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[2/12/21] M1 Mac Client, League Hall, Smoke Dungeon, CoX Revamp & more!

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[6/12/21] Hotfixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the "dust dungeon" konar tasks would only register in the task-only area of the dust devil dungeon.
  • Fixed a bug where the antidrag plugin was not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Mithril dragons would not cause the player to auto-retaliate if the attack splashed.
  • Fixed a bug where Ancient/Skeletal wyverns would attack players twice.
  • Wyvern bones now provide 4 prayer points when buried with a dragonbone necklace.
  • Staff of light now counts as a holy item in Godwars.
  • Fixed a bug with the Yanille dungeon agility shortcuts sometimes walking players into a wall.
    • Halved the frequency at which olm uses the Falling Spikes(red portal) special attack.
    • This will make it occur at the same frequency that it did before the most recent olm changes.
  • Fixed a bug where some players could not load the next page of blocked tasks in the slayer interface.
  • Fixed bugged pyramid plunder textures on 2010 mode while using the GPU/117 HD plugins.
  • The Portal special attack used by olm will now spawn closer to the centre for solo players.
  • Olm's falling crystal (red portal) attack will now only deal damage If there is a player on the tile the spike falls on, rather than all the adjacent tiles.
  • Fixed a bug where doors that players automatically walked through would cause them to be stalled if they were frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where Alchemical hydra would not attack players back in its red phase.
  • Fixed a bug with the 3-dose divine bastion/battlemage potions being bugged.
  • Fixed a bug where the default listing amount for some items would be 0 on the trading post.
  • The "RLweather" plugin has been added to the Plugin Hub.
  • The “visual metronome” plugin has been added to the Plugin Hub.
    • This plugin is similar to the regular metronome, but adds a square box that flashes as a visual queue after each game tick.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dark Lure spell would sometimes not work on implings behind some barriers.
  • Fixed a bug where items would disappear under rare circumstances when using the inventory presets plugin.

Hello everyone,

We hope that your holidays are off to a great start! It's that time of the year, and we've got plenty of QoL updates to get the month started right. We've made a huge performance change for the new M1 Chip Mac devices, which will require a separate client download that is now available on the "Play" page. We've also released the League hall for Player-owned houses, a few new functional areas including the Smoke Dungeon, Yanille Agility Dungeon, and Heroes' guild basement, as well as expanding on existing areas such as being able to fish Infernal Eels in Mor-Ul-Rek. Aside from this, we've added many new QoL changes such as the as being able to click players' names to view other offers on the Trading Post, and being able to search on the Teleport Wizard interface. Here's a full list of changes below:

