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[29/9/21] GPU & 117 HD Plugin Release, Trading Post QoL, Theatre of Blood fixes & more!

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Hello everyone,
We're extremely excited to present to you the GPU & 117 HD Plugins today! We appreciate your patience while we worked through all of the obstacles to get GPU functionality to Alora, and we hope that this enhances your experience on the server even more. There will undoubtedly be some bugs with this release, so we're counting on you to report these bugs as soon as they are found so that we can patch them up.
The GPU plugin provides a minimally enhanced visual experience, but will use your graphic card to render the game (rather than your CPU) which often leads to FPS improvements for most players with modern graphic cards. The 117 HD plugin which was released a few weeks ago on OSRS dramatically enhances the game's visuals, adding lighting, shadows, high-definition water, ground blending, and much more. While we already had a functional HD plugin that we ported from the original 2008 HD release on RuneScape (and this HD toggle is still available if you prefer it), it didn't work on most Macs, and there are some benefits to using 117's HD such as atmospheric lighting, object/npc lighting, much nicer looking water, and more.
While this update is primarily to release these plugins, we've also managed to squeeze in a handful of bug fixes and QoL updates, notably for the Trading Post and the Theatre of Blood. For the Trading Post, you'll now be able to see your history in detail, and you'll also be able to look-up recent trades for a specific item (or just the Trading Post's recent trades in general). For privacy reasons, the usernames of buyers and sellers are not displayed in this history, but it can give you a better idea of the price of an item. You can also now view more than just one page of items when searching, as we've added a "Next" and "Previous" button to navigate through pages. We've tried our best to patch up all of the reported Theatre of Blood bugs, including a QoL change which makes ornament kits roll as a separate drop.
We'll let you have a look at the full list of updates below:

  • 117 HD/GPU Plugin Release:
      • These plugins are still in beta, and we do not recommend players use them in dangerous situations at this time.
        • No items or hardcore ironman status’ will be refunded if a player dies to a crash caused by these plugins, so please be aware of this.
    • Important Note For HD:
      • While there will likely be bugs specifically experienced on Alora, differentiating between the bugs that are on Alora and the bugs that are present due to the HD plugins themselves will be difficult.
        • For this reason, we ask that players do not report small graphical errors or inconsistencies related to the 117 HD plugin, since they are likely also present on OSRS, and will be fixed in the future.
    • The 117 HD and GPU plugins supported by Runelite are now available on Alora.
      • Players can toggle these plugins on by using the plugin configuration panel on Runelite.
        • Please note that these 2 plugins conflict with each other, so players may only have one or the other on, but not both.
        • Players also must turn Alora’s native HD mode off before starting the GPU/117 HD plugins.
          • Players will be notified to do this if they try to toggle the plugins on with Alora’s HD enabled.
    • 117 HD:
      • This plugin will move most of the client’s rendering to the GPU (if available), and upgrade a lot of visual aspects of the game.
      • Players will have many options to customize this plugin in the configuration options of the plugin.
        • Some of the many options include:
          • Adjustable draw distance from 1-90 tiles.
          • Shadow quality/distance.
          • Fog depth
          • NPC/Object/Projectile lighting
          • Water quality settings
    • GPU Plugin:
      • This plugin will not make any drastic visual changes to the game, but is simply there to pass some of the rendering over to the GPU, which will allow players to add fog in the distance, adjust their draw distance from 1-90 tiles, smooth out the game’s jagged edges (anti-aliasing), and add colorblind filters.
    • Players may experience issues with these plugins, depending on the type of GPU they have, the version of OpenGl they are running, the device they are running, etc…
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where switching to build mode while in your POH wouldn't properly spawn the hotspot objects.
    • Fixed a bug where players could claim the tempoross/wintertodt vote book bonus even if it was crossed out.
    • Fixed a bug where the mouse tooltips would sometimes disappear.
    • Adjusted the Chaos Druid spawns in the Edgeville dungeon so they should hopefully no longer get stuck in the wall.
    • The Charge spell now provides the 180 base magic experience when casting it.
    • The Charge spell now lasts for 7 minutes, rather than the much longer (and random) amount that it previously lasted.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not click on the "Click here to play" banner on the first login if their client was loaded with both Stretched mode and resizable enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes not get the appropriate amount of items from the LMS shop if they didn't have enough points to purchase the selected amount.
    • Sleepwalker NPC's at the Nightmare will now always walk towards the Nightmare, even if the player is hiding on the other side of the instance.
    • The Nightmare staff special attack will no longer continue into a staff bash if no auto-cast spell is set.
    • Fixed a bug where floor textures were black in parts of Ardougne, Miscellania, and Brimhaven.
      • If you spot any other black or wrong textures, let us know!
    • Fixed a bug where depositing a watering can would override whatever watering can you had in the Farming tool store.
    • Reduced the outer zoom limit max value of the Camera Plugin, since after a certain value, it had the potential to crash the client.
    • Removed the random Blue heron spawns in Lumbridge.
    • The Dragonfire ward will now properly act as a dragonfire shield.
    • Players must now risk 750k to use the bounty hunter teleport to their target if their target is in the Revenant caves.
    • Adjusted the canvas width on resizable for Windows clients to (hopefully) remove the black bar from the right edge of the screen.
    • Fixed a bug where some lower tier PoH superior garden restore pools were curing poison/venom and restoring stats when they should not have been.
    • Fixed a bug where varies thrown range weapons were missing the special attack bar (Dragon Knives, Dragon Thrownaxe, Morrigan’s throwing axe, etc…).
    • The Zombie Thralls can no longer attack Aviansies.
    • Fixed a bug where the slayer helmet effect was not applying to Wilderness slayer tasks.
    • The instanced Giant Mole can now be attacked by multiple people at the same time.
    • The Giant Mole will no longer burrow away if it has 0 hitpoints.
    • Properly fixed the olm animations on HD when 2007 HD objects were enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where runelite item overlays weren’t rendering on HD.
