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[24/8/22] Gambling Overhaul, End of Summer Sale, Escape Crystals, New Bonuses & more!

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Hello everyone,
We're back with another update! Just in time before the summer ends, and before we begin working on Raids 3, we've decided to get a few much needed updates out of the way. First and foremost, our gambling system was in major need of an overhaul, as it depended far too much on players trusting hosts and resulted in occasional scamming that would lead to players being banned and others not wanting to play flower poker or dice games on Alora. We've added a brand new Gamble area, with automated systems to play Flower Poker, ABC Flowers, and three dice games: Blackjack, 50x2 and 55x2.
Aside from this, we've also added the highly request Escape Crystals to escape from certain minigames and raids on Hardcore accounts without losing their Hardcore status. We've also introduced a few new bonuses for our Event Managers to enable, such as Wintertodt, Tithe Farm, Guardians of the Rift and more. The Master Scroll Book is also now functional, allowing players to store up to 1,000 of each Teleport Scroll into the book. We've also enabled our End of Summer Sale, added a new Rainbow icon and reduced the price of Mithril seeds, along with bonus tokens/custom donation bonuses and many discounted items! Have a look at the full list of updates and media below:

  • End of Summer Sale
    • 25% Bonus tokens:
      • Our End of Summer store sale is now live, and you'll receive 25% bonus tokens on all purchases!
    • Custom donation bonus:
      • For the duration of the sale, all custom donations for total spent will now provide 4.5x towards your rank rather than the usual 4x.
    • Sale items:
      • The following times are currently discounted:
        • Mithril seeds
        • Dice bag
        • Elite void set
        • Drop booster scrolls
        • Ultimate mystery boxes
        • Cosmetic mystery boxes
  • Other store updates:
    • Mithril seeds price change:
      • Mithril seeds are now much cheaper. Rather than buying 25 for 12 tokens, you will now receive 100 seeds for 12 tokens.
    • Rainbow icon:
      • The Rainbow icon is now available in the store!
      • This icon will glow underneath your character and change colors, similarly to the Rainbow ankou set.
      • Similar to other cosmetic icons, it locks to your account once you use it.