  • Trading Post Changes:
    • Added a "View offers" option on trading post items that show up in the recent/player listings.
      • Players can click this option to view offers available for that specific item, as if they had searched for that item initially.
      • This option has been added over the item text, along with the “View History” option, so if both the “View History” and “View offers” options are present, it will prompt a right click first, so that players are aware there is more than one option.
  • Sotetseg Changes:
    • Sotetseg will now fire the Red ball attack after 15 regular mage/range projectile hits.
      • This has been increased from the 10 on OSRS, since Sotetseg does not currently attack using melee.
    • Fixed a bug where the projectiles would rebound off of players who had died very quickly, making them unable to be protected against.
    • Sotetseg's default projectile attack will now only rebound back to at most 2 players, rather than any nearby player.
      • The rebound attacks will now also always be 1 magic projectile and 1 range projectile.
    • Sotetseg will no longer use his red-ball attack right after players finish the shadow realm maze.
  • Infernal Eel Fishing:
    • Players with level 80 or higher Fishing can now fish Infernal eels in Mor-Ul-Rek.
      • Players who wish to do so must have access to Mor-Ul-Rek, requiring a fire cape to enter.
      • This fishing method requires an oily fishing rod, which can be obtained from the ironman shop or the regular fishing shops.
        • Players can also use their Oily pearl fishing rod they’ve obtained from Aerial fishing.
    • Each Infernal Eel caught will provide 95 fishing experience, and players with 99 fishing should be able to get 350+ eels per hour.
      • This number will increase based on fishing boosts, rada’s blessing, and donator status.
    • This fishing method is similar to Sacred eels, where the fishing spots will not move (as with all fishing spots on Alora), but players will automatically stop fishing after 3 minutes, and will need to click on the spot again to do so.
    • Players can use a hammer on the Infernal eels to smash them, which will provide them with certain items.
      • Onyx Bolt Tips: 1/16 chance to get 1 onyx bolt tip
      • Lava scale shards: 1/12 chance to get 1-5 lava scale shard(s)
      • Tokkul: If players did not receive the onyx bolt tips or lava scale shards, they’ll receive 14-20 tokkul.
  • Yanille Agility Dungeon:
    • The NPC spawns in the Yanille dungeon have been updated to include chaos druids, Salarin the Twisted, more Giant Bats, Skeletons, and Chaos Druid Warriors.
    • Players can now use all the entrances/agility shortcuts within this dungeon properly, given that they have the necessary Agility level to do so.
    • Sinister Chest:
    • There are 2 entrances to this dungeon, however one of them will require that players have a lock pick and 82 thieving to get through (this is the one closest to Yanille bank).
    • A lock pick spawn has been added near the pile of rubble to get to Salarin the twisted.
    • A Knife spawn has been added to the northern section of the dungeon.
  • Impling Changes:
    • Players can now lookup the drop table/rates of items that are obtained from any impling, with the exception of Lucky Implings.
      • To do so, simply open the npc drop searcher, and enter the name of the implying you wish to look up.
      • The Drop Searcher interface will now also display results of items that can be obtained from various implants when players are searching for a specific item.
    • Drop Table Rework:
      • The Eclectic, Earth, Nature, and Magpie implings have had their drop tables reworked to more or less match the OSRS table (with some exceptions).
        • Previously, as you may have noticed, these tables were very different from the ones the wiki listed.
  • Herblore Changes:
    • Players can now create the following potions:
      • Divine Bastion Potion:
        • This potion can be creating by using crystal dust on a 1/2/3/4 dose bastion potion.
          • Players are required to have at least 86 Herblore, and 1 crystal dust per dose of potion being created.
            • This potion will act as a divine range and divine defence potion combined.
      • Divine Battlemage Potion:
        • This potion can be creating by using crystal dust on a 1/2/3/4 dose battlemage potion.
          • Players are required to have at least 86 Herblore, and 1 crystal dust per dose of potion being created.
            • This potion will act as a divine magic and divine defence potion combined.
  • Teleport Wizard Changes:
    • Yellowbox Descriptions:
      • Some Teleports (particularly the dungeon teleport list) will now create a yellow box description when hovering over the teleport for a short period, detailing some important information about that teleport.
        • In the case of Dungeons, it will list all of the monsters that can be found in that dungeon.
    • Search Functionality:
      • Players will now see a search button in the top right corner of the interface, which they can use to search for a specific teleport, or monster.
