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[17/8/20] Monkey Variants, Improved LMS Rewards. Bank Fillers, New Clue Scrolls & more!

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Hello everyone,
Today's update contains updates in many different areas of the game! It includes 6 new variant monkeys for the Completionist monkey to perfect your fashionscape, many new Last Man Standing rewards with additions to the game such as Blighted resources which can allow you to cast spells without runes, Bank fillers which will aid in organizing your bank, and many new Clue steps to spice up your Treasure Trails experience. On top of this, we've also added numerous miscellaneous updates such as the addition of fully functional Adventurer's logs, Obelisks and Armour cases to player-owned-houses. We also lifted the restrictions on Boosters (Raids, Drops, etc) for certain game modes, allowing those who vote to be rewarded appropriately. Laastly, a ton of fixes were applied to 2010 mode thanks to the bug reports by our community. For those of you who were off-put by the beta bugs in 2010 mode upon release last week, we strongly suggest you give it another shot as it should feel significantly smoother as of this update. We will continue to fix the bug reports that come in until the game mode is perfected, so please keep posting them when you encounter them :) 
In Other News…
We'll soon be posting a Development blog for the long awaited update of the Chambers of Xeric to randomize rooms and add missing rooms, so keep an eye out for more information on our progress!

  • Forum updates
    • You can now tag members in a private message using the @ tag. (eg. @Omicron)
    • You can now highlight text from another member's post and quote that selection.
  • Nightmare changes:
    • Fixed a bug where players would stay frozen until they relogged if they teleported out of the nightmare while they had husks attacking them.
    • A chatbox message will notify you at 40, 50, and 60 seconds before the Nightmare spawns (rather than only at 10, 20, 30 seconds).
    • A bug which allowed you to kill the Nightmare in 1 phase (but did not drop any unique loot, only miscellaneous loot for 1 player) has been patched.
      • Due to this messing with Nightmare kill times, the Nightmare kill time leader board has been reset.
  • RuneLite fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the clue scroll plugin wouldn’t highlight the stash unit at the digit.
    • Improved FPS when a players chatbox would start to get full, which sometimes caused an 8-15 FPS drop in more extreme cases.
    • Your client should no longer lag / crash when searching items (on the Trading post, Drop searcher, etc).
    • Added the charged version of Craw’s Bow, Thammaron’s Sceptre, and Viggora’s Chainmace to the trading post search interface for easier searching.
    • Fixed a bug where the Gauntlet plugin would show incorrect resource overlays in the corrupted gauntlet.
    • The “Bow in the Edgeville monastery” clue now works with the clue scroll plugin.
    • Fixed a bug with the Key remapping plugin causing issues with the chatbox when opening the smithing interface.
    • Skill Calculator and Banked Experience fixes:
      • Fixed an issue where the experience multipliers would be incorrect for staff accounts that had a Pmod or Jmod symbol next to their name.
      • We’ve also fixed a bug on the Banked experience calculator where it wasn’t properly reducing normal players experience rates when they were past level 99.
      • Fixed some discrepancies between Alora/OSRS experience rates for Karambwans/jugs of wine.
        • There may be other rates that are different as well, so if you notice them, please let us know!
    • Fixed a bug which would cause the gameframe / chatbox to look "checked" on HD if you opened the side panel.
  • Runelite changes:
    • Region locker plugin:
      • Players can now use the region locker plugin, which draws lines separating each regions, which players can whitelist as they please.
        • This is a niche plugin that few players will use, but we have bigger plans for it in the future with events that may be region locked, so this will be a handy plugin when the time comes.
    • CoX Light Colors plugin:
      • Players can now use this plugin to change the CoX Olm gate light as well as the chest light based on the drops received.
    • Banked experience changes:
      • Added the Wilderness and skill of the day multipliers to the skill options.
    • Puzzle solver plugin:
      • Players can now activate the Puzzle solver plugin which can solve clue scroll puzzle boxes for them.
  • Client fixes:
    • Infernal cape will no longer appear black on HD.
    • The startup selection screen on Mac will now be properly centered rather than being in the top left.
  • 2007 Mode changes:
    • If you are on 2007 Mode with HD turned on, the client will now load HD objects as well. This enhances the HD experience and allows you to play the game with an HD landscape & map, without all the other HD details (characters/monsters/animations/etc).
      • You can toggle this in the HD plugin on the fly without having to restart the client.
  • 2010 Mode fixes:
    • NPC fixes:
      • Fixed the following invisible NPCs:
        • Trader crewmembers (at ports such as Catherby)
        • Wise old man in Draynor
      • Crawling hand animations are no longer bugged.
      • Bloodvelds in the Slayer tower have been updated to the 2010 version.