  • Gambling Overhaul:
    • To make our gambling system safer and more convenient, we've done away with hosts entirely and overhauled the system to be automated.
      • Gambling is now similar to dueling, you will right-click to challenge a player to enter into a gambling game with them.
      • Gambling will still take place near Castle Wars, although the map has been revamped and is now more gambling-oriented.
      • Your wins/losses will be tracked, similarly to in the Duel arena. You can speak to the Gamer nearby to learn your stats.
    • Games:
      • Flower Poker:
        • (Each player must have at least five mithril seeds)
        • Plant five seeds against another player and hope that your hand beats theirs. Possible outcomes, in the order of best to worst:
          • Five Oak:
            • Five of the same type of flower.
          • Four Oak:
            • Four of the same type of flower.
          • Full House:
            • Three of the same type of flower, as well as another pair of a different type of flower.
          • Three Oak:
            • Three of the same type of flower.
          • Two Pair:
            • Two different pairs of flowers.
          • One Pair:
            • One pair of flowers
          • Bust:
            • No pairs at all.
      • ABC Flowers:
        • (Each player must have at least one mithril seed)
        • Plant one seed against another player, and the flower color with the name that starts closer to the beginning of the alphabet wins.
          • For example, if a player plants Red flowers and another Yellow, Red will win, since Red starts with "R" which comes first in the alphabet, and Yellow starts with "Y" which is way later.
          • In the case of a color that has the same first letter, Eg. Black vs Blue, the other letters will be considered, and Black would ultimately win.
          • Color possibilities, ranked from best to worst:
            • Black (best)
            • Blue
            • Orange
            • Pastel
            • Purple
            • Rainbow
            • Red
            • White
            • Yellow (worst)
      • 55x2:
        • An ideal game when only one player has a dice bag. That player will have a slight advantage (host).
        • The host will roll the dice bag, and if the resulting number (0-100) is less than or equal to 55, they will win. If it is above 55, the other player will win.
      • 50x2:
        • Both players must have a dice bag to play this game, which is more fair than 55x2.
        • One of the players will be selected randomly to be the host, and will roll first. If their roll is less than or equal to 50, they win, otherwise the other player wins.
      • Blackjack:
        • Both players must have a dice bag to play this game.
        • A player will be randomly selected to go first. That player will be asked if they'd like to "Hit" or "Stand", and the objective is to roll as close to 100 as possible without exceeding 100. Your rolls add up, so if you roll an 80 for the first hand and then a 50 on the second hand, that adds up to 130 which exceeds 100 and means that you busted and lose the game. You can choose to "Stand" and not roll anymore once you reach a number you are comfortable with, but if the other player has a lower hand than you, you have to take your chances and roll, even if they have 95 and you have 90.
  • Chambers of Xeric Supplies Changes:
    • Xeric’s Aid (+):
      • The Xeric’s aid will now heal players for 5 + 15% of the player’s hitpoints level rather than 2 + 15%.
        • The maximum hitpoints that it can heal to has also been increased from 115 to 118.
      • The player’s defence level will now be increased by 5 + 20% of the player’s defence level, rather than 2 + 20%.
      • The player’s attack/ranged/strength/magic will now be decreased by 5 + 15% of the current level, rather than only 10%.
    • Revitalisation (+) will now recover prayer points equivalent to 11 + 30% of the player’s base prayer level, rather than 8 + 25% of the base prayer level.
  • Master Scroll Book:
    • Players can now add the newly obtainable teleport scrolls into their master scroll book to keep them all in one place.
      • To do so, players must simply use the teleport scrolls on the master scroll book, and they will be able to add up to 1000 of each teleport scroll to the book.
    • Players can also set the default teleport to any of the locations, and left-click the book to teleport to that default location.
    • Players can exchange extra empty books for 10-40 Watson teleport scrolls by using the empty Master scroll book on Watson.
  • Clue Scroll Changes:
    • Holy vestments corrections:
      • We’ve shuffled around the holy vestment items (robes, robe tops, croziers, mitres, stoles) to more closely match OSRS.
        • The robe/robe tops will now be obtained exclusively from easy clue scrolls.
        • The mitres/stoles/croziers will now be obtained almost exclusively from medium clue scrolls.
          • The exception is that the saradomin/guthix/zamorak croziers and stoles are from hard clue scrolls.
    • The Robin Hood had is now exclusively from Hard clue scrolls (rather than hard and elite).
    • Some items that were previously unobtainable can now be obtained from clue scrolls:
      • Players can now obtain the Monk robe top (g) from easy clue scrolls.
      • Players can now obtain the Crier coat from medium clue scrolls.
      • Players can now obtain the Steel (t) and Steel (g) armour sets from easy clue scrolls.
      • Players can now obtain the ancient/armadyl/bandos rune armour sets from Hard clue scrolls.
      • Players can now obtain all of the teleport scrolls, and the master scroll book from every type of clue scroll.
        • The drop rate for these clues is the same as OSRS, but increased by 1.24x.
        • These are not part of the “rare” drop table, they will be rolled as “junk”, so players will not lose out on unique items when obtaining these.
  • Collection Log Changes:
    • Re-organized the barrows collection log entries to match OSRS.
    • There is now a Shooting star collection log entry to track the Celestial ring and Star fragments.
      • This is located in the Miscellaneous section of the collection log.
    • Clue scroll log update:
      • The Clue scroll collection log page has been completely re-vamped/cleaned up.