        • The search box will consistently update the list of results as the player types, and will not only match the teleport location, but also the names of monsters, areas where players can train certain skills, areas where players can obtain certain items, etc…
  • M1 Mac Client:
    • Players can now download a client optimized for M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max apple devices.
      • This client will run a lot smoother/faster than the standard Mac client designed for Intel Macs, so we highly recommend downloading this client if you’re using one of the new Macs.
  • Chambers of Xeric Changes:
    • Olm Changes:
      • The Ground Crystal attack (where crystals grow under all players in the fight, dealing damage to any players who did not move) will not be properly classified as a left-hand attack.
        • This means that it will follow the rules described below from now on, rather than be consistently done on a timer, as it was before.
      • Olm’s left hand now has 4 defined special attacks:
        • Ground Crystals
        • Lightning
        • Portals
        • Healing
        • The order in which these attacks are done are as follows:
          • Olm will try to do 2 “auto-attacks”, which are pretty much all other types of attacks that aren’t the 4 listed above, and after those 2, it will then immediately try to use a special attack.
            • The special attacks will now be done in this specific order:
              • Phases 1/2: Ground Crystals -> Lightning -> Portals
                • This order will repeat for all special attacks in Phase 1/2.
              • Final Phase: Ground Crystals -> Lightning -> Portals -> Healing
                • This order will repeat for all special attacks in the final phase.
      • Olm will no longer be able to clench his left claw if the right claw is disabled.
      • Fixed a bug which would sometimes send the message "The raid has begun!" a few minutes into the raid, resetting everyone's points.
      • The Portal Special Attack will now select a random tile in the room that the player must stand on in Solo raids.
        • Previously, it would simply skip the Portal special attack.
      • Players will now be able to skip a special attack if no player is in Olm’s line of sight when he uses it.
        • This is similar to dodging his basic attacks by running the head.
    • Skeletal Mystics:
      • Adjusted the accuracy on Skeletal mystics so that players should be able to take less damage when using the magic prayer against them.
    • Tekton:
      • Tekton will no longer heal more than his max hitpoints when hammering.
    • Fixed a bug where players would get less potions than they were supposed to as boss drops.
      • This bug applies to Tekton Overloads, Vespula Xeric’s Aids, Vasa Twisted/Xeric’s aids, and Vanguard Xeric’s aids.
  • Clue Scroll Casket Changes:
    • Rather than receiving 2-5 rewards from all clue scroll caskets, they will now give the same amount that they do in OSRS.
      • Elite Clue casket: 4-6 rolls
      • Hard Clue casket: 4-6 rolls
      • Medium Clue casket: 3-5 rolls
      • Easy Clue casket: 2-4 rolls.
    • The Master caskets already gave the proper number of rolls (5-7), so they’ve not been changed.
    • We’ve also made it so that if a player rolls a master clue from a casket, it will count as one of their rewards, whereas it previously did not.
  • Fairy Ring Plugin:
    • Players can now access the Fairy Ring Plugin in the Runelite plugin list.
      • This plugin will create a search button on the Fairy Ring’s travel log, which players can use to filter fairy ring destinations quickly.
  • GPU Plugin Changes:
    • Players will now be able to enable/disable VSync mode.
      • When VSync mode is on, it will try to synchronize the client’s frame rate with the user’s monitor.
    • FPS Target:
      • Players can now set an FPS target they want to GPU plugin to attempt to maintain.
        • This value can be anywhere from 1-360 FPS.
        • Players must have VSync mode turned off, and FPS unlocking turned on for this setting to work.
    • These settings will likely be added to the 117 HD plugin soon, if they’re not already implemented at the time of this update.
  • Slayer Task Blocking Extension:
    • Donators will now have an increased number of slayer tasks that they can block.
      • The default number of tasks a player can block is 5, and this number increases with the following ranks:
        • Super/Extreme donator:
          • 6 blockable tasks
        • Legendary donator:
          • 7 blockable tasks
        • Uber donator:
          • 8 blockable tasks
        • Master donator:
          • 9 blockable tasks
        • Immortal/eternal donator:
          • 10 blockable tasks
            • Eternal donators can select their own tasks, making the need for more blocked task slots unnecessary
    • If a player loses/transfers their donator rank, they will lose any blocked tasks that are larger than the number they’re allowed to have.
      • For example, if a player has 10 blocked tasks, and then transfers their rank, they’ll lose their last 5 blocked tasks.
  • Reclaimables Shop Changes:
    • Players can now select the “Reclaim all lost untradables” option at the bottom of the reclaimable shop interface.
      • This option will allow players to purchase all the items (or as many as they can afford) in the shop.