    • Equipment fixes:
      • Weapons and gloves will now fit better in female characters' hands. They were previously far too low, leaving an invisible chunk near your hands.
      • Monk's robe bottoms will now longer be glitched (previously showed up as a rainbow partyhat at your feet).
      • Fixed equipment that had the hands/gloves detached from the arms:
        • All Heraldic Platebodies (Rune, Adamant, Black, etc)
      • Godwars armour and weapons have been improved:
        • Armadyl & Bandos gear, Dragon boots, Saradomin swords, Zamorakian spears and all Godswords will now look more like they should in 2010 mode (texturized/more detailed and larger).
    • Animation fixes:
      • Blowpipe animation has been fixed.
      • Twisted bow animation has been fixed.
      • Dragon knife animation and projectile have been fixed.
      • Holy water animation has been fixed.
      • Fishing with a Dragon harpoon will no longer be buggy.
    • Map fixes:
      • The corners of the Edgeville bank wall are no longer invisible.
    • Emotes fixed:
      • Smooth (Drake) dance
      • Uri transform
      • Max cape animation
  • Last man standing changes:
    • Fixes:
      • The Scoreboard has been wiped for a fresh start due to having old LMS records from last year.
      • A vending shrine has been added on the north side of the island, near the tiny island with 8 chests on it.
      • The PJ timer in LMS (the time that a player has immunity after finishing a fight) has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds, to provide a longer grace period for players who've just ended a fight to heal up before the next one.
      • The Splitbark helmet equip from LMS will no longer make your head invisible.
    • Shop changes:
      • The LMS shop has had many items added to it, including the following:
        • Blighted bind sack:
          • 30 points for 300 casts, each sack will allow the player to cast bind without runes, consuming the sack.
        • Blighted snare sack:
          • 30 points for 150 casts, each sack will allow the player to cast snare without runes, consuming the sack.
        • Blighted entangle sack:
          • 30 points for 70 casts, each sack will allow the player to cast entangle without runes, consuming the sack.
        • Blighted vengeance sack:
          • 30 points for 50 casts, each sack will allow the player to cast vengeance without runes, consuming the sack.
        • Blighted ancient ice sack:
          • 30 points for 30 casts, each sack will allow the player to cast any ancient ice spell without runes, consuming the sack.
        • Adamant arrows:
          • 25 points for 350 arrows
        • Bolt racks:
          • 25 points for 200 bolt racks
        • Rune arrows:
          • 45 points for 300 arrows
        • Dragon bolts (e)
          • 45 points for 20 bolts
        • Blighted Karambwan:
          • 20 points for 12 karambwans, which can only be consumed in the wilderness.
        • Blighted Manta ray:
          • 20 points for 15 manta rays, which can only be consumed in the wilderness.
        • Blighted Anglerfsih:
          • 20 points for 15 anglerfish, which can only be consumed in the wilderness.
        • Blighted super restore (4):
          • 20 points for 4 super restores, which can only be consumed in the widerness.
        • Looting bag:
          • 15 points
        • Crystal weapon seed:
          • 200 points
        • Granite clamp:
          • 200 points
        • Lava staff upgrade kit:
          • 200 points
        • Steam staff upgrade kit:
          • 200 points
        • Tome of fire:
          • 450 points
        • Chaos gauntlets:
          • 250 points
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Relogging will no longer cause players’ bank dimensions to be messed up on resizable.
    • Fixed some aesthetic issues with the spacing of the buttons on the bottom bar in the bank.
    • The autocast interface will now show runes that are in your rune pouch.
    • The autocast interface will now show that a player has infinite fire runes if they have a tome of fire equipped.
    • Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow players to store seeds in their looting bag if they had a full seed box in their inventory.
    • The staircase in Varrock west bank now works properly.
    • Items collected from Kingdom of Miscellania will now be added to a players inventory, or dropped, if the player collects items and their bank gets full in the process of doing so.
    • Players can now uncharge the Revenant ether from their Craws bow and Thammaron sceptre.
    • Fixed an issue where killing Grotesque Guardians on a Slayer tower gargoyle task wouldn't count properly.
    • Fixed an issue where clicking the special attack orb with a weapon that didn't have a special attack bar would give attack experience for 1 hit.
    • Fixed a bug with the glassblowing pipe not showing up when doing the animation on 2007 mode.
    • The Dagannoth kings will no longer disappear for 1 tick when doing their attack animations.
    • Fixed an issue where the New crystal bow and New crystal shield items wouldn't be equippable when withdrawing them as noted items.
    • Fixed a bug where Olm's player swap attack would teleport a player outside of the raids chamber if the player they were paired with had recently been disconnected.
    • Fixed an issue where the wise old man spawn in Draynor was not visible on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where Blood spawns would be sent to edgeville after a certain period of time.