        • To start, we’ve re-organized the basic easy/medium/hard/elite/master logs so that they’re far more organized, and much more closely match OSRS.
        • We’ve also added 4 new entries.
          • Hard (rare)/Elite (rare)/Master (rare) sections will log the ultra rare items that can be obtained from these clue scrolls.
          • Shared Treasure Trail Rewards will track items that can be obtained from all Clue scroll caskets.
  • Bonus Changes:
    • We’ve added support for event bonuses to be set/given for the following minigames/content:
      • Motherlode Mine
      • Tempoross
      • Wintertodt
      • Tithe Farm
      • Guardians of the Rift
  • Escape Crystals:
    • Players can now purchase escape crystals from the ironman/general supplies stores for 250k each.
    • These crystals, when activated, will allow players to teleport out of a few types of minigames/raids.
      • The following raids/minigames are as follows:
        • The inferno
        • Fight caves
        • Pest control
        • Theatre of Blood
        • Chambers of Xeric
    • When used, the crystal will teleport you out of the raid/minigame, after which the player cannot re-join.
      • The only exception to this is Chambers of Xeric, since players who disconnect are able to re-join. 
    • The crystal also has an option to allow a teammate to use the escape crystal on you to teleport you out.
      • This requires both players to have an escape crystal in their inventory, and must first be enabled by right-clicking the “Toggle” option on the escape crystal.
  • Damage Overlay:
    • Players now have an option enable a damage overlay in their client settings (Extra settings button in the settings tab).
    • This damage overlay will show the damage done to a boss by the top 5 players attacking that boss.
      • At certain bosses, such as The Nightmare or Nex, it will track the total damage done to all npc’s, since this is the number that is used when the loot is distributed.
    • The overlay will only appear if the boss has been hit by at least 2 players, and remembers the damage done it over time.
      • This means that it will show damage done by other players, including ones that abandoned a kill, since that damage is still valid.
      • This overlay will not appear for players soloing a boss, assuming that no one else had done any damage to it.
    • The overlay only appears while actively in combat, as long as the player is within 32 tiles of the boss.
    • This overlay is also draggable by holding alt/ctrl (or the binded overlay drag key) when using runelite.
  • Client Changes:
    • Players can now install the Nex Nostalgia plugin through the plugin-hub.
    • The Chat filter plugin now has an option to filter out icons/sprites from news messages.
    • The loot tracker plugin now logs hand-caught implings.
    • Unsired will now be highlighted with a 10m value on the ground items plugin by default.
    • The Entity hider plugin now has an option to hide dying NPC’s.
    • Menu Entry Swapper Changes:
      • The menu entry swapper plugin now has an option to remove dying npc menu options.
        • This option was previously in the extra settings tab, but has been moved to the menu entry swapper plugin for consistency.
      • The Menu Entry Swapper plugin now has bank shift withdraw/deposit options.
        • This will allow players to select their preferred bank interact option when holding shift for both depositing/withdraw items from their bank.
      • Players can now hold shift and right-click some interface options (for example the spellbook) to set their preferred left/shift click options.
    • The NPC indicators plugin can now hide pets from being highlighted.
    • The smelting plugin now tracks cannonballs more accurately (including the extra cannonballs from the donator perks).
  • Wine of Zamorak Spawn Changes:
    • The Wilderness Diary perks will now reflect the amount of wines of Zamora obtained from global spawns.
      • The Hard wilderness diary provides 1 extra wine of Zamorak from wilderness spawns (total = 2 noted).
      • The Elite wilderness diary provides 3 extra wines of Zamorak from wilderness spawns (total = 4 noted).
    • Added the wine of Zamorak spawn back to the deep wilderness dungeon.
  • Grotesque Guardian Changes:
    • Dusk will no become attackable 5 ticks after using the Prison attack, rather than waiting until the entire attack cycle/animation is over.
    • Dusk will no longer use the prison attack back-to-back.
    • The Jar of Stone drop rate has been decreased to match the pet drop rate.
      • We understand on OSRS that the jar of stone is still more difficult than the pet to obtain, however we don’t see the need to further decrease the rate, since the change would be too significant.
  • Clan Icon Changes:
    • The position of clan icons has been moved down by a few pixels to level it out with other icons/letters.
    • Clan icons for individual players will now show up alongside the player’s, if applicable.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the Mahogany homes plugin wouldn't track the contract properly if the player got the same contract back-to-back.
    • Mining gloves will now be added to the collection log when purchased from the shop.
    • Fixed a bug where the key-remapping plugin was sometimes causing client crashes on Mac devices.
    • Fixed 100+ ladders/entrances that would put players in the wrong position/get them stuck when going up/down.
      • Big thanks to @H For taking the time to find and provide a detailed list of bugged ladders/staircases!
      • If you stumble upon a bugged ladder/entrance/staircase, please let us know, and it’ll be promptly fixed.
    • Fixed a bug where teleblock would only last 480 ticks rather than 500 (4 minutes and 40 seconds versus 5 minutes).
    • Fixed a bug where players would often hit an npc 1 extra time after they were dead when using ranged/magic.
    • Fixed a bug where the master farmer pickpocket task in the Ardougne achievement diary showed a "0" at the end of the task, rather than the thieving level requirement to complete the task.
    • All the coal rocks in the coal mine on Miscellania can now be mined for the Medium Fremennik achievement diary.
    • Players can now dismantle Orange salamander net traps.
    • Fixed a bug where clicking on the hp orb to cure venom would not work if the player had a 2-4 dose Anti-venom(+)