        • The items will be purchased in the order that is shown in the shop from top to bottom/Left to right.
  • Achievement Diary Changes:
    • The easy Morytania Diary task to “Collect 35 Mort myre fungus” has been moved to the Medium diary.
      • The easy task has been replaced with a new task to kill 10 Banshees in the slayer tower.
        • Players who have previously completed the “Collect 35 mort myre fungus” task will not need to complete this new easy task.
      • All players will need to re-complete the new Medium diary task to collect 35 Mort myre fungus.
  • Donator Zone Changes:
    • The South-East corner of the Donator Zone now contains 12 Flax spawns, and a spinning wheel, to allow players to earn some early Crafting levels.
  • Monster Killcount Interface Changes:
    • The Monster killcount interface will now show the total boss and regular NPC killcount in the headers.
    • A search box will now appear when using the Killcounts interface, which will allow players to search their killcount for a specific set of NPC's that match/partially match the search.
      • Players can either click on the suggested match, or simply press enter to search a partial string.
        • For example, if players type “Kalphite”, and press enter, it will return all npc kill counts that a player has that matches/partially matches with “Kalphite”.
      • After a search, players can press enter on an empty search to view all the killcounts again.
  • Smoke Dungeon:
    • Players can now enter the Smoke Dungeon through the entrance near Pollnivneach, or using the Teleport wizard.
      • This Dungeon features many Dust Devil spawns, Fire giant spawns, Fire Element spawns, and Pyrefiend spawns.
        • The majority of the dungeon is single-combat, except for the Task-only area.
      • The West part of the dungeon is a task-only slayer area, where players will find some Dust devils that they can kill only while on a slayer task.
        • This area is multi-combat, however players cannot setup a cannon here.
  • Heroes’ Guild Basement:
    • Players can now charge their Amulets of glory at the Fountain of Heroes in the Heroes’ guild.
      • Unlike the Fountain of Rune, this fountain can only charge glories (no other type of dragon stone jewellery), and will only charge glories to 4 charges, rather than 6.
    • Players who have 67 Agility, and have completed the Falador medium diaries will have access to the shortcut in the Heroes’ guild basement, to charge glories quicker.
  • League Hall:
    • Players can now build a league hall in their player-owned houses for 150k gp, given that they have at least level 27 construction.
    • Features:
      • Banner Stands:
        • Standard banner stand:
          • Requires level 30 construction, 2 Limestone bricks, and provides 40 experience.
        • Ornate banner stand:
          • Requires level 66 construction, 2 marble blocks, 1 gold leaf, and provides 1,300 experience.
        • Players can store their league banners on these banner stands to show them off.
      • Rugs:
        • Brown rug:
          • Requires 13 construction and 4 bolts of cloth, providing 60 experience.
        • Trailblazer rug:
          • Requires 28 construction, 4 bolts of cloth, and a trailblazer rug, providing 283 experience.
        • Opulent rug:
          • Requires 65 construction, 4 bolt of cloth, and 1 gold leaf, providing 360 experience.
      • Outfit stand:
        • Oak outfit stand:
          • Requires 34 construction and 4 oak planks, providing 240 experience.
        • Mahogany outfit stand:
          • Requires 74 construction, 4 mahogany planks, and 1 gold leaf, providing 860 experience.
        • Players can store any outfit obtained from a League on these stands (requires the hat/hood, boots, coat, trousers, and cane).
      • Pedestal:
        • Trophy pedestal:
          • Requires 27 construction, 4 limestone bricks, 1 rope, and red dye, providing 86 experience.
        • Ornate trophy pedestal:
          • Requires 64 construction, 3 Marble blocks, 1 gold leaf, 1 rope, and red dye, providing 2,106 experience.
        • Players can store any trophy obtained from a league on these pedestals to show them off.
          • Upon inspecting the trophy, the player will be notified of how many points were required in the league to obtain that trophy tier.
      • Accomplishment scroll:
        • Requires level 48 construction, 10 papyrus, and 1 gold leaf, providing 310 experience.
        • League statistics:
          • Players can use this scroll to view the amount of points they earned in a league, as well as the trophy tier they obtained.
            • When a visitor uses this, it will show the points obtained by the owner of the house.
        • League rankings:
          • Players can use this scroll to view the top 25 players in a league (ranked by points).
            • The names shown will be the name of the player’s main account (not their league name) at the time of this update.
      • Statue:
        • League statue:
          • Requires level 32 construction and 6 limestone bricks, providing 120 experience.
        • Trailblazer glove:
          • Requires level 32 construction, 2 oak planks, and 1 trailblazer globe, providing 120 experience.
