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[26/12/22] Christmas Update, Completionist Capes, Theatre of Blood Rework, The Mimic, Extended Holiday Sale & more!

Full Update

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Hotfixes [30/12/22]

  • Dark/light Mystic gloves/boots/hats will now be differentiate when earning it in the collection log.
  • The well of goodwill will now once again accept items.
  • Phase 3 verzik's tornadoes will now only heal Verzik for 3x the damage done to the player.
  • Fixed a bug where a chatbox error would appear when transforming completionist capes if the player was not an eternal donator.
  • Players can now loot bloody keys that were their drops without needing to risk 5m.
  • The corporeal critter pet now has a placeholder.
  • Increased the Elidnis' ward (f) protection value from 5m to 25m.
  • The new completionist capes now also have the +2 range strength bonus.
  • Nex instance should now work properly.
  • Super restores no longer heal hitpoints.
  • Fixed a bug where some special attack weapons were showing larger damage drops than they should.
  • Players should no longer get stuck in-game when logging out (particularly in instances like Guardians of the Rift or Nex).



Hello everyone,



Although we're a bit late on this update, we're excited to be spending Alora's 7th holiday season with you all, and we're hoping that you are all enjoying and cherishing this time with your families, as well as your Alora family! This year's Christmas event was kept short to get out the holiday items to everyone quickly to celebrate, but we've got a ton of updates and QoL to keep you busy this holiday season. The major updates include the release of Completionist capes, which come in many different styles, each having their own set of requirements to unlock, as well as a Theatre of Blood rework that has been long awaited, and numerous other updates such as The Mimic.


Also, we've decided to extend our biggest sale of the year until January 1st, so make sure not to miss out on 30% bonus tokens, a handful of discounted items, and 4.5x custom rank donations! Aside from this, two exclusive items are also available, which are the Christmas Mystery Box and Christmas Crackers.



  • Christmas Sale:
    • Our biggest sale of the year is live!
      • Earn 30% bonus tokens on all purchases
      • Custom rank donations will earn 4.5x towards rank rather than 4x.
    • Exclusive items:
      • Christmas box:
        • Similar to Mystery boxes, this Ironman-accessible box will provide all of the Christmas cosmetics you could ever wish for! Possible rewards include:
          • Rare rewards:
            • Santa outfit (full outfit is given)
            • Anti-santa outfit (full outfit is given)
            • Santa hat
            • Inverted santa hat
            • Black Santa hat
            • Wise old man's santa hat
            • Christmas cracker (can be used on another player for a random party hat, but beware it will randomly give the party hat to either you or the other player! Can be used on your own account if you'd like)
              • These also have a rare chance of obtaining a more exclusive partyhat, such as the Rainbow partyhat.
          • Normal rewards:
            • Candy cane
            • A jester stick
            • Silly jester outfit
            • Jester hat
            • Jester cape
            • Jester scarf
            • Marionette (green, red or blue)
            • Yoyo
            • Cozy cabin blueprints (winter PoH theme)
            • Goblin decorations (Makes PoH objects look Christmas-themed)
            • Wintumber tree (PoH Christmas tree) 
      • Christmas cracker:
        • Use these on another player for a random Partyhat!
        • WARNING: Only one player will receive the Partyhat, and it is given at random.
    • Discounted items:
      • Rainbow Ankou set
      • God boss pet
      • Elite void set
      • Farmers blessing
      • Drop booster
      • Ultimate Mystery box
      • Cosmetic Mystery box
      • Bank expansion scroll



  • Christmas event:
    • This year's holiday items can be easily obtained by speaking to Santa at home, who will give you:
      • Santa's list (cape)
      • Sack of coal (cape)
      • Snow goggles & hat
      • Festive games crown
      • Christmas jumped
      • Nutcracker outfit (can be converted between festive/sweet variants)


