2022 - 06:48 PM #11


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Huuuuuge update! Some very cool changes in this one.

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Posted 25 July 2022 - 07:04 PM #12

Immortal Donator

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Great update, more cosmetics for the rich people to fight for


We are fairly certain that we've located the bug that was causing players to be kicked out of instances occasionally. There should now no longer be any collisions between maps.

no more well tele?


nice add of the "energy transfer" spell, now it's the "heal other" left


dope quality of life adds


now waiting for Alan's huge comments...




Posted 25 July 2022 - 07:10 PM #13


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Very nice update! Some good QoL updates too.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted 25 July 2022 - 08:00 PM #14

Formula One

Formula One
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Huge Update! All these nice QoL additions will be enjoyable.


Thanks heaps Omicron

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Posted 25 July 2022 - 10:36 PM #15

oh im hard
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oh im hard
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Dope update! personally I am not feeling the icon thing and hope it can be turned off.


Posted 25 July 2022 - 11:08 PM #16



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Absolute POG update! Thank you for constantly bringing new content to the game! :withlove:





Posted 26 July 2022 - 02:00 AM #17

Real Alan

Real Alan
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Found a bug with the Giants Foundry.


1. I purchased 'the point!' for 450 points (removed from store)

2. logged out and logged back in

3. noticed that 'the point' as available in the store again

4. attempted to buy 'the point' again

5. transaction went through

6. gf my points

7. sacrificed my 450 points so no one else would have to suffer the same fate







Since you need a pair of regular and superior mining gloves to make expert mining gloves.  The collector should be unlocking all 3 (not just expert mining gloves).

Currently, players with expert mining gloves would need to go back and get regular / superior mining gloves again for the collection log.



Thanks for the Crystal Crown discount!  Is the poh Gold Sink coming soon?

Posted 26 July 2022 - 02:05 AM #18

Event Manager

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Huge update, love the new content coming in! Thanks for the great work as always Omicron!


Posted 26 July 2022 - 02:59 AM #19

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All the other content was great too of course. ;)



Posted 26 July 2022 - 10:08 AM #20

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Honestly what a huge W from Omi and all the team. I'm gonna have a full read through the updates later but from what I can see I realise why/how this is the #1 rsps. Great work guys.

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