    • The Player-Owned house plugin is no longer hidden on the plugin-list.
    • Fixed a bug where the xp globes/tracker wouldn't reset when switching accounts if a player had 200m experience in that skill.
    • Fixed a bug with the Champion's guild staircases.
    • The splitbark helmet will no longer make a player’s head invisible.
    • Fixed a graphical glitch with the Splitbark/bloodbark/swampbark bodies.
    • Fixed a bug where player's clients would sometimes crash in certain areas due to texture issues (this wouldn't be uncommon in the GWD area for example).
    • Fixed a bug where item overlays on HD were causing error logs to be built up on the user's device.
    • The wiki banner will now be hidden when hiding the minimap using the minimap plugin.
    • Minimap orb overlays (dose indicator, eat indicator, etc…) will no longer draw if the minimap orbs, or the entire minimap is hidden.
    • Fixed an issue where the floor textures in the farming guild were black on 2010 mode.
    • Adjusted the sigil drop rates on the drop searcher/npc drop interface to more accurately match what they actually are in-game. These interfaces were showing lower than true rates for sigils.
    • Fixed a bug where player's compost bins would appear to be empty when they were full, not allowing the player to withdraw their compost.
    • Fixed an issue where models would not draw on interfaces on HD (for example the coins/add/remove buttons on the Managing Miscellania interface).
    • Fixed a bug with the total experience sprite being offset too far to the right on the experience tracker on HD.
    • Fixed a bug where Teak logs would sometimes be added un-noted when receiving them from Wintertodt crates.
    • Fixed a bug where the large Muttadile would not properly walk out of the water in the Chambers of Xeric.
    • Fixed a bug where a player could still take damage in the case that their attacker hit them on the same tick that they teleported away using a Lever.
    • Fixed a bug where the Fixed mode game frame would sometimes turn black/disappear on HD.
    • Fixed a bug where the nightmare's attack animation would not play properly after the Sleepwalker attack between phases.
    • The professor Gracklebone clue step is now a proper anagram where the player will need to answer the question to move on.
    • Fixed a bug where the Salamander net trap would still be able to catch a salamander after being dismantled.
    • Fixed a bug where the collection log pop up banner would not show up if the player opened a clue scroll casket.
    • Fixed a bug where the minimap compass clickbox would cover part of the minimap on the 2010 interface style.
    • The Dragon claws special attack will now properly hit max on the Max hit dummy.
    • The Dragon claws special attack hitmarkers will now all count as "critical" hits using the 2010 era hitmarkers, if the initial/main hit was a critical.
    • Fixed a bug with the dense essence chisel animation on 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the "remove doors" option in the player owned house menu would sometimes leave walls between rooms that were not supposed to have any.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not withdraw an amount less than the total amount of coins in their servant's moneybag.
      • Players can now properly withdraw any amount less than or equal to the amount of coins in the bag.
    • Players will now automatically be transformed back to their normal form if they try to do actions (for example, pickpocketting) while transformed into an object/NPC that normally cannot move (ring of stone transformation, for example).
    • Fixed a bug where the models on the Staff enchantment interface were bugged on 2007, and especially 2010 mode.
    • Fixed a bug where the fire cape texture would not be animated.
    • Fixed a bug where players could chisel dense essence while mining them.
    • Fixed a bug where the slayer points would not update on the Slayer infobox when clicking the task button in the Server statistics interface.
    • Fixed a bug with the "Disable spellbook tooltips" option in the Mouse tooltips plugin not working with some spells on the new spellbook.
    • Fixed a bug with the Interact Highlight plugin’s "show on interact" setting not working for objects.
    • Increased the value of various Dragon axe/pickaxe/harpoon variants (ornament kits, trailblazer, etc...).
    • Fixed a bug where the rune cost of the portal nexus locations was wrong, and would show a much highest cost than normal.
    • Fixed a bug where removing a teleport that was not yet paid for from your list would not fully remove the proper cost.
    • The bow of Faerdhinen, and blade of Saeldor (and all variants) now have a default value of 150m.
    • Fixed a bug with reverting the Blade of saeldor at the singing bowl not working properly.
    • Adjusted the perk description text for the Kandarin diaries to state that the diary completion leads to an increased chance to get single mark of grace, not an "extra" mark of grace.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not remove the normal spirit tree in their player-owned house.