        • Ornate league statue:
          • Requires level 68 construction, 6 marble blocks, and 1 gold leaf, providing 3,600 experience.
      • Trophy case:
        • Oak trophy case:
          • Requires 36 construction and 6 oak planks, providing 360 experience.
        • Mahogany trophy case:
          • Requires 78 construction, 6 mahogany planks, and 2 gold leaves, providing 1,440 experience.
        • Players can store all of their trophies earned in a league in this trophy case, and can choose to display it either opened or closed.
          • Players will only see the option to store trophies that they’ve gotten enough league points to unlock.
            • For example, a player who completed the last league with 22,000 points (rune tier), will not see the dragon trophy in this case.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • The escape key will no longer close the screen fade interface or the house loading interface.
    • Fixed a bug where the fishing spots at Tempoross would go invisible if the storm cloud was above/near them.
      • They will now always be rendered.
    • Fixed a bugged cave entrance in the Kebos Lowlands.
    • Fixed a bugged staircase in Draynor village.
    • Fixed a bug where auto-retaliate would not work on Basilisk knights if they splashed their attack.
    • Fixed a bug where players could interact with the occult altar through the transparent chatbox/inventory.
    • Fixed a bug where the sprite for the standard sanguinesti staff did not show up on the trading post search interface.
    • Fixed a bug where money caskets would have the "wear", "features" and "transform" options. 
    • The Dwarven Rock Cake now has the “Guzzle” option on 2010 mode.
    • The ladder in the chaos temple near the Warriors’ guild will no go back down rather than up a level.
    • The Amulet of Avarice will no longer try to note emblem drops from Revenants.
    • Fixed a bug where the clueless scroll's run/walk animation on 2010 mode was broken. (edited)
    • Fixed a bug where players could not use the "Last-destination" option on the Spirit Tree & Fairy Ring object in their POH.
    • The Pirate's Hook item is now equippable in the glove slot, rather than the offhand/shield slot.
      • This is to fix an issue where the hook was being drawn over the player’s hand.
    • Fixed a bug where Bank tabs would interrupt private messages when doing skilling activities if the player left the tag open after closing their bank.
    • Potentially fixed a bug where NPC’s would sometimes walk into walls and get stuck there.
      • This is a difficult bug to reproduce, so if you notice this is still happening, please pm me or create a bug report.
    • Fixed a bug where players would be able to logout on the same tick that poison damage was dealt, causing their client to go to the login screen, but their account would still be logged in for another minute.
      • Players will no longer be able to logout on the same tick that poison damage is dealt.
    • Players can no longer use the house teleport spell if they're already in their POH.
    • Fixed a bug where the 4th birthday hat placeholder was showing the 5th birthday balloons sprite.
    • Fixed a bug where bird snares did not have a placeholder.
    • Fixed a bug where fletching amethyst dart tips would only make 8 tips rather than 10.
    • Fixed a bug where players only the “Trident of the seas (full)” item would display in the trading post search, rather than the standard “Trident of the seas”, which Alora mainly uses.
    • Fixed a bugged tunnel entrance near the Fremennik slayer dungeon.
    • Fixed a bug where players could not set any cities after Seers' Village as their home teleport city.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing crashes when logging in with the GPU plugin on resizable, or with stretched mode on.
    • Fixed a texture issue with the walls in the smoke devil dungeon on 2010 GPU mode.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing client crashes while logging in with the GPU plugin.
  • Quality of Life/Minor Changes:
    • Snow will now be the default texture until January.
      • Players can still toggle snow off by using the command ::snow.
      • Removed snow from dungeons, instances, the Desert area, and Karamja.
    • Penance gloves now reduce 4.5 kg of weight when equipped.
    • The Menu Entry Swapper Plugin now has an option (listed under the “Items” sublist) to add left-click customizations.
      • These customizations can be done similarly to the shift-click ones, where a player can right-click the inventory tab and configure their left-click options on items.
        • For example, players can swap “wear” with “Teleport” as the default left-click option on completionism monkeys.
    • The dwarf cannon will now make the proper noise when firing a cannonball, as well as when it hits an npc.
    • Added the Toxic staff of the dead to the chatbox item search in the trading post, rather than just the uncharged version.
    • Players can now enter the amount of revenant ether they wish to add to their Revenant weapon, rather than it just consuming as many ether as it can from the player's inventory.
    • Lizardman Fangs have been added to the Chambers of Xeric drop table.