  • Completionist capes:
    • Completionist Capes have been released!
      • These have been requested numerous times over the years, and we've finally decided to implement them for all of our completionists.
        • You can speak to Mac to purchase a cape, if you qualify.
      • Similar to Monkey capes in terms of requirement and bonuses, these new capes will have their own requirements to unlock each variant:
    • Variant requirements:
      • Regular Completionist:
        • Same requirements as Monkey cape (1B Total Experience, 3+ Skills with 200m experience, Music cape, Achievement cape, Inferno completion)
      • Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak:
        • 3 Completed Wilderness Boss Collection Logs.
      • Ardougne:
        • At least 10 unique pets in the All Pets Collection log entry.
      • Saradomin (imbued), Guthix (imbued), Zamorak (imbued):
        • 6 Completed Wilderness Boss Collection Logs.
      • Mythical:
        • 500 items logged in the Collection log.
      • Accumulator:
        • 4 Completed Collection log entries in the minigames section.
      • Assembler:
        • Completion of the Vorkath Collection log.
      • Fire:
        • Complete 10 Collection log entries, including the Fight caves.
      • Infernal:
        • Complete 15 Collection log entries, including the Inferno.
      • Ice:
        • 750 items logged in the Collection log.
      • Masori:
        • 250 Normal/Expert Tombs of Amascut completions.
      • Alorian:
        • 75 days play-time.
  • Theatre of Blood Changes:
    • Hardmode Hitpoint scaling:
      • Hardmode will no longer scale all npc hitpoints by 20% by default, but will instead use the same increases as OSRS.
        • Most noteably, the main increases are Xarpus having 6,000 hp rather than 5,000, and bloat having 2,400 hp rather than 2,000.
    • Verzik Vitur:
      • Nylocas Athanatos will now always have 180 hitpoints.
      • Verzik now has a render distance of 32 tiles.
      • Verzik Vitur Phase 2:
        • Purple/exploding Nylocas will no longer spawn when verzik is below 35% health.
        • Purple Nylocas will now spawn near a random player, rather than in corners.
        • Purple Nylocas can now be instantly killed when hit with a weapon that causes poison or venom to be inflicted, or if the player is wearing a serpentine visage.
        • Red Nylocas will now spawn to the east/west of Verzik.
        • Purple nylocas now have their proper spawn projectile/delay/animation.
        • Nylocas Matomenos will now always have 200 hitpoints.
      • Verzik Vitur Phase 3:
        • The transition from phase 2-> 3 will now be smoother.
        • Verzik will now choose a random player in the raid to tank, and will follow them closely during this phase.
          • If the tank is within melee range of Verzik 1 tick before her auto-attacks, she will use her melee attack, which will damage all players who were next to her when she scanned for players(1 tick before her attack) for up to 62 damage, which cannot be prayed against.
            • Players can change tanks by not being within melee range of Verzik for 2 full auto-attacks.
              • This check happens every tick, so if the player is next to verzik at any point during the 2 attacks, they will remain the tank.
        • Verzik Vitur’s attack speed during phase 3 will now be 7 ticks by default.
          • After verzik reaches 20% hitpoints or less, her attack speed will increase to 5 ticks.
        • Verzik will now use one of three auto attacks during phase 3, including the mage (this was previously implemented), range, or melee attacks.
          • Every 4 auto attacks, she will use a special attack, which can be one of the following attacks, which will be cycled in order, starting from the Nylocas summons:
            • Nylo summoning:
              • This is similar to Phase 2, where verzik will summon Nylocas that will explode near players.
            • Yellow Portals:
              • Verzik will summon 1 yellow portal in the chamber for each active member, and players must stand on one of these portals before Verzik’s green ball hits them.
                • Only one player can be standing on each tile to avoid damage, so if 2 or more players are on the same tile, only one will avoid damage.
              • Players have about 14 game ticks to step onto the portal, otherwise they will be hit for 60-80 damage which cannot be protected against. 
            • Webs:
              • During this attack, Verzik will walk back to the centre of the stage, and begin to fire off spider webs at random targets.
                • She fires 3 spider webs every game tick, and if a player is caught on the web, they have a few ticks to be freed by another teammate, otherwise they will take 30-45 (30-60 in hard mode) unavoidable damage.
                  • The webs have 10 hitpoints, and once killed will free the player who is stuck.
            • Green Ball:
              • Verzik will target a random player, and launch a large green projectile at that player.
                • If there aren’t any teammates in a 3x3 area of the target, the target will take a significant amount of damage (60% of their max hp in normal mode, 75% in hard mode).
                  • If there is a teammate nearby, the ball will bounce to that teammate, and deal 3-5 damage to initial target.
                    • One of 3 things will happen when the ball bounces to another player:
                      • If the ball bounces 3 or more times, it will dissipate, and deal 3-5 damage to all players on the team.
                      • If the new target has already been targeted by this ball, it will explode on them.
                      • If there are no nearby players, the ball will explode on this target.