    • Fixed a bug where only weapons whose crush bonus was higher than their slash/stab bonus would always instantly kill the Phosani's Nightmare parasite/Husk.
      • Now, any weapon using the crush attack style will do so.
  • Quality of Life:
    • Added the blue dye to the Construction supplies shop.
    • Papyrus has been added to the Construction supplies shop for 1,750 coins each.
    • Added the proper animation when removing objects in a player-owned house.
    • Reduced the construction build delay from 4-6 ticks to just 1 tick.
      • Osrs doesn’t seem to have this delay after building objects, which will now allow players to remove the objects they build right away.
    • Barrows items that drop to the ground due a full inventory when completing a run will no longer break.
    • Npc Aggression will now factor in the npc’s size, which means it should work more consistently than previously.
      • There times when players could get within 1 tile of an aggressive npc, and it wouldn’t take notice of the player at all.
        • This should no longer happen.
    • The cure-poison/venom button on the hitpoints orb will now factor in anti-venoms and Anti-venom+ to cure poison as well.
    • Tears of guthix will now properly give experience to the skill that comes first in the skill tab if two skills have the same experience.
      • This is tracked from left->right and top->bottom.
    • Adjusted the Dagannoth Rex spawn in instances so that it’s further towards the back of the room, rather than the centre. 
    • Alchemical Hydra will now play an animation on the first 3 phases when it swaps between the Range/Mage attack styles.
    • Increased the delay before the lizardman spawns explode from 2 ticks to 3 ticks.
    • The Lizardman spawns will now play their proper animation before exploding.
    • The loot tracker plugin can now properly track loot from opening impling jars.
      • It will also track implings that were caught barehanded, and ignore implants that are caught and trapped in jars.
    • Increased the max object interaction distance from 27 tiles away to 50 tiles away.
    • The Key remapping plugin will now re-initialize properly after a player closes an interface that disabled it (for example, searching a location using the world map).
    • The Eldritch nightmare staff's special attack cost has been from 75% to 55%.
    • The world map icon on Resizable/2007 fixed interface style (default style for fixed) will now use the smaller world map orb that OSRS uses.
    • The falling rocks at olm will now only do half the damage unless the rock landed directly on the player.
    • Players will no longer have their movement locked when trying to light a brazier if the pyromancer is incapacitated at Wintertodt.
    • LMS players will now gain 20 seconds of immunity from being attacked after killing another player.
      • The killer can attack another player at any time during this immunity period, which will nullify the immunity.
      • This is intended to give the killer time to open a bloody chest and prepare for the next fight.
    • Players can now fletch darts if their inventory is full, assuming they already have at least 1 of the dart they're trying to make in their inventory.
    • Clicking on the number of vote points in the Server statistics interface will once again tell the player how many vote books they’ve claimed.
    • Clicking on the skill of the day in the Server Statistics interface will once again redirect players to the bonus skill schedule forum thread.
    • Players will no longer be able to accept Duel arena staking options until 4 ticks (3.2 seconds) after the rule has been changed.
      • This should hopefully help to prevent players from making last second changes to the rules without the other player being aware.
    • Players can now add extra blood shards to their Amulet of blood fury to increase the maximum charges to 30,000.
      • Reverting the Blood fury will still remove all the charges without refunding any of the blood shards.
      • Players can add an extra blood shard if they have more than 20,000 charges, but it will only add the difference between their current charges and the max amount of charges (30,000).
        • For example, if the player has 25,000 charges, the next shard they add will only provide 5,000 charges. Players will be warned about this before their shard is taken.
    • The collector will now add the Gem/Coal bags to a players collection box if they are missing.
    • You can now right-click the Sacrificial Boat at Zulrah to Quick-board and skip the dialogue.
    • Players can now deposit noted tools/compost into the Farming tool store.
    • Player's net traps will now automatically be dismantled, with the net/rope dropping to the ground if they log out.
    • Reduced the radius of the Nightmare's spore attack explosion by 1 tile, so now when the spores blow up, it'll only infect a player if they are right next to it (1 tile away) or on it, rather than 2 tiles away.
    • Players can now toggle the “remove doors” option on or off while in their house without having to reload it.