    • Removed the "Drag Distance" configuration from the Anti-drag plugin to simplify it.
    • The Collector will now log Twisted Ancestral Color Kits.
    • Players can now make regular Compost using the various compost bins around the game.
    • Players can now drink the Slayers Respite.
      • This is a drink obtained from Eclectic Implings which can boost the player’s slayer level by 2 (one-time boost), but will also decrease the players attack and strength levels by 2 (this effect stacks).
    • Crystal implings will now respawn every 30-60 minutes.
      • Previously, they would not respawn at all after they were caught.
    • The loot tracker will now track Mahogany Homes supply crates.
    • The size of the scrollbar in the teleport/option/data interfaces (the scroll interfaces) will now update dynamically based on the number of entries listed.
      • Previously, this would just be a really long, mostly empty scroll interface if a player scrolled down past the listed options.
    • Adjusted the teleports in the Jewellery box to match OSRS's teleports exactly.
      • There were a few custom Alora teleports that were added when the jewellery box was implemented, however most of these have since had their proper teleport location implemented, and they would cause issues with the “previous option” on the jewellery box.
    • Players will now be able to pick up their hunter traps after relogging.
    • Vesta's spear will no longer count as a spear against corporeal beast for balancing purposes.
      • This means that it will be subject to the 50% damage decrease.
    • The spellbook swap on skillcapes will now play the proper animation/graphic.
    • The spellbook swap on skillcapes will no longer create a chatbox dialogue, and will now only send a chat message.
    • The Collector will now log the Spirit angler outfit pieces.
    • The "Warrior's guild" teleport on the Max/Completionist monkeys in the equipment interface has been replaced with the "Teleport to POH" option instead.
    • Players will now have the option to repair all of their barrows equipment at once when using the Armour repair stand in their POH.
    • The following items will no longer be announced from Lucky Implings:
      • Ham Joint
      • Wolf Cloak
      • Wolf Mask
      • Climbing boots (G)
      • Wizard boots
      • Holy Sandals
      • Giant Boot
      • Adamant dragon mask
      • Rune dragon mask
      • Staff of the bob the cat
      • Rain bow
    • The Blisterwood Flail is now a tradable item.
    • All Max capes have had their “Features” option on the equipment tab replaced with the “Tele to POH” option.
      • This will not carry over to Max/Completionist Monkeys, since they have already have a “Diary teleports” option.
    • The Tome of Fire and Dragon Axe will now be announced in Yell when players obtain one of these items from Wintertodt.
    • Konar will now assign Dust Devil Dungeon Dust devils and Fire giants.
      • This dungeon is listed as the “Smoke Dungeon” on the world map, however we’ve assigned it as the Dust Devil Dungeon, since the Teleport wizard will list it as such, so players do not confuse it with the Smoke Devil Dungeon.
    • Increased the draw distance through the interface styles plugin from 50 tiles to 90 tiles.
    • The kalphite queen respawn time has been decreased from 43 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • The players current/base experience rates on the quest tab will now show the experience rate of the skill level in the last skill they earned experience in since logging in.
      • This is only important for regular Ironman/regular players, since their experience rates change after level 99.
        • So for example, if a regular player is earning combat experience, the experience rate they will see will reflect the combat experience rate for regular players, until they gain experience in another skill.
    • Fixed a bug where XP drops would move too fast if the player had uncapped fps higher than 60.
    • Players can now make the inquisitor armour set when using the set pieces on the trading post.
    • Players can now purchase the Trailblazer Globe in the league shop for 2,500 league points.
      • This item can be used to build the Trailblazer globe in a player’s POH League hall.
        • This item will be returned to the player if they ever decide to remove the globe from their hall.
    • Players can now purchase the Trailblazer Rug in the league shop for 3,000 league points.
      • This item can be used to build the Trailblazer rug in a player’s POH League hall.
        • This item will be returned to the player if they ever decide to remove the rug from their hall.
    • The granite maul will no longer be announced over yell.
    • The Amulet of avarice now provides a 20% boost to accuracy and damage on Revenants.
    • Clue scroll steps will now be reset for any clue scroll given to Watson in exchange for a Master clue scroll.
    • The Construction supplies shop now sells Red dye.
    • Players can now right-click a player's name in the trading post search interface to select an option to view all of their listed items.
    • The game will now announce in-game and on discord when a player reaches Completionist status.