        • Verzik will now become enraged during phase 3 after dropping to 20% hitpoints or lower.
          • When this happens, Verzik’s attack speed will increase to 5 ticks, and a purple tornado will spawn for each player, following them until Verzik is defeated.
            • If the tornado is on top of a player, it will deal damage equivalent to 35% (50% on hard mode) and heal verzik for a certain amount of health.
    • Sotetseg:
      • Sotetseg’s big ball attack now uses the proper animation.
      • The small projectile attacks at Sotetseg will no longer do either 0 or 50 damage, but rather a random amount of damage from 0-50.
      • Sotetseg’s small projectile attacks have been slowed down by 1 tick.
      • Sotetseg’s big projectile attack has been slowed down by 2 ticks.
      • All attack sounds have been added for Stotetseg.
        • This includes Sotetseg’s big ball attack now sends the proper sound when it is launched.
  • The Mimic:
    • To have a chance to obtain the mimic casket, players must first speak to the Strange casket in Watson’s house to enable mimics.
    • Players now have a chance to encounter a mimic when opening elite/master clue scroll caskets.
      • The chance for a mimic is 1/35 for elite clue scrolls, and 1/15 for Master clue scrolls.
      • If found, players can go to the strange casket in Watson’s house in Hosidius, and fight the Mimic.
        • Players will have 5 chances (6 if it’s a master casket) to fight the mimic, and will lose a roll on the clue table for each failed encounter.
          • If the player successfully defeats the Mimic, they can then leave the instance and open the mimic casket, for a boosted chance at obtaining third age items.
            • If that roll fails, players will also have a 50% chance to roll an item from the common table of the mimic as an extra roll.
          • Players also have a 1/40 chance (1/44 for elite clues) to use one of their casket rolls to get a 3rd age ring from the mimic.
    • The mimic has 230 hitpoints, and 3 main mechanics during the fight:
      • A standard melee attack, which can deal up to 23 damage.
      • An attack that will cause the mimic to walk on top of the player and deal stomp damage to them.
        • The damage scales as follows: 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-... and so on, capping out at 6 damage. Simply step away from The Mimic to stop and reset the damage counter.
      • An attack where the mimic will throw 6 candy projectiles near the players, which can deal up to 12 damage.
        • This attack will also spawn a third age warrior, ranger, and mage to fight with the mimic.
          • These npc’s use their corresponding attack styles, and will die automatically when the Mimic is killed.
  • Collection Log Changes:
    • The Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood completion capes have been added to their respective collection log entries.
      • Players can log their existing capes with the collector.
    • The duplicate Steel Platebody (g) has been removed from the easy clue scroll collection log.
    • The Mystic light/dark/dusk sets, along with the ancient ceremonial robes have been added to the Slayer collection log.
  • Osmumten’s Fang Changes:
    • Due to concerns about the fang being underwhelming due to Alora’s boosted accuracy, we’ve made some minor changes to buff the weapon.
      • Osmumten's fang will now guarantee that damage on a successful hit falls within 15% to 95% of the true max hit.
        • This is an increase from the previous range of 15%-85%, and should make the weapon quite a bit more useful, particularly with better gear.
  • Shortest Path Plugin:
    • The Shortest path plugin has been updated to match the latest version available on OSRS, and boasts many new features.
      • We’ve also added a custom feature of our own, which allows players to use the shortest path plugin in tandem with the clue scroll plugin to have the shortest path to their clue scroll location highlighted.
  • Cooks’ Guild Changes:
    • Players must now have at least level 32 cooking, and be wearing a chefs hat, cooking skillcape (or equivalent), or varrock platebody 3/4 to enter.
    • Romily Weaklax now sells pies, boasting 5 different types of pies that all players can purchase.
    • Players now require 99 Cooking, or the completion of the Varrock hard diaries to enter the Cooks’ guild bank.
  • Karambwan 1-tick cooking:
    • The initial cooking delay on Karambwans has been removed, so players can no cook Karambwans far faster than any other foods (until the arrival of the cooking npc).
  • Motherlode Mine Changes:
    • Pay-dirt can now be deposited into the hopper even if the water-wheels are broken, assuming the player has space in their sack.
      • Once the struts on either wheel is fixed, the ores will flow to the sack, and the players will obtain the appropriate experience, and be able to retrieve their ores.
        • Players must be online when the strut is fixed, otherwise their ores will be lost.
  • Game Mode Selection Interface:
    • Players creating a new account will now be able to select their game mode through an interface that clearly lays out all of the game modes and their features/experience rates.
  • Clan Collection Log Announcements:
    • Clan leaders can now enable an option to announce new collection log entries to clan members.
      • To do so, click the settings option on the clan interface, and enable the “Announce collections” option.
      • Anytime a player logs a new unique item, it will announce it to the clan, and show the progress of unique collection log entries.
  • Bolt Fletching Change:
    • All dragon bolts will now automatically be enchanted when adding gemstone bolt tips to them.