    • The scythe of vitur's walk/run animations are now the same as OSRS.
    • The Screen Marker Highlight plugin will now be able to more accurately highlight interface components.
    • Players can now take an iron pickaxe from the ground in the Guardian's room in the Chambers of Xeric.
    • A healthbar will no longer be drawn when attacking the max hit dummy.
    • The right-click teleport options in the modern spellbook now work properly.
      • This includes the following teleports:
        • Grand exchange (right click on barrack teleport).
        • Outside POH (right click on house teleport).
        • Seers’ village (right click on Camelot teleport).
        • Yanille (right click on Watchtower teleport).
    • The farmer’s blessing shortcut keys will now be highlighted in blue to make them clearer/easier to see.
    • 3 new teleports have been added to the Farmer’s blessing.
      • Falador tree patch
      • Gnome Stronhold tree patch
      • Fossil island hardwood patch
    • Added a more clear information interface when right-clicking the group ironman orb in Edgeville.
      • When a group ironman player clicks the “Group Change Details” option, they’ll be presented with a clear list of the rules for joining teams/kicking players, and then they’ll also be presented with the following group/player specific information:
        • Transfers left: How many transfers they have left.
        • Transfer Cooldown: How long until they can join a new group.
        • Group Kick Cooldown: How long until their current group can kick a player.
  • Dragonstone Jewelry Changes:
    • Players can now recharge all dragonstone jewelry at the Fountain of Rune.
      • This includes Skills necklaces, Combat bracelets, Rings of wealth, and Rings of wealth (I).
    • All Ring of wealth and Ring of wealth (I) variants will now work as the base version.
      • Upon death in PvP, a player’s Ring of wealth (I) will be converted to the uncharged version, and sent to the untradables shop.
        • As always, the item will be permanently lost if the player’s untradables shop is full.
    • Players can now use the Ring of Wealth teleports when the ring is charged.
      • The locations the player can teleport to are as follows:
        • The Grand Exchange
        • Miscellania
        • Falador Park
        • Dondakan
  • Equipment Rebalance:
  • Trading Post Changes:
    • Trading Post History Changes:
      • We’ve added a “History” button to the top-left corner of the Trading Post interface, which players can now use to view the history of various categories on the Trading Post.
        • Players will have 3 options when clicking the History.
          • The first option will be to view the 50 most recent trades that happened on the Trading Post.
            • These only show items sold (rather than bought and sold, since that would provide duplicate entries), and the buyer/seller names are omitted when viewing these logs.
          • The second option will be to view the purchase history of items on the Trading Post.
            • Players will be able to search for an item, and will be provided with up 50 entries of recent trades of that item.
          • The third option will be to view extended history for the player’s own trading post transactions, where players will be able to view up to 50 of their transactions.
    • Trading Post Search Changes:
      • Players can now view more than 20 listing results on the trading post.
        • We’ve added “Next” and “Previous” buttons to the search interface, and this will allow players to view the next or previous 20 listings from the “Recents” page, or a search they’ve done.
          • The “Recents” listings are capped to 200 listings total, which would be 10 pages worth of listings.
  • Npc Melee Accuracy Changes:
    • We’ve adjusted the formulas for calculating NPC accuracy to be more like OSRS.
      • At the moment, this will only apply to NPC’s that use melee as an attack style, and will not apply to bosses or npc’s with custom mechanics.
      • These new formulas should help players avoid damage by gearing up defensively in the case that they aren’t praying melee, or if that npc hits through prayer (though generally a mechanic like that would fall under the “custom mechanics” category).
  • Dwarf Cannon Accuracy Changes:
    • The Dwarf Cannon’s accuracy system has now been changed to match OSRS.
      • The cannons accuracy will be based off of either the player’s ranged or melee accuracy.
        • If the players weapon is a ranged weapon, then it will use range accuracy/defence calculations to see if the cannon ball will do any damage.
          • Any other weapons will default to melee accuracy/defence calculations, including magic weapons.
      • This also means that a cannon’s efficacy will be based on a players specialized setup.
        • For example, since it doesn’t factor the magic type, it would useless to use a cannon in mage gear at a boss, however when using it at corporeal beast with a high accuracy setup, the cannon will also benefit from the high accuracy setup.