We hope you enjoy the first update of this holiday season! As always, please report bugs as soon as they are found.
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smooth updates as always!!! 

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Thank you for the raids update. Does this means that raiding in teams will be the meta again? 

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Thanks for the raids update @Omicron. Very nice to see as someone who enjoys raids :D 



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Great update! :)



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forever rank 4 in leagues <3 thanks omicron for the wild updates homie!

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Amazing update, thanks for all the QOL and Bug fixes! 

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Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:02 PM #8


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Such a great update. Hyped for all the QoL changes!! 

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Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:11 PM #9


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Another big update and a solid one!

Thanks team!

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Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:16 PM #10

jay derkin
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jay derkin
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Incredible update, thank you for the work you put into this!

Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:25 PM #11


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very nice updates! thx for all the qol

Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:32 PM #12

Eim Bonk

Eim Bonk
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awesome stuff! thank you for all your hard work! <3

Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:37 PM #13

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Solid update, thanks for all of the hard work!



- Range / Magic / Hitpoints

- Farming / Woodcutting / Prayer

- Thieving / Cooking

Posted 02 December 2021 - 07:41 PM #14

Real Alan

Real Alan
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bd5f614512a211078a8434d34ee6bb55.gifThe league tutor has been moved from next to the GIM group bank to shops.

Thank you for doing such a great job on the league hall! This room freed up 12 bank spaces for me (6 trophies, 5 twisted armour pieces, 1 banner). This new addition single handedly doubled my available bank space!

I like the additional block tasks from donor status, but I noticed I can't quite access slots 6-10 anymore. The "load more blocked task" button doesn't seem to be working.  This has been fixed.

Thanks Omicron!

While the silver sickle ( B) and the blisterwood flail both have a "bloom" option. Only the sickle works. The Blisterwood flail was made tradeable in this update, but its bloom ability still does nothing.

I absolutely love the league accomplishment scroll in the league hall. Big flex for all the players that bust their asses off during the last league.

I noticed that the Ornate Jewellery box's Port Piscarilius teleport that was crucial for the Grandma clue step is no longer there. Please add it back in!



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Topic 79261 - Real Alan's Spin Guide

Topic 82478 - How a Penguin Ended Up in Port Sarim Jail



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Posted 02 December 2021 - 08:23 PM #15

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Lotta work put into this, thanks a lot man!

Posted 02 December 2021 - 10:13 PM #16


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Even tho for the majority of the olm fight, it feels smoother, i feel like the amount of red portals atm is quiet high (Falling crystals). Also if you do mess up the head one time cus of red portals/lightning, you're able to get it all at once, I got spot swapped into lighting into crystals falling, and had the lightning and crystals spawning under me happen simultaniously with the falling crystals. Before i'd use to use like 1 brew for both hand phases combined if i messed up(While using void range T-bow and ancestral+ sang) While now you need 2-3 brews every olm fight just cus of the amount of red portals, you feel obliged to take a hit here and there to keep dishing out dps. Never played osrs but i feel like it should reward you for playing well, rather then forcing you to take constant damage to keep dpsing. 


Tekton update is alot smoother, makes it alot easier to one phase tekton as to where it was almost impossible to one phase it when it overhealed. 


The increased supplies for sure come in handy as you use more at olm than you did before, and i also assume Duos will appreciate the extra overloads.


But I assume since the olm phase is getting a huge overhaul, it still is a work in progress atm xD


Overall a really nice and solid update. And quiet some bug fixes. Good shit.


Ps. "Play by the rules" -Kd-Cahr-mih-ka-hel 33:33-35

Posted 03 December 2021 - 02:24 AM #17


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solid  update

Posted 03 December 2021 - 03:44 AM #18

Drug Addicts

Drug Addicts
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Thanks for all the amazing updates!  :withlove:

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Posted 03 December 2021 - 04:04 AM #19

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Awesome work, thanks for pushing these updates!

Posted 03 December 2021 - 04:25 AM #20

Memento Mori
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Memento Mori
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Nice update.

Don't forget to look into raid weapons since blowpipe is better than sang/scythe....



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