  • Pet Releasing:
    • Players can now release all pets in their inventory by speaking to probita.
      • When a pet is released, it can only be re-purchased if it is insured, otherwise it will be permanently lost, left to fend for itself in the cold, dark, world of Gielinor. 
  • Menu Entry Swapper Changes:
    • The menu entry swapper now supports sub-menu’s for the swap options for UI/NPC/Inventory swaps.
      • Simply hover over the “swap” option when shift clicking an item or interface menu, and the options to swap/reset will appear.
  • Tombs of Amascut Plugin Changes:
    • The Tombs of Amascut plugin now has an option to show a points/unique % overlay.
      • This can be toggled on/off in the Tombs of Amascut plugin settings.
  • Castlewars changes:
    • Players can now take Castlewars brews from the tables in their bases.
      • These brews provide the effects of a super combat, ranging potion, and imbued heart combined.
    • Implings will no longer spawn on the Castlewars battlefield.
    • Players can no longer trade with the enemy team in Castle wars.
    • Players will no longer receive a message stating that they cannot attack their teammates in castle wars when using multi-combat spells.
    • The action delay after using bandages in Castle wars has been reduced.
    • The Retribution prayer will no longer damage teammates in castle wars.
    • Fixed a bug with the Castlewars barriers pathing players through the wall sometimes.
  • Raid Cape Requirement Reduction:
    • The killcount requirements for the TOA/TOB/COX capes have been reduced by 50%.
      • The previous requirements were 100/500/1000/1500/2000.
        • The new requirements are 50/250/500/750/1000.
  • Client Snow Changes:
    • The snow setting on the client has been updated with the following changes:
      • Some dirt roads are now lighter, similar to OSRS.
      • Evergreen trees will now be replaced with snow-covered ones.
      • Some bushes have been replaced with a snowy variant.
      • Some plants have been replaced with Wintumber trees.
      • Some dirt textures have been turned into snow.
      • Most of the grass has been changed to a more appropriate object that looks like it’s covered with snow.
      • The skybox in LD will now be properly set to a lighter color.
      • Adjusted the color of the snow to be more similar to OSRS.
  • Quality of life:
    • Dying/leaving some instanced areas will now restore all lowered stats, rather than just combat stats.
    • Players can now show golden prospector pieces to The Collector to have him log a star fragment into their collection log.
    • The nechryael rooms in the catacombs now have 7 spawns in each room, rather than 5/4.
    • The camera plugin's inner zoom limit has been increased, allowing players to zoom in further.
    • The farmer's blessing now has a teleport to the Tai Bwo Wanai Calquat tree patch.
    • Made it so that the Shooting star In eastern Falador will be clearly specified when being announced.
    • The item prices plugin will no work while banking.
    • The mage bank teleport command will no longer warn the user.
    • The Kingdom of Miscellania now costs half as much for elite/group ironman and realism players to account for the reduced amount of gp the game modes receive.
      • This also means these game modes can only store half as much in the kingdom (37.5m rather than 75m).
    • Using the spinning wheel will no longer close the private message input box.
    • Players can now toggle whether or not they will receive minerals while mining at the mining guild by selecting the option on when right-clicking Belona.
    • Elite clue scrolls are now a 1/20 chance from the Tombs of Amascut.
      • This is up from the previous rate of about 1/160.
    • The kalphite princess now has a placeholder.
    • The Zalcano killcount will now be shown when obtaining the Smolcano pet.
    • Adjusted the examine text for raid boosters to include TOA.
    • Snow will no longer appear in instanced areas.
    • The Tzkal, vampyric, and tztok slayer helmets will now have a higher protection value.
    • The ::snow command now updates the minimap as well.
    • Players can now once again access the Improved tile indicators plugin through the plugin-hub.
      • The issue where prayer icons and health bars were being drawn under players/npc’s has also been fixed.
    • Players must now be risking at least 5m GP to loot bloody key spawns.
    • Drops from Tombs of Amascut will now be sent to the bank if your inventory is full, rather than the ground. If your bank is full, they will still be dropped on the ground.
    • Nex unique drop rate has been improved by 23%.
    • The Cerberus cave entrance/exits now work properly.
    • The loot tracker will now track Grubby Key chest loot.
    • Tombs of Amascut now counts towards the "Complete a raid" daily task.
    • The Bow of Faerdhinen now has a check option while equipped.
    • The inspect option on the Keris jewels now works properly.
    • Players can now fletch mahogany stocks from mahogany logs.
      • Doing so requires level 61 Fletching, and provides 41 Fletching experience.
    • The Warden's phase 2 obelisk attacks will no longer deal damage if the warden is knocked down.
    • Combination runes have been added to many Ironman rune shops for 300 coins each.
    • Players will now be able to catch fish that are close to them 1 tick faster while aerial fishing.
      • These fish are highlighted in green by default by the fishing plugin.
    • The HCGIM group death announcement will only appear if the group's average total level is 250 or higher.
    • Ba-ba's boulders will now disappear far faster once they are killed.