    • Fixed a typo with the "Grow 2 spirit trees in Miscellania" diary task.
    • Fixed a bug where the Zalcano teleport option was not showing up in the minigames teleport section.
    • Cooked harpoonfish will now give 65 points for launching at tempoross rather than 60.
    • Fixed a bug where the divine super combat potion would notify that the strength/attack/defence potions wore off, rather than the super combat potion.
    • Fixed a bug where Loot keys sometimes wouldn’t track properly on the Loot tracker.
    • Fixed a bug where players would get an error message stating they can't lure an impling to them using the dark lure spell, even though they could.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes the rune pouch overlay wouldn't update when adding more of a rune to the pouch.
    • Fixed a bug where players could range/mage other players/npc's through some of the fences in the wilderness.
    • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes not select a skill to add experience to when using the Dark relic.
    • Players will no longer get the "You find a gem" message when mining granite/sandstone.
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes disconnect for no reason when performing certain actions.
    • Cerberus's lava pool attack will now be delayed by 1 tick before damage is done.
    • Fixed a bug where the EdgePvP instance wilderness/safe zone mapping was incorrect.
    • Fixed a bug where players could spam click on a herb to harvest it multiple times to complete the Daily task.
    • Fixed a bug where players could be assigned Vampyre slayer tasks from Konar without unlocking the tasks.
    • Players can now combine the Smiths gloves and ice gloves into the Smiths gloves (I).
    • The Smiths equipment pieces will now go to the reclaimables shop on death.
    • The following seeds are now tradable:
      • Dwellberry seed
      • Cadavaberry seed 
      • Redberry seed 
      • Woad seed 
      • Marigold seed 
      • Nasturtium seed 
      • Rosemary seed
    • Fixed a bug where the zaryte crossbow animation would still cause the player to stall.
    • Fixed a bug where Thralls would sometimes spawn inside of a wall.
    • Tzhaar-kets now have a proper attack animation.
  • Quality of Life:
    • The world map plugin will now show all farmer’s blessing teleport locations on the world map.
    • Attackers in the Guardians of the Rift minigame will now spawn every 90-120 ticks, rather than every 86 ticks.
    • The Rogue outfit has had the total set price reduced by 25% for all game modes.
      • This puts the total cost to get the set at 1,500 vote points, rather than 2,000.
        • For restricted game modes who previously paid 1,000 for the set, it will now cost 750.
    • Using ensouled heads on a slayer master will now prompt the ensouled head exchange dialogue.
      • Using any other item on a slayer master will no longer prompt the cancel task dialogue.
    • The Mycelium Transport System now uses the same interface as OSRS, rather than a chatbox input.
    • The chat commands now work properly in clan chats.
    • Players will now be notified how many slots left they have in their reclaimable shop when it is getting full.
    • The teleport option on Godwars altars will now teleport players outside of the room, rather than to edgeville.
    • Smoke devils will no longer have line of sight through the skeleton objects in the Smoke devil dungeon.
    • Swamp crab spawns have been added around Morytania, and are now functional, similar to other crab variants.
    • The player progress tab will now also show the total number of quests/achievements/collectibles when displaying the player’s progress.
    • Players now have a 1/403 chance to get a Grubby key from Gourmet implings.
    • The Fox/Chicken items now have placeholders.
    • Items from the Herb sack/seed box/plank sack/bone sack will no longer be removed from the sacks on death.
      • These items will remain in the container, even if the container itself is lost.
    • Dwarf weed seeds have been added to the easy/medium/hard/elite treasure trail reward caskets.
    • Players can now add up to 16,000 charges to wilderness weapons, rather than just 10,000.
    • Vengeance will no longer be reset when entering the gauntlet/Tob/Cox.
    • The singing bowl will now use the player's boosted level to check if they have the requirements to make an item.
    • Players can now start LMS games with 4 players or more (rather than 6).
      • Players will not earn any LMS points for games with less than 6 players.
        • If a game begins with less than 6 players, the 1m will not be drained from a player’s coffer.
          • Players are still required to have 1m in their coffer to enter the waiting lobby.
    • The first three demi-bosses to spawn in The Gauntlet will now each be a unique demi-boss.
      • Players will always be guaranteed to see all 3 Demi-bosses each run.
    • The "All Pets" collection log category now includes Nexling.
    • The right-click options on the Spellbook swap spell now allow players to quickly swap to the spellbook of their choice.
    • Casting a teleport spell in the modern spellbook will now cause the spellbook swap spell to revert back to lunar.
    • Grimy herbs will now be automatically deposited into a player's herb sack if they have room, even if their inventory is full.
    • Runes will no go into a players rune pouch stack (if they already have that rune in their pouch) when picked up, even if their inventory is full.
      • Players must have room for the entire stack of runes in their pouch.
    • The following items now have placeholders:
      • Phoenix pet variants
      • Ensouled bloodhound heads
    • Players can now kill gnomes/gnome women.
    • The gods will no longer reclaim god capes when dropped.
    • The Monster Killcounts interface now uses a more modern interface to display killcounts.
      • Players can still use the search function on this new interface.
    • Players will now hear the special jingle when opening a clue scroll casket.
    • Players will now be notified of the value of their clue scroll casket after opening it.
    • The dragon claw special attack sounds will now have the proper delay between sounds.
    • Players can now pull the legs off of swamp toads to get toad legs.