    • Fixed a bug in 2010 mode where dark essence fragments would show up as the item "Bob".
    • Tephra that was on the ground due to the golem dying will now be removed when Zalcano changes back to its strong phase.
    • Fixed a bug where players would get a notification saying they completed a clue step but wouldn't receive a new clue step.
    • Fixed a bug where the hunllef pets would count twice in the collection log.
    • The crystal pickaxe can now be used for the "Spin in front of the soul altar" master clue step.
    • The overload effect will now be removed when a player dies in a raid.
    • Players will no longer be teleported into dense objects/water/lava when using the bounty hunter teleport.
    • The bounty hunter teleport will no longer teleport players to the inaccessible island in the dungeon players use to access the king black dragon.
    • The player will no longer play an animation to deposit an item into a house storage unit (toy box, armour case, etc..) if they don’t have all the required items.
    • Fixed a bug where players could logout to be released from jail after failing a random event.
      • This timer has been increased until 1 hour, but players can contact staff members as usual to be released before then.
    • Easy Slayer tasks sizes have been increased, and no longer provide points for task streaks.
    • Fixed a bug with the ladder on the ship north of the Port Phasmatys herb patch.
    • The level 15 rogues in the Rogues' castle have had their hitpoints and combat stats vastly reduced.
    • Players who gain slayer experience with their combat experience locked will no longer be eligible for Slayer points or streak increases for that entire task.
    • Fixed a bug where the Items kept on death interface would show negative values if the player risked too much.
    • Players will now always slash through webs with the Max/Completionist monkeys, even if using a knife on the webs.
    • Added placeholders to the following items:
      • Amulet of Glory (5)
      • Amulet of Glory (t)
      • New Crystal Halberd (I)
    • Fixed an issue where players were required to have the Western Provines elite diaries done to enter the Red Chinchompa Hunting Grounds.
    • Mahogany and Teak seeds are now tradable.
    • Fixed a bug where Elite void wouldn't register in the collection log when upgrading it at the void knight.
    • Bosses will no longer turn invisible if someone casts Vengeance other on them.
    • The public house list object at home has been updated to look like the OSRS public house list.
    • The Slayer skillcape emote has been fixed (it was a green splat on the floor rather than a turask).
  • Quality of life:
    • The number of placeholders that will be reset will now be shown on the “Release placeholders” button in the bank settings interface.
    • Players can now store and use combo runes within their rune pouch.
    • Adjusted the way combat levels are calculated so that it's more precise and is exactly like OSRS.
    • Shops with large stocks (Vote shop, Loyalty shop, Pkp shop) that use points will now display the number of points the player has left in the title.
    • Added the 4 dark bow paint colors to the vote shop for 200 vote points each.
    • The bonecrusher effect will now apply to catching birds using bird snares.
    • The Gargoyle task from Konar has now been given more weight to be assigned, since there's only one place to kill them.
    • The Steam staff upgrade kit has been added to the PK point shops for 300 pk points.
    • The Lava staff upgrade kit has been added to the PK point shops for 300 pk points.
    • Magic now deals 50% more damage against the Nightmare totems.
    • Players can now withdraw 1, 5, 10, All, or X amount of items from the Theatre of Blood chest to their inventory.
    • Rare items will now be announced from the Theatre of Blood once the chest is opened, rather then when the item is claimed.
    • Olm/Olm's claws are now immune to poison and venom.
    • The npc drop searcher and the drop searcher interfaces now show drop rates in the format "1/x" as opposed to a decimal percentage.
    • The Ring of Wealth (I) now provides a 35% increased clue scroll drop chance from NPC's that are not in the wilderness.
    • Replaced the Brimhaven spirit tree patch teleport with the Gnome maze fruit tree patch teleport on the Farmer’s blessing.
      • This is due to the fact that the Brimhaven spirit tree patch is very close to the Brimhaven fruit tree patch.
    • Victims will now be un-frozen if the attacker has moved more than 11 steps (magic attack distance) away from them
      • Previously, this was set to 15 steps, which allowed players to simply freeze their attackers and run away without being caught again.
    • The dwarf cannon will now be picked up as the set if the player doesn't have the necessary inventory space to store all 4 pieces when logging out.
    • Players can now use the Golden Hammer in place of the regular Hammer under all use-cases.
    • The Harmonised, Eldritch, and Volatile staff have now been given a value of 2b gp to increase their protection value.
    • Added a permanent “Cook” left click option on stationary fires (Donator zone, Rogues den, etc..) that do not disappear.
    • The ::raids command has been changed to ::cox for consistency.
    • Players will now only get Elite clue scrolls from barrows, as opposed to easy/medium/hard clues.