    • Players can now purchase soul runes from the vote/pk point shops, for the same cost as blood runes.
    • Players will now be able to lookup all untradable items when searching for items using the Inventory presets plugin, and the drop searcher interface.
    • Tumeken’s Guardian is now in the “All pets” collection log category.
    • The Keris partisan variants with a gem on them will now go to the reclaimable shop upon death.
    • Entangle will now give 70 experience rather than 89 for a splash in PvP scenarios.
    • Players can now change the flick color and dose indicator color on the prayer plugin.
    • The Check option on the Tempoross reward pool will now tell the player how many rewards they can fish.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Super restore potions will now restore all lowered stats, rath
    • Unenchanted dragonstone bolts now have +117 range strength.
    • Removed the warriors’ guild teleport from the mythical max cape.
    • Fixed a typo with max capes from “Warrior’s guild” to “Warriors’ guild”.
    • Fixed the Christmas cracker opening animation.
    • Fixed a bug where players could move before the first canifis agility obstacle was completed.
    • The restoration, revitalisation, and rejuvenation pools now require body runes instead of mind runes.
    • Fixed a bug with gamble related chatbox text cutting off in some instances.
    • The Keris partisan special attack healing effect will now only be applied in the Tombs of Amascut.
    • The Smithing requirement to make studded leather equipment has been removed.
    • Sotetseg's projectiles will no longer rebound off of players who have already died.
    • Slayer rings will now appear in the item search box.
    • Only at most 4 players will need to fix the supports or pour the neutralizing potion into the vents in the Apmeken challenge room.
      • The corruption event still works the same way, requiring all active members.
    • Fixed a bug where the inventory presets plugin would sometimes cause runes to be lost with the divine rune pouch.
    • Fixed a bug where the low detail plugin would remove the glass panel flooring in Prifddinas.
    • Fixed the direction Osmumten's ghosts face on the Path of Het and Crondis.
    • Fixed a bug where the prayer skillcape perk was not functioning properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the boulders that BaBa drops would sometimes provide a safespot and not let BaBa attack you, or you attack him.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not click on the clue scroll icon on their world map.
    • Gauntlet loot will no longer disappear if your inventory is full. It will first try for inventory, then bank, and finally drop on the ground if there's no space.
    • Removed some duplicated NPC spawns in Prifddinas.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not cast dark lure in the inner square at Puro Puro.
    • Players will no longer be able to equip any game-mode specific items if they are no longer playing as that game-mode.
      • For example, if an ironman tries to equip ultimate ironman equipment, it will be automatically deleted.
    • The woodcutting plugin will no longer draw respawn overlays on the removed trees in Edgeville.
    • Fixed a bug where the Apmeken Challenge room would not reset properly when everyone in the team died.
    • Venom will now be cured upon dying in the Tombs of Amascut.
    • Players will no longer be notified that they found a gem when mining shooting stars.
    • Fixed a bug where Nex's drag attack would sometimes put players inside of a wall.
    • Fixed a bug with the Tumeken guardian pet not being able to morph back to it's original form.
    • Dying at the same time as the final phase warden will reset the player, and no longer count as a death in the Tombs of Amascut.
    • Fixed examining items in equipment tab.
    • Fixed a bug with Vasa Nistirio’s pathing when walking to/from crystals.
    • Vasa Nistirio will no use it’s rock attack when walking back to the centre of the room.
    • Fixed a bug where the Deranged Archaeologist's drop table would list many drop rates as "unknown".
    • Fixed a bug where players could smuggle items out of the Tombs of Amascut.
    • Akkha’s shadows can no longer be poisoned or envenomed.
    • Fixed a typo when the tumeken's guardian/k'ril tsutsaroth pets were announced.
    • Akkha will no longer try to do his memory special attack if he has just gone into the final phase.
    • The Tombs of Amascut Scoreboard will now properly show completions (previously was showing attempts).
    • The challenge timer for Tombs of Amascut has been modified to no longer increase if you are in the lobby with no path chosen.
      • For example, after completing a path and taking supplies from the Helpful Spirit, the challenge timer will be frozen until a player enters a new path.
        • This will help with Time Limit invocations, allowing you a bit more time to complete them successfully.
    • NPC Defence sounds will no longer play if the NPC has already died.
    • Zebak's projectile attacks (range/mage) will no longer hit through prayer.
      • A bug was causing it to only check protection prayers for one player on the team, leading to other players taking damage even if they were properly praying.
    • A bug causing BaBa's shockwave to damage other players who were not caught in it (if a team-mate was hit) has been fixed.
    • Players will now get duplicate TOA pet kits unless they already have one on their account, or have unlocked the metamorph for the guardian pet.
    • Neutralising potions and Honey locusts will now properly be deleted when leaving a Tombs of Amascut raid.
    • Fixed a bug with the screenshot button on the TOA plugin not working properly.

