        • The Cannon’s accuracy will also increase if the player’s stats are boosted (by potions or by using prayers).
  • Client updates:
    • Object Indicators Plugin Changes:
      • Players can now choose to highlight an objects outline, hull, or both.
    • Players can now adjust the border width and feathering of the outline/hull.
    • Loot Tracker entries now display unit price of item stacks in their tooltips
    • Players now have the option to add a "Fill color" for highlighted hulls of NPC's using the NPC indicator plugin.
    • :Poggers: emoji has been added to the Emoji plugin on RuneLite.
  • Tzhaar Rune Shop Changes:
    • Ironmen can now sell their runes to the Tzhaar-Mej-Roh rune shop.
      • The price of the runes will be treated as the overstocked price on OSRS, which is as follows:
        • Fire/water/earth/air/mind/body runes: 0 Tokkul each
        • Chaos runes: 9 Tokkul each
        • Death runes: 18 Tokkul each
        • Blood runes: 40 Tokkul each
        • Tzhaar elemental rune packs: 43 Tokkul each
    • The regular elemental rune packs in this shop have been switched to the Tzhaar variants.
    • Karamja Gloves (1/2/3/4) now provide a discount for buying and selling runes while equipped.
      • Players will receive a 15% decreased purchase price for all runes in the shop while they have these gloves equipped.
      • Players will receive a 45% increased sell price for all runes in the shop while they have these gloves equipped.
  • Max Hit Indicators:
    • Players can now toggle a setting to change the font of hitmarkers when they hit their maximum damage on a player/NPC.
      • This can be done through the Interface Styles plugin, and players can set the font to be bold/regular, rather than the default small font used.
        • This feature does not work on 2010 era hitmarkers, which use their own critical hitmarkers when a player deals within 90-100% of their maximum hit (critical attack).
        • This only works with regular hitmarkers, so it will not work, for example, on the Nightmare of Ashihama, where it uses special hitmarkers.
  • Player-Owned House Max Hit Dummies:
    • Players can now attach/use the Max hit dummies built in their combat room.
      • The regular max hit dummy works more or less exactly the same as the one in the Home area.
      • The Undead Combat Dummy works the same as the regular one, except for that it acts as though it is a slayer task npc, undead, and demonic.
        • This means players can see their max hits with one or more of the aforementioned boosts applied.
  • Theatre of Blood Changes:
    • The Nylocas spawned by Verzik Vitur can now be killed in one hit if the player is using the correct combat style.
      • For example, the range Nylocas can be killed in 1 hit by any range weapon.
    • It is no longer possible for 2 Exhumed skeletons to spawn on the same tile while at Xarpus.
    • Rather than targeting team members randomly, Xarpus will now pick it’s targets following the order of the orbs in the top left of the screen.
      • Once he has gone through every member that is attackable, he’ll restart at the first member once again.
    • Players will no longer splash magic attacks on the Nylocas Matomenos if one of the following conditions are true:
      • The player’s magic accuracy is 140+ (factoring in the 10/15/25% boosts from the magic prayers).
      • The player has a boosted (prayer * base) magic accuracy of 86, while having the void mage set equipped.
      • The player has a base magic accuracy 55, while having the void mage set equipped, and Augury active.
    • Fixed a bug where the Pestilent Bloat's size was 4x4 rather than 5x5, which would sometimes cause players to get 1 tile closer than necessary to Bloat.
    • Combat will now be ended between a player and Nylocas Vasilias after the boss changes phases.
    • Hard mode loot changes:
      • Ornament kits will now be rolled as a separate drop.
        • This won't make all rare loot more common though, as their slots on the rare loot table were filled in by the Avernic hilt.
          • This means that the hilt will be more commonly dropped, but also that you will have a chance at obtaining a rare item and an ornament kit in the same chest.
  • Nightmare fixes:
    • Regular damage will now show the heal mark again.
    • Fixed the countdown timer and tested, Phosani's nightmare will spawn after 5 seconds.
    • The drop rate for the Parasitic egg has been fixed (was previously too low).
    • Melee attack changes:
      • Nightmare's melee attack will now be delayed by 1 more tick, giving you more time to select the correct prayer.
      • Nightmare's melee attack will now occur 40% less often, and she will opt for a Ranged/Magic attack instead where possible.
    • Hits of zero on both the totems and the Nightmare should both display the regular, blue zero-damage hitmarker.
  • Baby Mole-rat:
    • You can now use a Mole claw on your Baby Mole pet to morph it into a Baby Mole-rat, the pink, naked version.
      • To go back to the original Baby Mole pet, you can use a Mole skin on it.