    • Added a right-click option on the Achievement manager npc to “Claim-dailies”, which can be used only by Ultimate ironmen to claim their daily seaweed/buckets of sand if they’ve done the diaries required.
      • This will not affect the current system for normal players, where the sand/seaweed is delivered to their banks each day.
    • Players can now use their Dwarf Cannon on the trading post to create a Dwarf Cannon Set.
    • The ::shake command will now last after re-logging, so players will only need to enable/disable this setting once, instead of after each login.
  • Bank changes:
    • Bank fillers:
      • Players can now fill their bank with Bank fillers to occupy empty spaces in their bank.
        • Players can do so by clicking the settings for their bank in the top right corner of the interface, and then click the “Fill bank” button, which will request an amount of bank fillers to add to the bank.
          • Players can click on a specific bank filler to remove one, or right click “clear all” on a bank filler to clear them all.
    • The “Release placeholders” option in the bank settings tab will now show you how many placeholders you have.
  • Blighted resources:
    • Blighted sacks:
      • Blighted vengeance, bind, snare, entangle, and ancient ice sacks have been added.
        • These can be purchased from the LMS shop, and will allow users to cast the associated spells without runes, instead consuming 1 sack for each cast.
          • These sacks can only be used in the wilderness.
      • Blighted Karambwans, Anglerfish, Manta rays, and Super restores have been added.
        • These can also be purchased from the LMS shop, and work the same as their normal variants, but can only be consumed in the wilderness.
  • Kurasks/Turoths changes:
    • Players can now only deal damage to Turoths/Kurasks (and their superior variants) if they’re using the following weapons:
      • Ranged:
        • Broad bolts as ammunition
        • Amethysts broad bolts as ammunition
        • Broad arrows as ammunition
      • Magic:
        • Slayer Dart
        • Slayer Dart (e)
      • Melee:
        • Any leaf bladed weaponry (battle-axe, spear, sword)
  • Dagannoth Lair:
    • Players can now go into the Relekka lighthouse to access the Dagannoth lair.
  • Collection Log Yell Announcements:
    • When a player completes a collection log entry, it will now announce to players that they’ve done so, and give the kildcount/completions that it took to complete the log (only if applicable).
  • Fishing Changes:
    • Fishing speeds have been slightly reduced by about 35% for all fish.
    • The crystal harpoon’s effect that allows players to fish 35% faster than normal now works.
    • The dragon harpoon and infernal harpoons special attacks that provide a +3 fishing bonus now work properly.
    • Previously, for a player to fish at a fishing spot, they would need to have a fishing level equivalent to the level of the highest tier fish in that spot.
      • An example would be the Harpoon swordfish/tuna spot, where players required 50 fishing to fish from it, even though they should have been able to fish at the spot at level 30 to get Tuna.
        • This system has now changed so that players can fish at any fishing spots where they have the level to catch at least 1 of the fish in that spot.
  • Completionist Monkey Variants:
    • Players who have the Completionist monkey or Completionist monkey (g) will now see a right-click “Transform” option in their inventory.
      • Once clicked, players will have the option to transform their monkey’s into the new variants, given that they have the requirements:
        • Kruk jr: at least 100 laps of each agility course
        • Zombie Monkey: at least 250 Theatre of Blood completions
        • Maniacle Monkey: at least 250 Chambers of Xeric completions
        • Karamjan Monkey: at least 50 days playtime
        • Skeleton Monkey: At least 100 players killed in the wilderness OR at least 100 of each wilderness boss killed (Venenatis, Callipso, Scorpia, Vet’ion, Chaos Elemental)
        • Princely Monkey: Fully complete at least 5 Collection Log entries
      • Each of the monkey variants has the same right-click options in the inventory/equipment tabs, as well as the same stats as the original variants.
      • Players can see the requirements for each variant by clicking the transform option and clicking on a specific variant.
  • Trading Post Search Changes:
    • Players can now search for perfect matches in the trading post when clicking on an item in the Runelite search interface.
      • Previously, if a player searched for something like “Onyx” in the trading post, it would list all the item names that contained onyx, which there are many of, instead of just an cut Onyx.
        • To disambiguate, when players click on a specific item in the runelite search interface, it will now only show listings of that specific item.
          • Players can still enter the ambiguous searches and hit enter, as long as they don’t click a specific item that appears.
  • Shop changes:
    • 2 new "trading posts" general stores have been added:
      • Port Khazard trading post
      • Ardougne Port trading post
    • These new shops have the same stock as Trader Stan’s trading post, but the stock amounts are independent.
    • There are now 4 different independent trading posts in the world, at Catherby, Port Sarim, Ardougne, and Port Khazard.
  • Mythical Max Cape:
    • Players can now use the Mythical cape on the regular Max cape to create the Mythical max cape.
      • This cape works as a regular Mythical cape, and shares the same stats as it, and has the ability to teleport players to the Myth’s guild.
      • This cape can also be stored in the Cape rack in a player’s house.
  • Restore potions:
    • Players can now drink regular restore potions to restore their drained combat stats (excluding prayer).
      • One sip of a restore potion will allow prayers to re-gain 10 + 30% of the user's level in that stat.
  • New Superior Slayer Creatures:
    • Players may now encounter the following superior slayer creatures while on task:
      • Spikey Turoth
      • Shadow Wyrm
      • Guardian Drake
      • Colossal Hydra
  • Fertile soil spell:
    • Players can now cast the Fertile soil spell on farming patches.
      • This spell requires 83 magic, and 3 astral runes, 2 nature runes, and 15 earth runes to cast.
        • This spell can only be used on farming patches that are currently growing (seed is planet, and the patch is not ready to be harvested).
          • This spell fertilizes soil with super-compost, except for Immortal donators, which get their patches fertilized with ultra-compost.
  • Storage bag changes:
    • The Gem Bag, Coal Bag, Seed Box, and Herb Sack now have a functional “Open” option, to allow valid items to be automatically stored into the bags upon picking them up, assuming the player has room in the bag/sack.
      • For the Coal bag, coal that is mined will automatically be deposited into it if the player has room
    • Coal bag fill option:
      • Players will now see a “Fill” option in place of where the “Store x” option used to be on the coal bag when their bank is open.
        • Players can use this “Fill” option when their bank is open to fill their coal bag with any coal they have in their inventory, which eliminates the need to withdraw coal, close the bank, deposit it, and then repeat the process again.
          • The Menu Entry Swapper configuration that puts the “Fill” entry as the primary left-click option when banking for Runecrafting pouches now works for the Coal bags as well.
  • The following items have been added to the Ironman Pk Point Shop:
    • Tome of Fire - 2,500 points
    • Cooking Gauntlets - 1,500 points
    • Chaos Gauntlets - 1,500 points
    • Arclight - 3,000 points
  • Clue Scroll Changes:
    • Puzzle boxes:
      • Players will now have a chance to receive a puzzle box when completing Cryptic clue scrolls of Hard difficulty or higher.
        • If a player is given a puzzle box, they must solve it before they can continue the clue.
          • If a player logs out with the box, it will disappear from their inventory and they’ll need to speak to the npc who gave it to them to get it back.
    • Falo the bard:
      • Players will now have a chance to receive Falo the bard master clue scroll steps.
        • All steps have been added except for the Numulite, greenmans ale, and basalt steps, since those are unobtainable items on Alora at the moment.
        • Falo the bard steps cannot be received back-to-back.
      • When  checking the master clue step, it will initially say “Falo the bard wants to see you.”, which requires players to go see Falo the bard, where he will then sing the player a song that will give them a hint on what item he wants to see.
        • After he has sung the song, the scroll step will change to the song, so that players do not need to go see him again to get a reminder of the item he wants.
          • Once a player has the item, they just need to bring it to Falo, and either speak to him with the item in their inventory, or use the item on him, and they will receive a new step.
  • Booster/Vote limitation changes:
    • Booster changes:
      • The limitations that only allowed Group/elite/HCIM to open 1 booster every 12 hours has been removed.
    • Vote changes:
      • Elite/Group/HCIM/Realism players previously were restricted to opening 1 vote book every 12 hours.
        • This restriction has been removed, so these game modes can now open as many vote books as they'd like per day.
          • These game modes still cannot stack the bonuses, meaning that they can only re-use a vote book for the same bonus once that bonus has run out.
  • Player owned house changes:
    • Adventure log:
      • The adventure log is now functional, and players can use it to view the following logs:
        • The house owner’s Monster kill counts.
        • The house owner’s Boss kill counts.
        • The house owner’s Collection Log.
        • The house owner’s Boss kill times.
    • Obelisk:
      • Players can now use the Obelisks in their PoH, which functions as a normal wilderness obelisk.
        • Players can select their destinations as well, but will only be given a warning when left-click teleporting on the obelisk, and not when right-clicking and selecting “teleport to select destination”.
    • Armour Case:
      • Players can now store all variants of slayer helmets in their Armour case.
        • The Armour case will accept exactly 1 regular or imbued helmet of each colour.
    • Interface changes:
      • Players can now toggle a setting for their player owned houses to keep their doors open (or closed if this setting is disabled) when entering their house.
      • The “Number of rooms” indicator will now show the total number of rooms a player has (indoor and outdoor, including the centre).