Happy Holidays!

Omicron & Chad


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Completionist hype! Had to double check it wasn't April first!

Awesome updates as usual @Omicron
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awesome update

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WOW  :o  Such a great news  :wub:

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Those capes are looking very  :wub: lovely


Sweet updates Omi & Chad !!  :D

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Still waitin on my 200m slay xp comp cape.



Anyways, time to clean up my bank for more space 

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#1 killcount of Thermonuclear smoke devil

-no pet-

(Also what happens when you cant find cool ass pictures)

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Another amazing update, thanks.  <3

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Nice update!

If the TOB mechanics have been updated to match OSRS, Alora should also integrate the standard 23% drop rate boost to TOB(similar to what was done with nex).
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Nice to see Comp cape got added!
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Nice to see Comp cape got added!

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Amazing update! Thank you <3
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Posted 26 December 2022 - 06:15 PM #12


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Is the TOB drop rate unchanged?

Posted 26 December 2022 - 06:16 PM #13


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New capes look fire. Great work Dan and Chad :D

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Posted 26 December 2022 - 06:18 PM #14


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been waiting for this amazing update, it's awesome


Posted 26 December 2022 - 06:38 PM #15

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These are awesome, thank you!

Posted 26 December 2022 - 06:40 PM #16


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Sick update omi. <3 thanks for this

Posted 26 December 2022 - 06:51 PM #17

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POG! huge update, Thankyou!! <3

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Posted 26 December 2022 - 07:17 PM #18

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Thanks for the update and bugs fix!

Community Award


Posted 26 December 2022 - 08:01 PM #19

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awsome update !

Posted 26 December 2022 - 11:10 PM #20


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Nice update, keep up the good work ❤️

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