We hope you enjoy this update, and keep an eye out for more information on Raids 3 in the near future :)
Omicron & Chad

Posted 24 August 2022 - 03:47 PM #2


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Theres actually some ZATS GRAZY fixes in here.


Also its kinda cool to read patch notes and theres so many of your suggestions in it  :D

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good shit!

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Posted 24 August 2022 - 04:00 PM #4

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Absolutely LOVING the update! Gauntlet will be alot less frustrating to run now ! Thanks dev team <3

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thx for the updates!!

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Love the updates from quality of life. I'm extremely excited for what raids 3 will be like on this server

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Posted 24 August 2022 - 04:20 PM #7

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Lovely update as always!


Thanks heaps Omi!

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Hell yeah! some awesome updates and fixes here

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AYYY GAMBLING SYSTEM & NEW BONUSES POG, PvP Arena next please! We taking over the rest of the RSPS Scene one step at a time <3



Posted 24 August 2022 - 05:23 PM #10

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There is now a Shooting star collection log entry to track the Celestial ring and Star fragments. This is located in the Miscellaneous section of the collection log.


Allow the collector to unlock the star fragment and celestial ring collection log entries via golden prospector & celestial ring.


Also, allow the collector to add helm of raedwald and clue hunter outfit to 'shared treasure trail rewards' in collection log

Players can now combine the Smiths gloves and ice gloves into the Smiths gloves (I). The Smiths equipment pieces will now go to the reclaimables shop on death.


What about the smith's outfit's ability to speed up giant's foundry? We need this perk to speed up the 2k point double cannonball mould and 5k point colossal blade grind.


Bonus Changes: We’ve added support for event bonuses to be set/given for the following minigames/content: Motherlode Mine Tempoross Wintertodt Tithe Farm Guardians of the Rift


Giants Foundry bonus?


Players can exchange extra empty books for 10-40 Watson teleport scrolls by using the empty Master scroll book on Watson.

What's the point of watson teleport scrolls if watson is already 3 seconds from home teleport?

Maybe we can have a more useful teleport?






Mithril seeds price change: Mithril seeds are now much cheaper. Rather than buying 25 for 12 tokens, you will now receive 100 seeds for 12 tokens.



Thoughts on blighted mithril seeds?  Strictly for use in wildy pvp.



Duel arena rework is cool and all, but you can respawn after a duel in a trapped tile.



key remapping plugin caused me to crash again -> so I don't think it's fixed

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Awesome update & fixes!
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Posted 24 August 2022 - 06:07 PM #12


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thanks for the update but it already cost me 2.5b

Posted 24 August 2022 - 06:33 PM #13

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Love the update!

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Posted 24 August 2022 - 07:00 PM #14

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Really looking forward to the new gambling zone and new bonus! amazing updates as always!

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Posted 24 August 2022 - 07:02 PM #15

Iron baaail

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amazing updated much needed stuff.

amazing updated much needed stuff.

amazing updated much needed stuff.

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Posted 24 August 2022 - 10:23 PM #16

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Thanks alot team for listening to our suggestions! It really shows you guys put the community's thoughts into place.  <3

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Posted 25 August 2022 - 12:20 AM #17



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Huge update! Thanks alot :withlove:

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Posted 25 August 2022 - 01:02 AM #18


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I actually love that alot of this has been suggestions that has been accepted aswell as fast implemented, thanks for the update boys!

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"bro wake up u gotta dance" - benjamin frankfurt




Posted 25 August 2022 - 03:14 AM #19

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Another great update with some awesome QOL stuff. Looking forward to trying out the new gambling area amongst other stuff :)

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Posted 25 August 2022 - 06:09 AM #20


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Another great update. Some nice QOL additions and happy to see a nice gambling system in place!

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