We hope you enjoy this update!
Omicron & Chad

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Sick update! UIM helpful :D

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Killer update! Very excited!


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Big updates evry time, can't wait till next one :D

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GIM Deathkid


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My favorite update so far :). Great work as usual!

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Good job @Omicron, keep going with the sick updates.  :wub:

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Sick updates ! Great work ! 

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so happy about the chat box fix, thank you for the update omi!

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very good work for the update, good work, hopefully edge wont be horrid for fps now.

very good work for the update, good work, hopefully edge wont be horrid for fps now.


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I'm soooo happy with some of these changes, bank fillers, Row (i) for clues, and clue changes, Thanks for smashing this out @Omicron some much needed QoL!

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Lovely updates, ty omi 

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Great work and awesome update @Omicron! Keep it up(:


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Posted 17 August 2020 - 04:18 AM #13

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I'm soooo happy with some of these changes, bank fillers, Row (i) for clues, and clue changes, Thanks for smashing this out @Omicron some much needed QoL!

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Posted 17 August 2020 - 06:03 AM #14

Real Alan

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Here's my feedback!


1. The LMS reward shop is ridiculously overpriced.  Based on my tests, it takes 8 players to each contribute 1m and rewards 1st place with 4.4m and 74 points, which will buy you 74 ice barrage casts via blighted sacks.  Considering that games take at least 5 minutes, this makes LMS completely not worth it.  You're better off just buying the runes with your 1m participation fee.  @Omicron I would highly recommend readjusting the LMS shop and adding blighted equipment to the PKP shop.  The whole point of blighted equipment is for use in the wild, so it makes much more sense to add them to the PKP shop.


2. Thumbs up to the newly added POH obelisk and adventurer's log functionality.  I would also recommend adding a teleport to wild warning for obelisks to prevent potential lures from happening.


3. I tested fishing with infernal harpoon, crystal harpoon, and lobster pot and found the 35% reduction quite noticeable.  My guess is this will motivate players to obtain dragon harpoons or better for fishing, since regular harpoons are much, much slower.  This issue, however, is that higher tier fishing equipment is not available for dark crab and angler fishing spots.  Yes, we have the pearl fishing rods, but I am not sure whether it boosts angler fishing speed.  Is the 35% fishing reduction really necessary for wildy fishing?  I'm all for high risk, high reward!  


4. Updating kurasks and turoths to match OSRS is reasonable; however, the fact that Realism still does not have access to broad bolts is kind of upsetting.  Access to broad bolts/arrows and leaf bladed sword/battleaxe should have been added for everyone before updating kurasks and turoths.  


5. The mythical max cape looks absolutely sick, but it's missing the teleport to POH option that all other max capes have.


6.  If tome of fire was added to ironman PKP shop, it should have also been added to Realism PKP shop.  Neither of us can actually obtain drops from PKing, so it seems only fair.



Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:14 AM #15

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absolutely amazing update as always Omicron!

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Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:17 AM #16

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This is a very good update much love omi.

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Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:19 AM #17

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Huge pog for bank fillers and votebook restriction lift.

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Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:27 AM #18

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Nicely done



Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:40 AM #19


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Not pumped about the slower fishing, but the vote book changes are lovely

Posted 17 August 2020 - 07:49 AM #20


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What a juicy fucking update before the CoX rework! Thanks for all the time you've spent on the 2010 mode, and the quality of life changes! Especially the restriction removal for other game modes, POG! <3

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