We hope you enjoy this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together!



Omicron & Chad

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Very Pog. nice update as always <3

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Not only did y'all get 117's HD plugin out, you managed to get what looks like 100 QOL/Bug fixes out aswell...Y'all truely are GOAT's

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Sick update.

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Designed by @Sunnii

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very nice update! thank you for all the hard work you put in to this server!

very nice update! thank you for all the hard work you put in to this server!

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Beyond excited to be playing with the new HD mode! So many bug fix's and very useful quality of life's thrown in as well, thank you so much @Omicron <3 


Also very excited on the new trading post features!

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Absolutely delightful!! 
Thanks for the update and the hard work Omicron !




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Let's go!!! Amazing updates as always
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Very excited to play with the GPU rendering things since my CPU is quite old.

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Thank you for your work. Nice update!

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Thank you for the update! I hope some fixes come more often though for the sake of server uptime! :P

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Posted 29 September 2021 - 08:31 PM #12

Real Alan


Real Alan
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1. Equipment rebalances -> bulwark still needs to be rebalanced 



2. Gem/coal bag @ collector is awesome!  



3. Combat dummies work in poh now!



4. Mole pet metamorphis hot af



5. Love the new ring of wealth teleports!



6. Love the new trading post history, but I've noticed that normie sales are being shown in the realism TP.



7. The cannon update makes a big difference at corp and sarachnis!   Thank you for updating the corp sigil rates on the drop searcher!  I knew something wasn't right....


4 spectals 0 arcane/ely....  </3


8. Phosani's nightmare is much more enjoyable to do now that the 1 min wait time is removed and the boss attacks more consistently. 


9. After the NPC accuracy update... sand crab (big version) now hit 4 damage when previously they would never kill a player even at level 3.  




Fixed a bug where the "remove doors" option in the player owned house menu would sometimes leave walls between rooms that were not supposed to have any.


The bedroom in my POH is still bugged.  When placed next to any other rooms, only one of the 4 walls opens up (should be 2)


11. I was able to get the portal nexus working, but it still messes up my key remapping.

After configuring the nexus, I was no longer able to switch tabs using F keys / remapped keys.


12. Love the new ability to store up to 30k charges in blood fury!  What happens when you die in PVP with a 30k charged blood fury?  Will the next blood fury you get still have those 30k charges inside like with blowpipe and darts?


13. Can we get crystal implings to actually respawn in priffdinas? It sucks how the only time you can catch them is immediately after a server update.  I've made a bug report on this already about a month ago.  Crystal implings have a 1/128 chance at dropping elven signet, which can be combined with celestial ring to make a celestial signet!

Posted 29 September 2021 - 09:32 PM #13

Not Magnata

Not Magnata
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Great update!




Posted 29 September 2021 - 09:54 PM #14

Server Moderator

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Absolute beauty of an update Omicron!


Thank you very much once again!

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Posted 29 September 2021 - 09:57 PM #15



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I just did phosani, I almost cried. Not cus of sadness, but out of pure happyness. 


This phosani mightve been the most beautifull monster i've ever dismantled on alora.


Praise the lord. 


May even lowkeys hairline regenerate. And Death kid get 99 range irl!



Only mutadile chased me around in cox, but olm itself is alot smoother and relaxer than it was before. 


Just generally alora performance became alot better! 


Thanks for this amazing update, Looks like lagging for 4-5 days did pay off.

Posted 29 September 2021 - 10:05 PM #16

Luka Doncic
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Luka Doncic
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Insane update, these graphics are nice  :Poggers:

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Posted 29 September 2021 - 10:44 PM #17


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Cant wait to try out those sexy graphics. Thanks alot sir omicron!
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Posted 29 September 2021 - 11:46 PM #18


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Great update and those QoL are pog.

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Posted 30 September 2021 - 12:18 AM #19



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Top update with tons of bugfixes! Thank you very much!  :wub:





Posted 30 September 2021 - 12:54 AM #20



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Amazing update as always, thank you!

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